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 I'm going to die. I know it. 

Well, I'm either going to die of depression or kill myself- so basically suicide. 

I'm unhappy because... oh I don't know, for so many reasons.

1) I'm left out ALL the time and my freinds are closer with each other than they are with me so if I kill myself they wouldn't notice. If they did, they wouldn't care either. They don't seem to care if I slink off so what's the difference?

That's the point, there's not one.

2) Nobody lets me speak- because of course, nobody cares what I have to say. I can't get a word in with Jasmine or Isla around each other.

3) I wish people would like me.

My friends:



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 Today was even worse.

One of my freinds- Isla  was all over the other one-jasmine  and she was supposed to be speaking to both of us but she went: 

"So , jasmine- and you." And then blah de blah de blah...

Ok... so now I'm just 'you'. 


So yeah, I'm seriously considering killing myself. Or leaving school.

That would be a safer option.

The only trouble is, if I did that I'll still remember it and their happiness together without me. 

Perhaps I should kill myself then.

Have you ever thought of dying though?

No feeling. No depression

Sounds great.

Yes I'm going to kill myself.

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 I've felt left out and miserable ever since I'd started this stupid friendship group and after months of considering, I think I might quit it.

Or kill myself.

No one could forget that suggestion.

I hope you all understand my situation and how miserable I am. It probably sounds quite petty and childish but it's actually really upsetting and distressing me.

'Jasmine', 'Isla' I hope you're reading this and feel bad because you should do. 

You so, so, should.

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