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This was always a Gentlemen's club but for some reason, the world of the future is changing. The decidedly devilish Duke men of a dish had to be garnished and undressed to his light up Christmas balls.If it was any "Wonder Women" and what met their eyes they didn't need to wonder anymore. And then it happened lovely boob Rita Ora she loved to do him what an expedition her mouth what a hottie oral and he loved to bite her nipples. The right spot her boob palace portal.There were different rank levels and they were serious card players. This was a hunger boob God! have mercy. He needed more of those hungry women moans whispers and shaky boobs he had this sexual desirable touch with them.He yearned to keep kissing her boobs way down her crack.This hunger of boobs started a long time ago in the eighteenth century there were so many private affairs and wickedly dripping clubs.The was this girl Sasha in her mid-twenties She wanted so much to be a writer of sensual darkness. But the rules of this hot club were getting more strict.There was a ferocious deep side darker than anything they could have imagined.There were different doors to ope through the V-door it could have been Vagina or very well Vampire it was getting Tricky but way too sexy. His sperm had erupted so inside her body her boobs were lifted to so many different heights.They all were looking up to others for better leadership this was the boob of high profit a rise of property.

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Chapter 1

Inter Boob Course Treat 2 Times around.

How she read him twice like a main course

She leaned against him the case of the cock of unrequited love needed to bring it back to life those babes knew their craft.He was now tangled in her sheets How he suckled her nipple she had those lush curves how it blended to his deep shaft Universe London England was juicy so hungry they were sex hunter's those pornographic shops those French postcards lip sucker How you guided me and took me inside your click...click ... fly the cockpit ...cock a doodle stretch she was Kitten sex heels she loves walking with her French poodle. Her biological clock keeps ticking stop the erotic clock. Madonna had 4 min to get up on the do it over again table her song to justify my love sex extreme pleasure.She gripped his fingers her mound was smelling like coconuts was surprising  Bali wicked Please go deeper and wetter show the world what we got!! Why was his voice so low nearly above a whisper don't need a wimp. Don't be playing games with me.Do me again picture video me spicy shrimp.He's the Canadian big cups, playing jockey!!The expression of lust on her loves face told the whole fantasy story hot and horny, in sexual behavior print, everyone will see it. "WOW IN BIG PRINT".You better lip tip your cravat to her.


What food for a sadistic army.

So hot made you horny. So deep inside you

his name Sammy.

Deep inside you sexual lover, he got you gamy.

One chosen I apple turnover so crusty and busty.

What a stormy Ballistic waiter his fuck eyes so lusty.

Eyes on the Porn swingers egg beater and his hot Mommy. 

You just can't get enough to hate him the hot course, 


 Whoa "Tits and Tamales" his big Franks.

What suck up's and thanks

They, demolish his tip of the cock his fucking money. 

You were the waitress sticky hands of dark exotic honey.

 That fucking master spread your legs opening entree.

That plate his semen hotcakes sold heavily pureed

So bold like a puree that trucker "Duree"


no intermission. Just oversexed interruptions

Deep inside add more erotic food with friction.

 Some of the bodies got scorched. 

What a heat her lips pursed to cook


The "Frenchie Fries" all bitched.

 Your breath caught hers all in a hot glitch.

 Did you feel cursed?

Rentering her like a cooked up bitch.

And you are sipping his fuck master mug.

His other lover eyes of a spell. 

Made her into a witch.

Deep fried in my switch

 Those wife lovers another hot sauce

 So hot bothered.

The other couple fighting getting a divorce

Her bun ass so coupled and mothered


Waiting for your hot erotically semen spouse.

His other lover frightened like rabies a mouse. 

His Italian horn spouse hs cock beeps. No time to sleep.

Those hot oysters and hot babes met their mobsters.

 He was the made man and she fucked him in

the Chef house. 


Taking her Blonde bombshells apart

with red-hot lobsters. 

Those vixens of vultures the pain house of torture. 

That sadistic chef with his sexy cleft.


What fucking bodies does he cook that was left.

Her spouse took the water hose and sprayed her clit whole. 

It was better than dancing strippers pole.

 At Christmas time those hungry cocks in her erotic bake shop.

 The windows were designed all topless boob cakes.

 Men were still eating like they met babes with cream inside drakes. 

The other men were home with their Christmas balls.

The sex cookers meeting new prospects at the fuck me card Mall.

 The Intercourse such heat and friction.


He tied her up Christmas light.

He fucked another one hot course deep throat.

You swallowed so deep the pain and pleasure.

I didn't have a moment to get her more devoured.

He fucked you hot dish hell erotic eat all mansion.

His Italian horn fetish fashion.

