A Protected Thought


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October 2017 word theme (Prisoner express)

Because security can blend with protection, it is easy to express our own needs. The ones that people are prone to, mistaken eating schedules and everything in between. But being "protected." This word theme suits anyone, even all of the long lists of things that bring the stuff. Keeping those objects closer than before.... Never lose the correct sense of it though, that is important. That is key

Well, all people should have a course on what makes up the word (protected). Talk about it, share feelings, have a stable way of bringing up topics and be well.

Insecurity has so much to do, because how each person does have stress. And that is normal, but no stress would be ideal. Personal health could be a big industry if taken to heart. I would count the days watching a loved one's diet for them. For me though, at this far of a distance from them, watching iss not the same as pressing. They would eat rocks if we all did not speak through long letters, strings of words and phrases just to get across.

Everyone needs some guidance in a way, my health matters to them so they do act. Sharing is correctly placed. Don't self-destroy.

Obvious: Some parts of a daily thing can bring protection too. Is a long poisonous snake protection? The dog behind the tallest wall, two dogs, will those bring any protection at all? Those examples are bare and could be extended. Put yourself into a car because that is a safe place from the natural elements. But cope with the rain; allow the water to just fall. There are techniques for calmer thinking during any storm, but even those sections of text don't get involved. Remember this though; those people too have to 'make safety.

Currently: Some of the most odd and strange things give us security. That equals "protected." Having a home or peace of mind too. Also, the surroundings for some people tend to further misplace what is protecting us (or anyone). These things all do a good job in placing our protection. This aids to getting somewhere and rather than be unprotected, hold on to it. Strong words.

Be known to the other surroundings and objects, but not too close, like a living painting. That ensures some self-security, I think. Really, it all could mold into what is protected anyway. What I mean is a social thing, fit-in? I'd rather be apart of the collection in a new way or just fall to pieces. I am bringing the word and shifting as well. Protect what moves you or those around you? Protect your investment; yes, protect your smarts. Invest in your own protection; protect a costly maintenance; please maintain your vehicle. That is the message.

This next set of topics will also make a great finish to my examples. The moves we make, who have influenced or anything else really. I am selfish? So life choices make our moves. Still, those are going to give a sense of things. But false alarms and slow thoughts break people and protection. It's almost a train of thought. So, think of what to protect or not protect. That is in a theory and used in this narrative. The main topic is just a word: Protected. A well one indeed and myself has given an account on that word.

Contrast: There is a way to see the word theme for a reason. I brought security, in-betweens, food and thoughts of what could be into this written piece, my own concerns and examples.

Being able to put out a purpose from words is a skill. Whether small or large, the whole exhaustive experience is worth it.

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