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8 May 2016

Dear dairy,

Today was mothers day. It was nice but... I made a little mistake.

Yesterday i forgot to turn on my alarm! So i woke up around like 1:00

in the afternoon. OMG! That is soo stupid! I wanted to do like a 

Surprise breakfast, but of course she already had her breakfast. Ugh 

i'm so stupid! But anyways after that happend i made luch ( which she 

did not eat yet ). I made an egg for mom, dad, my little sister Chloe 

and myself Selena. And the lazy person that i am was watching TV 

almost the whole day! I did not realy help my mom alot but... You 

know. And at the end of the day we where eating chinese. With a 

cake as dessert. My mom bakes realy nice cakes so... It was basically 

Yummy. Wel thats it for today! I will see you tommorow.

                                                                                                                          Bye, Selena

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