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The Good Doctor

Harmon sat back against the leather seat. She was nervous, laying there with her eyes to the ceiling. Her very first time getting checked and on her own too. The only time available was after school and she had lied to her mother in order to come here. It was later in the evening where most of the doctors and patients had already gone home, save for a few staff members cleaning up and getting ready to clock out themselves. They were able to get her in late as an exception to a referral.

Thanks, Katie.

Stuff like this was important to do, her friends had told her. Especially since finding out Sean, their high school’s soccer star, had an interest in her. So they planned it all out in preparation for experimenting. She was excited yet nervous. Didn’t know what to expect and her friends wouldn’t tell her much, not until after the exam.

The door opened and the doctor that came in was a man in his late thirties. Good looking and in fit shape. A bit of graying in his dark hair but he bestowed a kind smile as he came close and set down the chart.

“Sorry I’m late, Miss Caslon. My last patient kept me a while.”

She smiled back in courtesy. “It’s all right. I understand.”

“It’s cold outside.” He looked over at her chart. “And getting darker with this winter coming in. Is the heat all right in here for you?”

“Yes. It is.” Her smile portrayed her tenseness.

He chuckled and turned to pick up a thin clinical gown left on a nearby stool. “You’re supposed to undress and put this on.”

She became flustered, turning beat red.

“My assistant didn’t tell you?”

“Umm, no. She didn’t.”

“Sorry about that. She’s been busy today. We were short on staff.” He stood and turned his back but not before pulling the blue curtain between them. “Go ahead and undress. Let me know when you’re ready.”

Oh, he was so nice. She breathed a sigh of relief as she changed. When Katie had told her the doctor was a man, she had originally turned her down. Her own mother hadn’t even seen her like that. But after some reassurance that he was the best available, she eventually took her up on the offer. She was right too. He didn’t make her feel awkward of uncomfortable. And this was so important for her health.

“So, you just turned eighteen?”


“And your very first time getting your vagina checked, huh?”

She blushed at the word, feeling embarrassed from having heard it from a man despite him being her doctor.


“Well, you’re in good hands. I’ve been doing this a while, Miss Caslon.”

She hesitated before saying, “You can call me Harmon.”

“Harmon. Short for Harmonia. It’s a beautiful name. Like the Greek goddess.”

Shifting the gown until she was fully covered, she sat back down on the table.

“I’m ready.”

His smile was so warm and gentle as he turned and removed the blue curtain.

“Oh, before I forget.” He went over to lock the door. “This is a very private session we gynecologists take seriously. For HIPPA purposes and other liabilities, we must take precautions in making sure others don’t come in unannounced. Anything that happens today will stay between you and me, unless you say so otherwise. Is that all right, Harmon?”

She smiled in appreciation. “Yes. Thank you.”

“Very good.” He took off his white coat and set it aside before washing his hands from fingers to elbows. “Sorry. I hope this doesn’t bother you. I work better without the coat on.”

“No. Not at all. Whatever works for you, Dr. Martin.”

After wiping his hands dry he faced her and nodded to the chair. “I want you to lie back and get comfortable, Harmon.”

She did as told but became nervous when he touched her calves.

“It’s all right. I’m just going to redirect you a bit into a better position, okay?”

“Um, okay.”

“You place your foot here on either side, ontop of the stirrups. Just like that. There you go. Very nicely done.”

She was blushing so hard she thought she would die of embarrassment with her legs stretched wide before him. So that’s what the metal arms were for.

“How are your muscles?”

“My muscles?” She asked, confused.

He gently touched her legs and began massaging. Nothing but light to medium pressure, relieving the tensions.

“You must play some sort of sport. Soccer? Volleyball?”

She smiled realizing he was trying to make her comfortable. What a nice man.

“I’m too short for volleyball. I’m part of soccer and track.”

“I see that. You have great legs.”

“Thank you.”

His hands moved lower and she was still nervous but not as much as before.

“Does that feel okay?” He gently squeezed her thighs, keeping the pressure consistent.

She squirmed a bit as he brushed her inner thigh.


She chuckled nervously. “A little.”

“It’s okay. I understand.” But then he lightly trailed fingers along the white of her thighs, sending tingles through her. “This is all to check your sensitivity, actually. Making sure you’re responding okay.”

“O-okay,” she stammered, swallowing hard.

“Katie was the same way. Sensitive just like you. But she’s all good now.” He stroked up and down her thighs a few more times before pulling away. “I’m going to ask you some personal questions now, Harmon. This is all kept confidential, of course, and to help with this checkup. Is that all right with you?”

“Sure.” She took a few breaths at the warming sensation left by his touch, unsure of how to feel about all this. But he was a doctor, right? And Katie recommended him. So he knew what he was doing.

He smiled and picked up his chart, staring at it intently.

“When were you last on your menstrual? Your period.”

“I just finished a week ago?” She thought hard, trying to answer professionally without feeling embarrassed. “Maybe less?”

“And are you sexually active?”

“Um,” she hesitated. “Yes and no.”

He raised a brow at that, his eyes straying from her open legs to look up at her.

She swallowed, feeling more and more nervous each time he looked at her.

“I know I’m sexually active. And there’s this guy, but we haven’t done anything.”

He scribbled something on his chart. “So you’re a virgin?”

She nodded.

“And how about touching yourself? Any stimulation?”


“Do you stimulate yourself?”

She was silent a moment before admitting, “I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you mean. My family's very catholic and they don’t even know I’m here.”

He just nodded his head up and down and continued writing. “I see.”

The chart was set down and without any warning he came closer between her legs. Holding the insides of her thighs apart he leaned forward and blew cool air at her.

She jumped and couldn’t control the shocking flinch going through her. It wasn’t unpleasant. Just startling. The familiar massaging started again, this time right in the innermost of her thighs, beside her sex.

“Is this okay?”


He paused and looked up. “Harmon, if you’re feeling uncomfortable at any time you only need to let me know, okay? Remember, I won’t do anything if you don’t want me to. This is all necessary for the checkup.”

“Okay." She laid back and waited, heart hammering out of control.

He smiled in reassurance at her. “Most girls your age when sexually active do what’s called stimulating. It’s kind of a way to relieve ‘pressure’ of a sort.” He continued with his massage, encouraging her, “Relax, Harmon. Okay?”

She nodded and did so.

“Stimulation is a more professional term for touching yourself.”

“What…does that mean?”

“Well, to put it simply, they’ll have a toy. A vibrator that they’ll use to touch themselves here,” he blew at her vagina, making her gasp and clench up. “Still okay?”

She nodded, remembering to relax. As she did so, the warming sensation became hot. More so with everything he was saying. It was exhilarating yet frightening. But he was a doctor. She trusted that he knew what he was doing and saying.

“This next part is also part of the procedure. Okay?” He said it slowly, as if to make sure she understood him as to not be alarmed. Bringing his thumb and finger to his mouth he licked them and came close.

The touch of pressure against her vagina froze her.

“Harmon? You good?”

She didn’t do anything for a moment.


Again, he just smiled reassuringly at her. So warm. So kind. So encouraging.

“Just relax, okay? This is just the first part.” With his free hand he massaged her inner thigh again. “What I’m going to do is the same thing as this hand. But only smaller circles and lightly press on your vagina with my fingers. Okay?”


He didn’t wait for her response as he slowly began thumbing her vagina, moving against the hard nub in small circles. Her breath became hitched and fire seemed to burn her alive. An electric current that seemed to freeze her as much as it did burn her.

“How does that feel, Harmon?”

He began to go faster and she couldn’t help but breathe sharply, clenching her vagina out of reflex with a small moan. Embarrassed by what she just did she looked at him immediately.

“I’m sorry.”

He chuckled, his voice lowering. “This is all part of it. You’re very sensitive so it’s important to remember a few things, okay? Just relax and breathe. You can breathe aloud and if you have to make a noise, it’s all normal. Just focus on what I’m doing, okay?”

She nodded, breathing much harder because the small circles he was rubbing against her began to get hot. Outside and inside. Inside it felt a pressure as he described earlier. Outside felt…it felt…

“I think I have to pee.” She squirmed, her legs shaking.

“You won’t pee.”

“But…” She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, a small groan escaping her as he kept rubbing the sensitive nub. Breathing became harsher and faster and she braced her hands tightly onto the armrests on either side of her. “I have to really pee.”

“No. You don’t.” There was no smile as he said this. Just concentration on his part as he watched her steadily. Harder he pressed and faster he began to circle.

“Please,” she begged, feeling herself clenching on her own, the pressure threatening to give out. “I’m going to pee. I’m going to pee.” She grabbed his wrists but couldn’t pull it away as he went really fast now, the sound of his thumb on her vagina making slippery and smacking noises. And then she was whimpering, her vagina puckering on its own.

Eyes shut tightly, she felt the pressure in her come to a head and with an agonized cry she felt herself burst apart. The electric current rode through her, making her quake. Her legs on the stirrups shook uncontrollably and she whimpered more as she fell against the seat and torqued. Something wet fell from between her legs, wetting her butt and she reached down to cover herself.

The doctor caught her hand. “No. Don’t touch yourself. I need to see this for the procedure. See how you respond.”

She was gasping now as the wave continued on. Even her breasts felt tight, nipples brushing against the gown.

“What's happening to me?”

He didn’t answer. Just continued to watch between her legs.

After a few minutes of deep breaths, she finally calmed down. Strange. She felt like crying and laughing at the same time. But that couldn’t be right. Could it? It was like she was floating in the air, yet grounded. Her vagina continued to pucker on its own, but even that was starting to slow.

She looked at the doctor.

“Um…what just…? Did I pee?”

He shook his head, not smiling as bright as he did earlier. “You didn’t pee.”

“Then what happened?” She stared in confusion.

“You came," he explained. “You had an orgasm.”

“An orgasm.” Eyes widened. “That was an orgasm?”

He nodded. “How did it feel?”

“Good. I guess.”

He chuckled. “You’ve never touched yourself like this before?”

She shook her head.

“Well, I’m honored.” He stood and leaned over her. “Okay, Harmon. I’m going to need you to untie your robe.”


“Because I want to show you something.”

She did as told after a few moments, revealing herself to him.

“Wow.” He was shocked. “I never would’ve guessed. Are you a 36C?”

She nodded.

“Look here, Harmon.” He waited for her to look at her own creamy mounds. “Do you see your nipples? How hard they are?”

