The Girl At Wolf Fire Falls


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 In every culture there is a story. A legend or myth that people think is fake, but turns out to be true. This is the tale of one such village, and the lengths they went to ignore the truth in their legend. But also the one girl who knew it to be true and became a part of it. And because of it saved her people and herself. This is the story of The Girl At Wolf Fire Falls.


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Gregory J. McKenzie

Have you tried reading some Celtic myths and legends. They were masters and mistresses of tales about fairyland. The whole Arthurian legend was largely borrowed from Celtic myths. Be ready to borrow from the past. It has a wealth of cultural legends and myths. The Arabian nights stories are brilliant!

Chapter 1

"Long ago in the forests surrounding our village a girl, we now call Tala Akina, angered the Spirits. She had found the source of their power; the Diadem of Kana Thyra: the mother Spirit. Not knowing what it was she touched it, and in anger the Spirits turned her into a wolf. 

Tala Akina was the daughter of the chief, and unbeknownst to her, word had reached the tribe of a terrible monster. But it was not her, they were to find. 

Her father led a hunting party to slay the wicked beast. They came across Tala Akina and mistakenly shot her with their arrows. The Spirits curse faded and the chiefs daughter was revealed. Overcome with grief her father begged the Spirits to let her live, in exchange of his life. 

The Spirits agreed, though Tala Akina would be a wolf  throughout the day and at night only then be human. Her father grabbed his dagger and stabbed it through his heart. The Spirits decreed that only when she had learned to protect and love someone in such away only a wolf could, would the spell break and she would be human again." The village elder paused. " But that was many centuries ago, and for the legend to be true Tala Akina would have to be immortal."

The elders audience came out of the trance the story had caused. Well all but one, who continued to be in deep thought. 

Thea Taka, the current daughter of the Chief, continued to think. This tale had always intrigued her. Her fathers ancestor had become The first Chief of his line, after  Tala Akina and her father disappeared in the woods and were proclaimed dead. There had been a village wide Niotitepmoc in order to take the old chiefs place. Her fathers ancestor had won. 

In a way she wasn't the rightful heir to the village. But she couldn't let anyone know about those thoughts. Her fathers enemies would take it as a sign of weakness, and would try to convince her people to let one of them be Chief.

Her father, Chief Taka came out of their home and half a dozen others followed him. The village Council.He stopped to talk to man, who seemed annoyed. She caught her breath when she realised who it was.

Nukpana Tarea, her fathers oldest and most bitter rival, was demanding something of her father. But Chief Taka shook his head and refused to give the answer that was wanted. 

That left the question: what was going on in those council meetings? She would have to find out the answer herself, her father would never tell her.

She made her way over to her father and Nukepana left giving her and her father a glare filled with loathing.

"Rehtaf what's going on? Why is Nukepana so mad?"

"Nothing you need to worry about Rehguard. It's just Council business."

This was the answer Thea had expected but hoped to avoid. She knew what it meant:' If I told you, you would worry even more.'

She would have said more but then a cry rose up from the warriors. She looked at her father and they ran to find the source of the commotion.

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Gregory J. McKenzie

I love your names. Names are hard but should reflect something hidden in your character. Cain Flint is a country boy but made hard by personal tragedy. His surname is a warning to others - back off this is not a man to mess around. Hera Feelgood is both mother (The goddess Hera was Zeus's wife and mother of Apollo and Mars) and makes her patients comfortable in hospital. This is why I chose those names. But Nahid Ahmeed is a western Iranian name, it is culturally derived from their myths.

Chapter 2

A different point of view 

There was another wimper in the undergrowth, as she ran against purple dirt and golden moss. Something she was used to but still it disheartened her, even after all these years. She continued on and reached the village in which she grew up in. She kept promising her mind she would stop going there, but she had yet to follow through. 

A sudden shower of arrows whistling through the air like rockets broke her out of her trance. Yelling of village warriors and more arrows. She turned tail and fled before she could be caught. But not before an arrow grazed her arm.

That was to close she thought, after all no one can care about someone like me. Tears started to glisten on her cheeks as she ran further and further away from the warriors arrows. I'll check my wound later when I get back to the grotto . Hopefully it's not nightwing venom. She continued to run until she was consumed by shadows.

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Gregory J. McKenzie

I just love your story! Well done. Short paragraphs are brilliant but for eBooks they must be used sparingly. Keep listening to your muse but let your imagination also have free range. After what I have read of your work, I can say that you are a great talent.


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