The Walk Into Tomorrow.


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Chapter 1: The Lonely Snowfall In March 

My window frosted over from all the frozen winter i make a tiny circle and look out to the world outside with that look of curiosity and wonder for what today brings.

I see people outside spending time with the ones they care for.


Children playing and making men, making angels and laughing with joy in their hearts.

I Remember when life was more easier when i had you by my side your soft purrs always Made me feel better and especially how you would always wake me up with your lovely meowing sounds

You watched me grow up and i watched you grieve everyone love and your smile is what Made me have hope for the world.


Time can never erase all of the tears that flowed down my face like a river in summer.

You were the one who gave me life a reason to always wake up and try i still question why you had to go and leave me behind.


You gave me memories no one else did and i can never forget that and as the sky begins to darken and everyone slowly going home and the world falling silent.

My heart still beats when i see this lonely snow fall in march.

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Chapter 2: 生活单独 (Living Alone)

At my lonely corner of the universe i look out to the planets you and i would travel to wondering to myself where did it all go wrong no more stars in my world exist because when you left those tiny memories begin to burn up and fall like meteors when they hit planets creating new ones and destroying the old ones 


I remember when the sky was clear 

I remember when you use to smile at all those bright days we made because living for someone can make for sure make life shine a bit more 


The gates of fate guided me to what i believed was a happy and long future with you but my eyes begin to water when I realized that it was all a facade in disguise my once happy dream that i thought would for one help me live made me loose my only hope 


The eyes and prayers of people i hear circle the planets but no one comes to hear them and even on the day when i hear the people laughing or crying i shut my ears and try not look at such a color that forms 


All i can believe in is the stars of whatever remains i might never see you again all i can do is wipe away my tears

I wonder if love still exists. 

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Chapter 3: 一天我将学习怎么养的飞 (One Day I Will Learn How To Fly) 

Who remembers that day i fell and everyone laughed at it 

Remember the day that i felt so bound i couldn’t stretch my arm


I threw out the open window and decided to give it another try 

sometimes i cried deep down inside no one heard me in my mares of night only me and the loneliness heard 


Dancing slowly in an empty room but will this loneliness ever let me fly once more 


Tears of time drift slowly away as my heart sinks below the surface of the sun 


Quietly fading 


Quietly sinking 


Quietly starting to rise 


As my wings begin to open 


And soar high above the clouds away the ground 


To never need to walk again

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Chapter 4: 你和我 (You And Me)

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Closing Note

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