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The Boy and his Pain

He was running down a rode with four people running after him.  There was not much time they were gaining and were now only thirty feet away.  They all had their hands ready to grab him and drag him to the ground.  He scampered down an ally way which was a short cut to get him home quicker.  The sound of the four came around the corner with such speed than one of them fell over their feet in the hast to take the corner.  The fallen one jumped up and with a scowl on his face got up and continued the pursuit.  They were gaming on him and he was still far away from his home. ‘after him you idiots’ was herd in the distance as he ran up another rode and down another alleyway.  “I’m not far now” thought the boy as he ran yet again down another street.  Just then he was hit right over his head with a big crack.  The group of people how had been following him had found a way to get in front of him by taking a different ally and ended up impairing his path.  He looked up with such horror as he saw what hat hit him that he screamed for help but no one came to his aid.  The tallest and toughest boy looked down at him and said to his fellow boys ‘get him up and bind his arms while I beat the snot out of him.’  The three other boys did what he said smirking and sounding gleeful all at what was coming next.  The big one then spent the next ten minutes dong what he said he was going to do to the boy.  After it was done the four boys walked off talking about the look on the boy’s face when the first punch hit his nose.  

   The boy looked in a right mess laying on the ground his nose broken, eyes black and blue, glasses bent in odd sorts of ways, and blood skirting out of his broken nose.  He picked his distorted glasses off the ground and put them back on his busted nose so that he could see.  He looked around but no one was anywhere to be seen.  So he got to his feet very slowly as he hurt all over and started slowly towards his house again pinching his nose so as to try and slow down the bleeding from his nose. 

   He was a skinny mid height boy with glasses and soft red hair.  His jeans were ripped, had wholes in his knees, his hair roufelld and sticking out all over the place.  The shirt he wore was blood stained, wrinkled and torn and the neck seem.  He was a twelve year old boy with the look that a mob of people had plowed over him.  He walked slowly along the rode muttering to himself ‘I’ll get them for this’ or ‘how dare them do this to me’ under his breath in turns.  The four that had done this to him were no ware to be found now and it was perfectly safe for him to talk freely now that they were gone. 

He strolled up his drive way ten minutes later with a look of anguish on his face, because he would have to deal with his parents when he opened the door.  He got to the door and with a last ‘beter get this over with’ he opened the door.  

His mom was waiting for him with a what happened to you now sort of look about her.  This was a weekly event in this house and he always lied saying anything but what was actually going on so not to get his parents involved.  

‘what happened to you this time boy’ she said with a note of impatience in her voice because she expected that he was lying to her about what was happening to him.  ‘I fell down the stairs at school’ he said while looking at the ground.  ‘really is that your story this time is it’ his mom said to him unconvinced.  ‘Yea it was a nasty fall too, tripped over my feet and fell down ten stairs to hit the wall with my nose’ said the boy still pinching his nose to stop the bleeding.  ‘Come here then, while I put your nose back into place and bandage you up’ came his moms voice while she stepped over to him and helped him into a chair at the dining room table.  She then said ‘it is going to hurt when I put your nose back in so hold on.’  She then took her nose in her hand and broke it back into positing so it could start to heal itself.  ‘Just wait till your farther hears about his newest injury to yourself’ his mom told him in a stern sort of way.  His stomach lurched at this news ‘You’re going to tell him but it was just a stupid fall why should he need to know about it’.  ‘he’ began his mom in a tired voice ‘needs to know because you get yourself hart at least once a week and your story seems a bit fishy if you ask me’.  ‘Fishy’ the boy said shaking little as he did. ‘Fishy yes indeed’ said his mom. ‘But that’s what happened alright’ he said getting a little upset at his mom for prodding him for information.  ‘You don’t really expect me to believe that you fell down a stair case and got that badly hart doing it. You have got to be kidding’ his mom said to him.  ‘Why does it matter anyway it will all heal and all, so what is there to get so upset at.’ He said really starting to get upset now by his mom constant jabbering at him and just wanting to be in his room alone.  

