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I woke up to a plain white room.

  “Your finally awake,” Sara said, who knows how long she had been sitting there. 

  “What happened?” I asked. 

  “You seriously don’t remember?” Sara said, with a very surprised look on her face.

  “No, I don’t...remember what?” I responded.

   “You know, the car crash?” Sara said.

    “You would think I would remember if I got into a car crash,” I said, I couldn’t keep the frustration out of my voice.

   “I’m not lying, it really happened, and.... you really don’t remember?”

  “NO! I already told you, I have no idea what you’re talking about!” I yelled, just as a boy walked into the room.

   “How is she?” The boy asked.

   “Pretty good, but she doesn’t remember what happened,” Sara responded.

  “How could you not remember?” The boy turned to me and asked.

   “I don’t think I need to give any of that kind of information to a stranger,” I said.“Stranger?” The boy said “Oh no. You don’t remember me, do you.” 

 “Caleb just give her some time she can-“

  “No,” Caleb said, interrupting Sara mid sentence “I...I need some air,” and he left the room.

  “Who was that,” I asked Sara.

   “That...that’s your brother. You don’t remember him?” 

  “I think we have established by now that I don’t remember a lot of things,” I responded.

  “Well, he was in the car with you and your parents when it crashed,” Sara explained.

   “ then why isn’t he laying on one of these uncomfortable mattresses in another room somewhere?” I asked.

   “He didn’t get hurt as badly, he was only in for about a day.”

   “So how long have I been here then?”

    “About a week.”

    For some reason, that made me start to freak out. A week? I’ve been asleep for a week? What did I miss? Why can’t I remember anything? 

   “Chloe,” Sara said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

  “Yes Sara?”

  “It’s going to be okay, we will figure this out.”

   “I know it’s just...wait. Why can I remember you, but not the car crash or my brother?”

  “I don’t know,” Sara responded, I could tell that she was thinking. A nurse walked in, interrupting our thoughts.

  “Sara, Chloe’s parents want to speak with you, please follow me.”

  “Uh, okay, I’ll be back Chloe.”

   “Okay.” That was all that I could say. There was way to much going on in my mind. When they left the room, I remembered the look on that boy, my brother, Caleb’s face. He looked so hurt when he found out I didn’t remember him. Were we close? How many memories had I forgotten? And then, for some reason the thought had only come to me in that moment, what about my parents? Where were they? Just then Caleb walked in.

   “Uh hey...I...uh...”

  “Caleb, it’s okay,” I said.

  “ you remember me?” He asked, and there was so much hope in his eyes, how could I let my down?

  “Uh...yeah I do,” I said.

   “Oh that’s wonderful! I was so worried that you would never remember me,” he got up and hugged me.

“It’s so good to have you back Chloe,” he said, I was pretty sure he was crying, I could hear him sniffing. All of the sudden, I had a wave of guilt. This brother of mine, he actually believed that I remembered him, and he was so happy. I felt horrible. 

 “Yeah,” was all I said. 

“I’m going to go let mom and dad know that you remember, this is great!” He bounced out of the room looking so happy. Again, that wave of guilt. I didn’t remember my brother, or my parents. For some reason, the only person I remembered was Sara. 

  “Chloe,” a nurse had walked in while I was lost in my thoughts. 

  “You’ve been cleared to go home, you may start collecting your things.”

  “Okay.” I got up and looked around the room. The only things that weren’t boring and white was a small light blue bag in the corner. I guessed that was mine. I picked it up and walked out of the room. Outside, Caleb was waiting for me.

  You ready to go?” He asked, a huge smile on his face.

  “Uh..yup,” it was hard pretend that I remembered someone that I didn’t. I followed Caleb out to the parking lot, where Sara and two other people I didn’t recognize were standing. “Those must be my parents” I thought. We all climbed into a car, Sara too. 

  “I bet your excited to finally leave that hospital,” the person that must have been my dad said.

  “Oh..uh..yeah I am,” I answered. And the truth was, I was happy to leave the hospital, I just wasn’t sure I wanted to go where ever we were going. 

