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The wind was hot. The road was hot. The sand was hotter! Everything baked except for the air steaming thick and heavy. Three days like this now and everyone was tired and cranky. Not me! I was horny horny horny. I could not remember being so horny. Maybe it was the relentless heat that made my dreams so vivid. I lay in bed trying to wake up puzzling over these weird dreams and then forgetting them. I still had some time before I had to get up, eat some breakfast and get dressed to leave for work at our family boat-cruise business.

Business was going well and my mother and father were flat out all day taking the boats out on the cruises up the river and out to see the whales. I helped out in different ways including taking cruise bookings from the holidaying tourists. Most of the customers were families with children. Sometimes the dads and mums were cute and flirty and I could have a little fantasy as I made their bookings and took their payment. I always got noticed by the men, happily-married dads included. I was not too flashy; just simple nice tight jeans or shorts and top to show my great hot figure. I smiled for them as filthy thoughts ran through my smutty mind. I especially liked it when pretty mothers and other women noticed me. So far, my half-hearted attempts at exploring this growing bi-curiosity of mine were unsuccessful. A couple of times on a night out I had kissed and fondled girls in the same drunken condition as me without it leading to anything else.

I hoped that one day a nice beautiful woman would seduce me. All she would need to do would be to ask me to make love with her. Then she could take me home and caress and explore me in all the ways I so wanted. I was not confident enough to proposition a woman; even though the thought of licking a beautiful woman’s honey from her sweet dripping vagina drove me wild. Even coming on to a man I fancied was usually beyond me; except for Michael, but he was different.

At school, I had been plain and bookish, full of big words and clever ways of saying things. Even worse, I was more practiced at using two-way radios than texting or messaging. My ways and looks did not make me popular with either girls or boys during my teenage years. Being a nerd did mean I had lots of time for reading and fantasising. It also meant spending lots of time with my one close friend of either sex, Michael, who really had been the boy-next-door. No longer a shy and uncertain schoolgirl, I still found it difficult to know how to approach relationships and sex. My body and reading gave me the ideas; but getting to know and chat with people my own age seemed difficult, and the whole small-talk thing silly.

If I was a little tipsy it was easier to be a little more direct about what I wanted, but I did not like to lose control. I often found myself torn between wanting to let go and fearing letting go. Luckily for me, and Michael too, we had added sexual benefits to our close friendship. He satisfied my bodily desires without me having to worry about how I was appearing to someone I did not know. It was a bit confusing, but I figured I would work this stuff out without having to hurry. After all I was still young and in the meanwhile I could please myself with Michael.

Thinking like this again about making love with a woman made me wonder if I should talk to Michael about it. He might have another girlfriend who could join us for a threesome. This stray thought magnified the intense sensations from the good rubbing I was giving my clitoris and vagina. An amazing amount of fluid poured from me, making my thighs glisten with wetness. I laughed wondering why this idea had not occurred to me before. Michael would be up for it for sure, but first things first. I had to get ready for work, and spend another boring day sitting around in our jetty office in the stifling heat.

Hanging on to the feelings I had just enjoyed, I allowed myself a languid breakfast, not rushing. After a quick shower, I got into my most fetching white cotton bra and panties. I was in that kind of mood and I looked dead-set sexy. I would have preferred skimpy black lace maybe, but that wasn’t practical for today’s sweltering heat. Then I got into the skimpiest pure-white shorts and singlet top that I could get away with as my father and mother’s employee.

Within minutes of beginning walking I was sweating from the unusually high humidity. For a Saturday morning, there were few people around as I made my way to the jetty. Those who were out and about in the relative cool of the twenty-eight-degree morning wanted to get things done before the heat of the day kicked in. Most people were avoiding venturing out. They remained inside, hiding from the heat in their air-conditioned apartments, homes and offices. It was no surprise to find no one at our little boathouse office when I got there just before eight. Some keen tourists would have been here at dawn to go fishing up river with my father. They would be returning in another hour or so, sooner if the fish were not biting which was likely.

I was not going to get too worried if we did not have many customers for our river and ocean cruises today. We had been getting a good level of business for whale and dolphin watching over recent years. Our seven different boats were heavily booked most days. A slow day or two would not be cause for panic and maybe my parents could relax a little and avoid the heat too.

As I opened up the office a stunning woman appeared on the promenade. She slowed, politely waiting for me to make my way inside. I could only take in a little of her appearance as I fussed with the locks. What I could see of her had me flustered and fumbling. She cooed to me in the most beautifully gentle and reassuring voice. “Don’t rush honey; I can wait until you are ready for my business.” Something about the way she said that, with just a hint of playful impishness, made me even more hot and bothered.

She was dressed much like me, her mature and lovely body more graceful and full. Quite the bombshell, her body was not conventional pin-up. She looked like a beautiful woman-shaped torpedo with her sleek curves and the way she exuded power. Her legs were long and strong, bulging with muscle. Her neck was long too, not thick, yet somehow the torpedo impression remained with me. I kept glancing at her while I switched on the lights, checked the radio, and did the other daily routines of opening the office.

