Worth The Risk


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Chapter 1

*All places, characters, & events are fictional*


 "So," My mom begins as she turns to look at me from the passenger seat, "are you ready to see the new house?" 


"I guess." I sigh, shrugging one shoulder, "But do I have to share a room with Silas?" I frown as I look at my 5 year old brother, who in return sticks his tongue out at me.


"Yes, we already went over this Nadia." My dad sternly says, looking at me through the review mirror


"Come on Nadia, It won't be so bad." Mom smiles, "I know you guys fight all the time, but the house your dad got with the company is not as big as our old house." My mom softly says. 


"Will I get a playroom at least? Like our old house?" Silas asked.


"No honey, you're toys are going to be kept in the room your sharing with your sister." My mom clarifies. 


"Is it a two story house?" I ask.


"So far as the company has told me, no. It's a one story but we do have a basement." Dad answers.


"So technically it is a two story house." I raise an eyebrow at him and smirk in amusement. My dad only nods and laughs.


"How's John's company doing with the rival company? Any news?" Mom asks dad.


"No," he sighs out, "but they're winning over Bert Enterprises and we cannot let that happen." 


"What's the big deal if you don't get to partner up with the company you want?" I ask curiously.


"You get to make a deal with the most well known and wealthiest companies, but since the Margiela Industries is the second best known company and wealthiest, Bert Enterprises are most likely to choose them." Dad explains. My mouth forms into a silent 'O' as I nod my head, understanding the situation more. 


"Is it really that important?" I ask.


"Yup, you'll know when you grow up," he meets my eyes through the mirror, "you do want to do business right?"


"I mean...yea but like not in a big company or anything."


"Honey as far as I know, there are only big companies." Dad raises an eyebrow.


"Daddy, I want to be a police man!" Silas shouts and bounces in his car seat.


Mom and dad chuckle and Dad looks at Silas, "Do you now?"


"Yea!" Silas shouts again and I smile. But I've got to admit, he may be a pain in the ass but he can be adorable. 


"Hey look!," my mom suddenly speaks up, "We're here!" She points the sign that says 'Welcome to OakWood' I look out the window watching people moving from store to store. There aren't many tall buildings but there are a few. 


"This isn't actually a bad place." I say admiring the town. 


"Mommy?," Silas addresses mom.


"Yes baby?" She coos and turns to look at him from her seat.


"Will I make lots of friends here?" He asks.


"Of course you will!" My mother smiles, "You will make tons of friends."


"More than Nadia will?" He asks. I raise my eyebrows at him and cover up my chuckles with a cough.


"Yes baby, more than Nadia." My mom laughs out and my dad joins her. Silas smiles, satisfied with mom's answer and continues to look out the window. 


"So," Dad begins and looks at me, "you excited about senior year?"


"Ugh, really dad?" I whine, "you had to remind me that I'm getting old."


"I should be the one complaining about getting old!" Dad chuckles.


"You're not that old dad," I roll my eyes, "you're only 43 for gods sake." 


"Yea and you're 18," he argues back. I let out a chuckle and roll my eyes again.


"Do you really think I'll be fine in a new school, I mean, you don't know if there are gonna be bullies bullying the new kid."  I cross my arms and sat back in my seat.


"Don't stress it Nadia, you'll be fine." My mom encourages.


"Just no boys young lady, you may be 18 but you're still my daughter." He sternly says and narrows his eyes at me.


"Ok dad." I say sarcastically and smiled, rolling my eyes at my dad for the third time. 


The rest of the ride was silent until we got to the new house. Mom was right, the house wasn't as big as our old one but it was big enough for us. It was really nice though.




 "Wow," my mom sighs out, "this is beautiful," Dad and I agree and we all climb out of the car. Mom goes around to the other side of me to get Silas and we all walk to the house. Dad enters first, then goes in mom with Silas, and lastly with me following behind mom. The house already had everything in it, well it was the company's so I guess it would already have the furniture.








"Hey mom, I'm gonna go find mine and Silas's room." I walk through the hallway.


"Ok." Mom calls out and I distinctly hear her say how beautiful the kitchen was. 