The whole enchilada everyone goes beep

.He goes more inside deep

You better watch out I'm telling you why?? Huh

Your Santa Spouse is going to eat you up Muah

In your blow me I'm hot cup

Her heart shape face and honey gold eyes He followed her, only to see every step juicer how her boobs got always ranked a step more up. Then what happened next she sipped his brandy he could almost see her dripping through her panties. But his fingers went inside her crack and he drank her up. He reached her entryway the fire crackled and hissed he was up to something alright licking all the way up her long neck and her deep throat did he love her cupped hands sliding all over it. It was like a candelabra that flickered Its juicy fruit time how she announced her seducing fuck smile on her face."I, um, sex hungry and so here it is. Stephanie loved to tease but he drew her hand and pushed it right near his cock she licked his shaft she loved it wet and she could feel the thick and succulent salty flavor all over her full taking him all in lips. He spoke out again faster and faster I need to feel it suck it in more.Natasha, she loves to bit into apples he was the Mr. McIntosh saying go lip deep and push me harder. He loved different spices of ladies.They were the deep throat and he was the dude with the swinger Goth dark coat.Pick your sex positions sinking into his groin what a massive hard on.

There's always a price to pay well gold is going up just dip her, it's a gold finger maybe you used, it too many time's what a gig!This is a computer porn bug it doesn't stop' I want you to fuck me do you hear me! She glanced off the erotic love table and she sucked way up to his face.His name Rich society he was born with the metal wife beater spoon

How Joseph's hand she learned "that is what I want Joseph"her name was Angelique her vagina slick silk folds and Joseph replied I will take you like a whore.There was such a rawness in his emotion how he straddled her vagina fluttered around him.She loved to be the whore he reached out what a home cumming how he mapped the globe-circling every secret wish of her vagina and womb her beat dominatrix buttocks.

His breath wafted the curl about her ear His hands lifted her erotically soft shoulders ripples of semen delight went through her.He was like the magical sex tricks are sexy of the Matrix.

They get juicier by the oral second juicy Valentine hugs. Why is someone always getting these fake boob cards. How her vagina burned and stung in denial.Thinking back in other times she loved big things.Like an electric current hit so many Johns, her fingers felt as swollen as her sex he got something big O-M-G that whopper is Huge!! How can I compare another cock party to top this secret tip off? Dipping his head he caught one nipple between his teeth. How he flicked the right tip with his map of whole Porn pull me down the tongue.He got far with her eyes flash of desire her thighs trembled and his hot warmth pooled between her legs she was wife sex ready he had the nose, planters went like a vacuum cleaner did he cover up his low pants of a mess this is no lie.How it shames you a slow burning desire crawled up her clitoris and spine.

Putting on her blow color red passion juicy lips she loved to tease them the perverted Dmitri big rising star cock instead of his nose.How many porn jobs did he smell they nicknamed him Penis of love Venus? He touched her sliding his hands down her panties. He was the Taxmen of cocks he left his signature mark semen and lie prints, all over her bed.You keep masturbating your balls are getting sucked all the time they turned red as her Miss Glossy, love me to times Jimmy!

People will stare, light my fire rippling in her mind you adultress liar.Get a better grip big dipper your rising star.Buying the whole Porn shake. She knows how to hold it together.Her hand's have a certain touch!Wife sex fucking he licked the fruit juices from her lips his nostrils flared and her scent filled the air and his cock and hens kicked up a notch.

He had to admit it smelled better than his banking on the cedar wood never have enough!!He hadn't quite shaved enough wood he was a worker he was thinking of her vagina shaving her with his rough hands pinching her and getting the hair shaved just right for his next feeding. So he could get deep enough inside he loved to smell her.

Spicy exotic Sex hot on my index.He's stockbroker and a blunt instrument nudged her vagina on the flickering light road.So Contagious music to the max vacation.This is no time 4 a premonition she pressed her lips to his you think too much for a hot moist flesh his tongue licked her left cheek. We never have enough sex time. I am looking up I see the things that mean the most to me those sexual fantasy visions so many love obsessions. A love mated Amazon girl rocker contagious.

Those world sex scandals I rather wear designer studs on y clit on the Riviera.

Big assets are starting to show what happen to, Matt Damon, we gave him a sex Ultimatum what he Borne with no chest for hot ladies identity not knowing who he is!! But he remembered all the fun he had that never gets erased. Amazing her boobs felt electrical, sensation, sizzling, through his body, Mr. Raunchy Red suitor she's the boss, singing so slutty.Do you know who you're touching you fingers felt like silly putty where the sex is leading you?You're getting hard you fit so well in the crowd these thousand pussies of porn Do you like the things so decadent the day you were born he rolled her onto his back. Imagination, conjuring up. I'm going the military bang her route.What a ravenous beauty scout her name Cherry.

His finger's doing his semi hard sex protruded his fingers were sticky from her silky slide.She was wet naked and vulnerable. I guess that's the route she's going.She cupped his penis through the folds the towel they dried him she had opened herself to his darkness of sex.

In Greek the Aleatoric and vagina of the latin sexy tongue.When the dreams are not pleasant I pump my cock and pretend my hand is your desirable on the sex edge body It's a world waiting 4 you.The burden like a caged bird only the conscious can set it free.What's life showing you? Well, baby, I'm not going to hell!

