The Day It Happens


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 It all stared when 5 girls were having a sleepover in a haunted school they though it would be fun to play a game in this place they played a ouija bored but they didn't know what would happen that night they did not mean to but they fell asleep. these girls names were kennadi lizzy Kristey McKay and Katy. Katy was alway the lead of every girl in here group. Now Katy was awake but the other girls they were asleep and Katy got this text it said -Katy go out side and look around if u don't then you will be sorry - A . Katy did not know what to say so she did . Then McKay woke up and went looking for Katy McKay hured a scream. 

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What happened

 Katy was missing and was never found Katy was murderd. the next 2 years wereere  so different no one to lead us around we missed her but when she was murderd that night we all lost touch kristey and Sahara became best friends kennadi went to Iceland McKay was focused on school and lizzy was busy with work. They all meet at school and became best friends again but they all had to go to Katy's funeral and that day they all got a text it said - come find me bitches -A 

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