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The Universe is entirely mental and a product of your mind.  I know, that's an incredible statement and total idiocy up against your physical and very material experience but it's true.  You're having a physical experience brought about by mental machinations.  The physical experience is mental vibration developed over an aeon to produce and interactive illusion.  The illusion has rules, regulations and limits, all of which can be manipulated and/or broken by the will.  The "physical world" as we know it, is nothing more than mental perception of a stream of vibrational information delivered in differing frequency ranges that we call sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.  The perceptive illusion produced by the mind from the analysis and projection of the vibrational information has no actual reality, it's fluff to exercise and entertain the mind.  It's something to consciously observe and mentally react to.  The illusion of action being fed by the illusion of reaction, a self sustaining fire of mental play.  The mind is all there is.  The Universe is mental.

This book is written to answer questions that I have received from readers of my two previous works, Neophyte to AM (which covered some of my journey to self discovery) and Maximum Meditation (which covers getting off line and out to explore). I've received some really great questions from readers that demonstrate to me that consciousness is being shaken to an awakening of Self.  I'm pleased about that.  I'm also going to add and answer questions that I think readers might ask me concerning the information that my books touch upon.  Obviously, there are areas in my previous work that raise questions and demands for more clarity as to meaning and application of the knowledge.  I'll be as expansive as possible with my answers so that this work can be a standalone without having to resort to my previous writings to understand the subject matter.  I'm not knocking the previous writings, they offer much but I keep cost in mind when considering my readers.

With all of the above said, I'm interested in readers (consciousness).  I'm not interested in having devotees or people fanatical about me because of what I write.  I'm not interested in starting a new religion.  If you read what I write and come seeking me out as anything other than you, you've misunderstood what you read.  What you have here are the "Answers Of A Don't Wannabe Guru", so don't make me one please.  Namaste.

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Chapter 1



Question one - Why is it said that the Universe is mental?

It is said that the Universe is mental because it is entirely a product of intellect, it's made of thought.  It's created through the use of mental vibration at differing frequencies or pitches.  The whole experience is a vibrational illusion in the mind projected for consciousness to observe and relate to.  The Universe gives the mind something to do, somewhere to be.  It's mental barbells for an intelligence that has no physics.  The Universe provides exercise and entertainment for Self (being).  Without the illusion of other things, situations and circumstances, there's just you, an intellect and nothing other than.  Of course, with this illusion of a Universe born out of the illusion of a life and death, still, there is only you and the delusion that you're gripped in as you observe and experience mentally, your own mental machinations.  Hence the ancient adage "Know Thyself", which turns the delusional personage that you've taken on inward towards true awareness of Self.   The Universe is a process of thought that developed over an aeon into what is presently being observed by way of three dimensional projection of vibrational information.  The five sense frequency information that is being projected to appear to be you, your surroundings and Universe is being handled (collected, analyzed and projected)  by a carrier frequency.  So all that's going on is an intellect and its mental machinations.  The solid feeling picture that the vibrations produce for observation and experience (the illusion/Universe) is even more nothingness that the mental vibrations themselves.  It's your own mirage and it should be observed and dealt with in that way.  If you're lost in it, you have to find your true being.

Question two - Are you God?

God of what?  My own mental machinations?  The illusion of duality that I've managed to produce by way of thought?  I play my part from this spot of consciousness but I'm not under the delusion that there's anything other than me.  When you find and become aware of yourself, your true being, you'll know that there is nothing to be God of.  There is no duality.  Behind all appearances, you're it.

Question three - Do you believe in God?

Again, there is no duality.  I know that I AM, which all that can truly be known is.  Everything else that appears is in my own consciousness and dependent upon my observation.  "God" would depend on me, my beliefs and values assigned to him/her or it.  Would I choose one or will I have one hundred Gods?  It's totally up to me from my point of reference as a personage in observation of the illusion/Universe.  For me to have a God, I would have to go into the delusion of actually being a personage in my own illusion.  I can play the illusion of duality without losing myself in a delusion.  The short answer, no, I don't believe in God, there's nothing to be God of other than myself, the intellect behind all appearances.  Now, in the illusion/Universe as One Iam, Gods are everywhere as spots of consciousness sleep in the delusion of individual personages.

