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My First Mega Gig (Before the Event)

One unbelievable thing just happened to me right now. Earlier on today, as I was handing out flyers to advertise the beginning of my DJing career, a man with white hair and surprisingly wrinkle free face walk towards me, took a flyer, read it and told me:

-"Well! It seems you are looking for a way to spread the word of the existence of a new DJ in town. If you know who he is, can you tell him I need him to perform at a party next week?

- I am the DJ you are asking about. I AM DJ LuBiX! And for the party gig, I have a few questions: firstly, what is the age group I will be entertaining?

- Adults from the age of 20 and up.

- Okay! Secondly, where is the location or address of the party?

- Do you see that big mansion with the golden gate? That is my home and that is where you will be performing.

- But isn't that Mr. M$'s residence?

- Yes it is my residence. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Frederic Moore, also known as Mr. M$.

- WOW! I can't believe it! I'm actually going to perform at your residence sir?! Thank you! Thank you so very much.

- You are most welcome. If you were wondering why I chose you, it is for the only reason that you are a young man, so your music is fresh from the pot, if that is how you say it nowadays.

- Again, thank you and I will need to check out the location from the inside of the gate for a change.

- Hahaha! You take care of yourself, alright Mr. Smith?

- Will do. Same to you Mr. Moore!

So now I have a big gig coming up next week. Next on my list is to go to the party zone, study the mood needed at the party and check out the equipment that already been set up there by Mr. M$. As I arrived to the front gate, I literally bumped into this girl running at such a fast pace that she seemed to have broken the sound barrier. Just Kidding! Nevertheless, it looked like she was running away from someone, which turned out to be Mr. M$. I fell and dragged her down with me, I landed on the hot asphalt and she landed safely on my chest (cliché scene... I know, i know). I got a glimpse of her face, well, more than just a glimpse: light pink cheeks, winter-cloud-grey eyes with green lining around the pupil, wavy bright-honey coloured and uncombed hair shaped by the wind as she was running. As I started to look at the lower part of her already flawless figure, she started to push me ever so slightly, I asked for a name, she answered:"

- Evelynn. What is yours?

- Jake" I replied.

As I was getting up, I looked up and saw Mr. M$ standing there as cool as a cucumber, he held out his hand to me, helped me get up while still holding Evelynn and said:"

- It looks like you have met my daughter, the future birthday girl. Honey pie, meet the DJ at your party! Mr. Jake Smith! To throw in a small hint Evelynn is a fully taught professional pianist and songwriter! You two should work together sometime soon.

- I'm not sure about that right now, I can promise this though, it might be possible to work together professionally in the future, just not at the moment 'cause of the preparation for the big event starring the birthday girl here today! So tell me, what kind of music would you like to be played at the party?

- Whatever you got for a big party you bring it!" Money-man suggested,

- "Surprise me." Evelynn threw out in between thoughts.

-" I'll see what i can do. Now, let us all go check out the sound system and the location. I heard it's a bit basic from the already long list of DJs that have previously worked with you sir.

- Well, that was a long time ago, the sound system used now is state of the art, the best on the market today, brought in especially for my sweetie's 20th birthday!

- Dad! Don't say my age in front of strangers. Well, you're not a complete stranger, but still.

After walking to the stage and checked the sound system and the location, I remarked with a positive tone of voice:"

- I can see that the new sound system is pretty remarkable. As for the unneeded events during the party, I am to be held responsible for any accidents during the time period I'll be working.

- WOW! That's a first for a man my age. Responsible little leader, you would make a great CEO for a music production enterprise." Said Mr. M$ with a very serious face. I replied:"

- Thank you sir, still I think that it's quite a long shot!

- And why is that such a long shot?

- First of all, I am only a small-house DJ. Second of all, I would need a strong and very wealthy sponsor to start a descent music production studio. And finally, I'm way too young to be the CEO of an enterprise. No one would take me seriously if I a meeting with a bunch of 60 year old business men to talk about audits, marketing and all that mumbo jumbo. Not to forget their limitless attempts to fool me into selling the enterprise. Am I right or am I wrong?

