Tales From Azza-Jono

The Conscious City. Divided like the brain, both by the fissure of the River and the monolithic Wall. But no barrier is truly impenetrable. High-tech assassins stalk its streets, magicians commune with its strange powers, despots and revolutionaries undo themselves in their quests to tame its influence over its own inhabitants. The...


A surrealist fantasy serial inspired by 8-bit games. Follow William and Pem on their journey to discover William’s identity, understand the mysteries of their world, and turn back the dark forces they find on the way.

Everything Fails

Life in the 32nd Century. Bloody battle with a shadowy cult that’s become a social institution. Restless desire for family and freedom from demons imagined and real. Loves that never die against hates boiling anew. Win or lose, it all will fail.

SOMA or T Van Santana & The Annals of Time (experimental draft)

Existence in perpetuity, that flowing of rancid failure made sweet again by blossomed success. Inverted and subverted, the tides of chance toss me again, against rocky crests and high peaks, but lowlands where strangers meet, too, are the thing. That's where we lay our scene. In those heuristics of the alleyways, the exourban future of...

Gaucho II

Second serial set in a fantasy inspired by 8-bit games. Each episode is about 500 words. William, Pem, and Rogger explore Van Buren and deal with the minions of the Princess.

The Grand Story Of Not

Life is a grand golden tapestry, with each thread purposefully hewn and pulled from its spinning to its finish. We follow our lives along such a course, never seeing how we fit into the whole. Or perhaps not. An unnamed narrator steals a glimpse of the cosmic portraiture and is led along by an enigmatic mentor from their past, finding...

Portals of Xion

A queer romance serial tracing the interconnected lives of the MacKenzie family and their important others. It's a world much like our own but with variation long-considered fantastic a part of everyday life. Delve into their secrets.


Three minds experience three worlds after a tragedy. They come together without touching, bleeding and blending and illuminating a composite reality made of their disparate dimensions.

These Are The Things I Know

Leaving behind a life of violence isn’t as easy as you might think. The winding world of the secrets trade in the 32nd Century gets complicated quick when you add magic, a dream world, and a group of transdimensional anarchists bent on dragging yours truly back into the thick of it. Watch me run and fight for any chance at peace and...

The Stars Call Us Home

Even in the 21st Century they're saying we're all made of stars. But what happens when the stars call us home? It's the story of my family in the 32nd Century, a winding tale of six people (and eight cats) across ten worlds. Let the stars in your cells be your guide.

Five to Alias

In the 1920s, five Azzine commandos undertake a secret mission to the Isle of Alias. Their assignment: seize control of an array of colossal offshore cannons and rescue Azzine prisoners of war. But the Aliasse islanders are not as they seem, and the Five are threatened not only by enemy Jonovians but also from within ... Join us,...

The Weight of Words

The virus of stories was everywhere. I heard them through one-sided conversations. I saw them written on the city walls, the symptoms etched into the faces of people on the street. On the national stage, the Prez spun her usual bullshit. A grand narrative for the Island of All, for the Nation of One, the Richman Shores. I liked her...

the tenth one

Metafiction at its finest, the true secret of the Secret of Secrets series, the story of the stories. Part novel, part memoir, it's a reflection on the books and the truth about the author.

These Are the Things I Know

Private secretist Teresa Van Santana befriends a sorceror in the 32nd Century and learns that there are two worlds: the one we know, and the one that knows us. T is still hounded by D, the malevolent presence from youth who continually vies for their soul and threatens to destroy their life.

We Can Never Go Back

Follow me on a vain quest to undo the damage done in the secrets trade of the 32nd Century. It’s a maze of romantic relationships with quirky characters, close calls with transdimensional thieves, and a constant effort to keep ratings up so my life doesn’t get cancelled by CoDex Corp. Do a sister a solid and watch my swagger.


Follow Jeny Arbogast in this soapy serial of love, intrigue, and dark dealings on Monterey—a mysterious island where anything is possible. Episodes are capped at about 1,000 words.

Love Is What You Have

Hello there lovely readers of the 21st Century! I’m Teresa Van Santana, that wily secretist turned prolific author who drags you along one perilous peregrination after another, all the while giving you 32nd Century realness! What we’ve got here is the sixth book in my seemingly never-ending Secret of Secrets Series. If it seems like...


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The Illuminati is an organization full of time-travelers. Billy is a first time 'Timer', and an awkward thirty-something, who is trying to figure out how to be happy, with having all the time in the world.

In the Darkness

Lily wakes up as a captive in a stranger's house, with little memory of how she got there. Struggling to accept her fate with a seemingly benevolent kidnapper, she begins to unravel the truth behind his motives. As he convinces her that she's safer with him, she discovers what really brought her there, and what she must do to escape.

Sensenderfer: to the Moon!

Come join the humorous adventures of the incomparable Count Sensenderfer as he launches into the 1870 race to the moon. Never before have the events of this moon race been told by a direct participant. If by some extraordinary circumstances you are not familiar with this intrepid figure, then jump on board the mighty airship...


When Brett, a hacker with a self-destructive streak, starts a fight with Noah, a reformed gun-for-hire, neither of them are prepared for the spiral of passion and torment that follows.