Since the house only had two bedrooms and a bathroom, it was pretty easy to find the bedroom Silas and I would be sharing.




It was pretty decent, not too small nor too big. The window had the view of the backyard which was fine with me. There was an oak tree about three feet away from our window. Obviously an oak tree, this place is surrounded with them, why else would they call this town 'OakWood'? I sit on the bed that is now mine and just look around the room. I still hear my parent's and Silas voice in the kitchen but then they too are walking in the hallway. They stop outside the room I'm in and they enter.


"Look mommy! I get a big kid bed!" Silas squeals as he tries to go on the bed. My dad chuckles at Silas's attempt to go on the bed so he helps him up, sitting on the bed afterwards. 


"This room is nice." Dad admires the room and mom agrees. 


"Yea it is, I like it." I comment.


"Me too!" Silas starts jumping on the bed.


"Careful Silas, don't hit your head on the ceiling." My mother warns him softly. Silas stops and sits on the bed. 


"Come on honey, let the kids settle into their rooms, let's go see ours." About a couple minutes after they left, I followed with Silas behind me. I run and jump onto my parent's bed, bouncing a couple of times.




"Damn this is comfortable." I groan as I sink into the softness of the mattress.


"Nadia," my mom scolds, "not in front of your brother." She glares at me and I smile sheepishly. 


"What's damn?" Silas asks my dad, who is also glaring at me. 


"It's nothing Silas, just a word that you are not suppose to say alright?" My mother uses her 'I'm your mother so you listen to me or else' tone. 


"Then why did Nadia say it?" His eyes grow big as he looks up at mom.


"Because...because." My mom struggles to find words.


"Because her tongue slipped and she meant to say something else." Dad saves mom as he explains to Silas. 


"Yea, I meant to say dang." I raise my eyebrows and nod. Silas comes up to the bed and I help him up on the bed. 


"Well come on you two, we have bags to unpack." My mother claps her hands together and she leaves the room and I groan because I didn't want to leave the comfortable bed. 

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Chapter 2

 We took the next two weeks unpacking. Of course, dad's boss gave him as much time that he needed to settle in. I already had my things neatly put away in my room within a week. Silas on the other hand...wasn't very organized, I was constantly stepping on legos, action figures, and cars. Me, the caring and lovable sister I am, put them away for him. Even though there'd be at least 20 small toys on the ground everyday. 


Now, I had three weeks until school started and I was very nervous and scared. I've never been a people person, I was often independent. I kept to myself and had no more than three friends, which was fine with me since there's rarely any drama for me to deal with. 


"Nadia!" Mom called for me in the kitchen.


"Yea?!" I shout back.


"Are you ready?" She asked as she walked until she was in the doorway of my bedroom.


"Ready for what?" I asked confused.


"To go shopping, you still need those school supplies." 


"Ugh, do we have to go today?" I whine.


"Yes!" Now get ready and meet me in the car." She walks away and I groan flopping on the bed.


"You have 10 minutes starting now!" Mom called out. Great, mom and I were the only ones home due to dad taking Silas to get more toys, as if he didn't have enough already.


With another groan I stood up and put on ripped jeans, a cream tank top, with a light pink cardigan over it. I went into the living room and put on my white vans that I love so much. I ran a quick brush through my hair and walked outside.


"So," I begin as I enter the car, "where are we going?" 


"The mall of course." Mom starts the engine and we drove off to the mall which was about 30 minutes away from where we lived. Mom turns off the engine and climbs out of the car, I do the same and we both walk to the mall.



"Mom, can we please get something to eat?" We've been walking from store to store for nearly 3 hours and I was tired and hungry and we all know that our mood doesn't turn happy when we're tired and hungry. 


"Alright fine, let's go get something." I slouch in relief, the hunger in my stomach not fading.


When we get to the cafeteria, my mom tells me to go find a table and she'll go get the food. I was walking and turned to a row of tables when someone suddenly crashes into me, making their drink spill on them.


"What the fuck?!" A brunette with hazel eyes glares at me. 


"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." I gasp out trying to show her no harm but she was like a raging bull ready to charge at me.