- A good debater with strong arguments as well!" Mr. M$ turned to Evelynn while nodding slightly." Son, if you make my daughter happy at her birthday party, I will take into consideration helping you in your career.

- If I could keep your daughter happy... that is one point. I just hope that the music will be enjoyable.

- Hey Mr. DJ! Bring your A-game, I'll be waiting for you with a notepad in hand, ready to write down your every single mistake. You got that?" Evelynn shouted as if she was treating me like an inferiorly graded officer in boot camp. I replied with a spooked figure:"

- Ma'am yes ma'am!

- Just kidding!" she replied with a small giggle. " Just do what you do best, making my guests dance." Hesitant, I replied:" 

- Will do. Well here is a sample of what you will be hearing at your big night." I gave her an MP3 player and my earphones. As she was listening to it, I noticed her smiling as the first minute of the mix passed, then saw her bright white teeth and her dimples starting to show. As the song came to an end, she took off the earphones, and said:"

- Just another amazing song to add to my very small library of modern music!

- I guess that library will grow at the party!

- Hope so!

- Well, my work here is done for today. Goodbye sir, Miss Evelynn." I started to turn around to head back home when Mr. M$ caught me by the shoulder and said:"

- Before you go, let us talk money. How does 5K sound?

- Oh My God! 5K for only one night? That's 100 times more than my highest pay in my 3 years of work! I mean that sounds awesome, but don't you think it's a bit too much for one night?

- Of course not! You just put a smile on my daughter's face using something as simple as a sample song. A smile that I haven't seen in quite a long time. I would gladly pay you 15K to keep her happy for a whole 6 hours. However, since it's your first big gig, I am obliged to pay less for ... security reasons.

- I fully understand sir, I accept your contract worth 3K for one night?

- YOUNG MAN! I offered you 5K, you will get 5K in cash at the end of the party. Have I made myself clear?

- Sir yes sir! ' I gave him the military salute and walked away then whispered to myself:' I guess it runs in the family.' As I walked, I couldn't help but hear, or let's say ... eavesdrop on the two. I heard him telling her to try out a date before or after the party and during that date, she would start talking or hinting about the sponsorship he had offered me under the one condition of putting her as partner and giving her 49% of the profits. This all might sound a bit crazy, but to be a good DJ, you have to be able to recognize the tiniest of differences in the music you make. This helps in decrypting someone else's conversation, for your own good that is. Let's just hope that this won't affect my attempt at making her party a night to remember. Off to the studio! I can't give you a full description of my music making process, just know that I used all the stuff on the cover. After a very, very long weekend of sleepless work on over 36 new mixes, 44 remixes. Of those 80 tracks, 24 were remade previous versions. The party was set to start tonight at 9:00 PM and end 5:00 AM the next day. For that reason, I prepared two 2-hour playlists, each would be played at 10:00 PM and 3:00 AM, offering me about 4 hours to rest my ears and my hands. For the big 30 minutes of continuous mega party time at 00:31, I will be readying my very special CD chosen by the birthday girl herself on the phone. FYI, it is not a playlist, I will be spinning records live in front of almost 500 big-shot money makers and probably two professional music producers.Which means that I've got a lot of work to do. I just hope that Evelynn will like the music and enjoy the party. Well, not just like! I feel this very deep need to get her in a mood that will leave her saying: "This was the best party ever!" That would be worth much more than 5K$. Did that sound a bit like a person who's in love and trying to make everything perfect for that special someone, because it ain't! Or am I? It does not matter right now, I only came to say this, those people won't even know what hit them. During the early afternoon, I was enjoying a nice meal at my usual hangout, when I started to think, again, about the big event that is only in about 8 hours. Then I recalled Mr. M$'s idea of a duet with Evelynn and I. After a good solo brainstorm over a sublime sandwich and a divine cup of strong tea, the idea of a classical and electronic mashup started to fade away and the idea of a normal mix showed up. Isn't a synthesizer an electric piano but with customizable wavelengths and shapes? Well, since Evelynn is a professional pianist, she must know her way around those keys, I hope. If this works, the musicality of the mix will be at the perfection level, and will make a new musical fusion of fast paced classical style electronic music, opening a whole new branch of listeners of the classical era into the awesome world of electronic music in a way they would have never imagined. Here's a thought! How about I call her and get her to come to the hangout and discuss the subject over a cup of coffee or tea, whatever she drinks. One problem, I don't have her private number. I guess I'll have to talk to the big man first. Ahem! Ahem! I pressed the contact, I tapped on the call button, my heart started to beat with every beep, his answering machine starts. Yes! I stated my case and waited for about 30 minutes. Then, I received a message from the big man with Evelynn's private number and the pure acceptance for the full funding of the project. Just as I was finishing up my messages check-up, my phone started to ring, I read the contact info, saw that it was an unknown number. I bravely answered the phone and heard the voice of the one and only Mr. chairman for the Skull-Candy company, with an offer to completely refurnish my old house/ my parents’ home studio with grade S equipment courtesy of Mr. M$ himself as a thank you for all the hard work I have put into the birthday party project and the new duet project. Mr. M$ just doesn't know how to stop spoiling his favorite employees. But why? This is getting very suspicious. Time to get my Sherlock Holmes on. So, two possible reasons seen right this moment. Number 1: he is trying to hook me into becoming dependent of his own orders, making me a slave to his funding,…Number 2: He is probably pressured by his daughter's happiness. He is a divorced man with as many problems on his mind as dollars in one of his 12 bank accounts. Seeing that his daughter is finally happy because of me or to be more precise of the upcoming party makes him one less problem on his list, freeing from some of the load on his shoulders. All very well generated reasons. However, the simple of spending quite a lot of money on me is just not natural. More research will be put into his matter shortly.