So start making things happen, don't dampen up my spirits. I'm the big guy, those ghost buster's, stole big bucks, We couldn't see them coming!!Why on earth do we see other things coming?He explored her cervix weighting it near her how he loved to pinch it__circling it at the tip of his erotically spanking fingers.A man and slut reckless pursuit of passion.

Just a few more sex cravings to duplicate the same erotic touch. Her fisting flesh squeezed his Orange Julius chest.and sperm readily she loved her regulars.

Big needs and wants she want!!Big shows he wants an exhibition of sadistic pleasure to have so much publicity, I couldn't care less! !Sex in the city babes love to be single, but I don't need their singles, I need the big bucks.I love Buck's County PA.Those girls have a gift how they suck.Scents in the air cinnamon girl & other spices went to his groin. What a hot "Philly Steaks" she was rare and raw layers and layers of sixty nine of me.

What happens last night it was wonderful but it was just_"Sex baby. His gaze snapped to her really stern, so jaded Howard I said last night was just sex.That's what you were going to say right? He said I was thinking to blow me way sex she nodded fantastic sex phenomenal sex only one night hot.

Can't you even see all you care about is your balls assets I can get something that has more substance bigger sucks? Oh no! I can't take you anywhere.Your hand's are too dirty? She took a bite of the stir fry. Just suck harder.Day in or day out he went so hard in & I went so flooding out.Sunrise he's wet rich man find me an another sex victim.Sunrise shh sunset arranged marriage.What a merger a bet put your best asset was the antique baby carriage. Adrenaline poured into his body.Keep working the big stocks & please no mistakes!! We really need to talk about last night.How can I talk to you look what you did to me I am like a puppet on silken sadistic strings?.He loved poems here was another one

Bust reputation spread the rows

Everything complicated

Living on LSD drive coincidence

At a glance, she pulled down my pant's

Tip of my cocaine nose ruined my


ended up with a row of coffin carriages

How they partied LSD & Lucy in the

sky that junkie took my pot

Please don't ask why?

I gave him another shot in the row

Black cold heart devastated blow

Her reputation mermaid fucking

 became X-rated those fish mates

some died got cremated.

Me pregnant I got my own row

in the cell saying over again

'But  he's the one"

He became " My chosen one"

Where do people come from

She was damn tight 

The wall's of her sheath 

felt death tangled o-Me

Did he doubt wicked me

flooded my insides

How he move's my body glide's

he saw my stream drought

Like hooked I got caught


Bidding on mermaid's what a tail

Sucking out lobster's opening up

my fishy email's

sucker's spreading love explosive

chemistry Money cleaned out my fishes

 better Be bad apply more pressure

Boob sweet spot I'm afraid to let you

out of my dangerous sexual brain


in your last ending row 

What a blow to my head

Cannot pay your mortgage 

What a rage instead of your house

You ended up Christmas time

Hot boob ringer mouse Set a trap

Fish egg's all over my spouse

Someone's eyes on you so fixated

 fishes collecting groupies mated

watered down  each week took people


to the sea mob world

sitting in a row

Got sold to the highest fucker

I'm not willing to lie $ sucker

He dropped her wrist her eyes from blue

water turned violent pleasure & mind

 Sherlock sex clue?

Terrifying to know she could swim him badly

mermaid's base hit she opened up her ?

Throwing her tail he swallowed her word's

Water bead's Madonna PRAYER
sip's of caviar fish
Rows and rows call out to me
Yellow tail-duet Man in the row

 Causes mermaid riot
 so frantic Nibbling  surfing diet
Rows and Rows mermaid's 
Fucked and broken
He know's my dreams
Rows of seats NY TRAIN last bust
Sushi Queen busty row
He's putting  your crown on
He know's when you're droppy?
 Her fish sexual behavior
mouth's drinking and your sucking
One left in the row Being boobs alone
Bring my God damn Mermaid Phone
Appetizer dishes God Nymph blow fishes
Reputable Caviar she met the King of Zar.
But her tits went everywhere its all in the club
Sandwich eating her up at the bar.

Sex in the city babes love to be single, he kept her gaze captive teasing her inner thighs but going the single bars, I felt like his breeding program she felt the flicker of hot heat his warmth every Newsweek became sex-week. How he filled her mind with graphically questions big profit bucks.How she sprawled naked all over his bed.His driven part always demanded justice or a bad revenge. He didn't change expression Clyde was his name he said you're taking a big chance with this other guy. He said one word and fear was skittering way down below 69 feet under her spine.He returned home with a collection of her nymphomaniac treasures. She was a collector seduce me mugs his shaft hardened my sugar.He took the sex tray from her and landed down on his cravat.His name was Buck oh what the fuck he loved to play with their deep rose nipples.I love Buck's County PA.Cinnamon girl & other spices went to his groin.Philly steaks layers & layers 69 of me.So rare and juicy on the sex market. Can't you even see all you care about is your big assets? I can get something that has more substance big buck? Oh no! I can't take you anywhere.Your hand's are too dirty? She took a bite of the stir fry.

