In the party of sex, drugs, and unlimited possibilities that was mid 70’s Melbourne, three young people, Levin, Lawrence and Shelley, take off on a romp through the rampant and heady adventure of fulfilling their desires. To Levin, it is as if desire is his personal god, leading him through his life, so he clings to it and obeys it. ...

Sweet Emptiness

Oliver is a wealthy artist known for his perfectly crafted paintings. Now he cannot work anymore and we find him drunkenly destroying his marriage and reputation as he waits for the muse to return. Helen is a retired ex-cop. Morbidly obese and suffering from chronic fatigue, she lives with no future in sight. Then Lily appears, empty...


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Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

After promising young college student Jenny Thompson is murdered, her best friend and secret lover Mae is shattered. In a desperate attempt to unveil the killer, Mae summons the five most likely suspects to her family's cabin in the woods. It's her intention to get a confession, even if it kills them.

Smile for the Coup D'état

Broke, drunk, and caught up in the mayhem of a military coup d'état in Thailand, Peter Harden and his dangerously charismatic friend, Joseph Tanner, double down on their pursuit of destructive obsessions. But the crimes that they have committed together are becoming increasingly hard to hide under the tumultuous new political order. ...

To Become a Whale

The story of a young boy who has recently lost his mother, trying to make sense of the world of men and then embarking on a breathtaking adventure of his own - a stunning literary debut in the tradition of Favel Parrett's Past the Shallows and Tim Winton's An Open Swimmer. This is an extract from the book, published by Allen & Unwin.