"You bitch! Look at what you did, you ruined my $300 blouse!" Damn did she really need expensive clothes, I mean the clothes I get are usually $50 and under. 


"Well...there's always laundry duty." I sheepishly smile and shrug my shoulders. Unfortunately, the brunette didn't like my comment and pushed past me, her other friends following her, each of them throwing a glare my way. I found a table and sat down waiting for mom. I was starving! What was taking her so long?


Finally after what seemed like forever, my mom arrives with teriyaki chicken, "Finally! You took like forever!" I voiced my thoughts.


"Nadia I've only been gone for 15 minutes." Mom chuckled.


"Well it surely didn't seem like 15 minutes." I replied sarcastically and dug into my teriyaki chicken. I was so hungry I didn't even thing about cooling down my teriyaki chicken. So guess what? Yup, you guessed it. I burnt my tongue, "Fuck!" I hiss and drop my fork and grabbed the water mom bought.


"Language!" She snaps, glaring at me.


"I'm sorry but geez this is so hot!" I exclaimed.


"Well what did you expect? It just came out fresh!" Oh...right, now I feel stupid. 


"Sorry?" I shrug a should and smiled innocently. Mom rolled her eyes and blew on her chicken and rice before eating. I did the same and enjoyed my teriyaki. 


The good thing is that my stomach is now full, but the bad thing is...my kom wanted to continue shopping! Yea not so great for me, but I stuck along mom anyways. When my mom went inside The Limited, I sat in the benches near by and waited for her. While waiting for her, two girls approached me.


"Hi!" She smiled and gave me a small wave.


"Hey..." I replied cautiously.


"I'm Kiya and this here is Melody," she introduced herself and Melody smiled. I gave them a small smile, "We saw what happened with Kennedy."


"Kennedy?" I was confused, who was Kennedy?.


"Yea um the brunette that had her drink spilled all over her." She said answering my question.


"Oh, oh! I remember who you're talking about now." 


"Yea and I-we- thought that maybe you'd like to hang out with us sometime." It sounded more like a question but I agreed anyways.


"Awesome!," she squealed clapping her hands, "oh and are you new here?"


"Uh yea I just recently moved here."


"What school are you going to?" Melody spoke up for the first time.


"Um I think it's called OakWood High." I run a hand through my hair.


"Awesome! We're going to the same school then." Kiya smiled, "Are you going in your senior year?" 


"Yup." I answer.


"Nadia," mom calls out as she walks towards me.


"Hey mom. You done shopping?"


"Yup, I'm all set," mom then smiles towards Kiya and Melody, "Hello, I'm Julia, Nadia's mother."


"Nice to meet you Julia, I'm Kiya Montez and this is my friend Melody Jones. We were conversing with Nadia and asked her if she'd be willing to hang out sometime. She said yes but I thought I'd check in with you first." Kiya smiles. This girl is awfully cheerful.


"Oh, well, yea if Nadia's ok with it then so am I." Mom smiles 


"Great!" Kiya grins, "See you this Saturday?" She looks at me, hopeful.


"Sure." I smile at her. Mom smiles too and hands Kiya a piece of paper with out address on it.


"Ok, great! See you then." Kiya smiles and waves, Melody just gives me a smile and walks after Kiya.


"Well she was awfully..." mom paused looking for the right word.


"Cheerful? Bubbly?" I raise an eyebrow at mom.


"I was going to say polite and nice, but those words describe her too." Mom chuckles. We leave the mall and head back home where we find the whole place trashed.


Toilet paper was thrown around, pillows and couch cushions on the ground, and nerf gun bullets on the ground. Dad comes jogging with Silas behind him, Silas aims his small nerf gun and shoots dad. Dad dramatically falls to the ground and makes his breath labor.


"Yea!" Silas shouts and pumps a fist in the air. 


"Ooooh!" Dad dramatically shouts and throws his head back placing a hand over the soot where he has been 'shot'. Mom smiles and decides to play along.


"Collin!" Mom drops to her knees, "stay with me Collin." Mom also presses a hand over dad's 'wound' spot. I just stand there laughing and giggling at the silly acting.