“I’ve never seen them like this before.” They were sore and peaked.

“Go ahead. Touch them.”

She did so, timidly. Poking at them until she felt a tightening that was almost painful.

“It kind of hurts.” But she smiled at the newfound sensation of her body.

“But does it feel good too?”

“Yes, it does.”

He reached forward and took a breast into his hand, pulling at the hard bud and massaging it gently. Every now and then he added a bit of pressure, squeezing it.

“Doctor…” she gasped, feeling the electric current turn itself back on.

He pulled away, sitting down in front of her.

“Lay down, Harmon and scoot forward.”

She did as instructed, feeling cold air brushing at how exposed she put herself.

Hands splayed her wide between her legs, opening her vagina up to him.

“You have a very healthy vagina.” He stroked a finger around the sensitive bud, rubbing at it gently again and again until she gasped and whimpered. “Very, very sensitive.”

“Are there more tests?”

“Yes. I have to taste it.”


“Part of the tests. To make sure you’re thoroughly healthy. I have to put my tongue right here.” He gently pressed her nub. “And here.” His finger slid down along the naked flesh. “And in here.”

She felt someone slid in momentarily and she clenched her folds together out of reaction.

“It’s for testing you said?”


“And you’ll be gentle?”


“Will it be over soon?”

“It depends on how well you respond.”

She nodded in permission, watching him dip his head. She noted his tongue was very big and very pink just before—

She nearly sat up at the first brush of his tongue and immediately began crying. The peeing sensation came back and despite her squirm he held her down easily. It felt like he was all over the place at once. Lapping at her. Licking her. Sucking her. It didn’t hurt but she felt he was so wild.

She squirmed and held onto the armrest tightly. “I have to pee again…”

He held her down as she leaned forward. Robe came undone and he pinched and gripped a breast, groping it harder than earlier. Except there was no pain. If anything, the pressure amplified the growing pressure between her legs.

She came again. Vagina clenched and released. Clenched and released. Puckering furiously and quickly, worse this time and she couldn’t help but rotate her hips out and away from him. Shuddering breaths had her sucking back on air as she inhaled and exhaled brokenly.

Falling in exhaustion against the seat in a weird position, she clutched between her legs. She was still pulsing as she took gulps of air, eventually leaning back to look at the mess she made on the chair. Her hand was wet with something and she looked at it.

“It’s your cum.”

“My cum?”

“When you orgasm this is what comes out. It’s clear and doesn’t necessarily have an odor so long as you keep yourself healthy. And you tasted very good. Very healthy, Harmon. I’m very happy.”

She couldn’t look away from the clear liquid coating her hand. Thinking it was crazy because she had only ever thought men ejaculated. But apparently, so did women.

“Would you like to taste yourself?”

Surprised, she looked at him.

“Does it taste weird?”

“No. Not at all. You don’t have a scent.”

“Is that bad?”

“It means you keep yourself very clean. Go ahead. Lick your fingers. Get a taste so you know what it tastes like for future reference.”

Slowly, she brought her fingers to her mouth. Tongue came out and licked it her fingers timidly.

He chuckled. “You won’t taste anything like that, Harmon. You have to put your whole finger in your mouth and suck it like a blow pop.” He took the liberty of helping her. Bringing her middle finger forward so she was forced to put it in her mouth and do just as he instructed.

“There. How’s that?”

She licked her lips. “I don’t taste like anything.”

He smiled. “See? Not as bad as you thought. Right?”

She shook her head.

“All right, Harmon. I won’t lie to you. This next part might be a little scary at first.”


He picked up a metal tool and showed it to her. She couldn’t stop her reaction as her eyes widened.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a speculum. This is going to go inside you so I can see and make sure everything looks okay. Okay?”

“But I’m a virgin. Isn’t it going to hurt?”

He looked at the tool and sighed. “Have your friends ever told you about their first time?”

She nodded.

“Do you know what happens?”

She hesitated before nodding her head.

“Did it hurt them?”

“I don’t think so. They never said it hurt. Only that it felt good for them.”

“Did you feel good earlier when I touched you down there?”

She nodded.

“And when I licked you?”

She blushed but nodded.

“I’m a doctor, Harmon. I won’t lie to you. Ever. And you’re right. This will hurt. But only the first time. And it’s all done this way. Girls come in so we can inspect them. The ones who are sexually active usually want us to stick this,” he held the tool up. “Inside them so it breaks the hymen. Or as you know it too, your virginity.”

“But why?”

“So that it won’t hurt when you have sex for the first time.”

She digested everything he told her.

“That’s why your friends can enjoy sex without any pain. I take care of them. But only if they want me to. And only if you want me too also.” When she still didn’t respond he set the speculum down and leaned forward. “Don’t you want your first time to be beautiful?”

She nodded.


She nodded again.


And again.

He smiled. “Lay back for me, Harmon.”

She did as told once more. Heart hammered nervously when he stood up and brought a separator around.

“What’s that for?”

“It’s so the patient can’t see what I’m doing as I get the speculum ready.”


“Because it can look scary sometimes. Myself and the other doctors have agreed that what you don’t see, won't scare you. Plus, I have to put this on me so that I can use it properly on you.”

“You have to wear it?”

“There’s another tool we have that’s easier to use. It’s not cold either so it’ll feel much more normal. You’ll get used to the pain quicker too.”

“Can I see what it looks like?”

He shook his head. “I’m sorry, Harmon. Per doctor confidentiality, I can’t.”

She hesitated.

“Have I hurt you at all today, Harmon?”


“Can you trust that I’ll only hurt you this one time and then you’ll be good to go?”


His smile was all gentle as he rolled his arms up, showing off strong arms. And then the separator came between them. He settled it around her waist so that only her lower half was visible to him. The blinds were so thick she couldn’t even see his shadow.

“Dr. Martin?”

“It’s okay, Harmon. I’m just putting on the tool now.”

She heard metal dangle and then a zipper.

“Where do you put it on?”

“The best way to wear this is in front of me. It’s not metal either like the one I showed you earlier, so it’ll feel better. It’ll be bigger too. And longer. It'll be uncomfortable at first but you’ll love it afterwards.”

She felt his hands on her hips, pulling her legs off the stirrup and resting comfortably on the side of cushions. Something bobbed and hit her thigh.

“What is that?” She asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, Harmon. It’s the tool I told you about. I have to get really close to use it on you, okay?”

She nodded but then realized he couldn’t see her.


His big hands came back to her hips and then she felt his strong legs against the back of her thighs. His thumb began swirling around her vagina and bud again, making her wet and bringing the pressure back.

“You still okay?”

“Yes,” she breathed out in a moan.

“Don’t be scared about what I’m about to do next, okay? I have to wet the tool with your cum so it goes in easier.”


Something extremely big and long slapped her sex, startling her. Again and again, it slapped against her skin, making wet noises. It felt hot and heavy and she couldn’t help but be intimidated by the size.

“Dr. Martin?”

“Yes?” His voice wavered.

She felt his fingers stroking along her lips gently. Like she was a kitten being petted.


“Are you sure?”


Now he was quiet, as if waiting for her to say something else before breaking the silence.

“I’m going to put it in now, okay? Just the tip, okay? And enough to break your hymen so I can thoroughly check you afterwards.”

She waited.

“Remember, I’m going to need you to stay still when I put it inside so you don’t hurt yourself.”


“Relax, Harmon. Just relax.”

She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, feeling him stroke along her thighs as if to help relax her some more. And then she felt it. A blunt, big object making its way inside her. It hadn’t breached her fully yet and she already gasped and tried to buck away.


She screamed, immediately holding her hand to her mouth as she felt something inside her snap and break. Her virginity. Breathing was harsh and she couldn’t stop the sobs coming out.

“Harmon? Please, don’t move.”

“It hurts…” she sobbed, hiccupping as the pain between her legs throbbed and was forced to accommodate the tool he’d used on her. “Please. Please, please, please, take it out.”

“Harmon, it’s better I don’t. It’ll only be like this for a little while longer. I promise. If I take it out now you’ll only be in more pain.”

She continued to cry, tears falling from her eyes. “It hurts. It really hurts.”

“I know. I know.” He caressed her thighs and stayed close to her while she whimpered. “Harmon, I’m going to go in deeper, okay?”

“No! Please don’t—

She was cut off, gasping as she felt him push the tool in deeper, deeper and deeper until it really hurt. Too big to fit inside her.

“Oh…no…stop. It’s too big.”

“I know. I know.”

“Stop,” she begged, desperate beyond tears now as nails dug into the armrest. She could feel him keeping her legs wide open, making room so he could move in closer. “It’s too big…please…it’s too much.”

“We’re almost there.”

His hips met hers fully and despite her scooting back, he kept coming forward until there was no more room between them. All she could do was breathe with difficulty and gasp, clenching her eyes tightly as she tried to relax and force her body to accept whatever it was he put inside her.

She groaned aloud and breathed furiously through her nose when she felt him twist the tool side to side and in small circular motion. But little by little, minute by minute the pain slowly dissipated until she felt herself relax a bit more to accommodate the instrument inside.

“Harmon? How do you feel?” He sounded strained.

“It still hurts,” she said truthfully. “But not as much anymore.”

“Good. Very good. See? You’re doing just fine. Just great. Better than most. You’re a very healthy girl, Harmon. Now, I’m just going to do a little more.”

She felt him backing up, the instrument also coming out. But then it was coming back inside, making it hurt again. But she handled it through gritted teeth. It didn’t hurt as much this time.

“Still good?”

“Yes,” she said through even breathing.

“How about this?”

He touched her with his thumb, circling her sensitive bud until she began to tingle and warm up.

“That feels very good,” she said in a happy sigh.

“Good. Good.” He cleared his through, his grip on her hips tightening. “Harmon, don’t be alarmed, okay? I’m going to be a little rougher now. But you shouldn’t feel any pain with this. Only pleasure. Okay?”

“Rough?” She asked, worried.

“It’s the best method for this test. It’s to make sure I can check you afterwards, okay? Don’t worry. You’ll love it.”

She was still worried, but had total faith in him. He’d been nothing but truthful to her this whole time.

He swung back and came in so quick she nearly bucked off the seat, gasping and holding onto the armrest. But there was little to no pain this time. Only something…different? When he did it again, she felt it surely this time. A pleasuring pressure that was so much more and better than the first two times. She couldn’t help but moan, unable to stop herself.