Question four - Can you explain in more detail, how the Universe is an illusion?

Sure.  Before the beginning of the Universe, I AM.  I always was and I always will be.  The Universe is that first inkling of an idea of something other than myself.  The idea has expanded over an aeon of more thought into what you're experiencing now and it continues to expand  and develop as my observation of it continues.  The Universe is the product of self-aware being, it is thought.  The Universe is made of the only "material" (for lack of a better word and considering there was what is called "Nothing" before the Universe) that it could be made of, thought.  It's entirely mental.  The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental.  The Universe that you're experiencing is a little bit of Earth combined with pictures and stories about galaxies, other planets and such, which should help you to understand how much further this idea can develop.  It could be a very lengthy process if quote/unquote, humans, continue down this avenue of physics.  You're not a human, you just think you're a human.  Your Universe is brought to you by a process of mental sense perception fed to spots of consciousness creating the illusion of duality, Sunshine and rain on a bare ass.  It's smoke and mirrors, it's what a mind does, it thinks.  Enjoy it.  I'm not knocking the mind for the process.  I'm looking at it from this angle and seeing so much consciousness unaware of the process and in delusion of being the actual personages presented that the Mind is lost in the process.  The condition can be seen manifesting in the information stream that's being created as a result of the present observation.  The Universe has become a self-feeding beast of mental observation where consciousness is experiencing far too many horrors due to being turned inside out into its own personages which causes a lot of stabbing and grabbing for imagined survival.  It's time for a wake up call.  My writings are designed to help with that.

You don't see things that are out there.  You receive information from the vibratory frequency known as light and you create what's out there from that vibratory information which happens to be inside of you.  You don't hear noises and sounds.  You receive vibratory information within the sound frequency range and you create the sounds from the information received, pretty much like a radio does, only you're better at it.   Likewise, the process continues with all the mental information frequecies you're receiving, analyzing and projecting as a mental perception to be observed, experienced and enjoyed (hopefully).  It's mental perception and it doesn't have to be drab and hideous.  It is the collective will of consciousness observing the illusion/Universe that is feeding the information stream to be observed.  There are other works out in print that deal with the power of mental observation and will.  Works like "The Secret" dealing with the law of attraction and The Alchemist and such.  These works touch upon the mental nature of the Universe and being able to effect it, seemingly from being an actual personage inside the game.  I don't think they bring you close enough to home, which is the fact that the whole ball of wax is mental and yeah, you can mold it.  It's your World.  I think the difference between my writing and the writing of other spots of consciousness observing the illusion/Universe is that I write from my state of being behind the illusion/Universe whereas other spots of consciousness write from the delusion of being a personage in the  illusion/Universe.

Question five - What is the everyday practical use of the said illusion/Universe?

The Universe is a mental machination that was created by the Mind for exercise and entertainment.  The Universe appears for the Mind, not for the illusory perceptions and personages of duality.  The Universe has rules, regulations and boundaries and such that apply to the personages and the "material" values that appear by way of mental play.  In other words, the Universe is not about you and the life that you think you're having.  It was created by the Mind to serve the Mind and the only thing observing this illusion of duality, mental perception, is the only thing that exist, the Mind.  If you believe you're something other than the Mind, you're in a  delusionary state.  So all this talk about "God" having you and you being blessed and highly favored as a personage in this illusion/Universe is in your mind.  All the rules, regulations and boundaries apply to you as a personage in the illusion/Universe, especially if you believe you're the personage, that's what hardens the rules.  If someone swings a baseball bat on your head, your consciousness is going to experience what the rules of the illusion/Universe mandate, regardless of your delusion of being something special, you know why?  Because the great illusion is not about the small delusion you're having from that spot of consciousness.  The practical everyday use of the illusion/Universe is to exercise and entertain the Mind.  It's done by way of its own mental machinations.  The Mind experiences Sunshine and rain, joy and pain from a multitude of different angles, none of it having an actual effect on the being observing for it has no actual reality.  We come and go in cycles according to the rules developed over an aeon of thought.