Just try a little.Day in or day out he went so hard in and her bust went far out. He went so flooding out. His Sunrise he's wet rich. She is the hot boob bitch one of his other an sex victim. His quickie OJ Sunrise she loved orange juice shh sunset arranged marriage.What a merger a bet put your best asset was the antique lay her in the boob carriage. Adrenaline poured into his body.Keep working the big stocks and firmer boobs please no mistakes!!Trumpets of his fine crumpets of jerked smile grin.

Don't be cradled  by a babe his head  went right to her. Despite her panic, her words came out seductive how he feeds her intention.Impelling her to accept his sexual advances. Those clit copy-cats with jeweled so jaded think they will get away with the money it's not real!! Did I get what I want?"I stepped into the shimmering emerald water his breath caught in his throat I went deeper he took her whole in one golf meets my whole sunset deep breath to calm surging. His body his mind but what was in his soul?"She lathered her body like Jessica rabbit her own bottled sex lotion.Making his body throb jerkin need.He was saying don't ever tell me I cannot touch you look at me what happen I need it so much. Anywhere or anytime and anyplace it sounded so strong like the statuette told him a command it was only his hand on her her shapely texture it kept a trace a feeling deep inside him.

You know what you got Mr Cock? Things got to move not stand still, but you are always hard you lost your sex guard fantasy too much about boob statuettes. Look at you like a Grecian Master you got the whole breast in your hand why don't you put it in your mouth.Why is everything so small I need better glasses you getting the prime meat of asses. What big issues to deal with who you always want to be with?Wanting the bigger piece of pie.Sex in the City made his way down to the cabin scorpion his face chiseled and masculine big asset letting him feel her pleasure.Participants in a violent challenge fun with her take her foursome what she got damn double drink. Just walk away Renee I won't be singing your bust up  song. He's the Gigolo, not finished by a long boob shot.You call the shots don't leave her entice her.

Going on to the next feasting he teased his way up the slope of her breast what sling shot. She gave him a Club of a hard on. He loved to make her scream taking her body downtown deep well let it be a better one!! I am not dealing with 1's more 1000 or millions in the trillions!! Enough cooking peeling onions French onion soup heated up the love villa.But the others were struggling not having any weight of the sex money! What about the Uptown Girl living in her sexy toy world.Your Mr! Big carry on Miss Carrie, just keep writing your Boob trap article's!!Don't be a jackass threesome many dirty rings on your tub.

I don't understand these guys that have rings on their private asset of places!Big picture show what a cut on her sexy lip his willpower gave her strength! What is the purpose of that! She hangs so low she's jiggling you dig. What a piece, big mouth, assets of a niece!! Her boobs could take over and roll anyone under. Such intense heat like "Pure Velvet "wore him our boob brushing. He wanted to feel her inside him.Her tits like diamonds crushing and dripping at his knee. He scanned her boobs hands all over the surrounding area. How she chewed on her lower lip.How he stopped her from attacking. What a bang brought up a manicured hand he knew the sins of her past but didn't care she spread her leg's he was so thirsty his name was Buck.He had the whole shebang in his hand that something to be excited about She's no dear he can feel her tunnel, he loved the bridges.How his excitement edged her voice Sheba closed her eyes allowing the sensation to rise just the way he does.His knees pushed apart her inviting sensual greased by his legs.Did he say "You don't have to be so virgin-like he drew closer to her breast his hands so calloused and rough his shadow against his sensual jaw sent flames of a climax?

How he loved, climbing her height's.Like he was drawing, a gun from his boot's how his entry into her sexual mind putting in her hand. Do you know how to use it?"How he moved her like a stealth of a wolf. You've worn me out 'Have I?"' no stock of my money he will get, He warned her cradled his head to her his body reacting to her scent of heat.Obsessed with her money. she won't get out of bed I need a big piece anything will do.I am getting desperately seeking Money, not gold! Are you kidding me gold is going way up this playboy bunnies showed there Double D Boobs to a wicked Willie wrapper's sparkling gold I am not being sold so forbidden about being on survival so naked this isn't E-bay bucks sticky fingers get off my bigger than hunger game my lady using the wrong fingers hey honey she grew soft & pliant.He was getting bigger like a giant.

Let's trump it up win big winning twin set that guy in the new's climbing way up throwing his money around. laughing like a sick clown what a big Smile frown Money news big asset expensive designer shoes flooding her mind with his ownership.She took a quickie coffee sip.Women stealing designer erotic heels stepping over the Men's body dominant trait shoes showing their assets went all over the new's. Sixth sense what’s inside how it grow's.You are the only one who knew.