With that, the grip on her hips tightened and then she was holding on to the seat as she felt herself get pulled forward again and again, the good doctor really putting to use the tool. It was still so big and too long, but she could take it. The pleasuring pain only made it all the better.

“You’re…going…too…fast.” She moaned aloud, gasping for life. “Doctor, please.”

He paid her no mind, going deeper and faster than before, making her cry out from the stabbing sensation. Soon she was a useless doll getting nearly ripped off the seat as she was put through a tormenting and pleasurable sensation. Each thrust inside her made her want more, her vagina clenching and pulling and refusing to let go.


She screamed and shouted, her moans coming out in pants and groans and terrific exoticness. And she kept coming. Kept orgasming. To the point of pain and trying to scoot away, but he was stronger than her and kept her close as the tool continued to piston its way inside her.

And then she heard the doctor grunt and still, digging the tool in deeply as he too stood still. Her insides felt hotter and wetter as she came again. Did he put something inside her from the tool?

His harsh breathing mixed with hers and she figured he probably put a lot of energy and force into this particular test. He was right through. She did enjoy it. Very much so after all the pain.

Her hot core clenched and released, going very fast from her release as he pulled the tool out. It seemed to have gone limp as it slid from her.

“Harmon?” He sounded more normal now, despite the heavy breathing. “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” she announced happily. “It was amazing.”

He chuckled. “I’m glad I could be of service.”

She heard a belt and then a zipper. Tissue was pulled free and then she felt the cool wipe against her butt and vagina, like he was cleaning her up. Latex was heard next and she stood still as he spread her lips apart, before going in and touching her inside, rotating his finger over and over again, even going so far as to tease her and make her moan as he pumped his fingers inside like he did with the tool from earlier.

“You like that?” He chuckled.

“Yes,” she said confidently.

The squelching and wet thrusting stopped and after a few more minutes the separator was removed from around her waist and she could see him once again. He wore a big, bright smile.

“Sit up for me, Harmon.”

“Did you get all your tests?”

“Huh? Oh. Yes. Oh, yes. You were very good and healthy. Very tight. A young vagina.”

She blushed at his high praise.

He scooted back in his seat and took a trash can with him. She noted there was blood and something white on the wad as well. Cream, perhaps?

“Go ahead and dress yourself, Harmon. You’ve been perfect today.”

“Really?” She beamed.


When she got up to dress, her legs felt like Jell-O. Turning her back to him, she let the robe fall, uncaring of being naked after doing all these tests with him. She trusted him. He was such a good doctor. Katie was right about him.


He came behind her as she picked up her underwear. Two fingers slid between her butt cheeks until she felt them slide inside her from behind. With a gasp she closed her eyes as he thrust inside her, hearing herself squelch and become wet.

But he pulled away before she could release herself again.

“Why did you stop?”

He smiled. “Because I was only applying ointment on you. You’re very sensitive.”

She became quiet and he observed her from his height.

“Do you want me to make you cum?”

She looked away and blush. But eventually gave a small nod, feeling foolish.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He rested hands on her shoulders reassuringly, gently pushing her around until her stomach met the table she was just on. The stirrups were now gone, making it more comfortable for her to lean against.

“Lift this leg here.” He traced her calf up to her thigh.

“Okay,” she said with a shudder. Cool air hit her between her legs as she arched up.

He wasted no time in any explanation, sliding one finger inside her and pumping it up and down. The queefing, wet noise came back and she closed her eyes so she could concentrate on the building orgasm. Switching his hold on her, he inserted another finger into her raw cavern, rotating them, making her moan and squirm from the friction before pumping again.

“God, you’re so wet.”

She barely heard his words, the pressure building higher and higher until she came in his hand, shaking wet from her orgasm. Still he kept thrusting his fingers inside her. A hand reached around and found her breast, squeezing lavishly with a little more force than gentle. But it felt good. It felt right.

“Well, you’re good to go, Harmon.” He ripped a towel free, wiping away the suds from having cleaned her and himself.

“When’s my next checkup?” She pulled her shirt over her head, flipping her hair out.

He hid his smile. “Excited to see me again?”

She blushed. Was it that obvious?

“You won’t need to see me unless you have any questions or concerns.” He faced her from the sink. “We got you all sorted and taken care of. Now, you can enjoy yourself at leisure. Pain-free.”

Sean. Right. She’d forgotten about him during the exam. Her guilt, however, was quickly covered by the innocent belief that this was her Doctor. Anything he did to her was strictly protocol and for health purposes. As well as private.

“Do you…” she brushed her hair behind her ear. “Do you have a business card I can keep? Just in case?”

“Yes. Of course.” He reached into his pocket and handed her one, which she took timidly.

“Thank you.” And then she just stood there awkwardly, her coat in hand. “Do I need to sign out or something?”

“Don’t worry about that, Harmon. Everyone else has already gone home.” He pulled his coat on and straightened the lapels. “This one’s on the house.”

She gave him a small smile. “Thank you.”

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Daddy's Girl


Keys rattled as they fell carelessly onto the marble slab of the island. The bags at her feet nearly tripped her as she went on the hunt and she huffed in annoyance, forgetting she’d just dropped them there. Patrick, their steward, was slower than usual today in getting her shit.


Where was she? She needed her platinum card so she could get her nails redone. The Chinese hag totally ruined her mood the whole way home from her birthday in Vegas. Scammed her good when she told her the polish was gel and not acrylic or any of that cheap shit. Except it was already coming off. That was the last time she ever listened to some foreign bitch.

She turned and nearly fell over her bags. Again.

Un. Fucking. Real.

“PATRICK!” Where the hell was that useless guy?

A stained glass door to a study room opened from behind and she faced the man that walked through. Mom always liked her men a perfect score. Tall, muscular, handsome and filthy rich. That’s exactly what her stepfather Calvin was. Along with irritated as he pulled the phone away from his ear and set it on mute.

“Katie. Hey. Glad you’re back.” Despite his fresh look in a crisp suit and tie of Givenchy origin, he sounded more exhausted than enthused at her soundly arrival. “But could you quiet it down some? I’m on a conference call—

“Where’s my mother.” She tapped stiletto boots impatiently against the stone floor.

He pinched the bridge of his nose, running low on patience himself.

“Did you get her texts?”

She held up her dead phone, saying snootily, “We need to get an aux cable for our chauffer.”

One-handedly he began rubbing his temples as he leaned against the doorframe.

“She’s on a business trip in Texas—

“That’s all you had to say.” She strutted away.

“Hey. Don’t just leave your stuff all over the floor.”

She waved him off with a flick of her hand. “Patrick will get it.”

“Patrick’s with your mother.”

Heels stopped across the way and she looked over a shoulder at him.

“Then I guess they’re staying where they are until he gets back. Unless they bother you that much, you can take care of it.”

In her master size bathroom of glorious white marble design, she sat in front of her vanity and took out the ponytail. Blonde, silky waves of spun perfection fell past her shoulders and she massaged the ache out of her head from where the tight pins held together all those tresses.

Friday night. That meant two and a half-ish more days before the end of Spring Break. What to do, what to do. Who was available? What parties were there to attend?

She scrolled through social media on her phone.

God, she really needed to fix her nails—

“I’m heading out for a business gather.” Calvin said, approaching the bathroom while fixing the sleeve of his suit jacket. “I’ll be home late.”

She merely crossed her legs in the short silk robe she wore.

“Mm-kay. Oh!” She stopped him mid-turn. “Leave your card. I need to grab a few things.”

Hands moved up and braced themselves on lean hips as he stared her down.

“What kind of things.”

“That’s none of your business.”

“My money. My business.”

“No. My mother, my money,” she shot him a cool stare. “My business. And last I checked you guys were bound in matrimony, making your money also my money. Oh. And guess what else? At the end of this loop, it’s still my business.”

“That’s not how things work around here—

“Ugh,” she said in disgust, facing the mirror and applying foundation. “Don’t do this.”

“Do what.”

“This, ‘listen here, little lady’, this. You’re not my father and it’s giving me the cringe hearing you try and act like it.”

He stood by the door, his face a blank canvas. He looked like he wanted to say something but at the very last moment, changed his mind, throwing over his shoulder as he walked away, “Pick up your stuff downstairs.”

Thank, God. She almost felt sorry for him. He was trying too hard and just wasn’t going too well.


Phone went off, a text coming through, and she picked it up in giddy anticipation, only to be disappointed.

Can’t hang tonight. Working late. Sorry, babe.

So much for grabbing condoms while at the nail parlor. Her dumb and useless boyfriend, Aaron, would prefer to cheat on her with some random bimbo. Not to mention, she knew he was already off work because he told her his schedule the other day.

She shook her head. What a moron.

It didn’t take long to prove that true as she scrolled through his buddy’s social accounts and sure enough, there he was. Cheap beer in hand at some party she wasn’t invited to, with his arm around some skank. Next photo was a kiss he was sharing with her, his boys in the background cheering him on, the stupid looks on their faces frozen forever into fine detail.

She looked at herself in the mirror, and then back at the sloppy chick, and then back at herself before shrugging.

Nothing to compare to.

She’d get him on his knees to beg for forgiveness and then they’d have make-up sex and be back to the normal, cheating couple they were. Well, he could continue to cheat while she made her time useful by donating more greens around town for her closet collection.

Oh! Harmon. She wondered how her appointment with Dr. Martin went.

Except when she was also denied a hang-out with her bestie due to her spending quality time with Sean the Soccer star, she was tempted to throw a tantrum and demand attention.

Except that wasn’t cute. Not really.

Fuck it, she thought, wiping off the make-up she’d just applied. Guess it’ll have to be a Netflix-and-Chill night.

And even that was ruined. But in the most unexpected way she never imagined possible.

Calvin came home hammered.

It was the first time she’d seen him like this. He was usually a stand-up kind of guy. Clean. No fun. All boring dark hair and dark eyes. The whole hot-stud-but-good-boy-next-door guy. Must’ve been one of those late bloomers without all the looks in high school. Thank God, she didn’t have to go through that ever. So, yeah. She was a little surprised to hear a buffalo falling in the kitchen, running out the home theater when she thought someone was trying to rob the house, only to stop upon realization.


He was all over her bags, scrambling the totes and luggage across the floor as he tried to find a stable hold of himself to get up.