Social and political unrest has set the stage toward world war as violence, cultish uprisings, extraterrestrial interaction and civil war slow begins to break the global order. Humanity is approaching a new era. Among the fog and fray, Arden was born to family of scientists. The middle of three genetically engineered children whose...


Kate finds herself transported through time to an era where magic was a death sentence . Will she find out who or what put her there or will the man named Marcus end it all. Join Kate as she goes looking for answers with her new friends. "Time Away" is the first book in an amazing trilogy.

Meteora: The Last City on Earth

Four stories center around the end of the world as we know it, charting the rise of a brave new one. But darkness lingers even in this technology fueled utopia. Can the mistakes of our past ever truly be overcome? Part One: When the earth can no longer support its massive human population, a solution is found. But for the man who...

One Precious Thing

Casey, the reluctant carer, has no altruistic motives. Working the night shift as a carer for a client with Alzheimer's, she becomes increasingly intrigued by the old lady, Marianne's , past. Marianne, prompted by pieces of her own jewellery, tells stories as she works through her jewellery box. It seems that she and Casey have quite a...

Creswood Mysteries

Challenge the mystery of the three murders in Creswood in Reyskaw’s light-hearted debut mystery story! This short story presents a challenge to the reader, a compelling narrative, and plenty of fun for those new to the murder mystery genre. The difficulty is rather mild, but there’s still a chance you’ll be misled… Confront the...

Sigh No More

Meet Kyle Henry. Thirty-five years old. Special agent. Homicide Department. Not in a partying mood. Yet here he was, at Liz's fancy, perfect wedding reception. Ex-wife. Ex-love of his life. Ex-everything. Currently married to his ex-best friend, Jones. Washington DC: Three girls are stabbed, strangled and left for dead. Special...

Brown Recluse

In a desperate attempt to escape his past, Zak Ravenwood leaves the only home he's ever known in Seattle for a new beginning. With police hot on his trail and no friends to call his own, Zak wants nothing more than to start over. But nobody — he knows, gets a reset button. When his mother, gives him 93 days to accept the command of the...

Kleer Planet

Kleer Planet is a planet just like the planet earth. However, it exists in a parallel universe. A solar system that resembles the Milky Way, same Suns, Moons and nine planets are characteristic of Fear planet. In fact, all the names are the same, The Milky Way, Sun & Moon. The difference is this is a parallel universe. It is exactly...

Picture Perfect

Deagan Peters is a strong, gorgeous, and daring model from Los Angeles. Her life was a constant battle of rules and regulations when living in Franklin, Tennessee. Then, one day she meets Chase McCormick, a tall, rugged man with a passion for music and farming. Deagan takes an instant liking to Chase and the caring and compassionate...

By Your Side

The Reyes family is tearing apart. Her father killed their neighbor, her mother locked herself away from everyone, and her brother is all but wounded because of protecting her. Now, all Kirsten has left of her is her sanity, and she's about to lose it. Michael thinks of the future of his younger sister, and decides that they be...

The End is the Beginning

Gia Collier wakes up on her second day in Bali in the same clothes as the night before, with a blinding hangover, a stinging tattoo and vague memories of being kissed by a strange man on the beach. What the hell is day two going to bring to this usually well behaved lawyers wife and mother?

Key West Nights

Burned by three long term relationships gone bad, 45 year old Maddie has hit a slump of work and parental responsibilities. An opportunity to go to her friend's house in the Keys while her son spends the summer with them in Maine allows her to restore who she is. The setting is the beautiful islands of the Keys.


"You're really afraid of falling, aren't you?' "You have no idea." He was red. And he liked her, because she was blue.. A small town girl moving to the big city gets more than she bargained for when she makes a couple of new friends that turn her world upside down


Half of them hate me, because I broke them, and the other half love me, because I fixed them. But they don't know what I really am. Maybe I'll tell you, if you'll listen. [Flash Fiction Day]


This is a collection of short stories, short plays and poems that are united in their dealings with relationships, exhaustion, isolation and sex. I hope they'll make you laugh and sigh in recognition.


This is just random crap, you don't like random crap? You don't need this book. You don't like this book at all? Don't freaking read it. Done.

Your Friends Who Do Designer Drugs

After a somersault off the rooftop of a swanky Philadelphia hotel, handsome playboy, Benji, is dead. Jackson Blake is a 24-year-old tormented soul who is accused of murder by his circle of affluent friends and hauled away to an interrogation room at two AM. Out of meds, yet unusually calm, Jackson wants to prove his innocence. He...

Darling Demure

He was but a boy who stuttered when it came to speaking with beautiful girls, one especially close to him. She was but a girl who saw a beautiful boy; to her, the stuttering made him that more beautiful.

The Claim

They had been married for only 4 years but it felt like a lifetime to Mira. A strong willed woman with a very vocal mind, Mira never thought she could find a man who would soak in her big personality, love her and make her feel wanted all at once. She adored him and nursed a healthy jealousy towards other women who laid their eyes on...


I took the last picture of you down from my mirror: the mirror we shared together, picked out together and bought together. Your picture was wedged in between the glass and the solid cherry frame square frame. Many mornings I would wake up to ‘I love you” or “143” written in my lipstick on the solid pane of glass. Now, there was no I...


