A man was huddled in the driver’s seat, his body flopped forward against the steering wheel, the shaft of the wheel had broken and pierced into the man’s chest. The impact must have been terrible. The man’s head was thrown back, the neck broken in many places, and holding it dangled to the body with the help of a few tendons. Blood...


PAINFUL LOVE is about lost love and heartbreak. Heart break poems-songs where each work tells a different heart breaking story! Where love play with human emotions and sometimes human play around with love! Author TITO Book Image by Pinterest


CHANT FOR THE DEVIL "Our Lord in hell Help us to commit more horror Help us to kill and torture one and all Help us to make the short the tall Take our offering of blood And the massed flesh, and bones We will leave it all at the doors to hell Tons upon tons upon tons Let us rule with a whip in hand Let the others bow and...


1999 Asalfa Village a deadly crime had taken place. An old woman name Yellamma was burnt alive by the head of Asalfa Village Kashirao Gaewad! And soon horrors unfold in Asalfa Village! The dead had come alive to have its feast of human blood and flesh! Author; Gautam Mirchandani


CRASH is about being at the dead end. When life ditch you and love become weak to stand. Heart gets broken like glass and one feel down and out all alone.

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