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     “The dying.” By Joseph Rosambert. (Blank verse.)


If ever there is a tomorrow,

I hope these words will be put in print.

And In case I would travel sooner,

Tell my friends and clans, it was destined.


Although I’m here breathing my last breath,

Please, tell them my love is immortal,

And tell them not to worry too much;

I’m sure my salvation is assured.


For the ones I hurt deeply in life,

Tell them pardon is stronger than grudge.

Tell my foes that their dream has fulfilled,

And tell my debtors, they’re free from stress. 


The day has come for me to wave bye;

Tears and deep regret can’t keep my life.

I don’t mind of how young I’m no more,

I lived enough to see a fierce world. 


Nothing we do can change the life’s rule,

So we must accept it as it is.

We must carry that heavy burden.

Farewell! Send my love to the living.



“I Smile.” By Joseph Rosambert. (Lyric poem.)


Most of the time I smile, not because I’m happy, 

But because I want happiness to be shown in my face. 

I smile not because the sun rises, but because I’m alive to see it rising.

I smile for what I believe in, and I smile for what makes me proud of life.

Whenever teardrops run slowly down my cheeks,

My strong smile shines like a rainbow that pops up in the sky after it rains.

Whenever my bad memories come to stress me out,

My smile is the antidote that can clear them up.

I smile no matter how many calamities come my way.

I smile even when the scream of death wants to deafen my ears.

I smile even though my heart is always filled with sadness.

I smile even when life drops the heaviest burdens on my shoulders. 

I smile when I fall, I smile when I weep, and I smile when the world around me cries.

All of the five oceans aren’t enough to flow from my eyes and stop me from smiling,

Unless they would rise above my head and stop me from breathing.


“Take me back.” By Joseph Rosambert.(Lyric poem.)


Take me back to when I was closer to my birthday, 

When nature wouldn’t discriminate against me for my age, 

When my legs would obey me faster,

And when my body wouldn’t tremble against the natural forces. 

Take me back to when my mind would only ask me to enjoy life, 

When nature used to ornament me like the stars ornament the sky at night,

When I was a great, gracious gentleman full with glamorous gifts from life.

Take me back to when I didn’t care about misfortunes,

When I made most of my terrible, malicious mistakes that I’m paying for today,

When I saw life like a highway that goes on forever,

When I was a fresh tree full of beautiful green leaves and planted by a river. 

Alas, the only things I have left now are nostalgia and tears of those memories.  

Please, take me back to the most wonderful time of my life. 


The one.” By Joseph Rosambert. (Lyric poem.)


If only you could put yourself in my shoes, 

You would get that feeling I have in my heart. 

She is the butterfly that flies and rests on my strong shoulder smoothly,

The one that causes my heart to beat as hard as a mallet.

I’m sure she is the one who was made for me,

No doubt, she is the one to first steal my heart.

The one whom her voice simply gives me goosebumps.

And the one whom her fabulous face flashes in my dreams every night.

She is the one I feel by my side all day

Even though she isn’t physically present. 

She is the one I’ve never talked to before,

But hurts me when she talks to other gentlemen. 

I never get a chance to let her know that

Anyway I’d be too shy to talk to her,

And also too dumb not to declare my love. 

She is the one and I know she’ll always be.



Josh Bryan, by Joseph Rosambert. A Ballad. 


Josh Bryan was raised within a poor family 

He always felt inferior whenever he saw his classmates, 

Because the only clothes that he had was a paint that he wore daily. 

Everyday he woke up, considering his situation as his fate. 


He always wondered would his parent have a better life if he wasn’t born.

Whenever he thought about his miserable life, he sat in a corner alone and cried. 

He always refused to eat his everyday food, which was simply a boiled corn. 

He was tired of the bullies at school, a thing that always made him think of suicide. 


Josh wanted to put an end to his struggle life, 

But he didn’t have someone who could give him a hand. 

He wasn’t only poor, but lonely, therefore, the solution was to use a knife. 

At least, he was sure that he would finally live a new life on a wonderland. 


He thought about his decision more than twice, 

But he still failed at convincing himself not to do it. 

He waited for the night to come, wishing that someone could give him an advice. 

He committed suicide in his room; he wasn’t able to see his last sunset.







































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