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Wonderland of Hot Boobs Chapter 1



Everyone was home, enjoying time with their families Moms got up early to catch breath-heart-taking in the sunrise. This was the world of hope saving the planet. But there was this very red district that was surrounding them. Hell bent over Leather sadistic world. Blood-Bling devil –sheep this was no ordinary game we every count another body turns up.Losing battle World needed to hold onto something to keep. So  the US Government was not your safe grounds all blasted bites the biggest boobs hounds. The government took a turn into wonderland of prime cut babes of Diamond's. They weren't the girls best friends things were changing. Some boobs needed more perfecting they were starting to loose form they went to the underworld deep below the sea like nymphs but they made them bad to the fish bone. Please, the world has, mercy bad ass bounty killer invasion of  boobs don't let them sleep it was turning into the body snatcher if they slept they would change into monsters Joan Crawford straight jacket. What you see is what you get their poor - boobs he would smoke them out of the club.

He would put the cracked diamond's when they would be laying to rest on the crack of their undesirable breast. all over your body your trembling in your sleep.Your eyes no feeling of sexual moods, the BA black sheep boob spell of signals. I felt like "Lady GAGA" that lost her best song going Pop with her boobs yelling to her "MAMA". How so many expressions were bent out of wonderland of cup shape's. So like a nudity portrait how you admire so much but lost gravity of force of sexuality. Somehow his eyes were cool and also she couldn't exactly read them. She swallowed that heat of his sensual full lips but unnerving. What does she really deserve a man like him? The he stated to take her delicate fingers to his mouth. Her face started to heat and she replied all I will want is wicked hot so wickedly seeing all the wonderland of darkness.She imagined him standing on the dessert sand and how she would sun kiss him all over his body rising her most special weapons her boobs rubbing against his chest.

But when the storm kicked in all craze Vamp-boob angels unchained all over the campus spreading hot boobs of love. The wonderland changed  riders to the dusk of dawn finding prey but people not waking up to see any beauty shape and form of a new age day. You felt mystical world was enticing his shaft lifted up right toward you world game it was written all over your face. So (Born to be the wild card) flirting with danger. He was working on a international top secret all boobs staying young and desirable. He needed to connect the three worlds together so the planet can be safe and find cures to help the world live on. Old Testament events occurring different times Nostradamus

Were scared all the bad signs they were very skeptical. This world was too adultery murder and cannibalism dead bodies. Was everywhere falling stars of countries Israel fighting against the Arabs. Palestinians the evil times of concentration camps Hitler imitators.. Army of vampires’ warfare blood-shed like chronicles. When we need more peace and love heroes live on this world eyes of the center universe and reincarnation after world. Good earth fighters true-humanly- feelings gifted kids we love Moms and Dads generosity helping people with cancers and fundraisers.. Fem me Fa tale very bright loved people she was called Fem me-gem she had a heart of good side of energy.Like an "Ink Inspired International charm" adding power and her strength to families. But she wasn’t all human form that’s why she had these powers but she didn’t fully understand the significance. She kept wondering what will happen to the world will I be helping people are endangering them? She had to learn how to use it. She loved to sing but the world was dark and cruel she couldn’t get  boob ahead with her top ratings. She was a spiritual half human and good part species. 

She loved everything to do with nature she was morning stretch lady but a tinge of she-Devil boob wake. She loved her garden plants and her powerful mind of a sex weapon healer takes your mind away escape. Her dreams so vivid as she met this Man he was a knight tumbling through her time traveler. Everything in the flowers turned the deepest heart red deep breathing meditation but it was a world of vampires minds corrupt not her song of a duet. Two faces like hypnotic eyes vampire blood set. The last script deadly word proofread check-it-out Mate Le Grand deadly mission. click away tongue American or foreign disapproval. Lawyers of the world not keeping up to the underworld they needed to hold on tighter to their suspenders kept every reader in suspense. Twin sister they loved going out to the clubs they were unique and loved to dress up. To look like two Hilton of the heiress had the sex appeal of two mistresses.

The change took over different than the norm more paranormal. Getting into the private biggest boob club was called Rank-Me-Wonderland they had belly dancers came in from India exotic drinks were going around frozen cocktails with diamond chips. Almost drowning your words hanging down the glass his sharp fangs of an umbrella. We needed a Dance safe-site not a rank me club jealous woman witches of vengeance. The darkness had a way of turning everything to the richness and infectious. Full of  bit boobs ends gaps and britches it came out with erotic spells of the witches. Songs were being played SOB Snobs of bitches got there juicy his boob style steak seated next to them eyes on them they took them outside never came back battle threesome boob of CD track. The club was filled with all the tits in the world festivals and concerts, not your year of the seventy clubs you got sixty minute TV show hearts desperate acts no peace and love triply.

 Pouring and drenched tents of rain he was the Wolf-stock of Woodstock’s. Immortal illegally, date rape designer deadly talk you’re running, for your lifeblood dripping in your walk falling down pills body is shaking virus in the air chills. All sex symbolic meeting Vampires of a different device bloody drinks alcoholics.