 “ we’re here,” Caleb said. We walked inside the house, and it was huge. Or maybe it wasn’t, and I just couldn’t remember what any other buildings looked like except for the hospital. 

  “Why don’t you go drop your stuff off in your room Chloe, and we will get your favorite dinner started,” my mom said, her voice was so sweet sounding. But there was only one problem. I had no idea where my room was, and they all think I remember.

   “Can I come with you to your room Chloe?” Sara asked.

  “Sure,” I responded. I was very grateful that she just said that. We walked to my room, she was basically leading me to it. 

  “You know, it’s really nice of you to pretend for your family like that,” Sara said.

  “So you know?”

  “of course I know, we’ve been friends since forever, I know when your lying,” Sara said, Then smiled. We entered my room and it was beautiful. There were pictures of Sara and I all over the walls, and the walls were all light blue, like the bag I found in the hospital room.

  “Pretty nice huh,” Sara said “I know you don’t remember, but you and your mom did all the decorating,” 

“Cool,” was all I could say. I felt hollow inside. I didn’t remember any moments that I had with my mom, my dad, or my brother. It was sad to think about. 

  “So you can just set the bag down anywhere, then I’ll take you on a tour of the house,” Sara said. 

  “Uh, Okay,” I responded. I set the light blue bag down on a table by the bed. 

   “Are you ready?” Sara asked.

   “ yeah, let’s go,” I responded. But before we could start the tour, my mom called from down stairs

  “Girls, dinner is ready!” 

   “Alright we will be right down!” Sara yelled back. We walked down the stairs and Into the kitchen.

   “Oh, and Sara, your mom just called, she wants you home,” my mom said.

  “Okay, bye,” Sara said and left the house. This was my first time being alone with my family that I could remember, so I tried to make conversation.

  “ the car okay?” I asked. 

   “What do you mean?” Caleb responded as he set the table.

   “Well, you know, after the car crash?”

    “What car crash?” Was Caleb’s response. Now my whole family was looking at me. 

  “You know, the one that had us all in the hospital?”

  “Uh Chloe, it wasn’t a car crash that put us in the hospital,” Caleb said, he looked very confused. 

“What?” I responded. Why would Sara lie to me? Or maybe my family was lying. I didn’t know anymore. 

  “I’m super tired, I think I’m going to go to bed,” I said, heading up the stairs.

   “But you didn’t even eat your favorite dinner, you don’t want any spaghetti?” My mom said, I could tell she was trying to hide it, but there was a look of concern on her face. 

 “I’m sure, Uh...good night everybody,” I said, then went up to my room. I was lucky I remembered where it was. I went inside and sat on my bed, and started thinking. This was all so overwhelming. I didn’t remember anything, about my family, my home, not even my life. But I remembered Sara. So I guess that’s a start. I got up and started looking around the room. Even though I kind of saw things earlier while Sara was with me, I could actually look around now. There was a shelf in the far corner that had books and what looked like a diary on it. I walked over and picked it up. On the front it said Chloe’s diary. I felt like I had a little piece of my past in my hands. I started to open it, but then shut it again. Even though I knew it was mine, I felt like I was intruding on someone else’s life. I put it back on the shelf and laid down on the bed, my bed, and I didn’t realize how tired I was. I fell asleep instantly. Then I had a dream. I was walking around what looked like a school, with Sara and two other girls I didn’t recognize. We were walking to a class, and then a taller girl with blonde hair and blue eyes turned to me and said 

“hey, Chloe, we should totally hang out after school, I’ll get Abby to come to,” she said. Then the other girl with red hair pulled up into a tight ponytail (who must have been Abby) said 

“oh! Yes! Great idea, that’s a great idea Fiona! Sara should come too!” Then I woke up. I sat up in bed and thought about my dream. Could it have been a memory? I looked around my room and my eyes fell on the diary. I climbed out of bed and started walking towards it. I was about to pick it up, when I looked on the wall and saw a picture of Fiona, Abby, Sara and I. I reached towards it when I heard someone call my name from down stairs. I rolled my eyes, and headed down stairs.  