Anyhow, daddy's runaway princess arrived after exactly 20 minutes. She walked in all dressed up and casual, surprisingly NO makeup and with a bunch of papers in her hands. I raised my hand to help her pinpoint my location, ordered another cup of tea and then, the awkward moment came to mind: What should I do? Hug or handshake? AHHH!! So many different choices yet only one will work. AHH!! Her she comes. Ok! Time to man up, start this mission and ace it! This is a professional project and she is a spoiled adult, so no need for anything, just show her seat, be a gentleman and help her get seated and that is it. And that is exactly what I did, I said good afternoon Demoiselle Moore (threw in some French there), and the conversation began:"

- So, we are here for two things: the first one is to work on the duet project and secondly, we will be enjoying a good cup of a nice and warm drink. What would you like? Coffee or Tea?

- I would like to try whatever you are having, so a cup of English breakfast tea with 3 sugar spoons, which is equal to... 16g of sugar so... 54 Kcal to add to my daily sucrose consumption limit.

- Very impressive chemistry skills. But how did you guess the 3 sugar spoons?" She approached me and whispered:"

- I spoke to one of my dad's spies who was here before me and asked him about it. See that guy with the cowboy hat in the corner? That's him. He was talking to the waiter that served you the tea and asked him about its composition. My dad has had his eyes on you since your first day of work in your apartment. He saw a really familiar flame and excitement for the music in your work. He was that one follower you had on Sound Cloud that always commented on that big bang of songs. I mean 15 songs in one upload day! Wow! How many years did it take you to make those 15 amazing music mixes? 6 or 7 years?

- Oh no! No! No! No! No! No! All it took me was one day to make those. As in 24 hours of continuous work. Yet the only time I felt sleepy was before starting that extremely long session.

- I can understand from what you are implying that making your type of music fills you with energy and your job becomes a thing that you keep on doing for a very long period of time?

- Consider me a musicphile. Music is like Red Bull to me. However, it does not give me wings, only the power to influence people in as many ways as there are notes in music. Is this an interview? Or an interrogation? Oh yes! You are studying journalism. Be part of both sides of the media. Very nice.

- Thank you Mr. Smith. One last question. What is your artist name?

- DJ LuBiX. The U and I are in lowercase and the rest is in uppercase.

- Thank you again Mr. Smith. This interview will be given as it is to the printing team. No spinning the story around.

