His Life Is A Complete Fantasy


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1.)Alec summers😏

Freckles! my best friend Harrison exclaimed. Whats  up what are you doing?, Dating anyone yet? Will you ever shut up or stop calling me freckles??  We walked to volleyball practice. My name is Alec Summers. I'm 16 and in high school. My best friend is a year older then me but he got held back a year so he's stuck with me. I know I know you havent dated anyone since middle school.  I was just joking around he was rambling. Its not like you've been dating anyone either!”



I gave him a the counter attack he seemed hurt mission accomplished Well all you do is ignore all the girls and the boys and everyone that wants to date you!!  Harrison was questioning me. I looked at him and we both started  laughing. We were both kind of different we shared some interests but especially not in people. 



Sure i was popular, I hated crowds so much, I liked guys more then anything. I was Pansexual my best friend is Bisexual.  We are always joking around about dating who. We do share common interests like the group that we play music in he plays the drums i'm the lead guitarist and singer. We arrived at the doors of our high school volleyball gym. We were pushing each other around and joking. Volleyball one of the most important aspects of my life since age 3.  It came from raw talent, hard work and how long you've played.



We were playing volleyball and it was pretty good. Me and Harrison stayed after practice to help clean up. We started talking about the songs we were going to play in a few weeks. we got our stuff and left. When we arrived at Harrison's stop we high-five'd goodbye. I started walking in my direction. I was on full relief mode when i got home. I mean no homework? Living alone? the dream!. I decided to take a walk instead of spending time on screens.  I was walking then everything was fine. I was listening to music. But my whole life would turn around when i turned the corner. Truly you couldn't see anyone's emotions in such a mess.

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Mandy Wolf

You need to add quotation marks, Riku


Yay! we landed from our plane. Always the new kid. Finally the last place where we have to move. Time to make new friends. My old friends had moved with me but we were just a group of 3. if i wanted to please them i had to get a boyfriend. We were on the road to our house. we got there it was huge and so amazing. we got inside and i raced my big sister to find a room. I call this one. My sister was annoyed . 


I had taken the biggest room ,compared to my parents. i started to unpack and then i got bored. I  looked at my phone. I watched some videos. Then i decided that i wanted to take a walk get to know the landscape of things. Bye i'm going ,i said with a big smile. Okay come home before 10! my mom exclaimed. I was out, all of the house were huge and looked cool.i wasn't paying attention, then “WHAM” i smacked right into some one. ow he called out. 


He was staring straight at me. Oh my god. A random guy that was the hottest compared to who i have ever seen. Was straight above me. “Wow great job , you had to do this now you'll never make any friends.” I was thinking . The first thing he did wasn't move or call me a Faggot. He chuckled and said hey are you ok? I turned red  after hearing his voice it sounded nice,soothing but not to girly or masculine. He got up, Stood straight up and held out his hand.  I took it afraid not too. Sorry i wasn't paying attention ether. he laughed. Yea sorry, Hi are you ok? 


I was kind of worried Yea i'm fine he replied. With a big grin. Your new around here whats your name?  Oh my name is  Ash Carter! i said smiling, he seemed very nice. Well my name is Alec summers. I like you name really suits you. Your not mad at me right i mumbled. 



How could i be mad at a cute guy like you? he said very confidently. Plus would you like to be friends? I was really red but couldn't see how the confident guy wasn't self absorbed. He had a red eye and a blue eye both very light. He had a lot of freckles i mean he was wearing a tank top and shorts he had them on his face his shoulders even his legs. 


His hair was in a small ponytail. He seemed perfect. But perfectly interested in me also.  He gave me his number and i gave him mine.  We separated ways i was still standing there dumbfounded. I texted my friends “I found this hot guy and we are now friends he lives in my neighborhood!”  “That's good,Now u can find a way to date him!” my friend Aiden replied “Yeah Aiden's right” Anderson said. 


People had always called us the 3 a's we all thought it was funny when they did because we had been friends since the grade 5. “Haha ,sure i'm going home to eat then sleep ,bye" i clicked out

I took a a walk home with my music. it was peaceful. I ate when i got home then went to bed. I was thinking Maybe Alec could show me around. I was left with my thoughts. Then i slowly drifted off to sleep. What a good day.

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