She wore no cosmetics or jewellery anywhere and her feet were bare. Her singlet top was lots of straps across her bodice, highlighting enticing lace and full round breasts. Her skin was glistening golden, not brown or white. Her micro shorts highlighted her tight muscular butt and long powerful legs which I had already admired. Her big muscular thighs, larger than those of most women, complimented her statuesque body.

Short dripping-wet black hair framed her angular, almost squarish face. She did not need makeup. The effect of her gorgeous full lips, full cheeks, beautiful smiling grey-green eyes, black hair and perfect skin was stunning. What really set off her face, making her one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, was her nose. It was largish, blunt and round, with flaring nostrils. It was not just her striking beauty that had me entranced. The mischievous glint in her eye and the way she held herself and shone with a glowing animal intensity was enthralling.

I could not take my eyes away and tried to take in everything about her, helped by her skimpy clothes. The suggestion of a small circle low on her throat took my eye. It looked to me like she may have had a tracheostomy at some point; perhaps she had choked on something as a child, or had some kind of accident? I pondered this blemish upon her otherwise outward perfection, completely besotted. I forced myself to stop staring at her as uncomfortable prickling sensations broke out all over my body. Being in her company had me shrinking back to a nervous, gawky and insecure teenager. I thought I had shed all that awkward self-consciousness. Suddenly, here were all my self-doubts again.

Somehow I got past her and behind the desk, shielding me from her affect upon my senses. She waited for me to collect myself then spoke gently, cooing like before. “Could you please take me up the river to see the dolphins? I can pay whatever you need to charge for taking just me on one of your boats for a special trip.” Her voice was melodic and vibrant; the sound and energy of her voice touching me right to the core. She had me transfixed. I could feel my vagina swelling open with raw carnal desire. Wetness was starting to ooze there, threatening to run down my thighs. My nipples were pushing against my flimsy top, ruby hard, pointing out erect from my swelling breasts. I could feel the tip of my clitoris bulging, the heat of its engorgement stirring deep within the lowest part of my belly.

My body’s quick and abundant reaction to her presence and request was most unsettling. For a moment I froze, not saying or doing anything as I fought with lust for control over my response. A moment went by as I waited for words to return to me. She smiled completely aware of her strong affect upon me and withdrew backwards just a little. Then I could avert my eyes, breathe again, and try to think of some appropriate sounding words to say.

“I can take you,” I finally blurted out. “We only have the larger cruise boat free this morning, which costs a bit more, actually a lot for just one person. I am sorry but I will have to charge you four-hundred dollars for just an hour-and-a-half trip up the river?” I was amazed I had got this out, although it had all come in a bit of a rush. I could deal with this I realised. I just had to be professional and treat it as another day at the office. For our family, this meant taking customers on boats out on the Hastings River, and the coast off Port Macquarie.

She smiled at me again. Four-hundred-dollars magically appeared from somewhere about her person, which she then handed to me. As she did so she got close to me and I swooned at the scent of her. It was not the raw animal smell that I had half expected, nor the perfumed boudoir scent of a sensuous woman which I more expected. To my nose her closeness suggested nothing other than the strong smell of the river itself. Perhaps she had already been for a swim this hot morning? It was intoxicating to be so close to her and I feared once more that I might drool or moan with lust. She stepped back to soften her affect upon me, allowing me to make the necessary preparations.

I was about to call dad on the radio to let him know the details, but something made me stop and I wrote out a brief note instead. Then I locked the office behind us. I wasn’t worried that any other customers might turn up; it was pretty evident that this would be our only chance of a hire this morning. Dad would not be fazed by the boat having disappeared. We always tried to meet every customer demand, no matter how eccentric, as long as it was not going to cause any harm and it paid our going rate.

Our larger boat was already tied up and fuelled just outside the office, ready for a river cruising trip in the evening. I did not usually take her out; but I was fully qualified and able. I would need to keep my strong physical reaction to this beautiful and unusual passenger under control.

I explained that the river dolphins were still disturbed from the new canals of the housing development. Their ancient river home was recently altered by the excavation of large artificial watercourses. Huge mansions were already erected on most of the new piles of mud. With the heat of this extended hot-spell I was not convinced we would find any dolphins at this time of day. I told her we could cruise up the river and poke around the canals a little. Hopefully we might spot some dolphins along the way, but I could not give any guarantees. She nodded agreement and surefootedly climbed aboard onto Daphne.

The still conditions, in the thick humidity and rapidly rising heat, made casting off straightforward enough. The powerful Yamaha outboards, much more reliable than my period, burst into action with the first kick of their starters. The familiar throbbing of the engines and the slow rush of the river water past the keel calmed me as we crept through the restricted speed zone.

“What’s your name?” She asked. “Mine is Dolly,” she added. Again, her melodic voice struck me. Her words, name and voice bounce around inside my head for a moment without answering. She patiently let me sort through my confused state of mind. When I finally spoke, I relied upon some of our standard customer patter. “I am Grace, and I am very pleased to meet you Dolly, and to welcome you aboard Daphne, our family’s favourite boat for river cruising. We have to go slowly here so that we don’t cause wash, but I can open her up in just a moment. There is bottled water in that ice chest, and you can sit anywhere you like. The life jackets are only needed in case of an emergency, and I will make sure you have a safe and pleasant cruise up the river ….”