  “Oh, sorry, did I wake you?” My dad asked, he was holding a plate of pancakes and bacon. 

“This is for you, your backpack is over there on the couch,” he said handing me the plate.

  “Thanks, and uh..backpack? What do I need that for?” I asked as I sat down at the kitchen table. 

  “For school of course! Unless you don’t want to go, you don’t have to,” he said. He was being so nice. But I wanted to go to school. 

  “Yeah, I’ll go,” I finally said.

   “ okay well the bus leaves soon I have to go to work, bye,” my dad said, then left. I ate the pancakes and ran to the bus, Sara was there, and I was relieved. But then, for one moment, I felt like getting on that bus was the worst idea possible. But then it was gone. And before I could give it any thought, Sara came running at me, with Fiona and Abby by her side. 

   “Let’s go,” Sara said grabbing my hand. We got on the bus, and there were so many kids. Sara guided me to a seat in the back and I sat down. 

  “It’s good to see you again Chloe,” Abby Said with a huge smile on her face.

  “Yeah, we were so worried about you,” Fiona added. The bus stoped, and we were at school. I climbed out and walked towards the entrance. Just then I remembered the thing my parents said about the car crash.

  “Hey Sara,” I said “so, you said that...that it was a car crash that put my family and I in the hospital, right?” 

  “Oh, yeah, why do you ask?” She responded. She sounded like she was telling the truth. Plus, Sara was the only person I remembered. I could trust her. 

    “Oh, no reason. It’’s nothing. Let’s just get to class.” The day went by in a breeze. I went to all 7 classes, and met the teachers, of course, they all ready knew me, I was just meeting them for what felt like the first time(even though it wasn’t). Before I knew it, it was time to go home. Sara, Fiona, Abby and I got onto the bus. It took about 10 minutes, but by now Abby and Fiona had gotten off, so it was just Sara and I in the seat. 

  “So, How did you like school?” Sara asked. 

    “Oh it was great, and Abby and Fiona are really nice, and the teachers are amazing, and I love science class,” I said, and there was much more I could have said, but I didn’t want to annoy Sara. 

  “I’m glad you had fun, this is my stop...Uh, Chloe?”

  “Yeah Sara?”

   “ know what, never mind. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Sara got off the bus and went into her house. Only 5 minutes away was my stop. I got off the bus and went into my house. When I walked through the door, a thought hit me, “what’s in the diary?” I dropped my backpack on the ground and ran up the stairs. I grabbed the diary and sat on my bed. The first page just went on about school, sports, and friends. As did the second page and the third. By the time I got to the seventh page, I was ready to stop reading. I was hoping to find some interesting Information about my past, but all I found was information on which candy is the best at the local market. Frustrated, I threw the diary at the wall. But then, a piece of paper fell out. I walked over and picked it up. On it was a series of numbers. 92505. Great. Another dead end. What was that even supposed to mean? As I was thinking, someone knocked on my door. I’m not exactly sure why, but as soon as I heard the Knock, I shoved the piece of paper back in the diary and put it back on the shelf. 

  “Come in,” I said, trying to not sound suspicious. 

  “Hey,” Sara said walking in to my room, “your mom said I could just come up.” She walked in and sat on my bed.

  “So, Uh, did you figure anything out about...well, anything?” Sara asked.

   “Oh...uh no, nothing important or anything,” I responded. She smiled at me, then got up and started walking around the room. 

  “It looks like you haven’t touched anything in here,” she said, “oh and if you figure anything out, you will tell me right away, right?”

   “Oh, sure, why?” I asked. 

   “Oh. No reason.... I just remembered I have...homework To get done, I should go,” and she walked out of the room. I could hear her footsteps as she went down the stairs. I walked back over to the shelf where I put the diary and started flipping through the pages to find the paper. I kept flipping, and flipping, but had no luck. Then, I started shaking it, hoping it would jus fall out. But it didn’t. How could it be missing? I was the only person who had been in here. Well, except for Sara, but she wouldn’t have taken it, right? I pushed the thought of Sara out of my mind, I could trust her. That brought my mind back to the car crash. Or was it a car crash? I wanted to find out want really happened. I got up and went down the stairs, when I got down there, Caleb was sitting on the couch. 