In a tight tank and short-shorts, she stood and looked at him in disapproval. Couldn’t help but goad him as he came to a wobbly stand.

“This is new. You coming home and making a scene. I didn’t think you had it in you, acting like this. I can’t imagine how—

“I thought I told you to pick this shit up.”

She clammed up, never hearing him talk like this before as he hunched over the island. The suit jacket was ditched, making him appear stretched and out of his body. Fingers curled into a fist on top of the surface and she heard their audible crack.

Nervous. Scared. That’s exactly how she was feeling. But the prideful, ignorant child in her didn’t know any better and continued to jab him out of reflex to hide how she really felt.

“Whatever.” She outed her phone. “I’ll just call mom and tell her you’re a stinking mess—

A shadow loomed over her. Huge. Tall. Dark.

Phone was gone from her hand and with a form that matched a MLB pitcher, he hurled it nine-thousand miles an hour against the wall. The flat device didn’t stand a chance, bursting into pieces. A confetti of technology and glass.

“What the fuck.” She stepped back as he turned to her.

The buttons on his dress shirt was opened at the top, showing off a thick neck and sharp collarbones. Sleeves were rolled to his elbows and hair was a chaotic wave of darkness while eyes were glazed over in predatory aggression.

A whip of heat went through her.

“I told you to. Pick. This. Shit. Up.”

All authority. All man. Nothing like the punk she was used to walking all over. It was Intense. Scary. Alarming. Exciting. Too much going on for her to pick through whichever emotion was the strongest.

He took a step towards her.

“Did you hear what I fucking said?”

She barely remembered how to speak.

“I-I’m calling the cops. You’re drunk.”

“Sure. But only after you pick your shit off the ground. Now.”

She stood there, frozen in fear and an odd sense of anticipation. And he, across from her, staring with an unfocused stare.

“You’re in my way,” she said in a small voice, all earlier bravado gone. “Could you move?”

“You’re like a doll.”

“W-what?” she stammered, not sure if she heard him right.

“A doll.” He came at her slowly, the hard stare of aggression still very evident in his eyes. And then he was directly in front of her, so close, so tall, she had to lean back to look up at him with wide eyes. “A doll…”

His hands were big and hot as they touched her bare arms, making her jerk, but not before he held on tightly and observed her.

“You look…so sweet. So innocent.” Hand raised and touched her free hair. “All this blonde hair and big blue eyes.” Dark eyes bore into hers before running down the length of her tight and supple body. Small waist. Slender legs and thighs. Breasts just big enough. Breasts with nipples pressing through the white of the camisole. “So perfect.”

And then he gripped her neck and squeezed.

She backed up as he pushed her against the fridge, her back hitting the cool, dark contour of the LG model as she gripped his thick wrist and breathed unsteadily. That heat from earlier. The one that had speared her through with unrecognized sensations roared now with undisguised lust as he pressed himself against her, shoving her legs apart as he snuggled between them with just his stance alone.

Holy. Shit.

She was attracted to her mother’s husband. AKA her step-father. AKA Hello, Daddy.

The base of her head tightened and she gasped in pain as he yanked her hair down so she was staring up at him. She licked her lips, seeing the mounting lust in those eyes.

But then he shook himself, seemingly realizing for a moment what was going on.

“I shouldn’t…” head went back and forth as he brought up a palm to his eye and rubbed. “God…I shouldn’t.”

Oh. He absolutely should.

She pulled his face in and kissed him.

That was all it took to go animalistic on her.

Tongue brushed inside her mouth and though she’d had her fair share of kisses for being eighteen, none of them had ever been quite like this. She tasted the liquor on his breath, something dark, smooth and rich, and she wanted more, raising up off her tip toes to get it.

Her body jerked and she looked down to see he’d ripped her camisole into two separate pieces. Breasts were out for the taking and he went in, diving his head and lifting her up to take a ripe nipple into his mouth.

She hollered as he sucked and pulled hard, biting down at the hard bud. His hand rose to pluck on the twin before viciously groping the soft mounds and squeezing hard.

“You’re hurting me—

She was spun around so fast she didn’t even realize the physics until her face was mashed against the fridge.

“Shut the fuck up,” he rasped against her ear.

She began to pant, feeling herself become wet between her legs.

“All you do is talk. Complain. And bitch.” He squeezed her breast, making her moan in pain and pleasure. “Spread your fucking legs.”

She did so quickly and then felt his fingers on either side of the waistband of her shorts and pull all the way down until they were at her ankles with her thong. A moan crawled out of her when he gripped her tight ass and massaged.

She was totally unprepared for the hard spank and she squealed in shock at the stinging pain. She was drenched between her legs now, the wetness trickling down her thighs.

“You’re nothing but a spoiled, fucking bitch.” He slapped her again, making her shudder. “Who needs to have her ass beat.”

She hissed when he yanked tighter on her hair.

“Wider.” He gripped the back of her thigh and squeezed.

As soon as she did, he touched her sex, slipping a finger and rubbing between the folds again and again, brushing against the sensitive clit until she was gasping for air. Pussy began puckering, releasing on its own. It begged for it. Begged for it.

He gave it to her, inserting two fingers inside her tight sex, going deep as he rotated them in circular motion before starting a quick pace that had her arching her back, ass pushed into his palm as he fucked her with his fingers.

“Not even a virgin.” He thrust a third finger inside, making her cry out.

She came in his hand, whimpering as the orgasm ripped through her, shaking her legs to a cripple. If it wasn’t for him keeping her up, she would’ve already been through the floor. He didn’t let up either, forcing her to ride out her orgasm into another one as he continued to thrust and fuck her, cupping her vagina and rubbing at it.

“Now you want to be a good girl,” he drawled, loosening the rest of the buttons of his shirt.

Breaths were coming in hard as she leaned back against him, reaching up behind to his neck. She wanted to kiss him. Wanted his tongue inside her. On her mouth and her pussy. But he did none of those things, instead shoving her away from him. She thought he would call it quits, he reached for his belt buckle, a wild look in those glassy eyes. Pushed against his slacks, she could see the lining of his cock. Swollen. Hard. Bulging. It was impossible to measure just how big he was through the dress pants.

“What’s that noise?”

The background sound registered to her then. The source coming from the home theater.

“I was watching a movie. On Netflix—

“The shit you love to turn up.”


“You don’t know how many times I wanted to smash the screen each time you did that. No respect. No fucking respect.”

Belt came undone and then he just stood there, holding the leather length before slowly moving to the zipper.

“Go turn that shit off.”

“Now?” She gulped.

“Right. Fucking. Now.” The zipper traveled south, the top of his pants flapping open as he glared at her.

Stripped and naked of any clothing, she headed back to the dimly lit room where Kill Bill Volume II was playing. Just as she reached for the control on the sectional she was shoved down, landing on her flatly toned stomach and breasts. Looking over a shoulder, she saw Calvin hovering behind her.

He was completely naked. His strong, hard body on display and between his hips was the heaviest set of a dick she’d ever seen. Long. Hard. Thick. She began to worry, unsure if he would fit. And given the state of him, she didn’t want him to hurt her either.

“Fuck it. Leave that shit on.” He pushed her down she tried to sit up, coming up behind her on a knee as he pulled her ass up into the air. “Consider this date night.”

His cock bounced against her ass, the tip teasing and prodding at her pussy. Gripping the tick shaft, he groaned and slicked the head of it with her cum from earlier.

“God, you’re so pink.” He spread the sensitive lips at her pussy. “So wet.”

She felt him stop and rearrange himself more securely behind her, holding her hips steady as the crown of his cock breached her.

“You’re like a fuckable doll.”

He wasn’t gentle at all as he thrust inside and gave her no time to adjust as he started pumping away, swinging his hips back and driving them in. Driving that enormous cock inside her burning cunt.

“Fuck!” She couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t see. Couldn’t acknowledge anything at the glorious glide of his dick inside her. “Uh! Uh! It’s too much! Mmm!”

With the alcohol and sex drive running rampant, he didn’t hear anything she said. It was core instinct at this point. When she tried to sit up, he held her down. When she pushed at his swinging hips, he drove himself in faster. When she tensed and resisted, he took it as an acceptance of this brutal fucking and kept going.

God, she fucking loved it as much as she hated it. She had zero control. Was forced to take and ride out whatever he gave her. Which turned out to be a lot of fucking meat and depth. He could tear her at any moment with how fast and hard he was going.

And when he did slow? Shit wasn’t easy there either as it gave him more leisure to dive deeper.

She screamed, bracing herself with each thrust. “It’s too deep. Too deep!”

“You’re so tight.” She felt amazing, his cock feeling the tight grip of her small cunt. “Fuuuuuuck.”

She yanked a pillow forward and bit down on it as he refused to slow or pull out. It was too much. The pain. The pleasure. God, he was so fucking huge. She stretched her legs wider and raised her hips higher, giving him a better angle while trying to relieve some of the intensity.

Reaching between them, she rubbed her clit, creating more friction and pleasure, wetting the both of them until he leaned over onto her back. One hand braced beside her head and the other between her breasts, the fucking was turned on to max, him holding her in place as he plowed into her.

She was a moaning mess as he fucked her relentlessly, sweat coating the both of them. Hips clapped against ass. The quick bursts of his cock sliding in and out, assaulting her as she came again and again. No matter how many times though, he never did. And because he never did, the fucking continued. She was starting to tire by the fifth orgasm when he pulled his cock from her aching and swollen sex.

Immediately, she fell to her side and clutched her stomach. The aftershock of coming one too many times were uncontrollable spams that wouldn’t leave her body. So she lay where she was, panting and moaning while her pussy puckered and trembled, slick and wet with her cum.

A soft snore had her looking over at Calvin, who was still very hard and able. Of course, he’d chosen now of all times to fall asleep. Leaning into the cushions, she cupped herself and stared at him a long while.

He woke with a hammer in his head and scared as fuck. Not exactly sure why that would be the case but he couldn’t get rid of it. Sitting up he looked around, glanced at the clock—which read a little past ten in the morning—checked his phone for anything amiss and looked around some more. Other than being naked in bed, which he assumed was his doing, nothing seemed…out of order.

