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Still Holding On

Twenty three year old Taylor Oscar is your typical everyday girl. When she moves to San Francisco, she expects everything to be the same, boring day after day, working as a personal assistant. But then she meets the blunt, straightforward and handsome Edward Anderson. The CEO and her boss. Warning: This book is rated mature for...

Forever Alice

The scientists and technicians in the humanoid robotics industry were always in control of their creations, until something unexpected made them regrettably aware of the dangers associated with the development of artificial intelligence and machines equipped with the option of rationalization, self-awareness and independent thinking.

Color Me Black

When River Kennedi gets drafted for an internship Position at Black Co. New York's most prestigious Financial Corporation. He didn't expect to be turned down because of his sexuality, much less to incite the disdain of a Homophobic CEO. A man with a past, not much different from River's.

Walking the Dark Road

This book explores the journey of the Fool through the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each chapter is based upon a card. In these chapters you'll meet all manner of archetypal people, some real and some complete fiction. Let's explore the cost of knowledge with Mr. Crowley, love with Bonnie and Clyde, and a bit of devilry with Lucifer. ...

Empire Of Souls: Pride

{Empire Of Souls} {SERIES #1} A story told from years in the past. Written for all of you at last. A bad guy that must fall, Pride will answer the call. Death is what all evil awaits, But death cannot hold pride for long, For if there is one thing that pride hates, Is following the rules and obeying the fates. ...

The Dead Has Risen

A 13 year old girl who had everything she wanted...friends ,family,a place called home.Until everything faded away and she lost everything she ever had and ever loved. Read as Kayela struggles,sacrifices,and survives through this crisis ~ It all has to end one day ...but when is her day?


Much to her dismay, book loving Jessica Hart must go to the park everyday or risk being arrested. However, she soon changes her mind when she meets an extraordinary girl who will turn Jess's world upside down. Infrequent mild language.