In the Next Breath

“I knew it was a mistake the moment the words were out of my mouth, but it was too late.” The words are out there, spoken, real, and we can’t take them back. This complete short story is about one phrase that should not have been said...

The First Night of Spring

The first day of spring is when winter finally leaves and spring, with all it’s promise of new life and warmth, arrives. But to some creatures, it is the first night of spring that holds the most promise… This complete short story takes a fantastical look at the first night of spring and the change it can bring.


Supper soldiers last all year long… They were genetically engineered to win the war, but the war is over now and they are no longer wanted, so what next for Human 2.0? This is a complete story.

The Blue Box

“It stood there at the junction of two roads, at the entrance to my Grandmother’s street. It was a tall, oblong, Royal Blue coloured wooden box, which dwarfed me as a seven year old boy.” This complete short story mixes fantasy and reality to tell the story of one man’s childhood longing.

That One Big Role

In this complete short story, Jamie, an actor in London, finally lands that one big role that should make his career; so why isn’t he happily with his life, and what will happen on his train ride to work?

Letters From The Poet

It was the last thing she had left to do for her mother, to finally clear out her mother's bedroom. Her meek, shrewish, little mother had deadly recently, died like she had lived, quietly. Now, in this complete short story, a woman sorts through the possessions left behind from her mother's life, so little leftover. Then, in the back...

I Burnt Your Poems

“He wrote me thirteen poems and I burnt everyone of them when he dumped me.” A woman takes a moment to look back on her first, teenage boyfriend and the legacy he left her, in this complete short story

The Language of Love

14th February is St Valentine’s Day, the day for lovers when love can truly lead us astray. Love has its own language, messy and complicated and not always saying what we mean it to and no more so then St Valentine’s Day. This complete short story is about a Valentine Card, the man who receives it and the breathlessly hoping woman who...

Suggestion Box Problems

“All Suggestions Gratefully Received”. Asking for suggestions and feedback can be a dangerous activity, you might not hear what you want to. In this complete short story a church's new suggestion box is opened for the first time...


Sometimes it can be as hard to end a relationship as it is to be dumped. In this complete short story Harry has decided to end his relationship with Juliet, over an expensive meal, in a Soho restaurant. But Juliet has something to say first...

Safety Information

Pay attention to the safety information at the beginning of each plane flight because it might save your life, they say. But the narrator of this complete story pays attention to it because he dreams of being a hero. Then the day comes when he can get his chance, but...

A Night Out With the Boyz

Money makes the world go around... not quite true but living without money is very difficult. This complete short story looks at the effect of working a minimum wage job has on one man. It isn't just families who suffer when our economy tanks out.

A Poet a Day

The 6th January is Take a Poet to Lunch Day. What would happened if you took an intense poet to lunch? This story is about one such disasterous lunch.

Closing Doors

Saying goodbye at an airport has become almost a cliché of modern literary, this complete short story looks at that cliché and takes a further look at at.

Words to the Wise

People will offer us advice, whether we ask for it or not, but how do know if that advice is any good? In this complete short story the narrator receives advice from a string of people, but is the advice as good as he's told it is?

A Cake A Day

26th November is Cake Day, a day to celebrate cakes and cake baking. This complete story looks at the motives and actions of a woman who bakes a cake takes it into work each day just to give it away.

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