I trailed off because Dolly — funny name for such a beautiful woman — had long stopped listening to me. She had made her way over to the ice-chest and was already delicately, but rapidly, draining most of an entire litre of cold bottled water. Clearly, she was very thirsty. To my surprise, she tipped the last third or so of the bottle down her front, over and between her bra-less breasts, fabulously highlighting her deep-brown nipples and large pink aureole. She was barely aware of her affect upon me as she quivered and shook, sending her nipples in exciting orbits. Her natural unaffected eroticism was extraordinary.

Finished with the water bottle, she began striding around the boat, exploring every quarter, full of animal energy, shining and glowing, like a confident super-model working the stage. Watching her, completely entranced, I could see her thinking and waiting; perhaps searching for something. I told her what most passengers wanted to know. “The toilet is behind that blue door, at the rear of the cabin.” She just looked at me blankly.

Not knowing what else to do, I turned up the throttle and we started motoring along at a gentle cruising speed of nearly ten knots. I noticed her first sign of hesitation as our speed increased. She stopped and looked at me, wondering. “It’s okay,” I said, “I will keep my eyes out for dolphins, and I know this river backwards, we won’t run into anything.” I was proud of my ability to captain us on this little cruise, as straightforward as it was. She nodded satisfied, then went forward to stand at the bow, poised and watching as we made our way.

There was no one else out on the river. We had it entirely to ourselves. No dolphins either, but I was not too surprised by that. When we had got about half a kilometre up the river she turned her head around and asked me if I would mind if she took her clothes off. She was still standing at the bow, looking forward, as we made our way upstream. I nodded okay, although I wasn’t certain about it at all. She stripped, without deliberate tease or display, lifting each leg as she removed her shorts, then lifting her arms to remove her top. She stood naked completely at ease. Clothing was an imposition for her. She relaxed, legs parted to steady herself against the gentle rocking of our boat. There was no hint of hair between her parted thighs. I had to stand by the wheel so all I could do was feast upon her body with my eyes and mind, wanting to run my tongue in her inviting crevice. Her legs parted wider as I watched. Her torso tilted forwards, pelvis backwards, giving me even more of an eyeful of her loveliness. Could she feel my desire for her? Was she just an exhibitionist after all?

Regardless of how I was feeling I had a job to do and so I kept the helm as we made our way in the climbing heat of the day. I was sure the temperature was already well over thirty degrees. The slight rush of wind from our movement through the water had no real cooling effect on me in the cabin. I found it difficult to focus. The heat, humidity and the dull ache of growing wanting between my legs and deep in my belly drove me to distraction. My sense of time became distorted, and I found myself having to concentrate on even the simple basics of navigation points. I was startled when we came upon the first outlying houses of Settlement Point, not realising how much time had passed.

Thankfully, in one way, Dolly came inside the cabin and stood beside me. She looked around at the couches and seats arranged somewhat haphazardly inside. “Does your boyfriend please you Grace?” The directness of her question surprised me, especially as I was now looking at her beautiful breasts there right in front of me. They were ready for my fondling and caressing. Despite the distraction, I was able to reply sensibly, impressing myself. “He is not really my boyfriend, but we do have a good understanding.” Some of my confidence was returning, and making love with Dolly had started to seem like an achievable possibility. The thought was also simultaneously terrifying, as I was not exactly sure what it might involve. I knew what I wanted to try, hopefully that would be enough.

It was so dammed hot it was hard to think about anything at all. I was not sure if I could think straight and navigate the river while being so overpowered by the thought of fucking Dolly. I tried to push the thought away but her suggestive presence next to me made that impossible.

“Grace, I want you to steer us to the end of the new canal, where the houses have not been built yet. Can you do that?” I nodded yes, it was one of the common points we went to on our little river cruises. There was a solitary male dolphin there usually. He hardly ever left this stretch, maybe venturing out into the main channel for a quick bite to eat. She must have been thinking about him all along.

I was about to ask her when dad came on the radio, performing one of our standard checks to see if everything was okay. I looked at Dolly as I responded with our position and condition, which were unremarkable. I then turned the radio down so we would not be disturbed again. She smiled and I melted inside some more. For a few minutes she just stood quietly next to me, helping me to get used to the feeling of her being close. Then she went aft to the ice-chest and downed another bottle of water. This time she drank every last mouthful. A little bead of water left her mouth, dripped down between her breasts, and then slid down her belly. It was the most erotic sight of my life. I trembled with lust, but still I hung onto the wheel and steered the boat. When she had finished she shivered and shook, alerting me to something of her own inner condition. I dared to stare at her fabulous vulva as she stood there. Her labia puffed and spread with inviting excitement. Her vagina was open and ready with glistening wetness. My own condition matched with hers.

