Better Man


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I felt the sun rays hit my upper body and I woke up. I got up, sit up on the side of the bed, reached for the cigarettes and I lighted one up. Poured myself a glass of whiskey and got up to my desk. For quite a few months, I hadn't written a single sentence. And writer's cluster is as fucked up as being constipated. Lucy, this young, beautiful mid class girl, still radiating with the glow of the morning after, got up from bed, came up to me, still half naked, with her beautiful round breasts just right beside me, and she leaned in to kiss me. I reaked of whiskey and cigarettes. And she with an expression that resembled pitty and a lack of proudness asked me "is this all there is?" I rubbed my hand through my face, got up from my chair and grabbed the back of her head and I started kissing her. 
I thew everything on the floor with a single gesture of my hand. I grabbed her waist, pulled her towards me and layed her down. We ended up fucking, again, on top of that desk. 
My whiskey running through the cracks of the wooden floor. My typewriter with a few less screws, and still with a half blank piece of paper with some words I had written about the night before.  And in the midst of it all, there I thought "Yes baby, this is all there is."

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