Question six - Please explain how the illusion/Universe is self feeding?

Well the illusion is a stream of mental frequency carrying five sense vibratory information to carrier frequencies.  The carrier frequency is the point of consciousness that a person refers to as him or her self.  The illusion of a Universe is projected from that point of consciousness after reception and analysis of the mental five sense frequency information.  Although there is a great deal of common information being streamed to carrier frequencies, no two carrier frequencies are exactly the same and the bodies and worlds that are projected have differences as a result, that's where we get the illusion of variety and individualism.  A point of consciousness is going to identify with the information that it is observing by way of mental projection.  Observation of colors may be different, the vibratory sound information may be analyzed differently or not at all depending on the carrier frequency (person) make up.   You see, only the mental frequencies exist, not the illusory projection of the information.  Frequency itself is only thought or movement in the mind.  Consciousness is observing a projected information stream and reacting to the observation with more thought.  The reactive thought is then turned around and fed into the five sense information stream to be observed by consciousness.  As consciousness observes and reacts in thought, it feeds the stream of information to be observed.  The mental machination is self feeding.  I could put it like this, "As a man thinks, so is he", or "It's your world", or "you attract what you focus on."  You've probably heard them all but never understood how true they are.   So in essence, you effect your "material" world by your beliefs and thoughts.  In my first book 'Neophyte to AM', I have a couple of diagrams that I drew that give you a picture of what the Universe actually looks like behind the illusory projection that covers the mental workings of a single mind creating the illusion of duality.  Actually there is no picture, no sound, nothing except a sea of vibration.

Question seven - What is the best way to become self-aware?

Thinking is how you become self-aware.  Thought is the only way to awareness.  You need to get behind the mental process and see yourself for what you really are.  Meditation and deep contemplation tops the list for leading spots of consciousness lost in the process, out of the delusion.  I wrote a book titled Maximum Meditation that details the purpose, method(one) and  benefits of meditating.  Meditation can get you off the five sense frequency information stream and alone with yourself, so to speak, if done correctly.  Through meditation you will learn what it means to be "spiritual", completely spiritual, by losing the idea of physics.

Question eight - Did your relationships with children and loved ones change with greater self-awareness?

Yes.  Self-awareness brings consciousness out of the delusion of being a personage in the illusion/Universe.  With self-awareness, the illusion is still observable from your particular point of consciousness but it loses its edge in the recognition that it is an illusion of your own mental machinations.  It is still exercise and entertainment for being of intellect but one is not lost in the process from a particular point of reference.  Does duality actually exist?  Of course not but mental play producing the illusion of variety/duality is in full effect and I can assume a particular position or positions without being deluded into the personages.  I often think the delusion is better though, because it seems to make the experience of the observation more meaningful.  It adds color to believe in my personage and the individual personages of others.  Self-awareness drops the curtain of illusion and reveals a single entity absorbing mental experiences from consciousness at a multitude of illusory positions in an illusion/Universe.  Although self-awareness takes the edge off of relationships and personages, it brings about a deeper desire for kinder and gentler conscious experiences overall as one from a particular point of consciousness recognizes the connected sea of consciousness behind the illusory personages.  All the experiences taking place are your own, so out of self-love, make them the best that you can.  Play your part, live your life, it's a wondrous process but behind it all, understand.

Question nine - Having the knowledge you have, does it help you deal with the death of loved ones better?