I could not believe what I was seeing and feeling and I looked out at the heavy sky which pressed down on us now with stifling heat and humidity. Sweat poured from my body making my cotton things damp and heavy. My flowing lubricating fluids adding to the moisture between my legs. I was aware of nothing else except for the wheel in my hands, the thick curtain of heat hanging upon us, the line of the river ahead of us, and Dolly’s overpowering sexual presence as she stalked around the cabin like a lioness on heat. Even in my confused state this last comparison did not seem right. She was quite different to a slinky feline, her sleekness and playful smile was something else altogether. For a moment, I contemplated her as a svelte muscular Labrador, but that was not right either. Any more thoughts about her animal likeness were halted for the moment by the looming passage of the ferry across our path.

The ferry had begun its regular crossing across the river at Settlement Point, while my attention wandered. Only a truck or two, a few four-wheel drives, and a couple of cars were aboard her; business was slow today for the large ferry too. The ferry had right-of-way and I slowed the engines to an idle.

Dolly climbed up the forward stairs out of the cabin and onto the bow and walked right up to the railing. Her legs shifted a little and then a torrent of piss streamed from between them splashing into the river more than a metre away from the hull. I was amazed and slightly appalled. What would the good folk of Settlement Point think of the nonchalant naked pissing woman on our boat I wondered? Then I laughed so hard that was I in danger of pissing myself still standing at the wheel. It struck me what a waste that would be. Without another thought I turned the wheel further away from the ferry’s course to let Daphne drift in the wide bend. I pulled off my sodden clothes and rushed onto the deck to stand beside Dolly. There I relieved myself, allowing my golden piss to mingle with hers in the clear brown water of the river.

I was ecstatic with the feeling of release: from being held by my clothes; the holding of the wheel; and the holding of my bladder. The last vestiges of my usual self swept away in this intoxicating rush. Dolly had taken me to another world where there were different expectations, rules and ways of behaving. Finding myself in this different place elevated my horniness to a new level. Completely beside myself, I shook with the want possessing every single part of me. I was desperate to fuck and to be fucked and to fuck in every way imaginable.

My last dribbles of urine disappeared into the river as I shook and shivered. I gathered myself resisting the strong urge to throw myself at Dolly. Wantonness aside, someone still had to steer the boat. I rushed back to the wheel, increased the throttle, and steered us back to the middle of the river channel. We were past the ferry, which had now completed its short trip from the north to south bank. The vehicles were already driving off her as we made our way past. I expected jeers, blaring horns and lots of heckled crude advice. Our naked pissing performance off the side of the boat was received in complete silence. It was as if it had never happened.

Some more attention to navigation was required now that I had succeeded in negotiating our way to the Point. We were getting close to the canal system entrance. I wanted to tuck us into the wide northern groin after making the entrance just around the bend. We would then be doubling back on our current direction. I hoped I could still manage. My state of mind combined with the overpowering heat and humidity restricted my field of vision. I struggled to see anything beyond the water breaking around the bow.

Certain I would cope despite my confusion I returned my attention to Dolly. How strange and lovely she was and so unlike any other woman I had ever encountered. Now that we were only minutes away I again wondered what might happen when we got to her destination. Who was this curious woman really? Should I instead be asking what was she? What was she going to do there? There were plenty of clues to suggest something amazing would happen. I was sure it would be something beyond anything else in my experience.

I would not have to wait long to find out. Her whole body rippled as she strained to remain in control. She shimmered with the heat of the sexual energy and desire bursting from her. Aware of my gaze, she looked back at me with unabashed lust. Her wide playful eyes dwelt on every inch of my sweaty nude body assessing me for her purposes. She made beautiful little guttural sounds as she examined me. They were nothing like Michael’s funny loud grunting of last night. This was not the uncontrolled throes of animal passion. Her exotic and beautiful song rang with haunting symbolic meaning.

The weird refrains started making sense to me. This song was not about love or love lost. This song was an ode to lust and its satisfaction. It was a fucking song, a song and a whole language of fucking. Her singing was a celebration of the body and all the holes and bumps at its leaky boundaries. There was to be a festival of the vagina, clitoris, anus, penis and nipples. Her song was of how they were to be enjoyed, joined, enveloped and filled. This song was part ritual and part foreplay! I was already beside myself with lust before listening to Dolly’s song. Now I had one hand on the wheel and one hand between my legs, hoping this might suffice for the moment.

Dolly’s self-control was stronger than mine. She moved aft, still singing, and leaned over the stern, giving me a most remarkable view. She pushed her fingers through the water as she trilled and grunted. I lost myself in watching and listening to her. I somehow navigated the rest of our journey without any conscious awareness of what I was doing. This journey had hypnotised me. My horniness, the boat, the wheel, the heat, the humidity, the river and Dolly had become my entire world. I could hardly see the banks of the canal anymore. When Dolly moved forward again I knew the next part of our journey was starting. I spotted the unmistakable beautiful movement of a large dolphin cutting through the water. The dolphin was leading our way. Behind us, there was a whole pod of dolphins playing and jumping as they followed our boat. I was a little surprised by their almost magical appearance; but I was rapt for Dolly, I wanted her to see what she had come for.

