Rachel Brooks and William Edward had nothing common. The only link which connects them was love. Love which made them closer and drift them apart. But like dew which settles on rose petals their love settle them together forever in each others hearts. Dew is a story about love and about two hearts who came together crossing all odds of...


If eating animals is a crime then how do you know that vegetables don’t bleed? Why blame Love when heart is broken. Because it’s human who broken your heart not Love! Mind your own business is just words. Because human mind can not only kill the cat with curiosity, but kill and re-born another curiosity! Author Pretty KT Mirchandani


Selma Adams couldn’t take the dead of her elder sister. Who was burnt alive by her in-laws, she was so broken and shocked that the word marriage made her feel scared. Her family who loved and care for her wanted only the best for her. But Selma Adams wanted to do something which will make her independent. Will she succeed in her...


ARBITRARY ten short stories about human emotions where unaccepted things happen. When feelings are out of control and life crash on the dead door. Hope and dreams play games with hate and love. Where human takes form of Devil!.

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