Joseph Malone is a 233 year old renegade in a dysfunctional future geriatric society. Boldly going where disability scooters have never gone before, fighting an army of obese youths called Blimps, whilst avoiding hoards of zombie pensioners.


Planet Earth needed two or more volunteers who understand difficult relationship-building to help the Earth people stop making wars to get their point across. Soul-speakers Matt and Jazz met each other for the first time for this very difficult work. .

Sister's Keeper

Liam only wanted to find his sister, but he didn't. He found what she's become. Now the government is tracking them and nowhere is safe. Through every trial, Liam struggles to keep one objective above all else. Keep Brooke safe.

płomienny sekret

W naszych czasach bardzo trudno jest ludziom przeżyć bez telefonu, komputera, dostępu do facebooka i innych social media. Niestety, musi się z tym zmierzyć Aston MacFarlane, dziewczyna, która z musu przeprowadziła się do Irlandii i straciła całkowity kontakt z dawnymi znajomymi. A wszystko dlatego, że pewnego dnia zapłonęła....

The Curse

My parents lives are in danger, but will they notice the warning I've drawn for them in time? For the prompt contest Decided I wanted to put the picture up for those to see what it was like-just for fun.

Post Human

A young man begins experiencing psychotic breaks from reality after excessive exposure to the brutal outside world. The more he dreams, the crazier he begins to think he has become. As he and his friends discover the secrets of a long dead world, he starts to realize that not everything about his visions stem from madness.


She killed something (definitely), loved someone (maybe), and possesses an unyielding affinity to foxes (verily). Her cat's not really hers, she's never found a cure to misanthropy, and her name isn't really Red. This isn't the unraveling of her already broken mind---she's pretty damn sure she was born that way. As it stands, it's not...

The Blue Room

Every day he is taken to the blue room, every day interrogated with silence and light, every day he is punished for unknown reasons. The blue his only escape, his only solace. Today though... Today is different.

The Empress Star

“The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded, because the elements - the carbon,...

The Substance of Soul

At some point in our lives, whether we're prepared or not, each and every one of us must confront the deepest depths of our soul: the dark, the light, and all the choices that lie between. This collection of short stories examines the moments of bliss, shame, regret, and hope that bring to question what it means to be human: the true...


Nothing has been going right for the demon Drake with this new soul he's been working on. Could it be that the one who has been doing the possessing is actually possessed himself? With a disastrous fate in store if he fails, two souls are in the balance. His, and that of the man he's after.

Fiction To Reality

When Tawny's computer is hacked and some of her stories stolen, she gets no help from the police at all. Even when someone starts spying on her and calling her home phone, they do nothing to help. After an invitation to a fancy dinner, she meets the one person that's willing to help her. But the risks may be worse than the reward.

My 800 Mile Ride

Renee Marchol is a reluctant roadtripper, in a car that is. Give her a bike, a story to chase, and she'll go 800 miles and back. After leaving a major relationship of 12 years, a bicycling journalist sets out to answer a curiosity. What will North American Smart Cities evolve into to accommodate electric bikes in the traffic of the...


Jesse Clement has a lot going for her. Her father owns a law firm, her mother is a successful real estate agent, and she is the sole heir to a 2.5 million dollar waterfront property in Maine. Not to mention, she has a stellar personality, knockout looks, and is the star center of Fredericks High School's hockey team. What could go...


Undercover agent Liam Connell stared at his captor. He looked like a pirate from a holovid—with black trousers, a white, full sleeved shirt, and a purple sash around his waist. Wavy black hair brushed his shoulders and ... Connell couldn’t believe it, he actually had gold hoops hanging from his ears. The pirate trailed his forefinger...


In which Michael hangs out with Skylar and intimidates Luke, and they may or may not have been "friends with bens" since they were twelve. In which Calum lies to his parents to chill in Michael's penthouse, because it's not like he's always been desperately in love with Skylar, he just definitely is, and she's always been too willing...

Cthulhu Returns

A girl named Sierra Davidson is tired of being bullied at school and neglected at home. As a result, she hides in the closet one day with a copy of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu” and wishes for the famous monster to come and destroy her tormentors. At the same time, a mysterious group of men known as the Brotherhood of the...

Welt 3

2042 - Berlin und andere europäische Großstädte haben sich in sog. Interzones abgeschottet, in denen die digitale Bohème, das Kiez-Proletariat, HiTech-Konzerne und das Militär koexistieren. Die Freie Region Brandenburg ist ein wüstes Land, in dem die wwoofer, eine Gruppe von Anarchoprimitivisten, das Sagen haben. Als dann eine...

Rough Play

Space ship Lieutenant Matthew Ferris has desired Daniel Peters, his ship’s newest recruit, from the moment he saw him. But Peters is a lowly private and as the senior officer, Ferris knows he must wait for a sign that his feelings are returned before making an approach. When Peters follows him into a two-man capsule after a mission,...