She stood motionless for a moment watching them and then turned towards me with her playful smile to call out. “Grace, have you ever watched dolphins having sex?” I had often seen them doing it and so I nodded yes, while working my way up to answering her more fully. I decided that the safest way of answering was to simply say what I had observed. “They really seem to enjoy it, but they don’t appear able to do it for long. It seems pretty quick to me.” I did not know what more to say and just went quiet, waiting for her to say something more, but she was just staring up ahead again.

The dolphin she was looking at was a large male that my parents had often talked about over the last few months. He always seemed to be in this groin of the system, going up and down, and around and around, as if trapped there, except he was not. This stretch was the last housing development. There were only the beginnings of some roads and foundations on the nearby banks.

We had passed through the established sections without me even noticing. Those parts had large houses and the people who lived in them on all sides. Both of us were butt naked. I could not understand how we had made it here at all, let alone without being hailed or accosted. Something mesmerised and cloaked us from view. It protected and enclosed us, in our own little boat world of dolphins, heat, moisture, water and carnality.

I killed the engines to let us drift. The gentle sloshing of our boat in the water only heightened the sense of near total silence. The flow of air stilled allowing the moist heat to close in even further, blanketing my naked body in dripping sweat. My thinking was all muddled and I had no real idea of what might happen next, although I had my suspicions. Regardless, I was still the mistress of our vessel and responsible for her condition.

I forced myself to focus on my next task, not wanting to interrupt this quiet sojourn of majestic gliding motion. Dolly was standing next to the anchor housing, knowing that I would be making my way there. I untied the chain, and then jumped a little at the sound of the anchor’s large splash into the river. Dolly’s physical presence somehow reassured me in all the strangeness that was pressing in on me. She gave me a wicked smile, and then leapt into the water in an arching dive. I did not know what to do, and then I followed with a less graceful belly-flop.

After all that had happened, plunging below the surface into the tepid water of the canal was calming and peaceful. I looked around. The dolphin school maintained a flowing circling perimeter around us and the boat. I thought the first male was still close, somewhere inside the moving circle. I stayed under as long as I could; getting used to the feeling of the water, and trying to locate Dolly or the male without much success. Holding onto the last of my breath, I half spied her through the brown opaque water. She skimmed at speed along the bottom of the canal, at home in a familiar environment. Her grace was beautiful. I did not want to stop watching her supple and powerful movement through the clear water.

Seeing her this way only reinforced my extreme sexual arousal and overwhelming want for her to touch me in every way possible. Reluctantly, I surfaced and let the hot air from above the water into my bursting lungs. I could not imagine how she managed to hold her breath for so long. I was no match for her in the water. I decided to tread water and let Dolly come to me, rather than try and chase her. I began kicking my legs lazily, spreading them in wide circling motions. My arms were also pushing through the water to support me. I looked down at my breasts bobbing in the water and for a long gorgeous moment I was beautiful and free. It was a superb feeling. The only possible improvement upon this moment of solitude were Dolly’s intimate caress.

I laughed with gratitude as Dolly surfaced from beneath me. She forced her way up between my legs, brushing the swollen lips of my parted cunt with her mouth and tongue. Little bubbles of air ran up my belly, accompanying her long rising kiss. She broke the surface, snatched a quick breath, and clamped her mouth to mine in a deep French kiss. Our breasts pressed together, our nipples hard. Her fingers were exploring deep inside me as we sunk beneath the water, locked together.

I kissed her back with everything I had, completely unafraid. I wrapped my legs around her upper thighs as she propelled us with rapid little thrusts of her feet. Her hold was strong and reassuring. Time stopped. My world shrunk to the feeling of our bodies pressed together. The delicious feeling of her long fingers inside my pleased vagina magnificent. We broke the surface, and she put another finger inside my anus. I was suspended weightless upon her fingers inside me in two places, as she kissed my breasts, neck, lips, eyes and face. I exploded into orgasm, gasping for air as waves of pleasure throbbed outwards from my lower belly, deep inside me. It was the release that I had been waiting for since her arrival at the office.

I wanted to give her the same pleasure that she had given me and she was desperate for this too. First, I needed to let my still quivering body settle and let myself relax as she propelled us back to the boat’s stern. After releasing me from our close embrace she hauled herself into the boat and reached down to help me clamber aboard.

Without a word, we again pressed together in a loving intimate embrace. We edged back into the cabin to collapse upon each other on one of the bigger cabin divans. She laid back, opening herself to me, inviting me to please her. I lay my body over hers. My legs wrapped around her so that we could kiss each other, exploring one another’s mouth, neck and face with our lips and tongues. After a few minutes of this kissing and grinding I shifted myself to straddle her in a low crouch. I began to slowly, slowly, slowly glide my wide open and dripping cunt up her belly between her breasts. I pushed myself upwards to her mouth, leaving a smear of my oozing wetness on her smooth golden skin. The mouth of my vagina and the tip of my clitoris were finally met by her lips and tongue. I came with a loud shriek, unable to bear her flicking tonguing of my clit which had been erect with lust for what seemed like hours. As soon as I had stopped convulsing with orgasm I flipped myself around and knelt on the floor of the cabin, between her legs. I plunged my tongue deep within her vagina. I licked her everywhere from her tight hole between her divine buttocks, and up to her exquisite bud.

