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Well, hello there stranger from the other side, how are you doing this lovely day?

Well, apparently you've stumbled upon an AmeLex oneshots book. What is AmeLex? It's a self-insert ship between me, Lexie Gray, and a non-existing anime character- I mean Alfred F. Jones, AKA the United States of America (Hetalia).

So I wanted to make this because I'm honestly terrible at making canon couple ships

Here is what this book will include the following...



➡ Fluff
➡ Limes / partially sexual
➡ Songshots
➡ AUs
➡ Feels
➡ (MAYBE) lemons (idk guys, uuuugh fucking hormones)
➡ War letters
➡ Nyo!America x Nyo!Lexie
➡ 2P!America x 2P!Lexie
➡ Crossovers



➡ Random
➡ Sexual
➡ Feels
➡ Silly
➡ Nyotalia
➡ 2P!Talia
➡ Cute
➡ Happy



➡ Facts about Lexie (again, moi)
➡ Ask / dare AmeLex(???)
➡ AU ideas
➡ Photo edits
➡ (MAYBE) Drawings
➡ Short stories (about 6 - 9 chapters each)
➡ Lexie's life (once again, yours truly)
➡ The Next Generation (babies!)


If you don't like the idea of self-insert ships or OCs or anything like that, please DO NOT CONTINUE READING THIS. I am accepting criticism, just as long as you're nice to me, but please don't bullshit with me... I'm sorry if I'm kinda rude, I just hate when people start stuff randomly.

So uh... enjoy????

And have this sexy photo of Alfred Smexy Jones ;3


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30 Headcanons

1.) Alfred and Lexie both love to have Nerf gun battles around the house with each other. They sometimes go over to Matthew's house and pretend to be police officers (well, Lexie is a correctional officer).

2.) Alfred hates Lexie's cooking but he pretends to like it just to make her feel happy. She's not as bad as Arthur, but she is pretty terrible.

3.) Lexie's occupation is a correctional officer, so she works overtime a lot. She works from 6:00 AM until 2:30 PM, but when she works overtime her schedule is 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM. Alfred hates when she works overtime, which is actually quite often. Lexie's other job is an author.

4.) Lexie is awful at flirting, and Alfred can make Lexie blush deeply with a simple "you're cute".

5.) How Lexie and Alfred met was when Lexie was thrown out of her ex-boyfriend's house, and she was lost in Erie, PA. Until Alfred found her and let her stay with him for a while.

6.) Alfred loves to be the bottom of the relationship. It just makes him feel better and a bit more confident, despite being the bottom.

7.) Lexie gets super jealous easily when Alfred is with others, and she can be kind of clingy.

8.) Lexie has an unhealthy obsession with yaoi, and she sometimes pays more attention to yaoi ships than her own relationship.

9.) Lexie will get bored too easily with the same kind of dates the two often have. But too bad she lacks creativity .-.

10.) Their first date was at a baseball game, the Pittsburgh Pirates playing against the New York Mets. The entire time Lexie and Alfred got into an argument about who would win.

11.) Lexie is very lazy, and every weekend she spends her time on her Chromebook. Alfred gets really annoyed and he tries everything to get Lexie away from her Chromebook.

12.) Sometimes, when she's talking to others besides the Vargas family, Alfred will have to translate what Lexie says in English.

13.) Alfred knows that something is major when Lexie starts to talk to him in Italian.

14.) When Lexie is scared, Alfred will always make sure to ask before hugging her, and if she lets him he pulls her close to his chest, and whispers sweet nothings in Italian, just for her (even if it's not the best).

15.) When she's gone, Alfred will go through Lexie's yuri manga collection and often sell it to Kiku. Lexie eventually found out and made him buy her new manga.

16.) Lexie always loses her glasses, so Alfred let's her wear his. She looks nothing different to the others but to Alfred, she looks adorable.

17.) Alfred finds it so freaking cute when Lexie is wearing his clothes.

18.) Lexie is a pretty messy eater and Alfred finds it funny and very cute when she makes a mess.

19.) Lexie is very insecure about her body weight. She is pretty chubby but Alfred thinks she's beautiful (everyone is beautiful, okay? okay.)

20.) Lexie knows how to play the recorder, and sometimes she'll play it when Alfred is busy working with paperwork.

21.) For their honeymoon they went to where Lexie always dreamed about going to one day: Florida ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

22.) Lexie wants to travel the world with Alfred, but he won't let her, in fear that she may have severe anxiety attacks when going to new places.

23.) When he's sick, Lexie will immediately call off work to take care of Alfred, no matter what.

24.) Lexie hates kids and never wants any children, but Alfred wants a kid of his own.

25.) Lexie is really sensitive when being touched, and she has anxiety just as bad as Kiku's. So Alfred always makes sure to ask to hug or get close to her.

26.) Even if they live in the same house and are married (in my AU they are, hush-), Lexie wants to stay in her own room.

27.) Computer games are Lexie's life, and sometimes she will spend her entire vacation playing RuneScape.

28.) Lexie and Sadik are best friends, and Alfred sometimes gets annoyed when she invited him over. They always end up arguing though.

29.) Alfred once went through Lexie's "private" photo gallery on her laptop... lets just say Alfred will never think of Lexie as precious again–

30.) Their wedding theme was Batman, Alfred as Batman and Lexie as Cat Woman.

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