   ‘Oh all right then, go to your room and don’t come out of there till I come for you.’ His mom said with such furry she knocked over one of the chairs at the table and it went crash to the floor.  He ran from the room up the stair case in into his room which was on the right when he got to the top of the stairs and slammed his door on the way into his room.  He couldn’t believe his mother had acted that way to him and knew it was not going to be a good night in this house tonight.  He slouched on his bed just hoping it would all be over soon and he could sleep it off.  

   He lived in a nice house on a rode called Bramberry Street. The house was number 49 and was hid because of all the fur trees that surrounded the place.  It was a nice size two story plus a basement with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living and family room, kitchen, dining room, and an office of sorts.  It had a big treed back yard, with a tree house, a play house, and a swing set.  

   His parents were good people and always looked after him to the best of their ability.  He had a younger brother which he had never met because he was adopted at the age of one.  The parents he had now were his adopted parents but they had never told him that he was adopted till last summer.  

   He lay on this bed thinking about the summer holidays which were only a month away.  He liked the summer time better than any other time of the year. This was because he could avoid the bullies much more easily when he was not in school.

   It was a worm and breezy late may day, the flowers were blooming, the birds were chirping, kids were laphing and having a good time in the background.  Yet he was laying on his bed beaten and swollen all over his body.

   He did not mind laying on his bed as it was very relaxing and he did not have the energy to do anything else.  He thought to himself about what he was going to do this summer.  Was he going to go and have a swim at the lake which was just a mile away from his house and was an easy walk to make.  Or was he going to go to his favorite tree by the ocean front and lay around their getting a sun tan.  

   He sure needed a sun tan because he was a very bleak looking boy with white blotched legs and arms.  His hair was soft red and always looked a bit messy but it did not matter what he did to his hair it never quite looked right.  

   He could hear a car drive in the driveway and new that his dad was home from work for the day.  He could hear the house door open and hear him walking in and talking with his wife.  He sounded like he had, had a bad day at work and just wanted to sit down and have super in peace.

   His dad was a big man with matted black hair and a body of a boxer.  He was the type of man you knew not to try and fight because it would be a lost cause.  He worked at a floor covering store as the manager and head salesmen.  He was pretty good at what he did and kept them all fed, clothed and housed because of it.  

   He knew he would be having the talk to with his dad in just a few minutes.  He did not care though, he was so upset now it did not matter what his dad did to him at this point.  His dad was going to go through the same talk he gave him every Friday at this time.  There was really no way to get out of it so he midswell get it over with.

   He rolled off his bed and headed slowly to the bedroom door.  Out he went from it and down the hall to the stairs.  Then he preceded down the stairs and headed for the dining room.  When he got to the dining room he said ‘hello’ to his mom and dad that were seated there already.

   His father looked over at him with a look of disgust on his face and said ‘Not again boy! I think it is time I had a little chat with your teacher at school.  I don’t care what you told your mother but you did not fall down a stair case to get that much injury.  You look like you were stampeded or something.’

   Honest all I did was fall down some stairs.  Why do you need to get the school involved for a stupid thing like that.  I’m just clumsy that’s all  no need to get them involved.

   ‘Oh yes there is need!’ His dads rising voice came at him.  ‘If you ask me you look like you have been in a huge scrum and you came out the worst for ware.’

   ‘If you get the school involved it will only get worse! Yelled the boy 

‘So you admit it do you! That you are getting into fist fights every week.’

‘I didn’t say that!’ the boy snapped back

‘Don’t you talk to me that way boy!’ His dad spat back

‘I don’t want to talk about it! Came the boys voice

‘Jeremy Evens Sabation Smith go to your room you are grounded for a month.  No telly, no phone, no friends, and no supper tonight! You will not be allowed out of your room for anything except to have meals, go to the bathroom and go to school!’  His dads voice rang at the top of his voice.  Making his wife to fall off her chair in the process.

   ‘Fine!’ said Jeremys voce as he jumped to his feet and stormed up to his room slamming the door as he entered it.

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The Grounding

He woke up next morning still furious at what his dad had done last night.  He was not looking forward to what he would be doing in his room with nothing to do.  He knew it would be better than having to go to school, which he hated with a passion.  