Dance With Me

"We are fool whether we dance or not,so we might as well dance"-Japanese Proverb Also Available On Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/story/37997972-dance-with-me-eng


Charlotte's life is flipped upside down when her local Youth Group takes a charity trip to Africa. Will she ever be able to go back to living her more-than-normal life in New York City? Or will blogging, day-dreaming and being a full-time best friend become a thing of the past?

Laura Ripley-Short Story

Laura Ripley is told by a mysterious acting queen to retrieve the kings crown, after being warned by her friend, Wheatley, about the queen. Laura is forced to go on a journey while slowly piecing clues together about the strange behavior in the castle, Laura is on a mission, one that may be pointless.

The Heroes of the Ashes: Book 1

"I’m having the dream again. I know it is a dream. Somewhere in the fog of my mind I know it isn’t real, but I can’t stop myself from hugging her one-last-time..." Esther Jones is a young woman caring for orphans and looking for her daughter after becoming separated during a catastrophic incident that has affected the Western...

Defenders of the Lost Tome

Tragedy falls on the life of young Xander. Nineteen years in a dystopian kingdom led him to lose everything. Not until a mysterious man offered him something of unknown value. This led him to a journey for the lost tome revealing a discovery of a prophecy that will destroy all of mankind. It shall be fulfilled one by means of frozen...


Ep. 1: Back in 1982 Dr Ivor Jo’s favorite student nudges this computer wiz into covert signals intelligence. Halima is a Druze from Beirut, where she returns on vacation to battle the Phalange and Israelis. In Melbourne she carries a pistol and fights off assassination nightmares. Ivor counsels and coaches her while himself being drawn...

Before This

Madi and Ash have been Best friends since Year 2. Madi Moved from Sydney all the way to Darwin for 2 years. When she moved back to Sydney she was held back a year and placed in year 4. Ash and Madi were still attached at the hip and spent all the time they could together. When Madi was in year 6 she became friends with Calum and...

Mellifluous Malarkey

Smell the freesias breathing above your tea as you smother yourself into the aromas of dreamy poetry. Camp NaNowriMo + NaPoWriMo 2015 Poetry. For more exclusive content, check out and follow me on KaleidoscopicKites.wordpress.com


An exobiologist and a child are awoken from hibernation in a spaceship and discover they are the only living members of the ship who are human. Originally intended to search for habitable worlds, something had driven the ship into a black hole. The AI has been shut down, an alien is on board, and someone named Coron is trying to help...

King & Lionheart

The King of Sarelia is killed, and his son - Prince Arian - is wrongly accused for his murder. Jet, Ariella and Skymeria must smuggle the prince across Amarina to the safety of the home of the Elves in the Autumn Court. Meanwhile Arian's sister - Rosalie - has taken the throne and declared war upon the elves in attempt to rid the land...

Poetry of the Heart

A small collection of poems I have written in the course of four years. Some(most) are dark, some are light, some are meaningful, others should just be taken at face value. All are mine. Please have fun reading these poems, and I hope they give you something to think about.

The Deathberries

In the strange world of Laviver, where fruit have assumed human form, the arrival of the symbol of death signals the beginning of the final war before the end of the world. This version is in a draft state and will include all the fun stuff of writing including typos, plot holes and strange-sounding sentences.

The Fire Down Below

When Vivien Lancaster comes home early from a business trip to an unsuspecting husband, her carefully erected and seemingly perfect life falls apart right in front of her eyes. While being forced to face the truth about her current reality, she finds herself torn between the coveted and gorgeous neighborhood handyman with a mysterious...


Emilia Hart has somehow managed to transport herself back to 1816. She's suddenly thrown into a life she has, supposedly, already lived 17 years of. She needs to return to 2012, to her family, and to sanity


The first in a two book series, Everest follows the story of London Crawford, a 16 year old girl with frumpy clothes and crooked teeth, as she tries to save the world. The year is 2042 and the world is a mess. Ten years have passed since ARC – a mysterious organisation with unknown origins – completed their stranglehold on the world....


Adam is a seventeen year old boy nothing unusual about that. Except the world he lives in lost its men, first by accident, and then deliberately. He is the most valuable commodity on the planet, at least his sperm is. So when he escapes from the home he lives in the company that owns him wants him back...,badly, and they will use any...


Tia and her boss Ahmed had one common reason to travel to Bali, to stop a wedding. But proximity, sun, surf and sand brings the perfect atmosphere for love to grow. A cute, fun and sexy romance story.

Words for Warning

Alaina Down is a multi-award winning spoken word artist and an advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves. She spends most of her time and energy catering to those around her and expects nothing in return. With a smile on her face she walks through life portraying a perfection but there is always two sides to every story and...

The Girl No One Remembers

Everybody thinks they've seen a ghost at least once, right? Well, how many of the living can say that they have been one? Kaitlind Lawrence is a girl who lives in the shadows, though it's not by choice. She was just a little too late. So she hid herself away, and was eventually forgotten. But when someone sees her, and pulls her into...

A New Kind of Normal

How do you deal with a crisis? Some people cry, scream and generally fall to pieces, others run in the opposite direction to the trouble, others walk away, pretending not to have noticed, while others wait for someone to start giving orders. Someone else has to keep it together, give the orders and clean up the mess. Kate Weatherly...