   “So Caleb,” I said. I wanted to get as much information as possible, but not sound to curious. 

  “Yeah, what’s up Chloe?” He asked.

   “I just, I wanted to know....what really happened? What actually put us in the hospital?” I asked, I know I sounded curious now. 

  “Chloe...” Caleb said “ know what, I think it’s time we had a conversation with mom and dad.” And he left the room, probably to go get my mom and dad. Sure enough, Caleb came back in, with my parents behind him. They all had grave looks on their faces.

   “Chloe,” my mom started off, “We want you to know that we love you. No matter what, okay?”

  “Oh...okay....what....what happened, you all said it wasn’t a car crash, I want an explanation,Uh...please,” I said.

   “Okay look, this isn’t going to be easy, but she deserves to know,” Caleb said to my parents.

  “Your right, she does,” my mom said. The phone that sits on my kitchen counter rang. 

   “I have to get that,” my mom said, leaving the room. Not even three seconds later, she called my dad into the kitchen, whispering 

    “It’s them! It’s them!” I had no idea who they were talking about, but my dad got up right away, leaving only Caleb and I in the room.

    “Did you read your diary yet?” Caleb asked suddenly.

   “Uh yeah, some of it. Why?” I responded.

    “Because I put a piece of paper in it, and I need it,” he said. 

   “Did this paper happen to have a bunch of numbers on it?” I said, really hoping that it wasn’t.

   “Yes, it was, so you saw it? Could you go get it for me? I need the code,” those words sounded so familiar. Like he had said those words to me before. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind. I needed to focus. “Maybe,” I said.

    “Okay, well we need that code. I need that code,” He said.

   “Caleb,” I said. “why won’t you just tell me what made me lose my memories.” He just stared at me. 

   “Alright., dad and I weren’t in the hospital. Ever. And....well, we were driving home one night, and we saw something on the side of the road. It was a girl. And that girl was you. You were badly hurt, so we took you to the hospital. We tried to find out everything about you. We tried to find your parents, but had no luck. The only thing we found out about you was that you were friends with Sara, she said that pretending....she said it would help you in some way, or something like that. She had those girls, Abby and Fiona help her make your school life seem like it actually happened. You don’t remember me, or mom and dad because we have never actually met. We tried as hard as we could to make your life seem real....and....well,” he drifted off. I just stared at him, tears forming in my eyes. 

   “Are you telling me that this is all a lie?” I whispered through my tears.


   “No. I’m not going to sit here and listen to you tell me more lies,” I got up and went up stairs to my room. I grabbed the light blue bag that I had set down only yesterday. Everything seemed so great yesterday. But now.... I started going through my dresser and shoving clothes into the bag. I grabbed my diary and an extra pair of shoes. When I was finished, I looked around the room one last time to see if there was anything else that I wanted. Why would I? It was all faked and staged anyway. I took the bag with me down the stairs and headed for the door. 

   “Chloe, wait!” Caleb yelled. I ignored him and  kept going. I opened the door and went outside, and headed for town. It was only a few miles from here. I walked ad walked and walked. “Wow, I’m thirteen and already on my own,” I thought as I continued walking. Finally, after an hour of walking, I made it to town. I found an abandoned building to spent the night in. While I was settling down, I started wishing that I brought a blanket. I laid down and went to sleep. The next morning, I woke up to someone sitting in the corner. I stood up in alarm.

   “No need to be all jumpy, you know me,” and the person was right. I did know them. I would recognize that voice from anywhere. Sara got up and started walking towards me. 

   “So they told you then, about what really happened?” She asked.

   “They did. Why....why would you lie to me?” I said.

   “It was necessary.”

  “Necessary for what?”

  “You’ll find out soon enough,” she said. My mind suddenly felt very strange, as if everything that I knew was slowly fading. My mind was going blank. Then, suddenly everything went dark. 

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Imogen Fullagar

I would classify this as teen fiction - is that the genre you are going for?


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