   He got up and went out of his room to the bathroom.  Their he started a bath and took a leak in the jon while he was at it.  When his bath was ready he took off all of his clothes and got it.  

   The water was nice and warm on his cold skin and he started to sope himself up to get clean.  This he figured was going to be the only fun thing he would be doing all day so he stayed in their for close to an hour.

   His dad finely came looking for him and got him out of the tub, dried and sent him back to his room so fast it happened in a blur of couler.  

   He sat on his bed for another hour when finally he was called down to lunch by his dad.  

   He walked down to the dining room where he would finally have his first meal in twenty four hours.

   ‘I’m starved what’s for lunch.’ He said in a tired soft voice.

‘Bacon, eggs, hashbrons, toast, and a glass of oj.’ Came his moms voice from the kitchen while she was cooking it.

‘Sounds delishes.’ He said rubbing his growling stomach.

‘Yes it sure does.’ His dad said looking over his newspaper to check the sights.

   The meal was the best he had had for a long time he thought to himself.  He was glad that he got to eat because he was so very hungry indeed.  He cleaned off his plate of any food before heading back up to his room till he was allowed to come down to have his supper.


   His dads name was Arthur Leminton Sabation Smith and his moms name was Lilly Rebeca Evens Smith.  They could not have children of their own so they adopted young Jeremy at the age of one.  They lived in a small town called Rockford.  There are only five thousand people that live in the town.  It is only a hours drive to a city of seventy thousand.  

   It only had one elementy school and one high school for the kids to go to.  They had to go to the city to go to college and university.  There was only two hundred students that went to the two schools each.  So the class sizes were a little bit smaller than that of the city.  

   Jeremy hated school so very much indeed.  He was twelve years old and most of the way though grade six getting half decent grades but he was scroney, weak and got picked on all the time.  He wished that he could defend himself but every time he tried to he just got an extra-long beating.  





   The next month flew by with a blur of colors and events.  Of course the beatings still acoured once a week and the lectures folled each one of them.  Jeremy was glad that it was the last day of school before the summer holidays and he would soon have some time to heal before school started up again in September.  It would be a whole two months before he would get beaten up again by the four boys.

   The last day of school was a pleasant one spent cleaning everything up and watching a movie before being dismissed for the summer.  Jeremy new that it was going to be a challenge getting home in one piece because of the four boys that were surly going to pound on him on his way home.  The only good thing was that he would not see them for two whole months which made him very happy indeed.

   He rose from his seat, put his backpack on his back and strode out of his classroom into the bustling hallway.  He was immediately swept away with the crowd to the front doors and out into the neat kept lawn of his school.  

   He then headed straight towards the nearest street that would take him back to his house the quickest. He knew he would not have much time before he would be chased at top speed by the four boys.  He turned down the road and started to walk quite fast but very quietly indeed.  He turned left down a alleyway and continued to pick up speed as he went.  He turned right at the next street and was in a half jog when he saw to his horror the four boys running after him down the road.  ‘Where do you think you’re going in such a hurry.’ Screeched the biggest boy who was leading the others at a run.  Jeremy ignored it and started running himself swerved and turned left down another alleyway. 

   The boys were not too far behind him and he still had a far way to go.  He was not going to be able to get away they were to close. He put on a huge burst of speed and ran as fast has his legs would handle.

   He turned right and flew down another rode and then left again down another ally.  Still with the boys running after him but they were getting further away because they just could not run as fast as he was running.  He had a stich in his side now though and he figured he would only be able to keep it up for maybe another minute or two at the most.

   Two minutes later he finally had to slow down to a slow jog because he just could not keep up the speed that he had been doing.  He knew the boys were still after him because he could here there pounding steps in the far distance. He had three blocks left if he hurried he might just make it home before they caught up to him.

   ‘Must keep going, only a few more blocks and I’m home free.’  He said out loud as he forced himself to keep half running down the street.  The boys were slowly catching up to him and it was only a matter of time before they did.  He was not going to make it to his house in time.  

   A few more minutes passed with the boys still a fair way behind him and he thought to himself that he might actually make it.  He then heard their footsteps behind him and he looked over his shoulder to see how far away they were.  They were only a half block away now and he was still over a block away so he knew he was not going to make it.  

