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Chapter 1


With the redness of the sun,.                 

With the chirping of the sparrows

I step out, half awake

To see the world open it's eyes.

To see the night give away

The tender world to the warm, accepting morning.

I feel the warm breeze embracing my brows

I feel the sunlight

Whisper to my eyes,

Asking them to wake up

And look at the early day.

Nature showcases it's best beauty,

The one we call life.

The buzzing of bees,

The squeaking of squirrels

And the smiles on little faces,

For their garden's buds have bloomed.

Puppies and kittens eying passersby

With gleaming, remembering eyes.

Soon, mornings settles in

Night has flown away.

The world has widely opened it's eyes,

So has every being and I.





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