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A Handbook For My Lover

Guised as an instructive manual, 'A Handbook For My Lover' chronicles six years in the life of an unconventional affair between a young writer and her lover, a photographer 30 years her senior. This beautifully written book documents the young woman’s demands and desires, her fantasies and eccentricities as she negotiates the minefield...

F C U K Paris!

As the winter chill sets in on Paris, their separated love is set to reunite. As his heart glows warm, will her chilled hesitating heart see his frozen too? Or will they find their old selves on the warmth of sunlit beaches again.


Get Smarter Marketing takes the confusion out of marketing by presenting the topics you need to know about in a clear and concise way. Reading this book won't turn you into a Marketing Manager but it will help you make more informed decisions around what marketing strategies and tactics are best for your business to improve your...


A clown's meteoric rise to political fame. This story contains adult language & themes, sophomoric language & themes, lots of drinking, even more womanizing, criminal acts depicted humorously and humorous acts depicted criminally. There is enough in this story to offend everyone.