- Good. Now, let us start with our other project. I brought a small synth for you to play on. It is the same thing as a piano but with different sounds." I took out the synth, placed it in front of her, took a sip of my tea and sat next to her.

(In order for the story to keep going in the right direction, we will now switch to another character. Jessica Rhodes, 26-year-old manga artist and natural born singer, who's hobby is to sit down and just draw whatever seems to be inspirational.)

Ah! I live in a world full of wonderful architecture, what marvelous auras I see when I walk around in the streets of L.A! I thirst for a cup of tea. Oh! how about I go to that conveniently close hangout restaurant/cafe. Just another place that can contain so much inspiration. I arrived after quite a long trip from Tokyo to visit my little cousin Jake i this neighborhood. The poor kid had to live by himself after his parents died. His dad has always been his inspiration source. He was a big name in the L.A DJing ring. After a big night for both the father and the mother, the celebrity agent Jessica Kline Smith, they headed out to their car, arrived at the crossroad in front of their 10 year-old Jake's music school where he was learning to play three different instruments: the guitar, the piano and the drums. Suddenly, A garbage truck crashed into the car sending it flying 3 meters ahead killing both the mother and the father almost instantly at impact, with Jake witnessing his mom die as she was waving at him to get ready. He was so traumatized that it started to effect his musical career. He finished his musical studies within 3 years of the accidents instead of 6 years to arrive to the top of the musical top 20 faster and make his dad proud of him a bit earlier and get his music heard worldwide. At the age of 15, he got a gig at a restaurant. As he was listening to his pre-concert playlist, one of his dad's songs played. He threw the MP3 player, ran away and never touched his guitar, his grand piano and his pro drum kit again. He closed his parents' villa and moved into his condo at the age of 18 in this neighborhood. Still his music never stopped, he is a copy of his dad's genome, his talented hands and ears worked and aced in the DJing world. Everyone is talking about his big gig at Mr. Moore's daughter's birthday party. yet no one has got a snapshot of him. He is to the world an artist with no face, the invisible man of the music industry. And the only article about him was written by Evelynn Moore herself in her university's newspaper's exclusive scoop section. And he doesn't even know it! this was his father's weak spot as well, that is how he met my aunt, who offered to help him. It was then that the spark of love was lit. Well, I think you have had enough of Jake's history. Now, as I entered the hangout, I noticed Jake behind the synth with what resembled to be Evelynn Moore. I read in a multiple of articles that she is a pro pianist with 3 awards for her breathtaking classical concertos. Could it be? Has my cousin found love before I have? I must draw those two together at once! (squeal)! Yes! Uhun! With a couple of hearts between each flying note! Yes! ¡Finitos! Time to come forth and open that chat room by saying:"

- Jake! Cuz! Wassup?

- Jessica! How have you been?" He responded with a deep hug,"

- You know Evelynn Moore. Evelynn this is Jessica Rhodes, my cousin.

- Hey how are you?

- I am fine; I really am now that I know that little Jackey isn’t alone in L.A. I actually drew you two while you were working. Here it is!". They both saw the drawing, she laughed, he stayed neutral. I know my cousin, he was hiding something, most probably his love for her. I mean she's pretty darn cute.

-"So! Do you like it?

- You're still up to your old tricks Cuz? How was the tour in Japan? Did you recover from that swollen throat after concert 4?

- Yes I did. thanks for the caring Cuz. Are you following the activity and stats on your Twitter account or not?

- No. Why?

-Well you should. And you should upload a picture of you during your gig tonight. Okay?

- (face-palms himself) It's tonight. I think you should get going Evelynn. You told me you needed at least 5 hours to prepare your wardrobe for the party. Wow! Time passes by fast doesn't it?

- It does when you're with the right person." Evelynn whispered almost loud enough for Jake to hear. I elbowed Jake as Evelynn ran to her limo and winked him as I made a heart shape with my hands. He blushed and elbowed me back slightly.

