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Russian Roulette #1

Littleville is a small town located between North Dakota and Montana. It has a hotel, a supermarket and the city's residents have just gotten the High School painted. A quiet and peaceful place to live where everyone knows each other.

For Raven, that is perfect. Uneventful and quiet surroundings are exactly what her and her two younger brothers need. Where no one knows them and where they can start over.

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as she hoped. It is not only becoming harder to keep track of her unruly teenage brothers and their unreasonable talent for trouble, but also their past; their past, which is insisting on coming to light and destroying all of which Raven and her brothers have worked so hard to obtain.

In order to survive, one must sometimes give up themselves in the process - Raven knows all about it.

But can she do it as easily if it costs her both body and soul?

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The Loner #1

Dallas, a young vampire, is called back to the royal court of vampires to stand before his Queen and help her with an unruly, rouge pack of shapeshifters and a group of knowledgeable Homo Sapiens.

The honorable Queen requires him to fix the problems in the Otherworld with the help of his older sister, the woman who was made by the same monster as him. 

Not only ending up in middle of the manipulative court of vampires with the love of his life right in front of him but out of reach, he is also thrown in the midst of a war between rouge shapeshifters and their Alphas.

If you could choose, what would be your pick? Being burned alive or thrown to the wolves?

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