Eva Frost

Eva Frost well known, woman in Seattle.owning her own Business, Eva must fight to keep it. But what happens when she finds a man who is after it will she give it all up or will she fall in love and give herself up and not be so cold hearted.

Shadows Anthology

Shadows Anthology is a collection of haunted stories. Shadows of the supernatural. This anthology in the realm of the paranormal is a tribute to the horrors that lurk in dark places. Each story is crafted to immerse the reader in a chilling tale that will lift from the page and reach into the darkest corners of your mind, and the book...


Ireland, 1919. The Great War is over and for many in Europe it is the beginning of a new era. On a small island to the west of the European mainland, the seeds of rebellion and conflict are once again beginning to stir. After five years away from home, a young man returns to Kerry to a country so changed, that he barely recognizes....

The Great Disintegration

It's 3am in the early 21st century and Maria drives into a lake. It's midnight in the 23rd century and Luna sinks into a bath. It's 4am in the late 20th century and TT lies bleeding on the curb. They are all connected unconnected, in this tale of time travel unravelled. There are mysteries to solve and axes to grind. Where to begin?...

Memories of You

A fictional memoir of a young man's primary, high school and early university life as he lives, laughs, loves and fights, discovering what is truly important and dealing with bullies, essays, surfing, and the girl across the road who shared a tuna sandwich with him in kindergarten...

Starlight Memories

Arden Linklater has always been one for romance. Not cheesy teen fiction--true romance. Those special moments you share with someone; the kind you never want to end. Those that bind people together. So when Riven Clark, not-so-bad boy, bumps into her in the hallway and starts stammering nervous apologies, she knows she's in for quite...

The Locket

Every time a child is born, they receive a locket. No one knows where it comes from, but they know what it does. It’s not a locket of great powers, or of great strength. It is a locket that changes lives, and it helps you decide your fate.


Imagine if you could look like anyone- what would you do with that? Jade Johnson is sixteen, sick of school and generally hating life. Unable to shake the ‘ugly’ tag given to her the first day of high school, she watches as her beautiful cousin Taylor climbs the ranks of popular while she plummets to the depths of nobody. Thank god...

Eden's Peace

Eden, a young Dreamwalker, finds herself being pulled into a conflict that could reshape reality as everyone knows it. She has the power to save the world, there's no doubt about that. But when her powers are turned against her, can she find the strength to pull through?

The Prophecy of a Catalyst

Following in her Guardian's footsteps (much to his dismay) Penelope Blackwood is on the fast track to becoming a powerful hunter in the Hunter's Legion: a worldwide organization that takes down demons when they cross into our world. But when Penelope gets too close to a portal, something drags her inside, and when she wakes up on...

Gods Can't Read

Four elemental dragons preside over Ranor as gods, holding reality together for the humans below. Only one thing could possibly disrupt their rule, and that’s a dangerous spell book containing an incantation that could expel them from Ranor. The dragons set in motion a quest to keep it secured in the Western Library, and it’s been kept...

Somebody Help me?

Melanie tries to make it out of the violent tortures of her dad. He always seems to find her and it makes it worse on her. She has a friend named Jake that she has never told what her dad does to her. Jake thinks her dad is a sweet heart. But he doesn't know what goes on behind close doors. Will he find out or just not worry about it?...

The Fourth Witness

"You never smile, you know that?" She said nothing but smiled in reply. He shook his head with a chuckle and stared up at her, his eyes capturing hers, dark eyes blazing, concerned. "How come Twig?" She smiled again, though this time it was sad as she looked into the fire in the distance. "Well," She had to pause in order to think...

Satbir and the Sea of Sadness

The first of seven books featuring Satbir and his band of dimension hoppers as they battle to locate and recover the seven seals and seven keys needed to prevent the destruction of the earth by the Garambik. Join them as they uncover the ancient conspiritors and their descendents who are plotting to destroy the Keeper of the Keys

Red Ballons & Paper Wings

The seasons pass by all in a blur. The crowds around me walk unrelenting towards whatever their destination is. Although, it goes like this everyday I felt something change inside me. Something for the worse. I'm scared to wake up in the mornings. To scared to see my family and those who are more family then my real family. So scared...

Painting Paul Flourence

I haven't just thought of my dream guy. I've listed down his traits, thought of the way he would walk, dreamt of his voice and drawn his face. That's not too much - right? You can't blame me for being a little hopeful that I wouldn't grow old alone. But when the person I've always imagined to be the one I'd love forever until...

Camp Alpha

Every year the future Alpha’s get together in cities all over the world. This isn’t a party, this is training. For five weeks the future Alpha’s train in combat from the best and gain knowledge from experts. Nate King didn’t expect anything to be different about this camp. That was until he crossed paths with Brody Lewis, a tattoo...

Never Let Go

Twenty-one-year-old Abby has been told throughout her immortal life that the Damned, more commonly known as demons, are vile creatures that need to be eliminated. Not only do they terrorize mortals, but also had a hand in Elita’s disappearance—the mother Abby never had a chance to know. As the daughter of an archangel and an angel of...

The Keeper

Imagine a manor which forever changes, strange voices are heard in corridors, and an unexplained foreboding lurks in the darkness. This is a story of a man who calls himself Lucifer, and a woman held captive in a place unknown. An urban adaptation of the timeless 'Beauty and the Beast'. About an ordinary cafe worker Mona and an...