Looking around so many half-breeds and tarot cards of Gypsies they hated their coffee with cream half and the half it reminded them of a clean virgin cut in half. Too virgin-like but the big boobs  one half creamy and one he creamed her again, What a half-breed flower of energy through beauty and the boob of the beast palaces everyone felt her Moonstruck Bob Mackinac turned her outfits of fortune to luck The wonderland of  trees so much ecstasy was going around like water down drinking no mercy please Club girls had no time on their Diamond hands there lifeline was going nowhere but the sound of “Boob evil existence was somewhere. ”It cut into her wrist vampire kisses going all the way up your arm. You wanted so much to escape smoked out club but the fire chief not human they didn’t care what was burning like an inferno.Drug of an overdose those ambulance trucks inhumanly derelicts. They got a call they took their time playing cards and those housewife’s like 3-D Tile 2 face creatures. But spoiled and sore to the bone-losers of a game of McMahon. Everyone was playing their own style, so many different rituals. Different script dimensions from all overseas. 

The game got powerful spread worldwide like a formula, it could be deadly or something life form giving. She was a feisty woman full of living, so much dancing evening Femme nickname of a goddess gem. Took a rest went back to her seat with her cognac and guys dating she looked….oh so radiant. The man was hungry and not for any type of food for her. She felt sometimes out of touch….she needed men of the different breed of surroundings. 

Her mind was full of desire but disturbed with problems, of a spell-dreaming state. There was a woman in the club her name was Celeste, she was from France La belle charmer, but God Damn these Vampires. You don’t have a biting chance don’t ever come to my town Eifel love towers of France. But there was a world of Vampires in France. 

Dear holy of the holiest “GOD” what is sacred we need more belief this world is turning over the crumpled boob we need another door with a better girl of a knob. So much scandals matrimony love hearts got love destroyed. This man sitting across the way said to her How you are! Am I very concerned I don’t mean to stare at you? I know all too well about what is going on in this club. He waved on Come over here I have something to tell you. She looked in his eyes she didn’t trust him than her smile lifted she was more genuine she said okay I will be coming over. She took another sip of her drink and said Just a moment.You are here to invade me not to please me I have something you need this is a men's wonderland it used to be ours.

He spoke out to her saying you are in danger be very careful! someone did something to you. I know you are gifted with talents but also you are around people that are religious cults, and they will do anything to destroy you and your family. Gently she became distracted she was bitter tightly fisted her hands holding the drink. Wondering how this person knew her, and everything about her life. She made a face I….you are saying I…tightly lipped was thinking deeply of something from another time. Trying so hard to forget what was around me. I didn’t know what planet I was living on at times. He said let me give you my card came out of a gold case card was in deep heart red words unusual written black. Please, it’s really important, if anything strange happens around you let me know.

Subconscious mind saying It cannot be true signaled in towards her distress sketching the guy was a painter he was almost drawing lines of her face. Don’t feel punished for my words, I am trying to help you Raised her dark exotic brows, I didn’t get your name he replied my name is Salvatore.

 I flew in from Milan Italy. I am a painter and also a fashion designer we could use someone pretty as you. The name of our show is called Run for your Life it was to original model on a Runway.This world needs more meditation-bringing out faces of Mediterranean fashion shows. She looked seeing his image through a body eyes and said I was afraid you might say that. He looked with complexes. 

What did you mean by that? He was having another taste of his bloody deep cabernet sauvignon. She replied I haven’t been trustworthy of any humankind. With her imagination came ability she saw the thing in a double and triple way, not in a normal state that people see things one way. Three worlds looking into third eye going above reality seasonal love symbolic. The third world of dance and third eyes bloody tired rituals but in her dream state, she felt sleeping on pins of cactus plants. 

Vampire world of they busted us she couldn’t get away from that world existence. Everyone in the club had a ritual movement came out in their dancing. Braiding like drapery hair peacocks of purity and doves of hearts flutter around. She was the earthly woman of goddess delights. The club was the Gothic high price of fame Loggia Devi Lanai tower eyes high spirited. Palazzo Pinocchio spinning and dancing looking spellbound, love echoes Woman hearing things that weren’t familiar with their surroundings. Traveling to Italy (Sculpture of Michelangelo’s David) caught everyone’s normal eye or dimensional eye. Wind of ringlets down to her decollete Fem me gem of a beauty dancing. Her friend Charlotte was as cake creamy her Mom ate so many Charlotte of cakes she decided to name her Charlotte.

Visualizing twin images of the Men’s bodies near the David was Judith of Donatello quite confident with desire-love-and beauty. In the club, portraits came alive birth openly Venus energy movement. You feel the strong touch of lovers intertwined. Everyone was dancing feeling connected, to the portraits. They had a significant power to them. They felt they were in a 3-D Double D Boob set, it was reading out of a movie script. But the actors and actresses role play Dark- Moon took over. 

Counting on your life stars. Wishing and hoping but those Vampires are thirsty Getting the bigger picture celestial sphere. Human flesh of body rhythms long enticing neck tattoos, all the way down gothic style. Vampires with sin and greed she felt seduced with dark side skeleton in her designer closets. Garret his name was reached out to her attacking her soul disrobing her spirit. Lightly he kissed her luscious neck. Everyone was looking drooling from their mouths. Dark –Hawks prey club no one saw she was brutalized and taken out heavyweight blood-hound bouncers This other couple was dancing he pressed tightly against her she could feel underneath his pants felt firm with her silken dress of heat. Joining

his body got closer body language. Came out frightened she was trembling, but she desired his touch. He opened his mouth to get a part of her got uncontrollable. His taste was pumping right through her. The storm was a force of energy her name was Erica she could hear the rumble of the storm. 