-" Just to say, you are the topic of almost every conversation in L.A on social media. You have no image, that is why the paparazzi can't track you down. Once you upload that photo I asked you for you will finally achieve the goal you have set yourself and make your parents proud once more. All of your fame fears and phobias will be thrown away. Okay Jake? I want you to become a famous DJ, buy your own super car and drive it around all you want and never worry about missing your bus or not finding your ticket in your pocket or wallet. Remember this, lightning never strikes twice in the place. Just because your parents' accident occurred after a big gig, doesn't mean the same thing will happen to you. Okay Kiddo?

- Hey! Don't worry about that. I know it won't happen again. I didn't accept this job for the money but for them. Mr. M$ was my dad's partner. Yeah I read the papers. I know that one of the reasons why he wants to help me is that he saw a reflection of my dad in the way I make music. He has given the villa's studio a full SkullCandy makeover. I haven't gone there yet. But after the gig, I'm opening the house again! Well! I have to open it back at some point. You should come by the party at 10:00 PM. I'll be playing a remade version of my dad's best sellers. You'll have yourself a very nice night scene to draw for one of your manga journal. It'll be a good practice exercise for those night scenes you've always had problems with.

- Good for you Cuz! I'll be passing by the house in the next couple of days. I have a small conference tomorrow morning. For now, I feel that it is finally time for me to give you something your dad wanted you to have." I opened my art bag, took out a black box and gave it to Jake.


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Here We Go!

(Time to switch back to Jake's point of view)

As she took out the black box, I was shocked. The box had a note glued on which had a message written on saying: "For Jake's first big gig." I opened the box, it smelled like my dad's perfume inside. The box contained three things: his beats pro headphones, his lucky baseball cap with his initials on it, and an instant photo of him and mom in one of his big gigs as he was on stage, and on the back of that photo was a note with a drawing and on the bottom was written: "This is all you need to make the world JUMP!!". I thanked Jessica for giving me the box and her extreme care in the box's condition. I then went home to get ready for tonight. The time has finally come to show them what I got. The only way to describe a night like that is by giving it a filmed scene. Sadly I can’t make that happen. I can only give you the conversations during my breaks and my feelings during the live remix session. As I arrived at the location and saluted Mr M$, he said to me:

-“I just want to thank you, Jake, for showing up all set for a party. Ready to make those guests JUMP!!

-You know! My dad used to say that to me. I know that you and my dads were partners and best friends and I thank you for every bit of support that you have offered to me. As of the duet project, it’s going great, everything is on track and this will amaze you. As of now, my address is my old one, the old man’s villa that is. It’s open again, and you are more than welcome to visit.

-Oh great! You now have the house of a DJ. All you need is a big fan base. After this, you will have truly started following your father’s footsteps and maybe even starting your own path for others to follow!

-Those are some big shoes to fill. However, I am glad to be going on this awesome adventure. I will have to go thru a lot of sleepless nights. Still! The whole idea of becoming my dad’s legacy is just a bit of an impossible task considering the already extremely large number of wanna-bs and fakes that are on the grid.

-That is something I alone will have to worry about. If you accept my offer of aid, I will become will become your personal agent. I will find gigs for you, gigs you can choose to accept or decline your participation. All these activities that have the purpose of boosting your popularity will be run by me. And don’t worry. I won’t sign you up for crazy-style jobs and appearances. I am certainly am not that type of agent. All free of charge.

-Free of charge?! Think again. You will get 20% of all the net profits. No more! No less!

-Don’t you dare talk to me about money that way young man! I am doing this for your father. I don’t need your money. And even if I ever needed money, I can always pull some strings. The dollars in my pocket don’t need a foreign hand in, certainly not from new neighbours. Have I made myself clear?

-Sir! Yes, Sir!

-Good. Now, go and get yourself and the equipment ready.

-Of course sir.