She was singing her song, as I licked and nuzzled, tasting the slight saltiness of her dripping fluids. I slowed down, not wanting to rush and licked around my fingers which I had pushed into her grateful vagina. I adjusted the angle of my hand allowed me to push my thumb into her anus. Then I pushed my digits together to feel them touching through the slippery walls. Her song changed to a shuddering moan and she came with a sudden gush of fluid.

I stopped my deep touching and watched the mouth of her sweet vagina pulse open and close with pink delight. Seeing her intimate and amazing orgasmic response to my touch gave me another strong rush of pleasure. As she thrashed around she was gripping her nipples tightly, stretching them out and pinching them hard. I could do that too. I locked my teeth around her right nipple and bit hard. I fondled as much of each of her superb breasts as I could manage. She responded by pushing three or four fingers into my happy vagina. She churned them around inside me, making me bite even harder on her captive nipple.

Our love-making was even more exquisite than I could ever have imagined, and in our frenzied state both of us wanted more. I could go on like this for hours, if Dolly was up for it. She was squealing into another shuddering orgasm, and then pulling away from me. Sensing this, I released my biting clamp upon her rock-hard nipple. She jumped up and then was straight over the side in another graceful dive. I touched myself where her fingers had been. I wanted her to keep fucking me, but she had already gone without even a splash to mark her exit.

My horniness undiminished, I wanted more of this glorious first-time sex with a woman. I would just have to join her in the water again. Leaving the cabin, I tried spotting her from the bow.

Now I knew why she had come to my office today. She was swimming on her side with her back to me with the male dolphin joined to her belly-to-belly only metres from the boat. They were fucking! Even with her back to me I could tell. She was ecstatic. Her eager cries not stopping even though they became separated almost immediately. She kept stroking and kicking while he did a quick little circle. The momentary pause in her squealing suggested his penis was again inside her cunt within seconds. Once again, their amazing fucking only lasted for a quick series of energetic thrusts. Dolly swapped her direction and was now facing me with the happiest smile on her face. He repeated his previous manoeuvre in the opposite direction and was soon inside her again. I had spied his erection sticking out from his belly as he angled towards her. It was big enough, in fact it was much longer than I had expected, and bent crooked as well. I rested against the rails and watched them furiously couple, fuck, part, and then repeat. They were both singing Dolly’s fucking song. Apart from this, and their splashing movements, the world was still and quiet. I was their entranced witness in this shrunken heat and water-filled world. It seemed to me that they were completely oblivious to my watching, but I may have been wrong.

Dolly’s moan of ecstasy reverberated across the water after ten minutes of many couplings. It may have been longer. I was playing with my cunt the whole time. Dolly sunk from view beneath the water. I took this as my cue and allowed myself to reach a little whimpering orgasm. I shook with intense waves of pleasure. I looked out over the water to see a dolphin watching me with complete understanding and palpable anticipation.

What was happening to me, both physically, and mentally, was extraordinary. I was not exactly sure how I had got to this dramatic moment in my life. Surrounded by heat, moisture and water, I had entered the world of Dolly and this male dolphin. They had altered, perhaps even corrupted, my self-perception and sensibilities. I was about to take Dolly’s place and sport with this dolphin. I knew this almost unbelievable fuck would be even more amazing than I could conceive. Until this moment I would never have contemplated what I was about to do and I was grateful for the change in me.

Something mystical was happening; I had become a part of some kind of other-worldly ceremony. I had one fear only for this intense life-changing encounter. I would not be able to understand what was happening with this wonderful creature. My excitement and mind-blowing physical pleasure was overshadowing any possibility of true communion. My heart was pumping in my ears and my mind filled with a chatter of buzzing, whirling, multiplying thoughts and concerns. Only my cunt seemed to know how to respond to all this intense stimulation, so I concentrated on the warm feeling in my lower belly. Contemplating my inner state and what was about to happen made me want to fuck with him even more.

I was lying down on the deck, with Dolly reaching a hand down to me, her whole cunt spread before me, puffed and crimson red. Her vagina streamed with the sticky white evidence of the pleasure she had given and received. Wanting to know what was happening to me was real, I pushed my tongue into her. She welcomed my tongue’s deep exploration of her yummy dripping vagina. I tasted the salty blended fluids and creams from their furious fucking. His cream was thick and plentiful, its strong taste reminding me only of a man’s semen; in fact, it tasted exactly the same. Just like when I tasted a man’s cum, it made me want to fuck more. Dolly poked me as I stood. “He is waiting for you,” she said.