In the intensely scalding shower, he contemplated last night to the best that his mind allowed him. The celebration of a successful merger where he had one too many drinks. Most of it was thanks to his brat of a step-daughter, in which he was convinced was out to kill him before he was halfway dead. How did he get home? A fuzzy slide of a coworker calling him a cab came to mind with him falling inside and then fumbling for his keys as he reached the garage entrance of his house…the rest was a black hole.

After shaving the small stubble that grew faster than weed, he stared himself in the mirror really damn hard, that terrible fear manifesting into a smoke of terror that threatened to erupt from him.

What was he forgetting?

He was still thinking about it on the way down to the first floor when his phone went off.

“Hey. How’s Texas?” Setting down his leather case, he headed over to the kitchen cabinets, where the Advil was homed. “Hell, I’d rather stay in this cold weather. You know I don’t do too well in the heat.” Heading back, he made a grab for the cream cheese in the fridge, momentarily wondering why there were magnets on the ground. “Yeah, I can see why—huh? Oh. I’m just picking something up. I think we need new magnets.” Except those suckers stuck themselves right back on, tight as if they never left. “Or…not.”

Another suspicious sight? The luggage and bags littering the floor just yesterday was no longer taking up floor space.

“Sorry, honey. What about Katie? Yeah, yeah. She’s just fine.” Speaking of which, he heard her coming down from behind him. But not in her usual, obnoxious clomping of which she did on a daily basis to annoy the shit out of him. “Her phone? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it—

A clattering mess landed in his field of vision.

The missing reel that had been gone from his lapse of memory suddenly reattached itself. Images of Katie. Naked. Roughed around. Pushed against the fridge. Shoved down in the home theater. His cock inside her as she moaned—

No. Nonononononono.

That couldn’t be it. It was a dream. A bad dream. None of it happened like that.

Except the broken pieces of her phone stared up at him as haunting proof.

He could feel his step-daughter’s stare though he refused to look at her. Straightening, the knife spread in his hand fell onto the counter, his unsteady hand unable to bear its weight as a huge banner that read OMFG WHAT THE HELL DID I DO flew through his head. He was vaguely aware of his wife, AKA Katie’s mother, AKA his fucking step-daughter, saying something to him and him responding with all the answers of an android before ending the call.

The silence was eerily unbearable on his part.

“Good morning, Calvin.”

Apparently, not hers.

He dared a quick peek at her, seeing her sitting on the barstool beside him as she glared at her nails. When she looked up, he cleared his throat and busied himself with his bagel.


“Doesn’t that have enough cream cheese on it?”

Of course. Right.

Instead of responding he went to the sink and cleaned the utensil. The blast of water did well enough to push out some of the awkward space, just not the memory of her breast in his mouth—

Fucking fuck. What the hell was wrong with him?

“I put away my stuff like you told me to.”

He jumped at her presence beside him. Immediately, he dried his hands and moved all the way back across the island from her. Couldn’t help but notice every detail of what she wore while she leaned against the sink he was just at. A thin cotton dress that rode high at the front and low at the back, showing off a generous amount of leg and skin. Bright, blonde hair was free-falling over her shoulders and down her back in natural waves. A slight touch of make-up that plumped her pink lips and highlighted those baby blue eyes of adoration, except she was really a she-devil in disguise.

What was she planning?

“About…last night.” What if it was all in his head? She wasn’t freaking out. Seeing she hated his guts, that’s what she should’ve been doing if whatever he was thinking did happen. Right? “Sorry. I’ll buy you a new phone.”

She pouted and shrugged.

“Don’t you, uh, have school today?” She smoothed all that hair behind her, showing off a creamy cleavage. He swallowed hard. “You shouldn’t skip school.”

“It’s Saturday.”

“Oh. Right.” He rubbed his eyes, feeling foolish and very scared the longer she stared at him, as if expecting something from him. “Dates are all fuzzy. I’ve been on a weird schedule.”

Pushing off from the ceramic sink, she came around slowly.

“Aren’t you off today too?”

“Uh, yeah. But there’re other projects. It’ll be easier if I take care of it at the office.”

“I’m sorry.”

He blinked. And blinked some more.

Okay. What the fuck was going on.

“Um…sorry, for what?”

“I’ve been terrible to you.” She blushed and looked away. “I haven’t really given you a chance to be a part of my life.”

“Look, I understand, Katie. I’m not your father and I’m not trying to be.” He shifted in place nervously when she reached for his hand. “And I know I’m not the softest guy to be around.”

“No.” She shook her head, stroking his arm. “You’re not soft at all.”

“But we gotta work on your attitude. It doesn’t matter if I’m trying all I can but you’re not.”

She nodded her head vigorously.

“I get it. Attitude adjustment. I’ll work on it.”

Wait a minute. Katie? Agreeing with him? That was…pleasantly surprising.

“Yeah. We can talk things out.”

Her head bobbed up and down. “Talk.”

“It’s a good thing to talk. To be open with each other.” God, this was so much easier than he’d imagined.

“Open. Open is good.”

“We’ll start over. Get to know each other.”

“Yes.” She had a starry look in her eyes as she gazed up at him. “Start over.”

He smiled. Glad they just making progress.

“I want to blow you.”

Ears exploded. Hearing went in and out, the infinite ringing threatening to really make him deaf.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“God, you’re so fucking hot. Please, let me blow you.”

He held her back when she reached for his belt.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Katie, I-I don’t—No. No, no, no, no.”

She looked at him confused.

“Don’t you want me?”

“What kind of question is that? This is wrong.”

“Why? You had sex with me last night.”

His brain shorted. Again. Now would be a great time to die of a stroke or aneurism.

“What?” He squeaked.

“My pussy’s still sore. You were great. I didn’t know it could be like this.”

“Um…uh…” he shook his head. So it really hadn’t been his imagination? A dream?

“You don’t remember?” When he gave her a blank stare of I have no fucking idea she smiled slowly. Pulling her hands from his hold she gave him that cunningly evil smile he was used to seeing. “I’ll remind you then.”

Eyes widened when she stepped in close and began unbuckling his belt. He should be stopping her. Why wasn’t he stopping her?

“Katie, this isn’t right…”

“You might not remember.” Her smile was all kinds of deviant naughtiness. “But your body does.”

He sucked back a quick, hard breath when she gripped his cock through his pants, surely as if she’d just sucker punched him. Her small, tight hands began stroking him through the khaki before she unzipped his pants and went to her knees.

“Katie, don’t—GOD!” He nearly fell back as she opened that plump mouth of hers and sucked him in. “Shit.”

Jesus fucking Christ, this was all wrong. But it was too right at the same time. A taboo that shouldn’t even be taking place and yet it was entirely out of his control now. When she began rubbing the head of his cock with her tongue his hands automatically moved to her hair and gripped it tight.

“Katie, stop—FUCK!” She surprised him by sucking hard while stroking the length of him until he swelled further and hardened even more, to the point she couldn’t even fit her fingers around his girth. “Fuuuuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

He backed up, but she followed after him quick on her hands and knees like a dog, his cock in her mouth. When his ass hit the dining table, unable to go anywhere else, her big blue eyes held his as she loosened her jaw and sucked him deep. Licked him and consumed him. Every now and then she would pull away and take a wet breath, but always, she came back. And the more he saw, the more he wanted. No matter how forbidden all this was. No matter the boundaries being diminished and erased.

Hands on her hair tightened, keeping her eyes up on him as he reared back and thrust his cock in her mouth. The sound of her gagging and choking, her eyes watering, turned him on further. All sound reason disappeared from thought.

“Loosen your throat. Yeah. That’s a good girl.” He kept a good pace of thrusting into the back of her throat. She squirmed and gripped his thighs when he forced her to hold his cock down to the base, letting up when tears ran down her eyes. Still, she licked his hard shaft, lathering him up with her saliva and his pre-cum.

“Get up.” She did as told and he reached forward, took the front of her dress in hand and tore it clean with a single rip. Breasts spilled out and he gripped them, massaging the soft and full mounds. “God, you’re fucking beautiful.”

“I don’t like it when you rip my clothes.” But there was a glaze in those eyes that contradicted the statement.

Roughly, he yanked her forward by her hair and angled her head up at him. Excitement glowed in those baby blue eyes as she stared into the abysmal carnage of a man.

“An ungrateful bitch like you doesn't deserve clothes.” He reached between them, scrunching up her dress—she wasn't wearing underwear—until he found gold in the form of sweet flesh, saturated with arousal and need. Swollen and sensitive to the touch. She moaned as he flicked her clit. “You earn that shit.”

Picking her up, he sat her ass on the dining table. Angling her legs over his hips, he gripped his thick cock and stroked the head up and down her aching, wet cunt.

“Please,” she begged, trying to push herself onto him.

“Are you on the pill?”

She shook her head.

“When did you have your period last?”

“On my birthday trip, in Vegas—FUCK!”

As soon as she answered, he slid the thick and heavy shaft inside her, pushing through all tight and hot muscle. Hefting her higher around his hips, he gripped her ass and snow-white thigh and went in. She had to hold onto his shoulders and arms to keep from getting fucked off the table. Could barely hold on as he sped up the momentum, biting her bottom lip at the deliciously painful fucking.

“Mmm! Oh, God!” She hissed when he angled her closer, feeling his cock drive itself deeper than necessary.

“Too deep?”



Gasping breaths shot out of her with each hard thrust he inflicted until she screamed out an orgasm. Her body torqued and twisted as she came, her pussy clenching and releasing violently. She tried to pull away from him, but he wouldn’t let her, holding her down and fucking her through her orgasm into the next and the next until she begged him.

“Stop. Please, stop. I can’t take it.”

He reached up and palmed her breast, pulling at the nipple as he ignored her, continuing to drill into her.

“Please, cum. Please, cum. Please, cum—UGH! Mmm!”

It was a few more minutes before he did, having exhausting her out before finally letting the building pressure go as well. Balls tightened and his own orgasm shot through the tip of his cock with a shout. Neck thickened, the veins protruding as he bent over and came inside her, his cock jerking inside her tight sex, more coming out with each small thrust.

She kept herself wrapped around him, slender legs around his back and arms around his wide shoulders as they breathed their lives away. Pulling himself off her, he held her legs up while she laid back on top of the table like a devoured feast. Her bare, slick pussy was plump with use and a sizzling pink. His white cum oozed out of her, dripping onto the mahogany surface and he ran a finger over the sensitive sex, inserting his fingers in and playing with their mingled cum. He pulled out, webbing his middle and index finger for her to see.

