Hell's awakening


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Chapter 1

The nights is dark almost pitch black lit up only by the mans face. It is engulfed in a fire, his skin taught and burned, he does not seemed fussed by the heat of the flames. As he walks others fill the road behind him also covered in the same ailment. I walk along the road behind them, watching and waiting for the opportunity to strike. One of hell's children , as we call them, walks over to a young woman on the side of the road filming the sight on her phone. He grabs her head, tilts it backward and screams into the air, immediately a dark shadow flits from his face onto the woman's. She tries to move but the shadow shows remarkable strength and forces its way into her body, her body spasms as she drops to the floor like a rock. The mans body continues walking but with less power as he has split his evil soul between him and her. I know that there is little chance of taking them all even if I am half hell child.  

A small child walks into the alleyway towards the people with the bright heads, I step out of my cover and grab his arm and push him back the way he came, I look down at the floor, I concentrate on clearing my mind. I reach behind my head and pull out the sword I have concealed under my coat.The cold handle is a welcome feeling, the mesh around the grip is made of a strong metal that is not of an ordinary compound.The blade shimmers with the reflections of the hell's children, thirsty for their devils souls.

I step to the side of the congregation and ready myself to pounce on the next coming devil. I watch for the moment patiently, I slow my breathing to almost nil to reduce the risk of being spotted, a man in a black coat walks past, he is of a larger size. Muscles bulge under the leather of his jacket pushing it apart, his trousers are under the same duress, he slowly turns his fire soaked head and looks at me.

He runs with the form of an Olympic athlete and jumps as he reaches me , my sword almost has a life of its own as i swing it and cleave the mans head from his shoulders. I step back pulling the body into the alleyway behind me, another hells child sees me and reaches the same fate as his colleague in hell. The souls of the "people" I have just killed are all stored in my sword. Their screams remind me of the task at hand and I complete the ritual that is necessary to store the souls in my body. I run my hand down the blade stained with the darkness, I immediately fell my reserve of strength multiplied by a tenth fold and I walk out of the cover ready to face whatever wants to impale itself on  my blade.  A hand grabs my collar and swings me to face it.

Its a man whos head is not on fire and I struggle to break free of his grip. He opens his mouth and begins to talk to me in a soothing tone "I can help you" he says as he walks to me. I reach behind me to grab the hilt of my sword.He stops and says to me in a soothing tone"I know what it is like to never trust anyone, to feel like the whole weight of the world is resting on your shoulders". I lower my hand and furrow my brow inquisitively" what couldve happened in your life that makes you understand the weight of hell?"

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