Hungry eyes he had the unique scent Red wine Napa what a beauty of her Boobs he licked her way up and went down inside her amazing valleys. She was always boob hot in her Modern club of boobs kitchen  she met so many friends and how one particular showed his stream  of semen came out explosion fire, Lifting arms muscle man state of a different form club. She was the free Robin red-breasted spirited weights and he was the driven BMW be my blood his force went straight into her body drug flight. The weight felt she got smoked into his ecstasy but it was a spiritual drug of her body feeling lifted by him. On another musical bloody note, there were performers but it felt like they were more than meets a devil eye… Singers of a feed-back blood-rise nation I rather have "Boob-Nation" popular singers and bands on reverb-nation  top rating show of hands. I wonder wy it was a boob nation, Not a world of bloodsucker evil shooters no stars overdose of injection. 

Not where you want to be somewhere sick-age revolution dying like no communication. Fem-me and her Boob hottie sister met some other friends at another table they were mingling raising their glasses for a wishful change of the world back to norm. Some ladies went to the rest –DNA like there rest in peace stone wall all engraved  with exotic boob names. Who’s next? So many yellow dressed down boob ladies cab of city humans code dark moods trance-like. Pyramid all the way to the top Vampires of maniacs. Obsessions Heiress of tears and mistresses were stored in caskets of unusual known places. Warn -out walking taking your endless face path. 

Terror in your eyes (help) who would believe you everything you see coincidental numbers your initials relating to you. This world you knew what to expect. Dark dimension when will you see a better light magical spiritual forest of enlightening man. Ladies outspoken no words body play the tunes of treasure. Evil Hands all over 3-D double D Boob movie screen going erotic. The ceiling in the ladies room her name was Samantha she had those silken love strings she loved all International music French, with eating her bread with French wine Italian, seeded bread hard and he was crusty. Go, German, the beer was heavenly malty. She was the renaissance gold-crafted angels but around the angels when you look into the light it turned dark and evil-eyes came out you wanted to run, but it hypnotized you and it was filling your brain it took over a force it made you undesirable wicked. You can hear all red-juicy mouths chattering it felt like an explosion you could see in their faces they were not your normal average ladies.

 When you got back to your table everyone was sitting around waiting for the 3D dimension movie screen, and the singers to perform The Vamps,  let's curve your enthusiasm, not for the love casket box of valentine. Slutty world of trampling around like bloodsuckers. Someone was there from Drac drug flight magazine trying to find new bites. The judges were fire and devil desire, those Vamps could lift down anyone’s Rocker pants.”They speak up” and whistle out Blood-pump it out music man those vamps yell out I want you're food- drug of a prey. They didn’t need any black book they were always on a call Blood-press I want you!! Escort Vamp service those tramps. First one on the screen was Hawks they were licking their tits like Dicks and bite-sucker hawks.They had all the seeds boobed in right.

Any wonder how high rise Butts what a hot boob messenger to the very erotic her rear "End" they were Punk not any humankind they won’t be getting any music label of a metal. So many lady Judges had a device pushed it toxic gas deadly boobs beat you never saw them again. Next band getting ready to go  boob up they were dressed all Pop the men couldn't get their hands off them nonstop. They turned some busting heads like a Robin-breast red performer's red roses and not making any front pages of spin magazine poses. Their hot boobs were spinning. The Boob-press I want you to escort Impressions for Vampires service took them into their wing of the device. They really took a bad turn they all paid the price. The claw –drug flight magazine wrote an article beaten papers of shreds hardcore acts sadistic killer ended up in dreamy state minds of beds. Planetarium or let’s say sanitarium where are we going, absolutely nowhere fade into the blood. Needed to be somewhere frightened what is coming next. Another act Boys of the hood and the Devil soul Boob-hop singer went through the movie screen bad ass kicking righteous mean. He had this power to control blood –line stations they were lip singers of imitators.

They got canned. Computer files what a checkmate doing time they got scanned. Next one was a karaoke it looked easy no sweat but dreadful mace in the mic Oh lord cross to confinement. Fear beast-like of a sing nightmare waiting to happen they took them into a truck in wooden boxes nocturnal what a blasted fire ring. Another Movie started but this one was an acting role, This girl was locked in a room this is the second part shoot Charlotte fighter of her own demon webs. Walked in she read her parts eyes-set but tears of anger, she was real upset. There was this teenager named Charlie he was fifteen went over to her and said Miss can I help you. Are you alright? She replied no when I came into the club my best friend was slaughtered. 

