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The Lost Ones #1

Hate and Love did indeed not conquer each other - Ronald should have acknowledged that. Yet even armed with such knowledge, he sought exactly that.  


By creaking castle-gates and sparkling, carnivorous trees, the way of nature does not only get turned on its head but actually disappears.


Ronald and Djeff grew up together. Raised in a children's home, living on the streets and then in the royal court of Lamiai as guards, they never expected to live without each other. That was solely not a possibility.


Six years after the Otherworldly cleansing, Ronald is leading the training of Lamiai in the Ianus Association and it is without Djeff by his side.


He has no idea how he is supposed to move on from the bond, that was not only that of a Maker, friend, and lover but that of two people, who survived together. Even as he believes he has all the time in the world as an immortal to move on, he is proven wrong - deadly wrong.


Back from the dead and far from being a typical Lamia; Djeff is not only back to see his old friend, and Ronald dreads for what his true intentions are.


As the mad scientist group; TROSS is declaring war on the Otherworld, Ronald and Djeff has nowhere to go but right into the arms of the beautiful fay. Figuring each other out as well as the world, they thought they knew in this exciting and gloomy tale of battle.

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The Loner #1



By the marvelous French forests, London's boisterous streets and the Irish plains, we follow not only a young, ferocious Lamiai's journey through immortality but also the royal Lamiai court and love that, even after centuries, is still blazing.


Dallas was banished - exiled from the court of Lamia and that of his people.


Now, seventy years later, he is summoned back by no other than the Queen, who exacted his sentence - to solidify the bonds between her and the Homo Sapiens council and to aid in the apprehension of a vicious pack of rouge Therianthrope.


The Queen requires him to do so but not without help. Yet, it is a help unwanted. It is his own blood-sister, who is to help him. The woman made by the very same being that killed Dallas.


Not only ending up in the middle of the manipulative court of Lamiai with his desire right in front of him but out of reach, he is also thrown in the midst of a war between Therianthrope and their Alpha’s.  


If you could choose, what would be your pick?

Being burned alive or thrown to the wolves?

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The Legion #1

She exists in the truth of terror. . . Breathing only to sustain not relish - Sarah is alone until he declares otherwise.


The world is immense - inhumanly immense.

The fewest of people get to see it - lesser so, when spoken of the hidden parts, the darker parts: The Otherworld.


They are not new to this world, not new to the whims of man or Otherworlder.  


The Legion are no strangers to torture and despair, seldom ever feeling the inkling of kindness or compassion. The mere touch of humanity is a touch lost.


When bored, an unusual approach is taken. . . Attending High School.

High School is a Hell, none of them were prepared for. Here, the rules of emotions and human drive are all that holds value, all that counts for something.

Ever so more, when The Legion meets their equals in the form of anxiety-provoking, hormonal adolescents.


They have been able to persist in the gravest of circumstances before but could it be, that this time, it is not as simple as the centuries since?

What else is there, when it is not only your corporeal self at stake but the darker, more so delicate internal self as well...

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Unknown Yet #1

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