Marnie is 14. She thrives on Tumblr and procrastinates like a boss. Life is cozy and normal till Marnie meets high school. Enter the idiots, honors classes, and the journey of finding her own identity.

ME Time

You are a clever woman. You have it all - a fantastic business or career, a beautiful family (most of the time!), the success you have worked hard for and the trappings of that success. Other women look at you with envy and wonder how does she do it all? You are living the dream. Right? Wrong. While you have the appearance of absolute...

The Days Before Christmas

One not-so-special morning at school, Martin stumbles across a mysterious, aloof girl named Clare in a chance encounter. He finds her interesting - and later discovers that nearly the entire school mocks her existence. Unwilling to believe in her tragic situation, he decides to help turn it all around for her. He invites her to the...

The Vermin Queen

Humans call them giants. They claim to be gods. All that matters is the survival of the human race. No-one alive remembers when the old world was destroyed. Giants came and conquered, enslaving the populations all around the ruined world. In the few remaining Free Cities are the humans who control their own fate. Vrinneria and its...

Scarlett and Sam

A one sided love affair must be dealt with when Scarlett, the most beautiful girl in 21 year old Morgan's life falls for Sam Marello. In the summer of 1985 California Beach changes everything,


Sixteen year old Primrose Anders is about to discover that her life actually starts now. Turns out that Primrose is actually the reincarnation of Persephone, goddess of spring and rebirth. She is about to learn that old legends and new ones, will arise. Rogue Blackstone wants one thing and on thing only: to be Ruler of the Underworld....

Living a nightmare

Fabian is the loser in school and he always gets bullied by this one person. Carla Summers they use to be best friends until they got to high school, and she found out Fabian was gay. She doesn't use it against him at school, but she tends too in public. Fabian and Carla are both sophomores in high school. But this newly found person...


Ordit apocalyptic The human race has incredibly survived a deadly virus that nearly pushed it to extinction. Few remain in the only human colony known as the Qaudrants. The assumption inside is that their safe, free from the horrors that lay outside of their dome. The dark era is over, They will soon understand it has just...

Neither Cross Nor Crown

"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, you must first dig two graves". The machinations of a dark conspiracy are combated by a small group of desperate individuals, flung together by fate and held together by bloody bond .They'll rage across central Europe and the Mediterranean, leaving corpses strewn in their wake.

Ultimus Romanorum

Welcome to the 31st century. In the wake of a Third World War, Mankind has spread to the stars. From their ancestral homeworld they've spread across hundreds of planets, colonizing and terraforming everything they can come across. It's a new age for humanity but one that is no golden one. It's the age of the condottiere. The...

Because You Believed

Sophia Giovanni has always had one dream; to be a published writer. Too bad Sophia had this need to please a father that was never going to be pleased with any of her life decisions. One New Years Eve, Sophia decided that it was time to stand up for herself and her dreams; she was going to go to a writers conference in New York City....


Jump a Seventy foot waterfall. Yes I said seventy, seven, zero. 70 feet. You jump it on purpose and survive, then you might start comparing to Sam. She has traveled the world, found love, lost love, knows and understands pure hate. Nearly died several times in the process, but never lost her strength. She never gave up on what...

Caribbean Chocolates

Caribbean Chocolates is based on a choccie shop in London where a girl rises from rags to riches to make it as a top class cashier. Kate Allenham begins to make impact on her community and rises up in the career stakes, going in for lots of romantic experimentation at the same time. Her aspiration to meet the perfect man leads her...

The Finding

Abby Brandt and Luke Sullivan are back at it, this time in New York State where they have discovered an abandoned girls' school. Bennett School for Girls closed in 1978 after rumors of scandal and possible violence behind the closed doors of the boarding school. Abby is determined to find out what really happened at the school but she...

Saints and Sinners

Sylvia Wesson has just chucked her job as a corporate developer and struck out on her own. Her heart set on a crumbling inn in a picturesque New England town, Sylvia has her first run in with small town politics and the lengths to which some will go to protect a forty year old secret.


Justice Morel always had her life perfectly planned. Her goals were to graduate from the University with exceptional grades and get into the best law school Canada has to offer. Then one day, Justice tried to kill herself. Well, not her technically. It may have been Justice Morel's body, but those actions weren't intentional and the...


"To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasant sensations of the world"-Freya Stark Buried within the core of a seemingly dead and baron continent lies a city that has been untouched by mankind for thousands of years. Within its icy confines sits streets paved smooth and buildings constructed of incredible...


"The realization and truth of my life confused me. My step-mother was actually my father, the man I knew as my father was actually a stranger, and I was actually half demon and half witch with the magic of both and primed to be the ruler of the magical world." Download completed novel for free! http://tinyurl.com/h4olsar

My Sweet Belle

Love can bring out the best in people... or so people say. What happens when a strong desire for someone turns rotten in the heart? Ronan was always a little on the crazy side, but when he met Mirabelle, a half noble and half slave girl, his little crazy twisted his soul with devilish intent. The older he got, the more out of control...