Time to head back to the party. I set up the first 2-hour mix to stir things up and got down and started to mingle with some of the guests. All thanks to this event, I have met over 65 class A Celebrities, a lot of music related businessmen, agents, and artists. I guess I was not meant to stay hidden. Well, at least I got complimented for the soundtrack being played. As I passed by the multiple invitees, I came across the birthday girl, saluted her and congratulated her with her present. For spoilers, it’s a CD with a song that would lead her to a small search around the city, where she will arrive at my new home where will be hidden her real present. This sure sounds like something of the most utter boredom, but this can greatly enhance her journalism and celebrity-tracking skills. And one needs to worry, her present is a very limited edition Versace gown with matching night chic high heel shoes. P.S I am reading a piece of paper, I ain’t no fashion freak. The recommendation was offered by her personal stylist saying that it would be perfect for a special appearance at one of Brazil’s classiest restaurant. On a side note, I am releasing an album uniting my top 5 mixes with 5 of my dad’s biggest hits. The album’s name will be The Risen Legacy. The idea of a date was all Mr Moore’s idea, he wanted to make this a big and extravagant first date. However, after a very long talk about not making the date shouldn’t be for exposure, we finally agreed to transform the initial idea into inviting both the father and the daughter to an after birthday dinner and congratulations to a successful first big gig. Of course, if the gig goes as planned. Speaking of the princess in the big ball, I saw her with this guy, with nothing but a disgusted look on her face, so I decided to head over there and try to “save the day”, or at the very least try to. From far, that guy looked a quite muscular. As I got closer he seemingly started to get increasingly shorter and a bit more muscular, until becoming a 5ft 4 ball of muscles, must be a small gym rat. I put my arm around her and said: “Hey there! Did you miss me? ”; she answered ever so gently as she recognized me:” Hey! Yes, I did! ”; she turned her back to the gym shorty, kissed me on my cheek and murmured in my ear:” Please make him leave! He has been trying to make me dance with him for the past hour. ”; I shook my head, unconsciously kissed her back, and told the guest:

- “Got something to say gym elf.

- No, but my fists want to kiss your face!

- Go trot away on some magical rainbow somewhere else!

- Not a chance!” he shouted, put his fist back and charged towards me. BTW: I took Kung-Fu for 5 years, a black belt in 4 years’ time, so I think you know how this will end. As his fist came within forearm range, I swiftly took my left foot back, rotated my body 80° to the left, grabbed his fist with my left hand, his shoulder with my right, gave him a good karate chop, enough to knock him out, I didn’t want anyone to die, and finished it off with a simple trip after which he fell on his back. I then called the bouncer, got him off the premises and went back to Evelynn. She thanked me and asked me the following question:”

- When did you start learning Kung Fu?

- Ever since I was this many! ” I said as I rose my left hand with all five fingers out. As she started walking away, she said:” BTW! Nice kiss! “.I got disconnected for a second and then replied:”

- Thanks! Nice acting skills! Want to join me for a lime soda followed by a small shout out for the next song?

- Why no alcohol?

- I need my full focus for the live mix which is in a bit. You do not a dizzy and disoriented DJ seeing 200 buttons instead of 50, making your guests think this party is nothing but a 4-hour long playlist taken online and a doofus who’ s alcohol levels make him throw his hands on the turntable was asked to stand up there.

- Why are you always so immune to fun?

- I am not! I’m just a hard worker looking to make this the best night of your life. Look! If you ask your father about this and he allows me to drink right in front of me, I will go and take twice as many shots as you will drink tonight.

- You should never challenge me at drinking games!” she mumbled with a slightly sinister look in her eyes. She went looking for her father. Once he was found, she dragged him to my location. She whispered in his ear the question, I shook my head in denial as his eyes met mine. He followed with this response:”

