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This book is just a collection of short stories that will fill in the empty gaps of your life.

All of the emotions: Love, Hate, Anger, Happiness, Despair are all revealed in these stories that will change the way you think and feel, and this book may even reveal somethings that you never knew people around you may feel...




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Locked In

This is a story of a young girl named by Kate, who became locked in the coffee shops freezer. We shall proceed to the story with a moral: never close the freezers door?

One day, on a beautiful morning of November, Kate was at work earning some pocket money so that she could buy a new computer. She worked at a coffee shop, it was the job that she most adored. It brought her happiness even on her worst days as he loved to serve coffee to the polite and sociable people of Brighton.

While young Kate was pouring out some coffee for the customer, she heard her boss, Daniel, calling out for her. Kate hurried with the customer’s order and went to see Daniel.

“How may I help you, Sir?” she asked politely.

“Ahh, Kate. Could you go do me a favour? Could you go and get me the box at the end of the freezer?” replied Daniel.

“Sure!” the young girl agreed with a smile and off went she to get the box.

Kate entered the freezer, leaving the door half closed behind her: so that the coldness couldn’t escape. She went to the other side of the room, and when she was trying to find the box. Click! It was the door. Kate didn’t mind at first as the door had two handles, one on the inside and one on the outside. Finally, she found the box that her boss wanted and immediately walked back to the door.

It was locked.

The door was bolted and the girl’s throat was hoarse from shouting for help. No one was coming to rescue her. If she was going to escape, she would have to do it herself. The room that young Kate was trapped in was bare and cold. She had a rash of goosebumps along her back. Young Kate tried to grab her phone to call for help but she fumbled to press the buttons.

Carefully, Kate scanned the room for something useful but all she could find was a knife: which was used to open the boxes. Although her hands were frozen, the girl grabbed the knife and tried to break the door open with it; but it didn’t work. Kate was still trapped in the frosty paradise, yet hell, which lay at her feet.

The young girl couldn’t feel anything; her hands were rock solid. No hope for Kate was available. A taste of death was slowly dissolving at the tip of Kate’s tongue. Icicles as long as a giraffe's neck fell from Kate's nose. She couldn’t feel her ears; it was as if they weren’t there.

“Help” she cried one last time. “I’m trapped in the freezer” No response. No hope. Kate was bound to die… “Why do I have to suffer? I haven’t sinned against you, my Lord…”  No response. No hope. The young girl was at her lowest point ever. Kate laid back on the boxes and let it happen.

Hours later, the door slowly opened. Kate’s best friend gently came up to her and said: “Wake up.” And yet she did. They hugged each other with Kate saying “I thought that I was dead…I thought that this was the end.”

The End?

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There was once a bird, who was called named by Andrew. He lived on top of a tree in the city of Brighton: a peaceful place to live. Ronald was 30 years old and he couldn't fly as he didn't have any wings, like the caterpillar who was never reborn as a butterfly. This happened as when he was born, blood wasn't through his wings; so the doctors had to cut them off. He lived with his wife Candace, his son Jack and his daughter Betty and he enjoyed a great life with his wonderful family that supported him even through his most difficult times.

One day, while Andrew was getting his newspaper from the shop, he came across an advert on a nice, big, bold billboard far in the distance. It was an invitation for flying lessons for anyone in the city. Andrew thought about it for a while until he realised that wings were required to fly; so he lost hope but he couldn't stop to think that the advert had written on it “anyone can join” and in the end he decided to apply for them to see it they would do any good.

On the day of his lessons, he had come a bit early since he didn't want to miss this life time opportunity. And, as he was waiting, he met his old friend, Hannah, who he hadn't seen since school, and so he asked her, “Hannah, how are you? I haven't seen you for ages. What are you doing here? I thought that you were up in London”.

In a surprise, Hannah answered him, “Hi! Oh my gosh! It's been ages. I've just applied for the flying lessons here as in London there weren't any that were value for money.”

Andrew said excitedly, “I've applied for them too. OMG! We’re going to be in the same class.”

Then they went together into the same class but unfortunately, Andrew was kicked out because he didn't have any wings! Andrew got a refund and hopped home hopeless that he would ever fly.

Whilst he was walking home, he saw a beautiful butterfly with purple and dark pink wings with violet spots on it. He thought it was beautiful, so he stroked it with his little toe: without losing his balance. After that, the butterfly looked upon Andrew, gave a decent smile and died on the rock it was resting upon. Andrew felt as guilty as a dog after it had done something wrong, so he dug a hole and put the helpless butterfly to rest and went home.

When he arrived home, he ate dinner miserably, he played with his son and his daughter giving them a fake smile as if there was nothing wrong. Andrew cleaned his teeth and went to bed for a good night sleep, hopefully.

The next morning, Andrew woke up, still depressed that he couldn't fly, went to the bathroom, washed his face and looked in the mirror. He saw that something was unusual with him. He looked around to see something that everyone had, something he had always wanted, something that he had lost from the beginning of his time, a dream come true. He had wings! Beautiful, beaming, butterfly wings. As fast as he could, he got dressed, he woke his whole family up in sheer excitement and he showed off his wings to them all. Everyone was shocked but glad for him as he now could fly and help out more often.

Enthusiastic as he was, Andrew ran out and started testing his wings, he flew across the whole city and started shouting, “I can fly! I can fly!” Everyone that knew him cheered him saying, “Andrew. Andrew.” Just then Hannah flew by and asked him, “Are those butterfly wings?”

Andrew answered her, “Yes, yes they are. It may look a bit strange but at least I can fly.”

“Ok, but how did you get them?”

“I stroked a butterfly, it smiled and then it died. So I dug a hole and put it to rest.”

“But that must of have been the prince of the butterflies. What did it look like?”

“It had the wings that I have; purple and dark pink with violet spots. That was all.”

“That’s not good! Do you know what could happen?”

“No, what?”

“Well if you fly into a butterfly or touch it… You will lose your wings forever!”

“That's not so bad. All it means is that I can't touch one or fly into one. That's easy.”

But it was too late. Since Andrew wasn't looking where he was going, he flew into a butterfly without any warning and the poor butterfly died gracefully without a smile.

Andrew started to fall.

Everyone started to panic and were terrified that Andrew was about to die. Suddenly, Hannah grabbed him and saved his life. Hannah took Andrew home and put him to sleep after that long day. Everyone at home was in tears as they knew that Andrew would never be able to fly again.

Morning came. The sun was hiding behind the blanket of clouds. Andrew woke up depressed once again but, this time, there was something different about him. He felt empty inside. He went to the bathroom once again and when he looked at himself in anguish only to see that he had proper wings! Not butterfly wings, not any other type of wings but bird winds. Tears of joy filled the room and laughter filled the house. As this time Andrew had his own wings back, Candace set up a party to celebrate Andrews new, genuine, strong wings.

The End

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A Day at the Mountain

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The Search for Love

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