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Chapter 1: People like me 

You know as humans , we all get those thoughts to commit a grievous and heinous crime . It just comes to you , as you sit on a bus to work , or as you cook your children's dinner at night . It just happens , a fleeting thought for most , maybe it exists as a bad day at work and you think to yourself , " What if I was to murder my boss and never work again" , it exists for mere seconds , there and then not . These thoughts don't warrant action as they only exist as a deep , deep fantasy that you are aware of the consequences if you do so choose to act upon them . This is not the case for a minority of the human population, like me . People like me take inspiration from such works of art as ; the Moore's murderers , Jack the Ripper and lets not forget about the horrors of the Abu Ghraib party . These are incentive to act upon impulse , to live for the mere feeling of ones last breath , to stand , covered in blood above a life-long enemy and stare as the light leaves their eyes . And my job here , fine ladies and gentlemen , is to teach you the art of getting away with murder .  

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Chapter 2 : The selection process 

As you know by watching a nature documentary , evolution suggest predators  will prey on the weak , a lion will go after the wilder beast that is lagging behind all of the rest , on account of its broken leg . But as a human , this principle doesn't apply , the nature documentaries suggest that the shark or the tiger are the most effective predators on the planet , this is false. The most effective predator on the planet is us , they look no different to me and you . You could walk into the street tomorrow and walk past a person hiding a deep and dark secret . But I hear you ask me , don't we all have secrets? , And the answer is yes , I do , you do , but some are worse than others . The predatory side of everyone remains hidden , like a wall protects our minds from thoughts of murder and maiming , but for some , this wall is cracked , contains holes . It allows the light of the darkest parts of us to shine through . This light can affect us in two ways ; it can either recede and we continue to live and cope with it , either with medication or therapy , or we are consumed by it and live in fear of it , so we try to satisfy it by fulfilling its wishes .  These wishes can be small and harmless , like dressing a particular way , feelings of multiple voices. But they can be more powerful and take the form of murder and crimes that others wouldn't ever dream of undertaking .

To find the perfect victim, one must first way the outcomes with the work you have to put in . My first victim was a young woman who displayed improper manners at a dinner party that I hosted . My traditional values first told me that the woman who came into my home dressed in all white instead of adverse colours as the invite said was directly trying to encourage challenge to my authority . . This led to an immediate sense of rage pent up in my stomach . 

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