- If he wishes to, then he can. However, you should leave that for after the live mix, which is in half an hour! Make the entire neighbourhood shake Ethan!” He gave a thumbs up while winking at me. I headed back to the stage, inserted the special CD, lowered the volume a little, and spoke into the microphone:” Thank you ALL for coming! This is DJ LuBiX inviting whoever is still seated to get up and wish a big happy birthday to the birthday girl!” Evelynn got on stage, waved, took the mic, thanked everyone for coming and said:” Get ready for one heck of a bunch of party jams brought to you by DJ LuBiX!” Well! That’s my cue! I started up by turning off all the lights, leaving the interactive LED board in front of the turntables on, kicked off the music with a deep wobble, continuously raising the pitch for about 10 seconds, brought in a big beat with a V-V-V-VVV pattern followed by a held synth note, rose the pitch a little more as I threw in the beat drop killing the series of lights of the LED board and lit up the sky with lasers placed above me flowing in a spiral formation. At the end of the beat drop, a low voice went:” Time to fly!” and the entire thing explodes out like a ZEDD song but with a lot more focus on the beat and bass. With every minute that would pass I would raise the BPM a couple units higher than the BPM response average on my computer screen. It’s a clever system that measures my BPM and estimates the crowd’s BPM, depending on the part of the song being played using an algorithm based on a database my dad and I put together when I was a kid. The fully automated program gives me an approximate recommended BPM. BPM is actually linked to your heart’s BPM in a way that raising the BPM correctly can push your heart to beat to the rhythm, making the song a lot more enjoyable and danceable too. It was just awesome, legendary. Every time I rose my head to look at the crowd, all I saw was hands in the air as well as beer bottles, cups of vodka, whiskey, and gin flying. The champagne bottles, worth 1500$ each, were being popped all over the tables. I think I even glimpsed the more civilized bunch sticking their tongues out. It was all just epic, unbelievable, all you could see was dancing puppets in slow motion and hyper lapse. It was electrifying. You could lose track of space and time when you are in the zone. As you would recall, I said that the live mix would last to an extreme of 30 minutes? Well, it lasted for one hour and fifty-nine minutes and forty-eight seconds. And so I made the outro last for 12 seconds and shouted into the microphone: " Thank you everyone!! Hope you had a truck-load of fun!! Hope you also liked the music and good night!!". There was an immediate response: "We love you DJ LuBiX!" and " You rock dude !!". This was the best night of my life, all thanks to dad's genome. Like father like son ey!(pronounced[eɪ])  As everyone started leaving with smiles on their faces and a musical hangover, I saw a man leaving in nothing but his boxers. On that horrifying image, I started helping with the cleanup. No later than a few minutes into start, I stumbled upon clothes apparently belonging to our half naked man along with 15 beer cups, 5 whiskey bottles and a bunch of fake 10$ bills. As I was finishing up with the cleaning, Mr M$ came up to me with Evelynn by his side to thank me for such an amazing musical line up, all of the hard work I have put into tonight's entertainment and for all the help I have I have offered, especially for protecting his little pumpkin.  He then took me aside and said: " 

- Here is your paycheck. It will be valid in 2 days for personal reasons. Just give them the check with your bank account number and they'll transfer the money when the validity is justified. Oh ! And thanks again for helping Evelynn with getting rid of that Chad Dylan Hykes guy.

- Oh! so that's his name!

- Yes. he's just a guy who thinks because he inherited 2.5 billion $ off his father's tragic death, he can go and get any girl at any event. Yet my little fighter was the only girl to have ignored him, driving him to obsession as he has not quite on trying to win her over. After what you have done tonight, he might get off her back and off my property.

- However, this will cause him to be more aggressive around me and on social media.(click) It seems like our dear conversation subject has proven my hypothesis to be true. Listen to this:" This guy named Jake Smith assaulted me while I was simply wishing the birthday girl Evelynn Moore a happy birthday! He should be sent to jail for assault and battering." However, if you were to read the comments, the people who were at the party say otherwise. Ha Ha! Here is one of the responses:" Yeh right! Here is a video of the encounter showing Mr Cry Baby trying to hit on Evelynn Moore as Jake Smith a.k.a DJ LuBiX, who is the best DJ ever to have performed on Moore party grounds, comes in and tells him to stay away, resulting in Mr Hykes charging and failing to even nail a single hit on the ninja-like Jake, who gave him a run for his 2.5 billion."

- Do you remember who your Kung Fu master was?

- No. Why?

- It was me.

- What? No way!

