Wild Fantasy


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Davynn meets the man of her wild fantasy. She is good and ready to be deflowered by him anytime of the day.

However, Vance though likes her a lot and stalks her a few times already, he’s already bound to marry Reese, a businesswoman that his mother wants him to marry.

Will Davynn’s wild fantasy become a reality?

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all i have to say is that you should probably make your synopsis just a short introduction to the story and not a description of the entire thing, because if i can read the entire story in a wall of text on the side, it loses a little bit of spark imo

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Hot Guy

Chapter 2: Date

Chapter 3: Making Out

Chapter 4: Pleasure

Chapter 5: Love and Lust

Chapter 6: Birthday

Chapter 7: Kidnapped

Chapter 8: Think Twice

Chapter 9: Pleasure Version 2.0

Chapter 10: Fiancé

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Chapter 1

It was Saturday. I met my friends at our favorite coffee shop. We were mostly talking about guys, as usual. And yet, it was only me who hadn’t had a boyfriend since birth!

But I had fantasies of hot and wild sex since I was thirteen when I accidentally saw my elder cousin being fucked by her football player boyfriend—in our backyard one late afternoon. She was fucked from behind. She was eighteen then. She was living with us at the time because her parents went to New York together to attend a funeral, her dad’s younger brother died in a traffic accident. And she didn’t come with them with an excuse of her taking final exams and everything. So, that was the story.

From then on, I imagined myself also being fucked by some hot guy—maybe hotter than my cousin Nina’s boyfriend. I always imagined this someone who had blue-gray eyes, charismatic, sexy with six-packed abs, tall, dark and yet not so handsome. It was because I believed that if you had a very handsome and hot guy, somebody would steal him right under your nose. And I also did really like someone with oozing sex appeal. Am I just being so choosy? Well, I also thought that the guy should like me as much as I like him. And that would be the time for me to give myself to him, right? (Or, is it just me somehow being romantic?)

“What? Are you fucking serious?” Megan asked our friend Breana, who nodded quickly before she took a sip of her favorite latte.

The latter talked about how her boyfriend Nick re-enacted one of Christian Gray’s sexcapades with Anastasia Steele. And we burst out laughing. We had all read the trilogy and I fucking read those books over and over again! They were just sizzling hot!

“God! Why are you telling us this?” I butted in before I sip my favorite cappuccino. And then my eyes caught someone who just walked in. My heart was in my throat, it seemed. I didn’t even get to hear Breana’s answer to my nonsense question because I already knew that she was a kiss-and-tell bitch friend.

He wore a white shirt and blue and white striped tie paired with black slacks. His dark blue jacket was in his right hand, hanging on his shoulder. He took off his sunglasses and looked around. I felt that his eyes swept over me as he passed by to go to the counter and order his coffee. Or was it just my imagination?

I followed him with my eyes. I fantasized that he’d come to me and made my two bitch friends go away so he could have me all by himself. And that there was nobody else at the coffee shop right now wherein we could kiss torridly, fumbling to shed our clothes on the floor and he would do me right on top of a table.

I almost jumped when Megan kicked my shin under the table, and I groaned in pain. My eyes automatically went to the short dark brown haired guy at the counter and our eyes met when he looked over his shoulder. I rubbed my violated shin furiously and looked at my friend with angry eyes.

“What was that for?” I hissed at Megan.

She grinned and threw a look at the guy I was looking at. “You were drooling,” she teased me.

I blinked. “Of course not!” I shot at her. I sat up straight and tried hard not to think or look at the interestingly hot guy who was now right across our table, facing me. But after a second, I couldn’t help myself but look at him. I supposed he just smiled at me before he took a sip of his coffee. From what I saw, it was also cappuccino like mine.

“I think that our friend here has finally set her eyes on a man of her standards!” Breana said excitedly.

I flushed. I could feel my cheeks go hot. I snorted in defense. “No way!”

“Your ‘no way’ is sometimes ‘yes way’, Davynn. And I know it’s the latter right now.” Breana was still grinning.

Breana glanced at the stranger across our table who was facing me, drinking his cappuccino. I just hoped that he won’t hear any of our conversation even though he was near enough. It was so damnably embarrassing!

“Why won’t you let him know that you’re interested? I dare you, my friend,” she said.

“No!” I almost said it vehemently. “Besides, I don’t want to get involved with someone who’s got a girlfriend. And who knows? He might be married!” I shook my head. “No.”

“Well, what can we do about it?” Megan asked Breana as if I wasn’t there, invisible.

“Maybe I could go over and…” Breana started.

“Hey!” I cut in. “Nobody’s going anywhere, alright?”

Then, I looked at him again. This time, I was so sure that he was really smiling at me. And he got those laughing slash teasing look in his eyes. And yes, even from where I was sitting, I could tell that his eyes were blue-gray. He definitely was the one I was looking for all these twenty-five years of my life! Was this fate? Could I count on it? I would really like to lose my virginity now to this man, if I would be given a chance to know him well.