Of course it does.  Self-awareness puts you in touch with the mental development of the illusion/Universe.  You have a heightened awareness of the rules, regulations, boundaries and cycles in thought that have developed over an aeon of contemplation.  Life and death being an illusory cycle in the mind associated with the illusion of personages.  It's understood that nobody lives and nobody dies, that duality is a mental process of illusion.  It is I that AM.  Am I emotionless at the closing of a point of consciousness observing from an illusory personage close to my own illusory position?  Not exactly but I'm not feeling it like a point of consciousness in the delusion of being a person and actually losing somebody.   So yeah, self-awareness puts things into proper perspective and eases grief, so to speak.  With there being no actual reality to duality, is anyone really grieving a loss?  Again, this is where knowing takes the edge off of the process.

Question ten - Why are you no longer an active member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC?

This question deals with my personage, One Iam.  I'm no longer an active member of the Order because as a dues paying member I was denied certain benefits that dues paying members are entitled to concerning having access to a certain Rosicrucian website.  When I requested the reason for denial from the English Grand Lodge in San Jose California, my request was ignored.  No answer to my query was given other than to say you're out, just use the other tools available to dues paying members.  Mind you, I wasn't just a dues paying member.  I was also in the Circle of a Thousand, which is a group of members that donate to the Order at least a thousand dollars over and above dues every year.  I didn't feel comfortable being treated as a second class member without a clear explanation as to why, so I stopped paying dues and that cancelled active membership.  I wondered was it a test of some kind where the answer was sent telepathically and I failed to receive it or did the Order just want to get rid of me and done so by playing on my sense of fairness and justice?  I know how to get the answer but it's been years and to this day, I haven't went in for it.  Personally, I think the Order will regret its position toward an active member in good standing as well as no longer having me as active member.  I like to think that when considering the stated values of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.

Question eleven - Assuming that the Universe is an illusion, aren't you talking to yourself?

Well, only the illusion of conversation is being experienced.  There being no actual duality or physics, only the illusion of writing, reading, talking and personages communicating is taking place within the consciousness of mind through mental machinations.  Behind all appearances I'm doing what I do, I think.  I think and it feeds the process.  The process feeds and I think.  I'm getting exercise and being entertained.  The process is serving its purposes. 

Question twelve - What is the practical use of a person knowing that the Universe is mental?  Bills are still due, the children still have to get school.  How does it help to know that the Universe is mental?

A person can't know that the Universe is mental.  You can't know that the Universe is mental and maintain the delusion of a personage.  Self-discovery awakens the mind from the delusion of being a personage and sets it correct in seeing the illusion of personage (Universe).  When a point of consciousness becomes aware that the Universe is mental, it is no longer gripped by the delusion of personage although observation of the illusion is still taking place from that point of reference.  The mind can continue it's exercise and entertainment, it's role, from that particular point of reference (personage) with the knowledge of it's true being and the illusory nature of the Universe.  Knowing that the Universe is mental and that the consciousness behind all the personages is your own, puts a different spin on things.  It tends to make the consciousness behind a personage more compassionate and helpful in the face of pain and suffering when it's understood that the experiences of all personages are being self-consumed and fed into the mind to produce more information stream to be observed going forward.  Heaven or Hell, the mind decides how the game plays .  Not only that, the mind recognizing itself and it's own mental machinations can exercise its will from the illusion of  a particular personage upon the illusion/Universe as a whole.  Sure, the bills still have to be paid, the children still have to get to school, the boss is a problem at the job but it's all so much easier when you know everything is going to be alright and the whole process isn't set in stone for you by being asleep in delusion and unaware of self.

Question thirteen - Is there something besides meditation that one can do to become self-aware?

No.  Self-awareness requires conscious contact with your true being.  With the Universe being mental, you'll have to think outside of the box in order to see the truth of just being, void of matter.  Meditation is the way to realize the Mind(self) behind the mental machinations that produce personage/Universe(illusion).  Critical thinking and analysis in personage can help to turn one toward meditation and thereby to attain self-awareness.  Sit down sometimes and think about sense perception.  Perceiving a world by way of  vibrational information of different frequencies in a stream, analysis of the information and then projection of the analyzed information from a spot of consciousness.  Who is the seer?  Isn't the seer observing the perception of a material personage and its aches and pains as well?  Critical thinking turns one away from the hard observation of things perceived and toward the perceiver(self) behind the illusion being observed.