   He stopped running having had enough of running from them and turned to face his enemies.  He through off his back pack and it landed on the other side of the ditch on a soft grassy area.   He stood waiting for them to catch up with him so that he could get it over with.

   It seemed like a long time that he stood there staring down the street at the four that were approaching.  He was going to fight them this time and maybe even win for once he thought to himself.  He saw them approach him and stop right in front of him blocking the whole rode.

   ‘So you have finally stopped running and are going to let us beat the crap out of you!’ Came the biggest of the fours voice through clenched teeth.

‘I’m not going to let you beat me up, I’m going to fight you!’ Jeremy shouted back at him.

‘Did you hear that boys’ The big one laughed allowed ‘he’s going to try and fight us.’

The others all started to laugh also and it made Jeremy very upset.

‘Stop laughing I am going to fight back, I’ve had enough of you guys beating on me!  I will not take it anymore!’ Jeremy said with such fury in his voice as he had never felt before about anything.

‘Boys I think we should teach Germy what happens to people that fight back shall we!’  The leader said as he cracked his knuckles.

‘Just try it, I’m ready for ya!’ yelled Jeremy as he got into a fighting stance ready to fight back.

‘Get him boys!’ screeched the leader to the other three.

   The three boys circled Jeremy with the look of a pack of wolves hunting their pray waiting for the perfect moment to strike.  Jeremy was calculating every move they could make and was getting ready to counter it.  He knew the boys were tough but they were not very bright and that was his strength was that he was bright and could easily tell what they were going to do before they did it.

   The leader of the gane was looking pretty pleased with the way things were going and seemed to think that he had won the fight even before the first punch was thouen.  He knew his opponent and new that he was no match for four big tough guys pounding him so there was no match between his gane and his opponent.  He had him right where he wanted him and he was ready to strike.

   The boys were in position and were ready to strike all they needed was their leaders orders to strike.  They waited patiently for those orders as they circled their pray.  It was almost time now and they could taste the sweet smell of a good fight on their lips.

   “Now boys strike him hard and get this over with!” 

The three boys rushed the center one and pounced.  All three of them haled the one to the ground and started hitting every inch that they could find of him.

The boy at the bottom of the pile started to feel a surge of energy like he had never felt before in his entire life.  It started from the middle of his chest and spread rapidly.  What was also strange was that he could not feel anything.  He was in no pain at all and was in perfect health to bout.

   The energy build up was getting massive now. He could feel it pulsate though his body and it was begging to make him glow.  He had never felt like this before and did not know what to expect.

   Then with a towering pulse of energy the three boys that were trying to hit him were blasted twenty feet away from him.  They landed with a terrible crash in the ditches and did not get up.  They had been knocked uncountious by the force of the crash.

   Jeremy noticed that he had electricity shooting out of his hands for several inches in every direction from them.  He stood up and looked first at his hands and then at the leader of the gane which was still standing in front of him wide eyed and looking terrified.  

   “You want some of that.” Jeremy said with a shaky voice to the boy in front of him.

   The boy took off running in the opposite direction of the boy leaving his gane members to lay where they landed.


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The Awakening

Jeremy did not quite understand what had happened but he knew that he should get out of there before someone saw the three boys laying in the ditches unconcise.  He quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching and then started off towards his home.  

   “What had happened? How did I do that?” he said outload to himself as he was walking home.  It was the weirdest thing he had ever experienced in his life.  

   Time passed by as he slowly walked down the roads.  His mind racing the whole time trying to comprehend what had taken place.  He did not even look to see where he was going and when he did look up he was already in front of his driveway.

   He walked up it and opened the front door.  Then walked inside and closed it again.

   “Jeremy where have you been!” came his moms voice as she walked to the front door with a stern look on her face.  

   “I’ve been walking home slowly enjoying the start of summer vacation.” Jeremy said in a drowsy voice.

   “Get to your room and stay there till you are called for.” His mom said as she escorted him to his room.

   He was glad that he got to stay in his room and not have to talk to anyone.  He just wasn’t in the mood after what he had experienced.  He went over to his bed and flopped down on it.

