Adult Horror Shorts


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Horror - A Collection of Adult Short Stories

Dedicated to the two wonderful men in my life and the patience and resilience they have shown to this budding writer who nearly always gets on their nerves – love ye

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Knock Three Times

It’s a well-established routine now. One which I will forever dread. It’s not made any easier now that I know what’s coming. It used to be called Knock the Dolly after a while it became Knock the Dolly Up. I was too young at first to have a clue. I just was happy my big brother gave me some of his time and played with my Dolly. As I got older he started getting me to prepare Dolly for the game. Knickers where already removed we’d already gone past the tickling Dolly into submission stage.

Oh, how I wish we were back to playing with Dolly days now I’m his latest craze. It’s been renamed simply The Knocking game. Its rules are also simple:

Rule No. 1. I tell no-one or everyone’s dead.

Rule No. 2. When games are being played I tell him I love him at

least three times

Rule No. 3. I know the sequence of knocks and what they mean.

He hasn’t played in a while I think he’s busy with college. I hope he meets someone that keeps him away from me. I’ve been feeling a bit of security lately it’s been so long. That falls on top of me with a resounding bang when I’m awoken with the knock.

One knock means he’s cased the house and were okay no one will interrupt our game.

Two knocks mean I’ve to get ready. Knickers are removed.

Three knocks he’s in and I leave the building spiritually but my body remains.

He’s getting rougher these days. It’s taken too long and he doesn’t like my new curves. He’s started to turn me around now and I want to scream with pain. I feel like I’m going to snap in two but at least it’s over quicker. With each thrust, a plan is forming. I’m creating my own game.

I’ve formed a group in the school of others just like me with brothers/uncles/fathers just like him. We meet regularly to form a plan and get our routines down just so.

We’ve already sorted out two the police are still looking into what happened to them. He is number three, I smile at the first knock, it means they tell no-one and he’s going to be dead. The second there in and we let him know how much we hate him at least three times. The third he’s dead and I’m tied up crying. Another break-in just like the other men. There’s been so many of them lately. When are the police going to do their job and catch them?

I listen to my mother for the third week in a row, wail and howl over her precious son. I had told her at least three times about his little games. She never believed me, I’m going to have to start counting. I can’t listen to her any more, in his room she’s built a shrine, I knock on the door with glee, ready or not, 1, 2, 3. Reunited.

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Star Of The Show

Blood and guts stream across the screen, I laugh uproariously.  The only thing scary about this movie is the looks I am getting from the couple in front they need to get a life.  I mean seriously her hiding her head in his shoulder is a sure sign of first date - make him feel brave and strong, a load of crap. 

I have long since stopped going to movies for anything to do with romantic notions.  I like to immerse myself into the cinema screen and not have to be bothered by some idiot fumbling beside me.  I mean if I want to do that the last place I would do it is in the cinema.  I like my full attention on the task at hand, if you know what I mean. 

No these days I have bigger concerns when I go to the cinema, I like to go to horrors because if I can I like to re-enact what I’ve seen, I’m the ultimate copycat killer.  Lazy in murder as I am in everything, screams and gasps are easily hidden with the inane crowd that flocks to these, I am merely giving the survivors something they can remember forever.

I usually go for people on their own, the loners that not many will miss, I had one who was not discovered for three days.  Three days, I have not been to that cinema since, I mean for fuck sake, clean the place.  Today may be different, as I cannot think of a more deserving couple to serve my needs than the ones in front.  If they are not glaring at me to stop laughing, but laugh I must, there gazing into each other’s eyes instead of the screen.  Sickeningly, simpering twats, turn my stomach more than the movie ever could.

Oh cool, only about twenty minutes left and it looks like the couple is going to get it.  Yeah, while their kissing straight through her head with the knife, he turns around and looks in horror, as does his counterpart sitting in front of me.  I decide to do a little twist because he really is an obnoxious prick, on screen he is stabbed in the heart while he leans over to try to restrain the attacker.  I go straight for the throat, great neither has the chance to scream, they collapse into each other, to the casual observer in the darkness they’ll look like they’re getting it on.  I have no need to wait until the end I have had my successful conclusion, satisfaction and release coursing through my veins, heaven.  I cannot resist taking a quick photo, a selfie with them behind me, these phones are great, I can upload and mess around with it to my heart’s content when I get home.

I love the movies, I always end up the star of the show, always the villain never the hero.

I buy more popcorn and coke I have work to do when I get home.  My screen may be smaller but the viewing more enjoyable. 


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Mine - Rhythm and Boo

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Community Service

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