“Are you okay?”

All she could manage was a nod, still unable to find her voice.

He smiled. “Who’d have thought you’d be my own little, naughty nightmare of a sex doll.”

She chuckled and sat up. “Can you kiss me?”

“Only if you call me ‘daddy’,” he teased. Taking her chin he opened her mouth to a deep, wet kiss. Tongue driving in and out, flicking and teasing her own.

“When can we do it again?” She asked eagerly.

“Already juicing up for another round, huh?” But then he got serious. “We shouldn’t be doing this. You know that right?”

She nodded, but not without a defiant look, as if she were getting ready to argue if he planned on refuting their actions. Except he wasn’t as against it as either of them thought.

“We have to be careful. No one can know. This is our little secret.”

“Yes.” She wiggled herself against him. “What are we going to do when mom gets back?”

He thought about that. “Same as we have before.”

“So…we act like we hate each other?”

“Hey, now. Think of it as a game,” he said, easing the weight of her disappointment away. “The longer we resist, the better this is.” He cupped her sex, circling a thumb over her clit until she gasped and bucked. “But we need to be careful with protection. I’ll have to buy some condoms.” And stash them somewhere her mother wouldn’t find that would raise suspicion.

“But I like you coming inside me.”

“We can’t risk getting you pregnant.”

“Then I’ll start taking the pill.”

“That’s not a sure thing.”

“Then fuck me after I’m done with my period.”

He sighed and pulled away, zipping his pants and buckling his belt back in place.

“We’ll think of something.”

“Mom doesn’t come back until next weekend, right?” Getting off the table she fixed her dress. “Let’s not worry about it until then.”

Arms crossed as he contemplated that a moment. But really. What was the point? Besides. His step-daughter was someone who would eventually get her way.

“You’re a spoiled bitch, you know that?”

She looked up with a glare only to be yanked against him. He kissed her long and deep and with subtle passion that would burn awhile. Hand reached up and caressed her breast before going down between her legs to slip a finger inside her tight pussy. Moaning, she lifted a leg, clutching off his hip as she fucked herself on his finger.

Lifting his head, he looked down at his little nightmare, bringing his finger up and against her mouth, watching as she licked their cum off it.

“Guess that makes me an enabler.”

She smiled, the first real sweet one he’d seen since meeting her.

Smacking her ass, he pushed her toward the stairs.

“Get changed. We’re going out.”

“Why?” She was actually looking forward to staying in bed all day. With him driving his cock inside her.

“You’re always dying to get out.”

“Well, yeah.” She blushed, unable to look at him fully as she said, “That’s before I had something to look forward to at home.”

Brows jumped to his hairline at that. His dick began to harden at her compliment. Eyes darkened with lust.

“We should clean you up before we leave.”

She swallowed and began undoing the ragged dress hanging off her.

“We don’t want anyone else to see evidence of our fucking dripping down your pretty legs, do we?”

She shook her head, heart skipping a beat as she became excited all over again, especially as he stalked her. She didn’t wait for him to meet her, jumping at him so he caught her as she wound legs around his waist.

“You can have whatever you want tonight. It’s on me.” He sighed. “I owe you a new phone after all.”

“And my nails need to be redone.”

“Entitled bitch.” He smacked her ass, rubbing at the sting as she wriggled around.

She couldn’t help feeling giddy at the thought of them heading out together. Like a date night with dinner and a movie. Just the two of them spending time alone.

Clutching his neck, she leaned in and licked his lips. “Come help me in the shower?”

“Are you asking me to fuck you?”

“Yes, daddy.”

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The Perfect Student


She stared at the dooming letter, glancing up at her chemistry professor as he got his things together, saying his good-byes and then some to a few students. The tall fucker was still packing files away when the last student left.

Well. Not exactly.

Professor Fredrick Hammond looked up. Of course, he’d be expecting of her. Waiting for her to approach him. And she did with all the attitude of a linebacker getting ready to fuck a body up onto a stretcher.

The final exam was slammed on top of his Lenovo laptop.

“I don’t deserve this.”

Sighing, he leaned back into his leather rolling chair, the seat creaking under his weight as he stared down at her grade. Calmly, he leaned forward and set it to the side.

“No. You don’t.”

“So where’s my ‘A’?” She all but yelled. This was not what she needed the day before Spring Break.

“Miss Jenkins, please lower your tone.” He got up and came around the desk. “I don’t give out ’A’s because I feel like it. Your grade is a reflection of your studies. You’re aware of that.”

“So let me see the master sheet. I want to compare it with mine.”

“Miss Jenkins, I’m sorry.” Gray eyes showed regretful sincerity. “All grades are final.”

“That’s bullshit.”

This wasn’t possible. It just wasn’t. She was destined to be valedictorian of her graduating year, for high school and university. All her life, for as long as she was capable of comprehending, she took part in a multitude of extracurricular activities. From archery, to piano, fencing and even classical ballroom competition. She spoke four different languages. Took their Academy to state competitions in a long roster of subjects.

And now, a fucking ‘D’ jeopardized all her accomplishments. Took her chances of getting into an Ivy League school and dumped it into the trash of never-again.

“This is bullshit!” She shouted again.

“Miss Jenkins, please control yourself and watch your language.”

“No! I worked hard for this class. You know I did.” Taking the paper off his desk she held it up. “There’s no fucking future with this on my records. I need to see the master test. Maybe you made a mistake. Maybe—

“Miss Jenkins.”

His tone shut her up and she looked at him pleadingly.

“Please, Mr. Hammond. I can’t go home with this grade. I’ll do anything. There has to be something, right? Extra credit. A take-home project. I’m not doing anything for Spring Break. I can do it. Whatever you have, I’ll do it.”

She sounded desperate but didn’t care. This was a desperate matter. How would she ever measure up to her mother? Her father? Who each held PhDs of their own and had their own success?

Gray eyes darkened as he looked her up and down a long while before saying, “How much do you mean that?”

Was he serious? Like her begging wasn’t enough already?

“I’ll do it. Anything you give me, I’ll do it.” Anything for an ‘A’.

He stood there a long while, just looking at her. Maybe it was the adrenaline coursing through her, maybe it was something else she couldn’t explain, but momentarily she noted for a man who was much older than her, he wasn’t bad to look at.

He headed over to the door, looked out and then shut it. Before discreetly locking it.

When he looked back, gone was the calm façade of a professor. An adult and child. All there remained was a man. He was tall, lean and very intimidating. Like a wolf upon a rabbit. Usually a very intense person herself due to her passion to strive and succeed, she was nothing more than rendered flesh on legs. Unsure. Timid. Afraid.

He undid the vest he had on, followed by the buttons at the top of his dress shirt and sat back down in his chair.

“Let’s talk, Miss Jenkins.” He pointed to the nearby seat beside him. “Have a seat.”

She did as instructed, feeling oddly self-conscious this close to him. His long legs were spread, his knees bumping hers lightly as he turned to her. Forearms were flexed as he leaned forward, showcasing a strength that had yet to be tested.

“I’m only going to ask you one last time,” he said slowly. “How serious are you?”

His eyes drifted over the teen in front of him. From her raven black hair, always straight from the start of her widows peak. Eyes were the color of the setting sun, a subtle amber that burned with fiery and passion each time she concentrated. Plump lips were pink and soft. And she had a youthful, lithe body.

An uneasy sensation sprouted in her stomach as a tight and foreboding pressure settled over her. These were very blurry lines she were about cross over. Boundaries not meant for someone as innocent as her. She felt it in the depths of her conscience. But her ignorance spoke her out of it. She couldn’t back out now. She wouldn’t.

“Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it.”

His hand was like the silence that stretched on. Such a fine, strong bone structure he had. Long fingers that were neither thin nor too thick. She jumped as their warmth landed on her knee, causing a shocking burn. Lungs became arid for breath when he began trailing them along her thigh, lifting the academy skirt she had on.

“Professor Hammond—

“Be quiet.”

She did as told at his harsh words. Allowed him to feel her over her clothes. He was slow about it. Even closing his eyes as he traced her outfit. Pulled himself directly in front of her, trapping her, so he could follow along her slender arms to her fingertips, which were currently clutching the armrest for dear life.

“Stand up.”

She didn’t know if she could. Nevertheless, she did as he said shakily. His hands went to those white thighs, making her gasp in shock at his touch.

“You’re so beautiful, Paige.” He looked up at her. “Has anyone ever told you that?”

She shook her head.

“Your parents? Friends? Boys?”

She denied it all again.

“No time for boys, huh.” Gently, he continued to caress her thigh. Running fingers along the sensitive skin, behind her knee, feeling her shudder as he went higher and higher, until he cupped her untouched sex. “A beautiful virgin.”

She gasped when she felt his thumb push against her. A heat immediately started where he was touching through her panties. Heart pounded in fright.

“Professor Hammond…”

“Yes, Paige?”

She opened her mouth only to gasp when he so quickly and smoothly slid her panties off all the way down to her shoes. Gentle. He was so gentle even then. Taking one leg and then the other, until her underwear was cleared away. Reaching up, he massaged her shoulders, his eyes holding hers.

“I’m going to take care of you, Paige. Okay?”

“I don’t know what to do.” She swallowed hard. “I’ve never done this before.”

“I know.” Standing at full height, he towered over her. “A smart girl like you? I wouldn’t expect it.”

He positioned her in front of him, facing her towards his desk.

“Get on top of that.”

“H-how?” She looked over a shoulder at him.

“Like a dog,” he whispered into her ears. “On your hands and knees.”

Awkwardly and messily, she did as told until she was straddling the big desk on all fours. She could feel him behind her, staring at her ass. And then her skirt was being lifted, cool air rushing over her heated vagina on full display for him. She couldn’t help but blush.

“You are…a beautiful virgin.” He was actually surprised to be met with such cleanliness. “Do you wax on a regular?”

“Laser hair removal. My mother suggested it was healthier.”

She jumped when his fingers brushed against the flesh.

“So sensitive.” Licking his thumb he came back and flicked the pearl size clit, watching as she immediately torqued and rotate her hips. “Paige, have you ever touched yourself?”

She let out a deep breath, shaking her head.

Laying his hands on her bare ass, he said, “I want you to stay calm. Just focus on what I’m doing, okay?”

“What are you going to do?”

He smiled darkly. He didn’t explain, but rather showed her.