"Oh no daddy!" Silas runs over and drops on top of dad, cupping dad's face in his small hands, "Daddy are you ok?!" 


"Yes, but I need one thing to live." Dad whispers pretending that he's on the brink of death.


"What is it daddy?" Silas asks.


"A donut from the donut box in the kitchen. The chocolate frosting one covered in rainbow sprinkles." He fakes a cough. 


Silas's little feet run to the kitchen and within 5 seconds be comes back with the donut dad asked for. Silas places the donut in dad's mouth and dad bites into it. A couple seconds later dad sat up and cheered for Silas.


"You saved me Silas!" Dad hugs Silas and Silas laughs.


"Yay! I saved daddy." Mom also hugs Silas telling him how proud she was. 

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Chapter 3

 It's 10 o'clock today on a Saturday I'm here getting ready to go out with Kiya and Melody. Mom and Silas are still sleeping and dad is working here at home so that way he can get some work done. 


Once I got ready, I headed to the living room and pulled on my converse and went to the kitchen to grab an apple. I jump on the counter and continue eating my apple, dad enters the kitchen and greets me.


"Why are you all dressed up?" He raise an eyebrow as he pours his coffee in his favorite mug.


What do you mean?" I frown and look down at my casual clothing, "This is what I usually wear."


"Minus the makeup." He leans against the counter by the coffee maker and takes a sip of his coffee.


"Oh! I met these girls while out with mom and they invited me out, so I said yes." I shrug at the last sentence. 


"Does your mom know about this?" He asked.


"Yea she does, she met the girls too."


"How long will you be gone?"


"Umm, I'm not sure..." I trail off and frowned again, thinking. 


"Well don't stay out too late alright?" Dad kisses my forehead and walks out of the kitchen. I hear the T.V. come on, I guess he's done with work today. I finish my apple, throwing it away on the way out of the kitchen. I went to my room and laid on the bed. Five minutes later the doorbell rings and I stood up from my bed and walked out.


"Hello, what can I do for you?" My dad asks.


"Oh! Hello, I'm Kiya, we're here for Nadia, we had plans today." I hear Kiya reply to my dad's question.


"Hey dad I'm here." I speak up and come up to them.


"Alright, don't stay out too late." Dad says and ruffles my hair. 


"Dad." I huff, slapping away his hands and fixed my hair back into place. 


"See you later Naddie." He said. 


"Bye dad." I said and walked out with Kiya. I spot Melody in the driver's seat. Kiya sits in the passenger seat while I climb into the back.


"Your dad is cool." Kiya comments.


"Yea he is." I smile, agreeing, "So where are we going?" I ask.


"First, we're going to get Starbucks," I scrunch my face as I look at Kiya, "what? Why are you looking at me like that?" Kiya asks.


"Um don't get offended or anything but I don't like Starbucks."


Both Kiya and Melody gasp. Kiya and swirls around in her seat to look at me, "You don't like Starbucks?!" 


"Um no." I raise a single eyebrow at her.


"Oh my goodness." Kiya shouts and places a hand over her chest, "How could you not like Starbucks? It's the best coffee in the world!" 


"Not for me it isn't." I shrug. 


"Well it is, tell her Mel." Kiya nods towards me. 


"Yup." Melody says, popping the 'p'.


 Kiya huffs and glares at her, then turns to me, "We have to change your mind about Starbucks." Kiya declares.


"Be my guest but I suggest that you not to do that because then I'll probably get more sick of Starbucks." I chuckled.


"Whatever." Kiya huffs and swirls back on her seat, crossing her arms childishly and pouting.


"Ok then," I laugh, "where else are we going?"


"Mall, ice cream, movie's, aaanndd Funset." Melody answers.


"Cool." I reply excited. 


The rest of the way to the mall is silent except for the music playing on the radio. I mouth the lyrics to this one song I recently started to like called 24k Magic by Bruno Mars.  I see Mel's hand go to the volume button and she put it up high. Kiya started singing and pretty soon Mel joined her and so I though 'what the hell' and sang along with them.  We were all dancing in our seats when we came to a red light, getting weird looks from the elders next to us but I didn't care. I saw the mall in the mere distance and was sad when the song ended. Another song started and it was another one of my favorites but I didn't get to listen to it for more than 5 minutes because we were already parked in a parking space.


