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This is just going to be a place to share poems that don't fit into the theme of my collection 'Down The Darkening Road'. It's going to be a bit random, but will hopefully spawn other collections.

This is a work in progress.

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Where Is The End?

Mothers, daughters,

Fathers, sons.

Brother, sisters,

Husbands, wives.

All dread that call that will change their lives.


Sleepless nights,

Endless days.

Just sitting, waiting,

Hoping, praying.


Waiting for news,

Hoping that it’s good.

Praying it’s the end of the war,

But told that it’s not.


Friends lose their own,

You hope that you don’t.

Waiting for a letter,

That tells you ‘I’m good.’


You want peace,

You wants it now.

You want your loved one,

Safe and sound.


People are angry,

People are fighting.

People are scared,

People are dying.


This says a lot,

About our world

We are losing good friends,

And for what?


A few measly misunderstandings,

A few big-headed people.

We’re letting these cause major wars,

Can’t we just stop it?!

Peace is wanted,

Peace is needed.

We need to do something,

Or this will be our future…

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