I jumped over the side of the boat and treaded water like I had before when waiting for Dolly. I was not sure about doing it while I was swimming on my side. As soon as settled in the water his rushing body whooshed up the front of my body. His prick was inside me without me having time to gasp. It was so good all I wanted to do was swoon with the pleasure that flowed outward from my tight cunt, now filled with his jerking hard penis. I wanted him to stay inside me for as long as possible. I wrapped my legs and arms tightly around his sleek leathery body, while also squeezing his prick snug inside me. He was standing on his powerful tail in the water, holding his station inside me, helped by my tight grip around his round barrel of a body. He was as long as I was tall and our heads were close together. His closest eye was looking straight into mine, grey and intelligent, and mad with horniness. I could see him thinking as he fucked me and I wanted to understand what was going on in his head.

Of course I had heard stories about dolphins being telepathic, but no thoughts of his were appearing in my mind. Perhaps I was forming an impression of something. His dolphin prick fucking me was too overwhelming for me to contemplate any kind of higher metaphysical thoughts. I laughed at myself and at him as excited squeals left both our mouths. He pushed harder with his tail so he could thrust even harder into me as we skimmed along the water, in an almost vertical position. The feeling of being fucked by his bent dolphin prick was incredible. I could not really believe what I was doing, but I did not want it to stop. Probably only seconds had gone by when we began to fall apart, but it seemed longer. Maintaining my hold upon him was difficult with everything that was going on.

I sank under the surface momentarily as he slipped out of me, and I watched him power away in a steep dive. His sleekness, strength and agility were magnificent. This time he came up behind me and he was thrusting into the tighter hole there. I had not really tried anal sex before and the surprise only made it even more perfect. With masterful balance he somehow pushed his way into my tight anus. It had relaxed in sympathy with all the pleasuring of my cunt. I did my best to steady him by pushing my arms backwards to provide a bit of a guiding frame as he thrust away against my back. The feeling of his prick pushing into my arse was incredible, but lasted no more than a moment. He broke away and then swam past me on his back, his crooked prick pointing at me.

I reached out and grabbed it with my closest hand and pulled his incredible hard prick up and down as he floated by me. The color of its taut skin, which was criss-crossed with throbbing arteries, was an exotic amazing blue, not grey or pink. In shape and size it was a lot like a man’s uncircumcised prick, although it was crooked, and pointier without any real knob at the end. I could not feel a sack of testicles at the thick base of his penis. They seemed to be out of reach even though I would have loved to tickle and hold them. He was turning around and coming back for more. I leapt through the water and onto him, taking his funny bent prick into my mouth, sucking as hard and as I could before we fell apart once more. The next time I was able to keep him in my mouth for longer, giving him a much harder suck than I had ever given any man. He was squealing with such pleasure that I knew I was about to drink his thick cum.

Losing my battle to keep my nose above the water we had to separate and try again. When he dived I realised he had ideas other than giving me his prick for further sucking. I treaded water again, my legs spread wide in the hope that he might take me in that rushing climb again. Instead there was just the hint of a feathery touch at my cunt; somehow, he was using his tail to deliciously rub my cunt. It only lasted a fraction of a second, but the exquisite tenderness of his gesture brought me to the very edge of a shattering orgasm. I was simultaneously amused, and a little scared. I worried I might drown. All my capacities were being completely overwhelmed by extreme excitement, lust, passion and pleasure.

Next he was nuzzling my cunt with his beak-like snout, rubbing my clit ever so delicately. I was swooning; convinced that I really was going to drown after losing all control from this intense pleasuring. Again, the amazing sensation could only last for the briefest of moments as our bodies collided together in the water. I recovered my position in the water and let myself relax into the feeling of being so amazingly and surprisingly fucked. He swung around and was again nuzzling me, tasting me with his snout. His tender touching stimulated rapid waves of pleasure which pulsated throughout my body. I could feel their source, my clitoris, as a large swollen organ of pleasure deep within me.

I wanted the feeling of his dolphin penis inside my vagina again. His different ways of pleasuring of me had been magnificent beyond belief. It was time to feel his cum spurting inside me, splashing the walls with great gobs of his thick cream. I think he was of the same mind because he was instantly rushing up my front, his prick inside me, jerking away once more. The black pupils of his large eyes were rolling up and disappearing upwards into his skull. Everything went dark, so my own eyes must have done the same, or maybe they just closed. I got a firm hold with my legs and arms wrapped tight around him. There was a surging sensation of rapid acceleration, followed by the weightlessness of falling. As we fell my vagina throbbed into a massive orgasm, and I knew that his penis was spurting his cum deep inside me, just as I had wanted. Water crashed over me as his huge leap out of the water, with me in tight embrace riding him, was finally ended by gravity. I could not help releasing my hold of him. Somehow his throbbing prick was still inside me, dragging me along with him a little further. Finally this remaining intimate grip released.

I surfaced and waited, treading water, allowing my racing heart beat and elevated excitement to calm. The whole experience was so dream like that I started to think myself invulnerable. The moving perimeter of the pod inspired me with confidence that they would keep me safe in their world. Was I now some kind of sex goddess to these dolphins, or was I more like an offering? I did not care! What a rush this amazing fuck had been.