   He started thinking about everything that had happened today and was trying to figure out what it all means.  ‘How did I through those boys off of me. I don’t even remember touching them.’  He thought to himself while staring at the celling.

   He was trying to remember every little bit of detail of the event so as to figure out some explanation of what had happened.  He could not find anything that even remotely made any sense to him.  ‘It had all happened so fast.’ He thought to himself.  The event had lasted less than a minute, even if it seemed like it had lasted a long time. 

He got up and then started pacing around his room trying to motivate his brain to think faster.  It was just making it worse for him so he flopped back onto his bed and stared at the celling again.

Just an hour before if somebody had tried to tell him that he was going to cause three bigger kids to fly off of him and crash unconcise in the nearby ditches he would have said they were mad and to get lost.  As it stood, he had done that event, and was now trying to make sense of it all.

‘What did it all mean?  Was there really power beyond anything that you could possibly imaging and how far dose that power go? How much could he do with it and would he ever use it again?’ plagued his mind as he thought about everything that had happened.

He then realized something, he had asked for the ability to never again have to worry about being hurt again.  He had not asked out loud but in his head for it.  He had not expected for anything to happen though.  It seemed that his wish was answered and he was given the power needed to stop the hurting.  He did not know what power he had been given but he was now very thankful to have gotten it when he did.  

He herd his door open and his mom walked in saying “Time for supper young man, no tattling this time.” She walked out of the room but left the door open so that Jeremy would have to get up.  Which really annoyed him as he hated when people leave the door open.

He got up and slowly headed for the door and out of the room. The smell of the food cooking was wafting up the stairs and it smelt so very good indeed.  Walked down the stairs two at a time to find out what was cooking and rounded the corner into the dining room and then on to the kitchen.  

“That sure smells good. What are you cooking anyway?”  Jeremy asked as he looked in on the cooking.  “It is lasagna with mashed potato and roasted carrots.” Came his moms voice as she hurried around trying to get everything ready so that they could eat.

They ate supper in silence for the longest time till her mom spoke up “You really don’t look well Jeremy what happened to you on your walk home?  You don’t look like you were hurt but you look pale and weak looking.”

“Nothing happened mom I’m fine.” Jeremy said in a disgustful tone of voice.  He was not in the mood to talk to his mom or dad about what had happened earlier that day.  Even if he had wanted to they would not be able to understand anyway.

“I don’t believe you young man and I don’t think your father does either.” His mom said while giving her son a piercing stare that made the hairs of Jeremy’s neck stand on end with their fierceness.  

His father spoke for the first time that evening to him “I have to agree with your mother Jeremy you do look ill at that.”  His tone had a tinge of niceness in it because for the first time in a long time his son had gotten home without getting hurt but his son did not look any better than if he had gotten hurt.

“It’s just been a long day and all I need is a good night sleep.” Jeremy said with a tired expression on his face.  He was tired after all, so he wasn’t lying too badly.  Whatever had throne those boys off of him had drained him considerably and all he wanted to do was have a good night sleep.

“May I go to bed then.” He said to his parents looking both of them in the eyes.

“I see why not, we can relook in to this in the morning.”  His mom said.  “I think that is fair.” Said his dad.

“Good night mom and same to you dad.”

“Good night.”  His parents said to him as he got to his feet and walked dragging his feet to the staircase.

Slowly he dragged his feet up the stairs.  It was taking forever but eventually, which seemed like a long time but was actually only about two minutes, he got to the top of the stairs.  Then he walked through the opening to his room and closed the door behind him.  

He took off his close with quite some effort and got slowly but surely into his pj’s and into bed.  He was quite glad to be in bed under his covers where it felt safe and protected.  He fell asleep within minutes.

It was a stormy night, the wind was blazing, the trees were swaying, and there was genuine unease in the air.  The forces were changing all around the area and incredible power was building up nearby.  Something strange and unusual was stirring around.  Something that had not stirred in over three hundred years.  

It was very dark outside and only the trees were making any noise.  It was a new moon and all was in darkness because of it.  Little did they know that danger and evil were coming to haunt their doorstep.


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The New abilities

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Dimensional Shifting

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