sin rostro


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chapter 1

This story is about a young woman named Rose , Rose had a love life and a magical adventure but one day her life changes in a flip of a switch. Rose discovers that her lover is having an affair, she was having one too but she's dramatic and starts doing drugs and ends up as a killer.

 One day in a far away land live a beautiful girl named rose she had all the boys in town wanting her, but she was lesbian so she found no attraction to a guy then one day she met this guy and she “fell in love” but really she was looking at a love land frog ( she hated frogs) he smelled like a swamp and had green tattoos so she thought about a frog.. Tho she was lesbian she got with a guy, she did not love.

         Meanwhile her soon to be ex lover let's call him Dan, he was waiting for Rose to come home but Rose was not coming home she had other plans instead. She was hunting her first victim, Creg, who was one of the many boys who tried to get her, his death was a corkscrew in the neck.sounds like suicide  i know but it wasn't. Soon enough she found him, she distracted him with her charm if you know what i mean  


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this is something i say i would buy in a bookstore


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