I was not sore at all, even though some of his attentions had been a little rough, and I hoped he might have some more left for me. I looked around, Dolly still wasn’t visible and the moving parade of the dolphin pod had changed. One of the beautiful creatures had left the moving circle and was heading straight for me. I kept treading water and readied myself. His entrance was like that of the first, sliding up my front. His prick entered me with the steering assistance I gave him with my spread legs and thighs. This young male pushed happily up into me, squealing and tottering, and ejaculated immediately. I watched the spurting trail of semen continue leaving him as he fell sideways through the water away from me. I was ecstatic.

The next dolphin was already upon me, wanting to ride me from behind and to poke his penis into my anus, and I was happy to oblige. Another rode up my front and entered my vagina while the first held his balance, and pushed his way into my tight anus. I was in a bruising sandwich between two happy dolphins, both going for their life. I swooned with the intense pleasure from their frenzied fucking of me. The extreme fucking that I was enjoying with Dolly and her dolphin friends was beyond anything I had ever experienced. I could not have imagined it in even my wildest fantasies. It was beautiful. At that moment I did not care what other people might make of my behaviour. Another five male dolphins pushed their penises into me in quick rotation, most of them penetrating my vagina or anus many times.

The males and I were not the only ones going at it. The females were also engaging in a full-scale orgy with the males, each other, and me. The water was churning with hyper-sexually-excited dolphins. Females were nuzzling each other and me, and males were fucking each other as well as me and the females. A fantastic scene of unrestrained sexual activity going was going on all around me. This kept my sexual excitement at an absolutely mind-blowing level. I lost how many times I came while all this was going on, with me at the centre.

At some point I worked out that the largest female, was Dolly, in her natural form. She nuzzled my neck, breast and especially between my legs. This ceremonial celebration of sex and sensual bodies had transformed her.

I was getting dazed from the after-effects of sustained strenuous exertion. Confused thoughts and emotions, washed over me and I was having trouble staying afloat. I was finally done. The dolphins were also tired from the sustained effort involved in fucking with me and each other. A different mood came over us and our wild orgy was over. The water stilled, and the dolphin pod resumed the moving perimeter around me.

I was both exhausted and proudly triumphant. An avalanche of overwhelming sensory input had buried my sensibilities. A cavalcade of blissful attacks since Dolly’s arrival at the jetty office had changed me. My former self-perception, emotions, and sense of morality were all affected. I was the same person as before, but this incredible experience had opened me to a new self-understanding.

I tried to swim towards the boat but could hardly hold myself up. I was spent. Not wanting to panic I rolled over on my back to float and rest for a moment. I wondered why Dolly had not told me the first male’s name. At that exact moment he pressed against my side, Dolly on the other, as they positioned themselves to support me. Together they propelled me back to my boat with me resting between them nice and safe. Although I did not expect an answer I tried asking him his name. Not knowing if he could even hear me, I got no answer.

When we drew alongside the stern they nuzzled me, in thanks and parting I think. With some effort, I hauled myself aboard and collapsed upon the deck. I closed my eyes glad to be out of the water with a firm surface beneath me. I lay there for a moment wondering what I should do, completely unable to move. Before too long there was a muffled noise of someone climbing aboard. Arms picked me up and carried me to the divan where I had lain with Dolly an eternity ago. My head was lifted, my mouth kissed sweetly, and then a water bottle pushed to my lips. I drank deeply, still without opening my eyes, not wanting to break this last spell. A beautiful man’s voice said a single strange-sounding word, which I could not recognise. I smiled, realising I had been given his name, even though I could not repeat it. I opened my eyes to thank him.

I was alone. I looked over the side all around and there was no trace of him, Dolly or the other dolphins anywhere. The heat pressed down on me again, and I shook myself, not sure of anything. I found my white things, all a little brown, and decided that I had to put them back on.

Before getting dressed I looked down to see if my condition visually matched with what I could feel. Could all those outrageous goings-on really be true? Well there was abundant evidence between my legs to confirm it wasn’t my imagination. I was all flushed with scarlet and pink and a delicious thick white cream mixed with my own fluids oozed from me. Some river water slowly dribbled from me too. I shook in pleasure with the memory of my last few hours.

Now I panicked, realising that I had planned a one-hour cruise, but actually I must have been gone for hours. My parents were probably starting to think about searching for the missing boat, and her crew and passenger. I pulled on my clothes, not worrying about my river soaked body and the traces of sex and semen all over me. Grabbing the radio mike, I sang out Daphne’s call sign and asked for a response. Dad was straight back to me from the office radio. “Is it hot enough for you out on the river darling, and what possessed you to take yourself out for a cruise on a day like today?” He did not sound concerned at all, only puzzled.

Not for the first time today I was speechless. I told dad I was safely at anchor and that I had fallen asleep in the heat. Then I asked him what the time was. His answer confused me even more. I got off the radio, telling him that I would be heading straight back. I just had to check. Sure enough, there were a couple of empty drink bottles on the cabin floor near the ice chest, but did that really prove anything? As I motored back the thirty-minute journey I kept wondering, how could I have only been gone an hour? I did not spot a single dolphin the whole way back, and the ferry stayed out of my way. In the unrelenting heat and humidity, I thought about my encounter with Dolly and her dolphin friends and laughed aloud.

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