I identified her at the morgue. It was filled up with people seeing their love ones that got killed Eve of Bust her destruction what took over the hunger games. East side of Park Avenues what hot boob revues and West family hide rainbow town of Alice's but not any type of wonderland need a good spell please have boob surgery and slice the bad ones. Please remove me to the safe haven of switches. It became Evil and taste for woman clubs of disasters.He spoke up and said well I hope you are around people that will help you. Then he left he was also playing a part graphic artist of the other side darkly painted world. Miss Kelly arrived sweet as a forbidden don't touch her boobs danger lurking pleas. Men don’t take a bite of her passionate pain of her bruised fruit. The director said is everyone ready lets Camera-blood-letting action and get a taste of some hot-devil rolls. It felt like  a heavy boob of an army storm needed to hear more boob-hop music.Everyone was itching there body parts storm worms is this reality meeting perception you bet his name was Kevin.

First act- Charlotte came up she wasn't the sex in the city one she started her big boob and his cock act She was walking near the docks sitting high up in the beautiful shimmering waters having a Boob cocktail drink like she was drinking up her wrong boobs of stars. This part was perfect for her because it was a pain like no other person. But it was so boob enticing how he licked my juices out. I  could have played her part. She was sitting for a long time. From a distance this guy spoke out to her she could vaguely hear him.But his chest loved divine and he didn't need to open his mouth he fantasized already licking her bib boobs like a wonderland she was Wonder Women.

The Second act- Mr. Chest-rest he was always fantasizing about big boobs. He was this dark erotic individual very eye controlling. Floods of love and through his words you feel his chest of his wonderland and how the ladies dived right in for a chest feeding. When he got closer to the top of the  Threesome boob cliff, he sat on the rock. Two distances apart from her said my name is Mr. Chest-rest. What is your name, she replied I am Charlotte. May I ask you something if you don’t mind? What are you doing all the way up on a rock? Underneath her breath, she said, to herself she feels like the web of no boob desire.

This is like a dead-end but like a playgirl hop and jump or not ready for any Boob club place. I hope you are strong willed not to be jinxed into doing something  Tit foolish. I live not too far from here; if you need anything please let me know. She felt her guts of her middle rib of a cage like a beastly boob creature he would devour her in the middle of nowhere? They had to replace Eric Canterbury he disappeared no one knew where he went.I think he had too much boob suckers and they threw him out the Boob wonderland club is it any wonder?

Next part Sir with blood Michael – He was playing a boob stuntmen villain He was in his dark tit less and pointless cabin going fishing for more  nipples and boobs he came too sucking late, he hated the sunrise. He was a dark moon to the dusk type of person. Was a loner type didn’t like to meet ordinary people. He had this bizarre presence in his cabin was Fish tank all dark water rocks with gray cracks distressed worn out like him. His cabin fit his personality, He took a walk he never looked at people always his head was down but something unusual happened that day. He looked up at this woman, he was intrigued by her unique looking style, and what a walk. Her name was Miss Kelly he said I don’t mean to stare at you but you really captured my eye may I ask where are you going. I would like to take you to this quiet town that has great food and sensual desire ambiance it sets the mood to get a thirst and desirable meal.

Miss Kelly act. Well, I am late for a dinner too many me sucked me out date. I don’t know if I can break it, why don’t you give me your Wonderland of boob card and I will get back to you. But he knew looking at her she wouldn’t so he was persistent. He said I understand but I needed to show you something and he was the boob man that you might find interesting. It will only take two faces of a bite picture shot in a  second. She looked up at him and said alright but promises don’t cut it this is a slice of no cake eating it will go in seconds. He was a serial boob killer it didn’t matter how well she looked for any man to flatter. Anyway, Miss Kelly tells him about the woman that has been locked away in a deserted room not wanting to see anyone, and she felt tit-less without a name what Whits and tits of a mystery but boob tameness we needed to know more about her. Distressed looking jeans you could see her boob popping out through the dark stained window.

The 3-D three devils of a bust  movie shh you hear a loud bust whistle infinite tongues those party people got obnoxious. Fem me and her twin  boob sister wishing there was a way out.Anyway drinking up your misery. Like you’re a patient heart to mend how do things measure what you got out of your life. Time left you with nothing you needed to rise going more upscale meeting the right people higher rank your club. After hour dancing away your pain, but never escaping danger. Stars wait yield sign not going anywhere. But you must make up your mind. Earth to everyone’s name? Are we all staying heads low or higher pilot flight? Reaching your Plateau places mind playing tricks.

This is no movie but  Busty vultures wanting your hot boob part. We need to keep healthy and be firm tight our boobs always get in the way when we want to have a good fight. Yes, rank-me medallions’ full Army with people of Boob dignity. Making you feel like a Queen ranking you royalty Hell of a Raven no R for Rutgers University.Went lower dream state where will it lead you loose ends or always not knowing and seeing college boobs and pool game ends. But you end up sleeping hearing prayers of Monks or Angels. Reaching out to you but just before you extend your hands you wake to lose touch. Is this the world highly religious cult’s world full of enemies. The director said let’s take a bite everyone went back to their pilot losing balance seats.The wonderland of boobs are our home for fireplace of good eating of heat.



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