“Why do I feel that you really want him?” At least, Megan’s voice was one notch lower now.

I absently swirled my cappuccino and the semi-hot liquid made its way in my hand and I accidentally threw it on my dress. I was wearing printed yellow and red spaghetti strapped Sunday dress, as it was summer. The liquid seeped through and toward my silver slippered foot. I instinctively got up from my seat and looked at the damage and my jaw dropped.

The coffee was actually spilled in front of me. And my friends burst out laughing. I gasped and took my handbag right away. I marched toward the bathroom to try to clean up my dress at least. I blew my blond curls away from my face. I had a pair of them at either side of my face.

This wasn’t going to be easy. A woman came in and glanced at what I was doing before she went inside the third cubicle. I wrinkled my nose after a few moments that she was in there. Oh, God! Couldn’t she do it at home? Why would someone just poop somewhere wherein it was a public place?

I quickly went to the hand dryer and tried to dry my dress. I tried to cover my nose at the same time. And then I thought of that hot guy again. When I finished, I went out just to bump into him. My face was slammed into a rock hard chest. I felt his hands steadied me before I’d fall. His hands were holding my arms. I felt some electricity traveled up and down my body.

“Oh,” that was all that I could manage to say.

He smiled at me. It was really a very charming and more-than-that smile. “I’m okay. Are you?” God! His baritone voice was like music to my ears. And why wouldn’t he be okay if I bumped into his sexy and reliable chest?

I stammered. “I-I… am fine… Thank you.” I managed to smile at him although I thought my reaction to him was beyond control. He smelled so good that it made me horny, I couldn’t believe it. I hope that I’d not drip right through my thong underwear. However, I managed to get a hold of myself and distanced a bit away from him to look up closely at his blue-gray eyes. They were really beautiful and expressive but mysterious at the same time. I thought I’d drown in those eyes, but I’d rather not come out of them, to stay there forever… to be a part of him always…

“Oh, God. What’s happening to me?” I asked myself.

“Good then. By the way, I’m Vance. Vance Wagner.” And he offered his hand to me.

I looked at it and blinked. Then, I looked up at him. I hesitated to take his hand and he grabbed my hand to shake it for a bit. There it went again. That electric shock-like feeling when he touches me. I could just look into his eyes as he smiled down at me. He pressed my hand before he let me at last, after a long time, it seemed.

“I think I saw you drop your pen,” he told me and held out a pen.

I looked at it and shook my head. “No, it’s not mine,” I honestly said.

But was this just an excuse for him to talk to me and ask my name? Deep inside, I was drowning with glee and excitement. I felt like I was going to burst if I won’t tell my bitch friends about this. And yet, on the other hand, I thought I could just cherish this moment to myself.

“Oh. I thought it was yours. Sorry if I may have bothered you then.” He said, pocketing the pen in his blue jacket that he was just holding.

I shook my head with a sweet smile on my lips. “No, it’s fine.”

“OK. So… can I invite you to dinner some time…?” He asked and kept up while I was walking down the hallway slowly.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. When?”

“Oh, well… how about tomorrow evening? Are you free?”

Oh, God! If he only knew what I always do in my evenings, he’d think that I’m spinster of sorts.

I stopped walking. “Well, I’m free after six.” I smiled up at him.

“Dinner at eight, then. Where should I pick you up?” He asked as he faced me.

I took a card from my purse and gave it to him. “Here. And my number’s there.” He looked at it with a smiling face. And he nodded, looking into my eyes.

“Will see you tomorrow then, Davynn Sparks.” He winked and he left me.

I looked at his retreating back while I smiled to myself. My heart was still beating wildly. I was thinking of how our dinner would end up tomorrow. It would be either his place or my place afterward. And then…

“Hey! I saw Mr. Standard Hot Guy came out this way,” Breana was all smiles and teasing as she playfully pinched my cheek.

“Aww! Don’t do that,” I complained.

“You did that on purpose!” Her eyes went round as if she realized something really good.

“Hmm… I told you,” Megan butted in when we were seated again at our table.

“Hey, I didn’t!” I denied my friend’s accusation.

“Well, tell us what happened!” Breana was like athlete’s foot that needs to be scratched until she’d feel good.

“Can’t I have a secret here?” I was beyond contented about what just happened a little while ago, when Vance talked to me.

My friends shook their head at the same time.

I narrated to them what happened inside the bathroom, the pooping thing.

“Ew! That’s so gross!” Megan was exclaiming while Breana wrinkled her nose and laughed.

I laughed, too. Then, I told them about how Vance approached me. They were so excited for me, I could tell. And my heart wasn’t still until now. Even with just the thought of him, it made me so happy and excited.

“So, tomorrow is finally the deflowering?” Breana almost stated it.

My friends were both looking at me intently and seriously. And my heart somersaulted at the thoughts that came with her last word…

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