The Siren's Champion


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    We never expect our lives to change, and when it does we do our best to adapt, and move on. But no matter how hard we try, a part of us will never be the same, and sometimes, it's just easyer staying changed. I can't expect anyone to believe my story, no sane person would, but I can tell it, and you can decide. 

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Chapter 1 ~ The Beginning

    I walked along the sandy beach, enjoying the sparkling shimmer of the ocean waves lapping onto the shore. I was supposed to be studying for a test, but it was warm outside, and my feet begged me to take a break. Suddenly I'm on the ground with my back towards the sun. I turn around to look at the object I had tripped on. It was a green glass bottle marked with swirling symbols, in the middle was a beautiful mermaid with crazy hair etched into the glass. I pick it up and look it over, something clanks around the inside as I turn it upside down. I jump at the sound my phone makes. 


    "Hey, Nikki, I've got to leave soon so you'll need to finish your homework at home."


    "Thanks, love you."

    "Love you too, Dad."

    I hang up and turn my back on the ocean. Passing little kids throwing sand at each other, angry mom's yelling at their teenage daughters and their husbands feeding the seagulls as I leave the beach and begin the short walk home. 

    "Gonna get that homework finished tonight?" Dad asks from the kitchen as I shut the door. 


    I walk into the kitchen and pour myself a glass of water. 

    "There's frozen pizza in the freezer for dinner, Celeb agreed to help watch your brothers while we're gone." 

    "And there's pie for dessert." Mom added as she walked down the stairs, my jean jacket in her hand. "Can I wear this?"

    I nod my head and hum my answer.

    "Thanks. Love you!"

    I watch them close the door I had just came in through. The head lights of Dad's car light the window for a second as he pulls out. I set the glass down and climb up the stairs. Peter and James run around Celeb with swords in their hands, Celeb with a large pillow as a shield and the remote in his hand. I reach up and take the remote from him.

    "Attack!" Peter yells and runs toward me.

    I catch his sword with my free hand and wrench it free. He yells for his comrade as I hold him down on the couch. 

    "Let me up!" He yells, watching Celeb battling James.

     I hand him the remote and he makes a cooing sound like he's just won the golden treasure. I turn the TV on for him and escape to the safety of my room. 

    Once the door is shut I take the bottle out of my bag and set it before me on my desk. I try to take the cork out, but it's stuck in pretty good. I pull out the corkscrew in my pocket knife and try to yank it off, but no luck. After a few more minutes of random tools and pretending to be a wizard, I go into my bathroom and run warm water over the top, using the corkscrew again I try to yank it off one last time. With a pop I pull the cork out and carefully dump everything inside onto my bed. A small silver locket on a dark chain falls out freely. I have to get tweezers to pull out a damp piece of brownish paper tied in seaweed. I pull off the seaweed around the paper and carefully unfold it, unlike the words on the bottle the words on the paper are written English. 

    I know you must have many questions but I do not have the time. My people are at war with the Makara Divided Colonies and we are in dire need of your help. I have placed my locket inside this bottle along with this note, so that it may guide you to my Safeguard. Please hurry. -Queen Ali'ikai of the Sirens of the Ka Wai Kingdom.  

    I laugh at the struggle I had to get all this out. But it's pretty cool. I make a mental side note to do the same some other day during the summer.

    "Nikki!" I hear Peter yell.

    Something crashes to the floor and James starts screaming. I quickly drop everything onto my desk and run out of the room. Plans to yell at someone and grab the first-aid replace my thoughts of getting my homework done tonight. 

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Chapter 2 ~ Fishs Out Of Water

    "Nikki! Get out of the bathroom already! I have to pee!" My five year old brother yells and continues banging on the door.

    "James there's another bathroom downstairs just use that one!" I yell back, and finish brushing my teeth. 

    I open the door and ad soon as there's a space wide enough James rushes in and lifts up the toilet seat, I shut the door immediately to avoid any further distress from him.

    "Breakfast!" My Dad yells, his voice muffled by the floor that separates us. 

    I head down the stairs, trying not to step on the many toys scattered here and there, and walk into the kitchen. 

    "Here." Dad says and hands me a plate of pancakes as I sit at the table. "Your Mom and I have a meeting today at noon. Celeb already agreed to drive you guys down so you wont have to walk." 

    "That's nice of him." I say. 

    "Boys! Breakfast!" He yells for them once more. "Yep, he's out cleaning his car right now." 