Already Home

As their senior year comes to a close, all Olivia Gray and Adam Jacobs want is a fresh start. But as their past demons come back to haunt them, the two decide to embark on a road trip for the summer on a conquest for love, answers to their past and the future they still haven't figured out. Their past however becomes a lot more...


Sci-Fi love story. Larkin is an ordinary, boring and dry survivor, always managing to live despite the most dire situations. But his greatest challenge is surviving after being love struck. *Note: This is a final draft. May contain grammatical errors. Releasing it because friends and family want to read it. Offering at a discounted...

Pitch Black

The double minded Kylie Hawkins is known as the quiet goth girl who lives alone. Little does everyone know that she has another side to her. Bodies start to turn up around town and the police are looking for suspects. What will happen to Kylie and how will she get herself out of the mess she didn't mean to create?

Fallen Leafs

On Victoria's 16th birthday her life is flipped upside-down. A gift from her late-mother sparks a new light in her life that will forever change her. Everything she thought was real is a beautiful lie. And now she is constantly being attacked for something she doesnt understand. New people, new friends, new everything and she doesnt...


On the day of her wedding, Princess Elery lost everything. A savage attack left her kingdom in ruin and her husband and parents among the dead. Now, the only things left to her are her father's sword, and a legend. A legend which speaks of a powerful dragon in the heart of the Dark Woods. A mad god. A seducer. A...

Northwind After The Fall

This is a tale of how three souls, unable to communicate their true nature to the people around them, find an unexpected paranormal and spiritual connection necessary to help each other in a totally unexpected way. This connection becomes vital in the protection of a vulnerable little boy and his, well-meaning but clueless, mother, and...

The Magpie's Nest

Deep in the depths of The Guarded City, a girl learns to walk the waves between the shadows and the light. She slips over the wall into the forest beyond, the legendary home of madmen, Witches, beasts and murderers, only to return at dawn, unscathed, unharmed, and armed with a forbidden knowledge. Civil unrest is interrupting the calm...

The Key Of Chaos

Dark forces are awakening, and all the myths are about to become harsh reality. Altars hidden in plain sight, maps to only be found through the grace of a God, and a lost key that holds the knowledge to make or break everything the ever was or will be. Chaos is coming and Carter is the one who has to get in its way.

In Plain Sight

Abadon was a normal girl until the age of seventeen when everyone must get tested for the genetic defect. She never once thought she'd be a Carrier. She was just a normal girl, with an ordinary family. But when she tests positive all of the changes. She gets spun into a world of lies, deceit, romance, and the fight to survive. The main...

Silence in the Stars

Kyro is one of the Silenced. Unable to hear and stuck on the streets she struggles to survive day by day until one day, a happenstance encounter has her reunited with her long-lost brothers. However, all is not as it seems as Science Command is taking all Silenced into custody as they begin to display anomalies in their physiology. ...


Eblys is the spawn of evil. They call him, and others like him, cuscen. But there's something very different about him. Something not quite right. He's not the only one, there are others who realize the wrongs they do, but Eblys is the first to fight. Although, when you live among expert assassins and cold-hearted fiends, it's a death...

Blind Scale Seekers

In a society where corruption is its leader, four individuals were brought together in unforeseen circumstances to conquer the inequity that have been lingering in their world; To save three Kings before a drastic catastrophe could happen; Torn between two separate domains; And must overthrow one false King of Kings that rules with a...


Aaron Jugger is having a life not as he planned. He starts feeling depressed until he learns a new skill, he finds is worth living for.

Forever Winter

In Alatheia, nine planets exist much like ours in the Milky Way. Nathea is home to the Aketas who have lived peacefully as long as Nathea has existed, but a threat rears it’s head. Queen Sybille lost her sister as a changeling over a century ago and she will do anything to get her back. Even if it means ending the world. Cimburleigh...

Early One Morning

You and I know that death is inevitable… Born of Roman stock, Julia Templa has been high priestess of the Temple of Isis Jerusalem since the age of twenty-one. On the Saturday before Passover, Julia decides that she is done simply hearing about Rabbi Yeshua ben Miriam—the time has come to see him and learn what he’s about. The...


It begins with a sweeping motion, an aura of colour. And it is gone just as quickly. It is a story you can tell when there is nothing left to say, when your friends and lovers fade away and the stars are your only companion. Then, see me on the plateaus of misconception, ink on a canvas that did not want me there. It is said that wine...

Janette Lennox

This thrilling new fantasy series features 14-year-old Janette Lennox, a girl who doesn’t seem to fit in with the children at her church boarding school. Janette would rather hide in the school library and read books about magic, unaware that she herself is part of a secret magical legacy. Janette is shocked when a wizard comes to...

Living Human

This is a fun & charming little story with unexpected pockets of laughter. When Salsa was punished, and banned to earth, she never thought her fellow hoodlum and childhood friend would be her chaperone. They were set one task before they could return to Trinity. They had to create magic on earth. She was curious, he was cautious -...