She gasped with shocking surprise, clutching hard at the edge of the desk as he sucked her clit into his mouth. Heat waves began to roll through her and a pulse started between her legs where he licked her, sucked her, ate her.

“Professor Hammond!” She moaned as bolts of pleasure streaked through her. Nothing she’d ever experienced before. Nothing. “I have to…you’re going to make me…”

She was too embarrassed to say it. But the sensation was very much like having to go to the rest room to relieve her urine.

She looked back, seeing him glare at her when she turned around. His mouth was buried inside her, she could feel his tongue seeking entrance. His thumb swirled over her clit, making her moan. Legs began to tighten. Thighs too. Her stomach, which had been doing an ab workout of its own, seemingly fought against the pressure pulsing from her—

She hollered aloud as she came. Something wet slid down her thighs. She couldn’t stop shaking, arching off the desk as she fought to get control of her body again.

“Let it run its course,” he said softly. “Shhh. That’s right. That’s good. No, no. Don’t cup yourself. Let me see it. Let me see how beautiful you are.”

She collapsed on top of his desk, falling onto her side as she breathed rough, ragged breaths.

“There you go. That’s it.”

He licked his lips at the sight of her. Belt was unbuckled followed by the slow sound of a zipper. Helping her to a stand, he allowed her to lay bent over his desk while he stood behind her.

She felt something nudge between her legs. Something big and bold.

“Wait,” she begged. “It hurts.”

Arms looped around her waist when she tried to get up. He was much heavier than he looked as he bent over her and rearranged his pants to the ground.

“Just relax for me, Paige.”

Teeth gritted together when he nudged her with what she knew was his penis. Fear took form once again and she went to push him away.

“Please, wait.”

He didn’t care to heed her words. Instead, he took his thick cock in hand and began rubbing it up and down her slick cleft. Rubbed it over and over until she moaned and relaxed under his hold. Only when she did, did he place the crown of his cock over her thin barrier and push slowly.

Except she was so much tighter than he’d thought. And she was resisting. The pain too alarming for her to accept. There was only one thing left to do then.

Cupping her mouth, he gave a hard, sure thrust.

She screamed as the snap of her virginity lanced through her. Tears came to her eyes and she cried, clawing at his hand over her mouth. It hurt so badly, his dick inside her. A burn that left her raw and shaken. And he was a huge presence. Thick. Long. Impossibly long. She had to push his hips back as he eased in further.

Despite the initial shock and terror, he stayed still, simply holding her tightly, taking his hand from her mouth when she whimpered softly. Coaxed her he did as best he could. Rubbing up her back. Pulling back her hair. Whispering words of encouragement.

“It hurts…” she cried softly.

“I know. I know.”

“I don’t want it anymore,” she begged. “I don’t want it.”

“Shhh. It’s okay.” He kissed her hair. “We’re almost done.”

He thrust inside her, making her cry out at the stinging pain that lingered.

“No, no, no—ugh!” Breath caught in her mouth, she felt her jaw unhinge as he backed into her, bucking against her so hard they threatened to turn over the monumental desk.

“God, you’re fucking tight,” he said through gritted teeth, watching his cock sliding into her bloody cunt. “Relax.”

She was pushed over, her chest smashing the top of folders and pens as she gasped with each thrust. The first part of the cycle sucked, the pain, terrible. But it was slowly ebbing away, ebbing into a different build up that had her ever so slightly pushing against him.

“That’s right.” He slowed down, easing himself in and out, watching her take all nine inches of him.

“That hurts,” she whimpered, reaching behind to push him back.

“But it feels good, right?” He reared back and thrust deep, making her moan in start.

“Yes,” she moaned, unable to help but push back against him, wanting to feel more of the tight friction of his dick inside her, pushing into her past the max. She never knew. God, she never knew how great all this was. His strong thighs behind her, forcing her to take it. Hands holding her hips as he eased himself into her. Every thick, hard, long inch of him making her pussy shudder and grip him tighter.

“Mm—ugh! Oh my god.”

Popping her ass higher into the air until she was raised on tiptoes, he buried himself inside her furiously in quick, short pumps.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! UH! UHH!” Blood exploded in her mouth as she bit herself. It did nothing to take her mind off the explosive orgasm that kicked off between her legs, sending her body into a spasm. And still, he continued to fuck her raw. Fuck her into her next orgasm. Fuck her until she was beginning him to stop. He only held her tighter when she tried to get away, forcing her to accept the brutality of her first sexuality intercourse.

The best she’d never forget.

He made a strangled noise behind her, holding her tightly as he bucked and stilled. She could feel his cock jerking inside her with how tightly fitted they were. Something hot slid down her leg. And then they just stood there, him slumping over her as they both suffered from a collapsed lung, trying to breathe through it.

She raised up on her forearms. Looking over her shoulder, she realized how attractive he was without his glasses, which he usually wore. She always thought he was trying too hard, wearing those square-shaped spectacles. Like he was trying to be young again. Why? Why did it matter about youth? Even with her age and the people she deemed as ‘friends’ she didn’t click with them like that. Preferred to talk to people who were older than her. Well, that might have been because she was such a scholar nerd that she forgot what it was like to be her age.

Right now? She was feeling him still inside her, semi-hard as he stood up off her to run a hand through his sweaty hair. In fact, they were both hot and covered in sweat. More so because their clothes were still on.

Breathing deep, Professor Hammond slid out of her. Eyes narrowed between her legs and he cursed while putting his pants back on.

“Damn it.” He pressed her back down gently. “Stay still. I wasn’t wearing protection.”

Pulling the tissue box forward, he sat in his chair and began wiping her up. Up and down her leg, he took care of the blood and his semen spilling from her, taking care of as much as he could around her vagina before tossing the used tissue away.

“You didn’t know your penis wasn’t wrapped?” She asked matter of factly.

He chuckled.

“Well, it’s not an excuse, but I wanted in you pretty bad.”

The sound of a drawer opening sounded followed by rubbed gloves snapping on a few minutes later.

“You should be more careful next time,” she reprimanded, squirming when she felt him pull her cheeks apart.

“Smart girl like you, I’m sure you’re on the pill.”

She blushed.

“Better safe than sorry.”

He nodded in agreement. “Better safe than sorry.”

She stifled a moan when he inserted his fingers and rotated, taking out his cum. There was a whole lot of it too, given his leisure time on her. The stretch of his fingers inside her made her wet all over again and she was unable to bite back the moan when he started thrusting inside her.

“Just let it happen.”

She turned around and glared at him, realizing he had done it on purpose. A solid smirk rested on his face and he started pumping fingers inside her, creating slippery and erotic sounds. Standing behind her, he slid another finger inside and pumped hard and fast, keeping her down while she breathed unevenly and came again, her pussy clenching and tightening in his hand.

Exhausted, she slumped forward and breathed hard.

“Can’t believe you were a virgin this whole time.” Removing gloves he tossed them away. “You’re so sensitive.” He brushed her pussy with his fingers, watching her clench. “And horny.”

Not enjoying the power he had over her, she stood and lowered her skirt, getting herself together as she slipped into her underwear. Not as easy to do with shoes on.

“That hurt.”

“Only the first time.”

She glared at him while straightening her ponytail in a smooth pinup.

“You’re too big.”

“You took it nicely.”

“I had no choice.”

There was a dangerous glint in his eyes as he watched her.

“Just…be careful next time.”

“You keep saying that like there’s going to be a next time.”

“Is there?” She looked away, cheeks heating up. “Going to be a next time.”

“Do you want there to be?” He pocketed his hands, regarding her silently. “Do you want my cock in your pussy again?”

How…distasteful to be using such language. She never understand why people did it. It just made them look tacky. But the heated gush between her legs said otherwise.

He came right up to her and crowded her, until she backed up against an empty table, spreading her legs as he nudged his thigh between them. A hand cupped between her legs and she shuddered, feeling the hard press of his middle finger against her clit.

“I think you do. You want me to fill you up again. Right now. Right here.” Finger traced over her neck. “You want me to fuck you against this table.”

She swallowed.

“You want every inch of me inside you because you’ve never had it like this before and you’ll never have it after. None of these boys will ever compare. Even if you did fuck someone a year, two years down the road, you’ll always think of me. Your professor, fucking you on his desk like a good little bitch.” He smirked, feeling her soak herself through her panties at his words.

And then he pulled away and resumed life as if he hadn’t just taken her virginity in his classroom.

“You got your ‘A’.” He turned back at her silence.


He looked around, confused. “Have a good Spring Break?”

She crossed her arms and walked to the door, trying not to feel so…disappointed. And sexually frustrated.

“Epsom salt.”


He opened a drawer beside his desk and took out a brand of Dr. Teal before coming over and handing it to her.

“Take a bath in that tonight. It’ll help with the soreness.”

She blushed when he winked at her.

“What are your plans?” She asked timidly. “For Spring Break?”

Acting like nothing was out of the ordinary he started getting all his stuff together.

“Bit of this, bit of that. I’ll mainly be here working.” He looked around. “Gotta rearrange some things in the department. You’re welcomed to come help if you want. Students who need extra credit are welcomed to join.”

She froze at his words, the bag getting gripped extra hard in her hand.

“So…this was…we…”

He glanced at her, a poker face in place.


Scoffing in disbelief she stormed out, but not before slamming the Epsom salt on the table. But she thought better of it as she reached the door, coming back to open the content and fling it all over him.

“Fuck you.” She left her cursing douche bag of a professor in the mess.

Paige lasted a little over three days before she let her anger settle—somewhat—and ended up back where she left him. There were a million reasons why she came. Tell him off. Throw more things at him. Castrate him and feed him his own penis.

The bastard took her virginity. Fucked her against his office desk like no big deal. Made her endure all those things he did to her for the sake of her grade only to tell her the very last minute extra credit was available in the form of community hours?

Fuck. Him.

And it was exactly what she did, just…not in the way she planned.

There were no students in his class. No him either. Just a lot of boxes on tables that had been rearranged. The place smelled clean, a scent of refresh in the air for a new semester. Empty glassware sat off to one side and she walked over to them and picked up a beaker.

“Thought you didn’t need the extra credit.”

Nearly dropping the glass, she whirled and faced him. He was wearing jeans and a Hanes shirt with Nikes on his feet. The bold, thick glasses were back on, adding to his whole ‘youth is life’ façade. Setting down the box he’d carried in, he unpacked pipets and restocked them into the necessary drawers.

