Teen Wolf Girl


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 After school at night 

I want to my room to get my stuff and my key 

I turned around and saw Scott 

Going somewhere 


Then why do you all of your stuff with and your key

I look at my thing 

I look back at Scott 

A walk

Ok have fun with that 

I saw Scott leave 

I follow him 

I want to my car and follow him into the woods 

He stop his blike and walk through the woods 

I follow him 

I saw the house that Stiles was talking about 

I want inside 

And I saw sometimes that I shouldn't have saw 

I saw Scott and Derek turned to a wolf 

I scream 

The big wolf heard me 

I run 

But not fast  because he caught me and attack me 

I hit him and scream at him

But he didn't let go instead he bit me on the arm 

I scream 

Let go of her

I turned my head and saw the person who I thought was my brother 

I said her go 

Oh what 

Scott howls 

Derek also howl 

There attack each other 

I feel someone holding me

Come on


Stiles took me outside and into his car

Hey let me explain 


Did you know about this I mean did anyone know about this but me 



Look it like a of a week ago I was shocked the first time I found out and so was Alison 

Alison she knows about this and she never told me

We don't want you to know 

Know that my own brother is freak 

Come on Stacy he still you brother 

No he not the guy I saw in there Is not my brother and he will never be

Ok just don't freak out 

How can I not freak out this 

You remember when Derek bit 

Yeah so

While that bit is going to turned you too

I going be a freak 

Don't say that you not a freak 

Oh than who I am stiles 

You're a werewolf 

I don't want to be a werewolf I want to normal

While you not and expect it

I will never expect this 


No I hate you I hate you and Scott I hate Derek I hate Alison 

I hate everyone of you

I opened the car door walk away 

Stacy Stacy wait 

I want to my car I drive 

I will never expect this and will never forgive them either 

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 The next morning 

I walk up and take a shower 

I want to my room and saw Scott 

What the hell are you doing in my room 

I came to talk to you 

There nothing to talk about Scott 

Come on Stacy it still I am the  same guy I am still your brother 

No you not because my brother is not a freak 

I can hear his heartbeat 

I say the same thing to stiles and I am say it I will never forgive you  Scott McCall and I always will hate you 

I left my room and want downstairs 

Hey Mom 

Hey sweetie 

While I have go bye 

Bye sweetie 

I want to my car and drive to school 

I walk out my car 

I hear some people talking about the new girl coming tomorrow 

I hope the new girl is nice

I hope the new girl won't be friends with popular kids 

I that make heart beat really fast 

How can say to my friends I mean yeah I am mad at them but they still my friends 

I run to the woods and didn't stop 

I scream and I hit the tree 

Wow someone has anger issues 

I turned around and saw Derek 


He just looks at me 

You did this you turned me into a freak 

While I wouldn't say freak 

I tried to hit him in the face but he bock it than I tried to hit him with my other hand but again he bock it 

I kicked him I scream at him 

I kept doing it to till I cry 

I did cry 

I fall into his arms and cry 

I cry so much my eyes closed shut 

Five hours later 

I walk up to someone bed 

Where I am 

You in my house 

How I get here 

I carry you 

I look at Derek 

I called you brother he be here anytime soon 

As soon a Derek left 

I stop him


He just sit there 


Thank you 

He looks at me 

And I am sorry 

You don't have to apologize 

I look at him 

Hey guys you there 

Look like there here 

Derek left the room 

I walk to the door and want downstairs to see Scott and stiles 

I run up to Scott and cry

I am sorry I shouldn't have say those things to you not a freak at all your the best brother I ever have 

I look at Scott 

I love Scott 

I love you too sis 

We hug each for hours 

Mm you do realize we have to go right 

Oh right let go

We walk out the house and want our car and to my house 

I want my room and change to my clothes 

I want to Scott room 



So want do I do know 

Know you have to control your anger 


Because if you don't you will kill someone 



So are you going to help me



Yes Stacy 

I am scared 

I know I was too whan I was first turned 

He hugged me 

But wherever happen I be there for you 



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 The next morning 

I wake up and take a shower 

I would if the new girl will be pretty 

While I don't care because I'm not gay it least I don't think I am 

I get of the shower and want to my room to put on my clothes for today

I want to Scott room 

Are you ready 

Yeah I think am 

Ok let go  

We want downstairs 

Bye mom 

We want outside 

I want inside my car and drive to school 

I walk out of my car and went inside of the school 

Oh Stacy 

I look at my teacher 

Oh hey miss

Hey something for you 

What is it 

I like you to show the new girl around 

Oh sure where is she 

Oh yeah 

The teacher looks Back at the main office 

Mia come over here with you please 

A girl come out the office 

Wow she pretty 

Her skin is smooth and she has black thick hair 

Mia this Stacy McCall 

I wave to her 

She waved back 

Stacy is going to show you around the school 


Five hours later 

We both walk around 

And this is your locker 


No problem 

I saw Scott and stiles 

I wave to them 

Hey guys 

They look at me 

I wave over here 

They walk toward us 

Hey sis


Oh guys this is Mia she the new girl 



The bell ring 

While look like we have go to class 

We all go to class 

I want to my desk 

So how you like the  town 

It pretty good so far 

Cool and if want to know more about this town you just know where to find or Scott 

I look at him 

He waved to us

I wave back 

The teacher came in 

Hello class today we going to have pop quiz 

We all moan

Quite down 

Five hours later 

The ball ring 

I put my stuff in my backpack 

I still can't believe the teacher gives us a pop quiz 

Seriously your really surprised this is the some guy who put no food allowed the class he in cause of emergency 

He did that 

We all nod 


It he 

Crazy yes he is 

Five hours 

We all want to lunch 

I get my tray of food 

I take my sit and ate my food 

Scott come to the table and sit so did stiles 



So what do you think of the new girl 

She pretty cool 

You I heard rumors that she gay 

You do realize  that Jackson best friend Danny is gay


Oh here she come 

I look behind me and saw Mia talk to another girl 

Seen her talking to another girl make my heart beat fast 

I almost turned to a werewolf 

I fate someone touch my hand 

I turned around it was Scott 

My fangs were gone and my eyes want back to normal 

That was close 

To close 

I close my eyes and breath in and out 

You ok sis 

I open my eyes 

I think so 

Seriously you guys that was close 

Stiles is right Stacy you need to be more careful with you turned to a werewolf 

I get up from my sit and walk to the trash to put my tray away 

I saw Mia talking to rose 

I tried to walk away with at them looking at me 

Oh Stacy 

Dang it 

I turned around and saw them 

Hey guys 

Come here 

I walk over to them 

Oh have you meet rose 

Yeah I know rose

Me and rose were talking about you 

Oh really because it feels like it where stand 

Am sorry 

Oh nothing it not important 

Getting go

I walk to my table 

I sit down 

So how it go 

Oh shut up stiles 

I ate one of stiles fries 


I look at him and smile 

I stand up 

Where you going 

None of your business 

I am not gay I am not gay I am not gay 

Than why does my heart beat fast every time I see her 

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