Question fourteen - What is reality?

Ultimately, reality is an idea founded in observation of the illusion/Universe.  It's a question of concern from the vantage of the mind being in the delusion of personage.  The thought of reality is always in opposition to what is not reality, "this is reality as opposed to that."  The only thing being real, the question in the mind, not its deluded decision on what is real.  Outside of play with the illusion, just AM, not real, not unreal.  Real as opposed to what unreality?  Unreal as opposed to what reality?  You may say, the reality that you are.  Me, having been awakened to my own being and mental machinations, I AM, without the back and forth contest of my own mental affirmations of reality vs. non-reality.

Question fifteen - Is a Master or Guru necessary to reach self-awareness?

No.  The Master is always there and it can awaken at any time on its own.  A Guru can be an alarm clock of sort by gently nudging the consciousness out of the delusion of personage and toward self but it's not necessary to have that tool to awaken to self.  With or without the alarm clock, one will awaken.

Question sixteen - What is the "Dark Night of the Soul"?

A period of mental confusion where the mind loses the stability of its personage without having a firm grip on self in relationship to the personage.  The mind loses its sense of reality and has no foundation to work from.  The Dark Night of the Soul is a period that most truth seekers will run into on the path to self-discovery.  It is a dangerous period(so to speak) as it can lead to the mind shutting down a particular personage(suicide) or particular personages(homicides).  Bookstores are putting a lot of information on the shelves and a great deal of it is powerful in moving the mind from it's personage and/or showing the mind the illusion of physics and relationships.  The information upsets the balance received from the mind being acclimated from birth into the illusion/Universe.  You gain some sense of realization, feel a greater sense of loss than gain and go into a depression of sort.  I personally suggest that serious truth seekers join fraternal orders such as the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.  The fraternal orders have programs and study plans designed to gently guide a member into deeper self-awareness.  They also have seasoned members that have been initiated degree by degree into the information themselves and have passed through the Dark Night of the Soul with decades behind that period for them.  Naturally, they can help newer members to put things into proper perspective.

Question seventeen - What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati are people and entities that are educated in esoteric and occult subjects and matters.  They are enlightened or illuminated by knowledge.  An illuminated one is not one that is necessarily "good" or one that is necessarily "bad".  That determination depends on your perspective of the individual Illuminatus or the group as a whole.  An Illuminatus can be dirt poor, ultra wealthy or anything in between.  Don't think it's just a circle of elites attempting to rule the world through banking and war.  The Illuminati knows that there is nothing here to get.  Everything in consciousness already belongs to you (for what it is, the illusion of duality).

Question eighteen - What is your message to people?

My message, the mind is all there is, the Universe is mental.  How you play the game is all about your level of awareness from the particular personage you're observing from.  The personage itself is illusion in the mind, delusion if you're all in like it's you.  There's only one thing and you really can't call it one because one is an affirmation of two.  Just AM.  What you have to do is escape the delusion of your personage and see the illusion/Universe for what it is, an instrument of mental exercise and entertainment for pure being.  The consciousness has to get behind it's observation of the projection of the mind's information stream and become Self-aware.  You can still have the illusion, the mental exercise and entertainment but experiences will be kinder and gentler without the delusion of actually being the particular personage you're observing from.  Knowing that all the experiences from all personages are yours will set different priorities and create a different and more loving world to experience.  Self-awareness will reduce the holding power of delusion and connect your particular personage with other information streams in the mind and take you into turbo exploration(exercise and entertainment).  You'll learn to stop digging in the dirt and make changes to the information stream before the projection of the information.  Rome can be built in a day, or less.  The sum of my message is "Know Thyself".              




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