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I'm writing this story because I don't have Watt pad and the schools computer blocked it. So here I am writing this story with a very hot person Named Selena Gomez. Enjoy

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Chapter 1

You're sitting on an airplane going to Los Angelo's from New York for auditions at Blank Music Records. You were trying to read the newest edition of the Vampire Diaries when you hear a sniffle across the aisle. You turn to look and you see Selena Gomez  reading the exact same book!! You decide to ask her how she likes the book but you can't figure out what to say..... You think you just wanna talk about the book but then again, you would like to try a pick up line... As soon as you go to ask what page she's on, you say the words "Hey Beautiful." She looks at you with a smile and takes off her sunglasses. Her eyes are the most perfect shade of hazel with beautiful eyelashes to match. You can't decide what else to say so you say "Why aren't you in first class with all the other celebrities?" She tells you she sits back here because she likes when she meets the people that don't totally freak out over meeting her. Then she mumbles in a decent tone "Like you." You blush without knowing it. You tell her in a whisper "Yeah well I'm enjoying meeting you to." She blushes so you both look like a can of tomatoes. The pilot announces "Passengers we will be stopping in Michigan to get fuel so you'll have to get on a different plane." You both sigh. She asks to sit next to you on the next flight. You agree to let her because you're developing feelings even though you barely know her.

    "I like your music." You say to her. She brushes back her silky black hair and gives a quick thanks with a smile bigger than the last. "I like your eyes." Selena gives as she takes her black Aero postale jacket off and places it next to her. You smile and kinda duck your head so you're staring at the floor. You can't help but smile. Before you can reply, she apologizes for that being awkward and you insist that it wasn't... You both feel the plane landing. When it comes to a stop, you both stand so you're actually face to face and closer. You really wanna kiss her but you remember you've only known her for about three minutes. You are both walking out of the plane and her finger tips touch yours. The flight attendant wishes you a happy trip but she says "Love Birds" at the end. You just keep walking and Selena asks "Why didn't you correct her?" You respond as "I don't really know. I'm sorry." She tells you it's fine. As you sit down, she sits next to you. "Can I ask you a question?" She says. "Why'd you leave your home? What about your family?" You become a little dull. "I have no family." You mumble. "No girlfriend, no kids. Just me sadly." She tries to hide a grin but her smile's to bright. You had to notice. "When was your last date?" She chuckles. You don't even get a chance to respond. "Wanna go on one? With me?" You nod your head with much delight. You work out a time for 5 o' clock tomorrow. Then the plane arrives. You board and she remembers she left her jacket in the room. The attendant won't let her leave and so she grabs her bare arms and that's when you just barely notice she's in a black tank top and ripped skinny jeans... You quickly take off your jacket and wrap it on her shoulders. She smiles and says "Thanks. You didn't have to." You still insist... She is exited to see you tomorrow and you say the same. 

    The plane lands. You get off and say goodbye. You part and she still has your jacket. It's fine. You arrive at your hotel room and go straight to sleep. When you wake up the next morning, you realize it's noon. In a panic you run to get flowers and a nice outfit. You get done with everything and it's 4:45. You hop in a cab and you're on your way. When you arrive, she's sitting outside at a table in a dark, blood red dress. Her hair curled as well. She sees you. She smiles. "Hey." You calmly say as you hand her the bouquet of roses and lilacs. He smells them and thanks you setting them next to her purse. 

    The waiter comes to your table. "Well hello. What can I get you to drink?" You request a horchata. You ask Selena what she'd like and before she answers, the waiter yells "Oh my goodness! Are you Selena Gomez?" She nodded and the waiter announces to the entire restaurant that she's there.  She requests to leave and you agree. You reach for her hand without even knowing. She grabs yours as well. Smiling, you walk out into an entire croud of paparazzi. They're taking pictures which Selena doesn't mind and neither do you. You reach your car and she gets into the passengers side then grabs your hand again. She sounds really sad. "I'm so sorry about that.." You say "Don't sweat it. It was fun." She isn't upset anymore. Actually, she's blushing. You share a slight chuckle.

    When you finally reach the hotel Selena is staying in, you walk her to the front door. "Bye." You chuckle. "Night." She smiles as she's looking into your eyes. You lean and kiss her on the cheek which she does to you as well. Then it turns into more.. You can't resist her hazel eyes glistening in the moon light. You go in for real this time. You make out in front of the building for what feels like forever which was really 4 minutes. "Bye. I'll call you." She whispers just loud enough for you to hear. You smile. On the way home, she's stuck in your mind. Now you're blushing.

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Chapter 2

The next morning, the day of your audition. You have one new message. You eagerly check and sure enough, it's from Selena. In your phone it's "Thief." You only put it that way because she stole your heart. The message is just a heart emoticon with the words "You to" following it. You're puzzled but also delighted about the emoji. You fall back to your bed but then get back up. You respond "For what?" When you go to get your suit case unzipped, your phone makes the cutest little ding sound. The one you downloaded just for Selena. "For being you. That and for giving me such a great time last night. Also, turn on channel 7 news." So you do because you do anything for her. On the screen is Sami Burbank with several pictures of you and Selena from last night. "Selena Gomez. New man? Will Justin be... Mad?" You don't worry... Selena loves you and you love her. That's all that matters to you.(Even though you and Selena haven't told each other about your love.) 

    Quickly calling your thief, she answers. "Hello? Did you see??" You are happy. "Yes. Is that bad?" She chuckles "No." You smile and continue the rest of the conversation. When she has to go, you meaningfully say "Selena, I Love You." She loves you to. You hang up.. "YES!!" You begin dancing and screaming because you are so happy. You totally forgot about your audition but you still get dressed and comb your hair. Black and white flannel shirt with a pair of joggers. You comb your hair and put on your favorite black beanie. Your phone plays the song "Holy" by Florida Georgia Line. Selena's calling, "Hey "bro" wanna go get some coffee with me or something??" You agree to go, audition still forgotten.

    You call a taxi and the arrive in less then five minutes. "Were to?" The driver asks. "Le Cafe." You respond. He grunts. "Fifteen dollars kid." You pay. When you arrive, Selena is waiting inside this time. She's in ripped skinny jeans and a white shirt, purposeless ripped in the back. You find it attractive, sexy would be the word. She has red lip stick on as well. Hair fluffy and curled. She doesn't see you. You walk inside wanting to surprise her and that stupid little chimed bell goes off when you walk through the door. She looks at you with happiness. "Hey." You say nervously. "Hi. One frozen caramel machioto for you." She hands you the cup. She offers to go get napkins just incise. When she turns her back to you, her black bra is showing big time. You stare. You don't notice that she can see you. "Like what you see?" You chuckle. "Yes actually, I do. I won't lie." She smiles to. "Do you really like coffee? How about we go for a ride.." You agree to. The cab pulls up. Same cab you were in. "Were to?" He says it in a nicer voice this time. Selena hands him an address. "Forty Five dollars miss." She pays even after you told her you would.

    You arrive at a hotel. Selena's hotel. She invites you up to the room and you agree to go. Locking the door behind her. She walks into another room, shutting the door. Puzzled, you look around. When she reappears, she's in, a silhouette. Red and black one. Laced. She invites you to "Party" with her. You gladly go. Selena slowly starts undressing while you're lying on her bed. Then, she climbs up on top of you. While you're kissing, she removes your pants. 

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