-Yes, way! You think I would leave my best friend's son to learn the sacred art of Kung Fu from a stranger knowing I could teach him myself? I put on a good wig and grew a moustache to hide my face and taught you. Yet you would always recognize me even with my disguise on. If you can recall, you told me on the first day that I had the same moustache as your dad's friend.

- Yes. I remember taking a photo of you and showing it to my dad at home. he said to me that I shouldn't be worrying about such details.

- You remind me so much of your dad Jake." he said as he put his hand on my shoulder as if to pat me on the shoulder when Evelynn joined in and said:

- Well then! You should get going. Unless you want to get the drink I was promised after the live segment that lasted a lot longer than what was scheduled.

- Oh yes! Well. You can go and get whatever you fancy and I'll go get myself a cup of lime soda. 

- You're no fun when it comes to drinking!

- I do have a 50-mile drive back home that I have never driven to before. So I would prefer to remain sober and keep all the energy I have left focused on the road and into memorizing the way there.

- If only I could go with him." She murmured as she headed for the bar. As my intricate ears intercepted that message, I quickly replied: You can come and visit me tomorrow for some morning breakfast, or a small brunch. That's if you could not wake up before noon.

- We'll be there at 8:00 AM." She answered.

Mr Moore added to her answer: "

- Don't you worry about us waking up early! When you are rich and famous for working hard, you'll need to go to multiple places every day! From Monte Carlo for a special appearance to Paris for a photo shoot. We barely get 6 hours of sleep on a busy day.

- Oh, my!! I'll get 2 extra hours of sleep on busy days.

- Why do you only sleep for 4 hours?

- I don't really know. I just sleep, wake up, do a good workout with some training, make some music, take a 30-minute siesta, eat my breakfast, workout some more, make some more music, have lunch, take another 30-minute siesta, more training, more music making, watch some TV, have dinner, even more, music making, a small before bed stretching session and off to sleep.

- You are surprisingly a well-organised person.

- It's simply how I was raised and taught to behave after college by my grandparents.

- Did you finish college at this age?

- I like to work fast. I entered college at the age of 14, finished my master's degree in pharmaceutical engineering at the age of 18 and got a PhD at the age of 20. This happened last year. I recall one of your own representatives present there. Or should I say one of your spies now that I know the nature of your relationship with my parents?

- I wouldn't call them spies. They were like hidden camera holders. Their paychecks weren't big enough to be called a spy contract. Following a child's every step in his journey to adulthood is ever so satisfying! Just ask Evelynn about the number of times I sent hidden cameras to an event she was starring or an award or a presentation she had that couldn't attend. That is if I wasn't present the entire time.

- Thanks again Mr Moore.

- You are more than welcome! You get home and get some rest.

- Okay! But first I must keep my promise with Evelynn. Oh! There she is! What took you so long?

- I had to find a lemon soda bottle in the cold room.

- Sorry for making you go through all this trouble.

- I was not looking for it! The wine boy did. Here you go! A 1$ soda can in a 500$ wine glass! Cheers!". I swallowed my drink within seconds, gave it back to the young man responsible for all beverages in the Moore residence, who had the features of an interesting personality. I then said farewell to everyone, got into my waiting cab, headed home, by that I meant my old home, as in the studio. Once I had arrived, I went down to the underground parking lot where a car covered with a large sheet of plastic has been sitting there for the past decade. Although I recall a man always visited me for a weekly car wash bill as well as a monthly automobile check-up bill paid via some unknown source. I then proceeded to unravel the hidden beast of a car that was hiding under that cover. It was a black Chevrolet Sting Ray 1969 With green headlights. This was my dad's favourite car. This actually explains why I told to live here by my father's attorney. I used the car to get to the villa. To my surprise, the car contained a GPS with direction to the house with a bunch of shortcuts saved. At my arrival, I had the involuntary instinct to go to my old room first to place my stuff there. To my astonishment, the room door had a paper on the handle that said: " Go to the room next door." I did exactly what I was asked for. I opened the door and saw the equipment sent by Mr M$ all assembled. I approached the motherboard and picked up the note which read the following:" It's all tested and approved to be top quality music stuff! Have fun!". And so I decided to head to my bed and finally hit the hay.



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