Miss Lemont

A small town, South African gamer girl, a Texan Cowboy and a hippy mother - what could possibly go wrong? You often hear about the gamer-guys who live with their mothers until they're a hundred years old. The fat, un-kept, oily skinned, pimple faced basement perverts. Willa is a girl. A gamer-girl who lives in her mother's basemen

Hidden Carmina

Carmina Nightshade is a 22 year old human girl who discovers the truth about her family and clan - they are not human. To love eternally, she has to die, to die she has to live and to live... she has to learn the difference between Myth and Truth - if there is any.


In a dystopian society, Jin and the crew members of the Deja Vu set out in search of resources. They find a primitive society living in a series of tribal villages, nearly unaffected by the decaying world outside their walls. With their advanced technology and ample arsenal, the crew believes taking over the villages will be...

The Half-Shape Child

“Somewhere out there, somewhere in the universe, is a girl. A very special girl. She has the other half of this shape. There is no need to discover who she is or where she is right now, but one day you will be ready. One day, you will desire to find her and this half-shape will help.” Collin knows that The Offensive is after him. And...


Lana Hyland thought she was normal, despite living without parents. This was until she started seeing strange creatures. One day the answers she has been looking for come by the way of eighteen year old Cameron Whitehall. Lana is then thrown into the world of Heaven and Hell as a grim Reaper. a collector of souls

Goodnight, God

Goodnight, God is a short story collection by Catherine M. Harris. Covering a variety of fiction styles including horror, fantasy, general fiction, some of them have been previously published in publications such as The Toronto Star, and Storyteller Magazine.

Run While You Can

Give a boy a gun and he’ll kill a man. Give him the world and watch it burn. They said the man who created the first nuclear weapon deeply regretted his creation. It never really mattered if he hadn’t invented it. Someone else would come along eventually. They always do.

Power in the Blood

An ancient evil lurks deep within the mountains of West Virginia, and Detective Kevin Anderson must race to save a young woman's life and put an end to the blood letting. The search for a missing college student leads the burnt out and troubled detective into the depths of backwoods West Virginia. A place unlike any other he has...


Tessa and Edie's whole lives have been steered down one, acceptable, path. Good behavior and hard work will lead to college. Where good behavior and hard work will lead to a career. Where good behavior and hard work will lead to...? In the midst of their senior year of high school, the two best friends have started to question the...


Lady Ceridwen Sidra is living her life, day by day, feeling guilty about her dissatisfaction and worried about being ungrateful to her uncle who took her in and raised her with her cousins after her parents sudden death when she was a child. But something is shifting in the former Kingdom of Varadis and as terrifying dreams haunt Ceri,...

When She Came

Jacob Hinton was a smart kid, but also very popular. He got into the college he has always wanted to be in, NYU. Things got crazy and amazing for Jacob. In his second year, a lovely young girl named Lisanna Bromwell just got enrolled into NYU. Jacob meets her, gets to know her, and FALLS IN LOVE WITH HER. What's happens to Jacob in the...

The Hope of Artanis

The book is still a work in progress... During the Great War, the El-Shee realm of Avaness had been sealed off and has slowly drifted out of human thoughts. However, something or someone is working great magick to destroy the barrier, which separates Avaness from the Human realm of Artanis. This in turn is causing strange weather...

Family Bound

Follow along as eight people learn in a single month what love and family really is. For some, it's fear that's holding them back. Others are confused about who and what they are. The biggest hurdle for all of them actually pulls them all together and teaches them how families are supposed to be.

One Hundred And Forty #140Word Stories

One hundred and forty stories. Each one 140 words long. Sick of stories you can't read in ten minutes? Tired of epics with thousands of pages to read? Digestible. Beautiful. Short and Sweet. One hundred and forty stories! Tired of paying for one hundred and forty books? Sick of losing your place when on the loo? It's like that limited...

The Social Machine

Since his Mother disappeared Marcus has had to grow up fast in order to provide for himself and his younger sister Ava in "The City" – a hyper-connected metropolis that shields the citizens from the wrath of a furious sun scorned. With no more economy following The Great Collapse, the citizens must complete tasks to earn Social Points...

The Shadow Crown

Something stirs beneath the mountains of Mythanor, awoken by the outlawed blood magic many believed defeated in the Blood Red War, but the eyes of the Kingdom are fixed on the south where an uprising begins to fester in a long dead city. Accused of breaking her oath as a sworn guard of Norhaven by bringing an ancient danger upon the...


5 chapters - Updated almost 4 years ago

ZA: Book 2

In the sequel to the ZA: the biting cold, Ione and Kane return having barely survived the first winter of the Zombie Apocalypse. Making it to the island in time for the melting of the ice seemed like all their problems were solved...but that was just the beginning. As spring comes to the island can Ione and Kane manage to trust the...

Hunger 2.0

Vivian has wandered the earth for longer than most civilizations have existed. There has been blood, battles, treachery: all that a ravenous woman could hope to keep eternity interesting. Unknown to her, however, there exists a cult of religious fanatics who gained mastery over the living dead by grace of their founder, Lazarus, he who...


Four friends find themselves stranded in a small village on the Welsh coast, a place full of legends and local loons, a bit bizarre, but essentially your typical seaside resort, that is until it's time to leave at which point Merthyrmôr quickly turns from quirky to unnerving as it becomes apparent that no-one is going anywhere, at...