I followed Mel and Kiya to the mall and we entered. They immediately started dragging me to American Eagle and they made me try on every outfit they found. There were some that I really disliked and some that I really liked. Kiya suggested in buying the clothes for me but I declined not wanting her to waste money on me. 


"I suggest to stop arguing with her," Melody breaks into our argument, "You'll never win against KIya, trust me, I've been there." 


"Fine." I huff, "But I'm buying the tickets to the movies." 


"But-" Kiya starts to protest but I cut her off.


"No," I stop her, "I'll let you buy my clothes if only you let me buy the movie tickets." 


"Fine, you can buy your clothes as long as you let me pay for the other places." Kiya counters and I agree. 


Once we all bought our clothes that we chose, we headed out of the store and went to the Orange Julius stand. I ordered a piña colada, Melody ordered a strawberry, and Kiya ordered a strawberry banana. We sat down at a table just to take a break after spending almost two hours at American Eagle. 


We threw away our cups when we finished our drinks and went back to shopping, We spent about another two or three hours at the mall before we left to the movies. Kiya had really wanted to see Sing, I've seen the trailor of the movie in the commercials and it looked like a good movie so I agreed. Melody wanted to see A Monster Calls, but the next show was at 7 so she also agreed to Sing. 


When the movie was over, we drove over to Funset and bought our tokens and wrist bands. The first thing we did was sign up for laser tag, then we went to the bumper cars but there was a really long line. 


"Let's go to the playground!" I suggested excitedly.


"Oh my gosh, yes!, " Kiya grinned, "Let's go." She pulls Melody with us, we left our stuff with our shoes and we jumped into the pool with the plastic balls. We stayed in the playground for about 30 minutes playing as if we went in the pass and were still kids. We were all sweaty and so started playing the arcade games to cool down. 


"Let's play air hockey." Melody said and pulled us to the air hockey table. Kiya goes on one end of the table while Melody goes on the other. Five minutes into the game and I'm already dizzy, they hit it so fast and they have good reflexes. 


"I win!" Melody shouts after 20 minutes and jumps up and down.


"You cheated!" Kiya accuses, not wanting to admit that she lost and I laugh. We here the announcement of the 6 o'clock laser tag starting and we abandoned the air hockey table and jogged to the laser tag section. Melody and I ended up being in the same team and so we put on our gear and headed into the arena. The game started and Melody and I walked around the dark room, the color on our gear and on the obstacles only being the sort of light we have. 


"Let's go this way." Mel whispers to me and I follow her. We move across the the ramp and into the enemies territory. The beeping sound when you get shot is the only sound that is filling the room right now. Melody and I move to the pillar that has the box we're suppose to shoot in and we start shooting the box. The alarm when your base is being shot, rings and the red team comes running. When Mel and I run out of ammunition, we run back to our base and reload our guns, this time going to the upper level where it's easier to shoot the box from. We had a couple of kids from the red team trying to shoot me and Mel, but Mel and I managed to dodge them and shoot them. We then got our aim ready and shot the box as much as we could. For the next two rounds, blue team was winning, Mel and I in the lead along with this other kid which is weird since he doesn't really do anything. 


Once laser tag was done, all the people who played, including us, took off our gear and went out to look at the screen, Mel was in first, me following second, and that one kid in third. Kiya was in third place in her team which was pretty good. 


"That was fun!" Kiya said, "But I'm starving so let's go get some pizza." We walked to the diner in Funset and bought ourselves pizza. Next, we went to the bumper cars, I choose the dark blue one since it was the only one working. I drive and crash into Kiya's rear. I reverse and I feel a bumper car crash into me from my rear. 


"Oh hell no!" I gasp out and turn to bump into Mel but instead bump into an 8 year old girl. Was she the one who crashed into me?, "Sorry!" I apologize and drive around her to get to Melody. Melody sees me but before she could get away, I had already crashed into her. Kiya drives over us and crashes in between Me and I; the three of us laugh. 

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