“Where is everyone?”

“Rich, prosperous Academy like this full of rich, entitled kids, how many do you think are going to show up during break?”

She watched him reach up at the cabinets above the sinks. Arms flexed, making her flushed and she took off her light sweater and began playing with the ends of her braid.

“You gonna help or just stand around and gawk at me?”

“I can’t reach up there,” she said lamely. Clearly, he had no problem with the height issue.

“There’s an empty box over there,” he nodded across the room. “Can you check the test tubes and put any broken or cracked ones in there?”

She did as instructed, feeling even more aggravated with herself—no, no, no. With him. Aggravated with him, for…for…why was she upset again? She couldn’t think now, not with him in the same space as her. It was highly frustrating for a person of her caliber, getting sidetracked so easily by a lowly professor such as Mr. Hammond.

“Have you been here all break?”

“Yep.” He worked with quick precision, setting up the lab areas. “Just about.”


“You miss me yet?”

She nearly dropped glass the second time around, not expecting him to be so forward. Looking over at him stretching, she gave him a cold glare.

“You’re an ass.”

He raised a brow at that while she looked away and ranted.

“You act like you’re this cool, awesome guy, making all your students like you, but really you’re just a miserable asshole who probably hates every single one of us. It’s why you gave me a ‘D’, isn’t it? Why you had sex with me. Took my virginity. Forced yourself—

Glass really did shatter this time as he whirled her around, shutting her up with that intense look in his eyes.

“If you’re trying to imply I raped you, I’ll be glad to fuck you again to prove how wrong you are on that statement. Don’t ever try to fucking lie on me, and don’t lie to yourself.” He glared her down. “You wanted it just as bad.”

Anger surfaced and so did tears, rimming her eyes like crystal lining, illuminating those amber eyes.

“You forced me—

He kissed her. Hard. Yanked her head back and shoved his tongue down her throat. Taught her how to move her own against his as he dived and receded, dived and receded, before finally letting her breathe.

The Ralph Lauren polo she had on was whipped over her head and dropped to the floor. Next to go was the strapless white bra. Body was on point. All slender and lithe. He thumbed a pink nipple and she bit her bottom lip to eat the moan threatening to crawl out her mouth.

“There’s no one here.” He took off his own shirt and tossed it somewhere forgotten. “Just us.”

Kissing her again, he backed her up onto a table where he stripped her free of the khaki shorts. And goddamn, she had a body. Flat stomach. Round ass and slender, shapely legs.

“You’re right.” He undid her braid, letting her dark hair fall around her. “You didn’t fail your test.”

“I know I didn’t.”

He smirked before shoving her back onto the table, in which she was surprisingly compliant. Then again, maybe not so much a surprise. She probably waited for this as much as he had. Leaning down to a bent knee, he kissed the skin.

“I just wanted to see what your face looked like for once, failing something you excelled in.” He planted another kiss onto her thigh, moving lower and lower. “I wanted to see you lose that calm, self-righteous, superior attitude.”

Her mouth opened in silent and restricted noises as he licked her bare sex. She closed a hand over her mouth out of embarrassment as he licked her deep, getting her wet and slick as he sucked on her clit. On its own, her sex pulsed and ached for more, her body arching to try and tip his tongue inside her again.

He lifted his head before she came and reached over beside them. The sound of glass chimed in the air and she saw him bring a brand new test tube to his mouth and suck it whole. It was bigger and rounder, but nowhere near his size as he angled it over her sex.

“Your body’s needing it pretty bad.” With his thumb he rubbed her swollen clit, making her moan breathily.

She gasped at the feel of the cold test tube slipping inside her, and then he started pumping it inside her at a steady pace, shoving it deeper until he felt her sex start to pull at it.

“Careful,” he warned, reaching over to massage a breast. “Wouldn’t want this breaking inside you, would we?”

“I can’t,” she moaned. “I can’t. It’s too much.”

God, she wanted so badly to come. And he was such an ass for teasing her like this. Making her spread her legs to him while he fucked her with a dildo-size test tube and telling her not to come for her own safety.

Fucking asshole.

“I can’t!” She was panting now, nearly there. Head shook back and forth. “It’s too much!”

Just as she came, he took out the tube and replaced it with the tremendous cock of his she’d been needing since leaving him. Her orgasm ate him up as he slid in, his overly generous size cock threatening to split her despite how wet she was.

“Oh my god.” Leaning her head back, she gritted teeth at the stinging pleasure ripping through her.

Dragging her forward until her ass was nearly off the table, he clutched her hips hard and set a pounding pace that had her crying with desperation as well as mercy. This was what he wanted to see. This entitled bitch knocked off her pedestal, completely at his mercy as he fucked her while she moaned and gasped with each thick pump of his dick inside her.

“I wanted to fuck that look off your face.” He held her tight when she tried to pull away as she orgasmed a second time. Cock pumped even harder inside her pussy. Leaning forward, he gripped her throat. “I wanted to hurt you just like this.”

She jumped in start as he slammed his entire length inside, trying to keep him from going balls-deep on her. But the slap of their skin was proof that no amount of struggling would keep him off her.

“Uh!” She gritted her teeth, trying to breathe through his intense fucking. “It’s too deep—SHIT!”

Her knees were sandwiched between their chests as he bent her in, secured her and fucked her raw. He was a driving force and brute strength she couldn’t break from, could only scream and cry out with each breaking thrust of his dick drilling into her pussy.

“Just like that,” he huffed, hardly able to speak from the furious pace. “Take it just like that.”

She could barely do it, felt herself start to ripple and come undone again. And just as she experienced a whole body orgasm, he too ejaculated inside her, coming hard with a shout. Hips rolled out of reflex, popping his cock from her vagina as she kept coming. Thighs shook and clenched, pussy squelched and puckered.

“No, please.” She gasped when he reached between them and inserted two thick fingers, and began pumping her into another orgasm. One that was so strong she cried and held onto his wrist as she came in his hand.

“Mr. Hammond…” Deep, long breaths. “Mr. Hammond…”

Orgasmic delirium. She no longer knew where what began and where what left off. This was probably as close to a blacking out as she had ever gotten.

“Shhh. You’re okay.” He leaned over and kissed her mouth, trailing over her neck, collarbones and lovely breasts. “You’re good.”

He began massaging her plump and swollen sex, not in a sexual manner per say. More so to ease the ache and aftershock of her orgasm.

After a few minutes she slapped his shoulder, but her glare wasn’t as sharp.

“I told you not to be so rough.”

“That was a full body experience you just had.” He smiled darkly, leaning in to kiss her. “Besides, you loved it.”

She didn’t confirm nor did she deny it as she kissed him deep, letting him crowd her. She wouldn’t confirm a lot of things. Like how she enjoyed being handled by him. Enjoyed these secret, forbidden moments between teacher and pupil. Enjoyed being not listened to and dicked down. Enjoyed for once that she wasn’t in control.

He reached back between them and rubbed at her wet sex that dripped from her onto the black lab table.

“You’re like a little whore letting me cum in you like this.”

She groaned as he penetrated her with a finger, playing with his and her semen.

“That’s so degrading.” Leaning up she bit his neck. “Mm. That feels good.”

“So sensitive,” he circled her clit, making her moan.

“Does that mean I’m safe for the rest of the semester?”

“I thought you weren’t taking the advance courses.” He bit and licked her lips.

“Why not? If it’s an easy ‘A’…”

She gasped in shock when he stuck his cock back inside her.

“I’m sore,” she complained though she wrapped her arms around his neck and sat straighter.

“Too bad. Because I’m ready.” He pumped away, watching her face contort into another look of intense please. “Fuck, you’re still so fucking tight.”

She grimaced when he slowly dug himself all the way in. “Not so deep.”

“I’ll go as deep as I want.” As a power play he left all nine inches of himself inside her, watching with pleasure as she pleaded and tried to skirt away from his cock.

“You’re a dick.” But she moaned when he started up the friction again.

“You better learn to accept it.”

“How often can we do this?”

He stuck his middle finger in her mouth, watched as she sucked on it while his cock worked itself in and out of her tight cunt.

“We have the rest of Spring Break.”

“And then?”

He kissed her, shutting her up before concentrating on the full blown fucking, turning her into a helpless ragdoll as he pumped into her, holding her hips and forcing her to meet him blow for blow.

“Mr. Hammond!” She gasped, coming again on his dick.

“Fuck!” He came again too, pulling out to spray himself onto her sex, creating an even bigger mess.

Much later, after dressing and fixing themselves clean, Paige headed on over to his drawers.

“Do you have any more Epsom salt?”

He smirked.

“What you threw at me was all I had.”

She stared at him in disbelief.

“You’re a chemistry teacher. You’re supposed to always have things in stock.”

“Aren’t you just the stuck up.” Sitting on his desk, he pulled her close, doing as he pleased as if he owned her body. “I’ve got some back at my place.”

She hesitated.

“Are you inviting me over?”

“No, I’m asking you to call the cops on me.”

She slapped his chest playfully before getting serious.

“What happens after Spring Break?”

Hands roamed her body before settling on her ass and gripping them.

“You go back to what we were.”

“Well, what if we—

“Paige. Stop.” Gray stare was hard and steady. “There’s never going to be anything that comes from this. You’re just a conquest I wanted to fuck the shit out of. Be smart about this. A student-teacher relationship? Do you really think we can go beyond that? Do you want anything to do with something that could mess up your record or name? Think about your future.”

He was so right. But still, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Goddammit. That was just her unreasonably, shallow teenage mind talking.

“All right. Fine.” The purpose behind all this hadn’t been to seek out a forbidden relationship with her teacher. But to fuck for a stupid letter grade.

“That’s right.” He pulled her in to suckle on her neck. “You’re not young and dumb like your other classmates.”

“I’m seventeen. Still pretty young.”

“And with a tight pussy.”

“You’re so vulgar.”

He reached between her legs and gripped her possessively.

“You fucking love it.” Hands moved to cup her breasts. “Can we go somewhere more comfortable now? I’d like to fuck you in a real bed before spring break ends.”

Despite their short-lived relationship, there was a slight spring in her step as they left the building and drove over to his place, where she let him fuck her for as long as he wanted, teaching her all kinds of techniques and positions. It was much easier to think of this as a training course to her libido system. Something else to excel in.

She was, after all, the perfect student.

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