    Dad pulls out an air horn from inside a drawer that is usually locked, for obvious reasons, and pushes the button down for two short seconds.

    "Let's go!" He yells.

    After breakfast we all get ready, I let my hair hang low and change into shorts and a t-shirt. At the last moment I take the locket from my desk and we pile up in Celeb's old truck. 

    I walk along the shore, the waves lapping my feet. Celeb lay in the sand texting while James and Peter slowly bury him from the feet up. I take another step before something catches my right ankle, tripping me mid step. A tan colored hand clutches my foot, a face to go with the hand emerges from the ocean depths. The women looks a couple years older than me, with long black hair held back with a ribbon. She wears silver cuffs around her wrists and a silver chest plate.

    "He...!" I begin to scream but she covers my mouth with her hand. I try to get away from her but she holds firm.

    "I'll let go if you keep quiet." Her eyes are serious and her eyebrows lift. I nod my head and she lets go of my mouth, but not my ankle. I breath in, glad to finally get some air into my lungs. "Good. My name is Coral Re, I'm a guard in the Queen's sanctuary." She recites, "What's your name?" 

    "Kathrine." I lie.  

    "I know your lying."

    I look at her confused but she doesn't bother to explain. 

    "Come with me." She grabs onto my wrist and lurches backwards. 

    "No!" I yell and yank back.

    "You have to!" She says fiercely.

    I scream for help, gaining the attention of the lifeguard and many others. I feel her grasp loosen and I hurry back. Someone helps me off the ground and steps in front of me.

    "Are you okay?" The lifeguard asks.  

    I nod my head and she returns to her perch. I can see just above the water Coral Re's head poking out of the water. She looks at me sternly and then does a back flip into the water. A long light green tale replaces her legs. The scales glinting in the sunlight. I run back to where Celeb lay completely covered from shoulders to toes in sand, Peter dances happily on top of him while James continues to pack him in.


        I lay in my bed, trying to find a comfortable position. Everyone else had already fallen asleep, but my mind was unusually alert. I perk at the sound of something hard hitting my window. I try to ignore it, but the clanging sound comes again. I get out of bed and walk over to moon lit window and open it. There's nothing. I start to close it when the wind picks up and I hear Coral Re's voice ring through the air. I slam the window shut and jump back into bed, trying to hid from the sound. 

    "Kanaka." A harsh voice whispers.

    I look up towards the door, Coral Re stands close to the door. She wares the same armor as before, but instead of a shiny tail she stands on two long legs covered by a short black skirt.

    "How did you get in here?" I ask.

    "The window." She replies.    

    "Tell me the truth." I demand, she can't kidnap me with my parents already up from hearing me yell. 

    "I came in through your door while you where hanging out the window. The stone you have belongs to my Queen. She placed it in the bottle you so carefully took care of and sent it out to find the one that would end the war between the Divided Colonies and the sirens of..."

    "Yeah, I know that. I've read the paper." I yell, trying to hurry her along. She looks a little annoyed that I interrupted her but she continues on. 

    "The Atlanta Kingdom. When the bottle was found it could only be opened by the one the stone chose, after several attempts it found you. Now, you need to come with us." She takes a step forward but keeps her distance. 

    "I'm not going." I sit down on my desk chair, my Dad should be here in any minute.

    She sighs and shakes her head. "You really don't have a choice. I personally took care of your family, you can either come with us the easy way or the hard way."

    "No." I say more firmly and fold my arms. She's joking. There's no way there could be more of them already inside.

    "Aven." She says over her shoulder.

     A man walks into the room, in the moon light they look like family. He wares the same uniform as Coral, in his hands he holds a small glass bottle filled with black liquid. He steps closer and closer, the moon light shining on his polished armor. I scream for help but he forces the liquid down my throat, choking out my cries and leaving the most disgusting taste in my mouth. He eases my body down to the floor as my muscles tighten and make me shake. Suddenly everything turns dark, the only sound is that of the ocean.

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Chapter 3 ~ Living Myths

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Chapter 4 ~ Hewa Alaka'i

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Chapter 5 ~ Choose Now

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Chapter 6 ~ Traitors Of Blood

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Chapter 7 ~ The Beginning Of The End

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Chapter 8 ~ Preparations Of War

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Chapter 9 ~ Crossing O'Na Kai

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Chapter 10 ~ Battle Of The Champions

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Chapter 11 ~ The Final Battle

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Chapter 12 ~ Home

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Chapter 13 ~ A Prophecy Fulfilled

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