5 Princes and I


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The Queen was in the place where the humans in this world would call a mall. You might be thinking why she doesn't call herself a human because she is not. She is a fairy from another world and another kingdom.

Although she is a foreigner from this world, she loved it here. She would always buy the books and mangas. If she has the time, then she would totally go and watch a movie in the theaters. Of all the stories that the humnas have created, she loved the romance once. Especially one that involves stories related to people of diffrent worlds.

She would fell in love in the pages and would stuck her nose in books. She knows that she is too old for romances and too late for that since she already found her beloved King.

Although she is old enoguh for that, doesn't mean that the other princes in their world isn't. Since she and her husband cannot conceive a child. They decided that they would pick one of the youngest Prince from different kingdoms. They would put them through a test. With 5 gourgeous Princes in their house, the queen thought of something: their charms would be wasted if they would be stuck here without a teenage girl to admire them. Oh what a waste! If only there would be at least a single female who is about their age!!

Then it hit her. Litterally since an apple fell from a tree.

She would go to the mortal world, since her world is full of supernatural creatures, and get a single female. But she wanted one who isn't easy to break.

Thats why she made an illusion about a dating stimualtion game that girl would go gaga for. She was slightly dissapointed when only a few of the girls would ignore it. The illusion was the first test, the second one is more of to test their heart by faking to be an old woman in need, but they would just walk past her!! How rude!!

She was about to give up since 30 minutes had pass yet no one had ever walk past her illusion. But she stopped when she saw another girl, who just came out of the shop, where the game as being sold, and looking really pissed. She was the girl that she saw, who was eing dragged by her friend in the store.

She was pretty with an ash-blonde hair that ends at her chest. She had a few curls at the end of ther hair. She was plain and had no make up or whatsoever in her face.

Oh well, lets see if this girl can pass my second test.

With that in her mind. She approaced the girl.


So I'm making a new story again and I don't know why.....anywho, please support this new book as much as you supported my "wONEted Direction" and "missiON(E) Direction" :)

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Chapter 1 The Wish

Chapter 1  The Wish

"Oh my gosh! It's here! Really here!" My friend continued to squeal and shook me back and forth.

I, on the other hand, covered my ears and glance around the game shoppe. All around us, girls were going crazy about this new games called'Choose your Prince'. I snorted at the stupidity of the title and the game. I mean seriously, what kind of fool would name their game as stupid as that?

The more that I see these girls rushing in the store in hopes to buy their copy, the more I got pissed.

Shame on you all!! I screamed in my mind. Why do you waste your parent's money for something so useless!!

"Do you really have to squeal that loud, Jen?" I asked. Really annoyed by her continued screams.

"Why yes, Rose. I do. If you're a normal teenage girl then you would do the same" she said.

I rolled my eyes and sighed "Yeah. And if you were a smart girl then you would keep those money of yours and buy yourself some cake instead. That way it wouldn't go to waste!!" I said.

"No way. I have waited for this day to come! I need to get that game!!" Her eyes sparkled as she gazed dreamily at the poster where the banner of the game was posted. I rolled my eyes."If you badly needed the game, then why did you drag me along?"

"Because your my friend." I starred at her. Not believing that it was the only reason why she brought me here. She rolled her eyes when she saw my look. "Fine. Your suppose to be the sacrifice to those girls if I have some trouble getting a copy."


"What? That's what friends are for, right?" She gave me an innocent grin in which I countered with a glare. The nerve of this girl. She was willing to sacrifice her one and only friend for a game. But her purpose was clear. I'm doomed if I don't find a way out of here. Knowing Jen, I can't convince her to change her mind on not buying the game.

And now I wish I have a few more friends instead of one. It's my fault anyways why I don't have that much friends.

"Jen? Do you mind if I look around for a while?"

"Planning on ditching me again huh? Come on, Rose. Live a little." She said without looking at me. She knows how much I hate the crowd and she knows me too well to know that I don't have the patience for these kinds of stuff.

I sighed tiredly at her, looking at the crowd of teenage girls gathering around the shop. I wrinkled my nose at the idea of going in there. For all I know I might not be able to get back alive after I charge in there. "Seriously, Jen. You can't expect me to go there with you. You know how I feel about being crowded." I admitted. Just imagine yourself charging inside of the store full of rabid girls fighting for the chance to get their hands on the game.

Since when did dating stimulation games become so popular?

She puckered her lips and begged me with her eyes. "Won't you do it for a friend?"


"I might need some backup."

"Not my problem."

She looked at me then sighed with resignation. "Fine. But if you ever beg me to lend you the game, expect a big NO to it. Some friend you are! Leaving your friend all alone...."

I stifled a laugh. "Sorry, Jen. I'll make it up to you - And don't give me that look or try to guilt me with our friendship! It's not working. And besides, mom and dad are going out on a date meaning Stella is alone right now."

She let our a huff. "You're choosing a 7 year old kid over me?"

"Blood is thicker than water." I shrugged.

She rolled her eyes. She then starred at me for a few moments before it registered in her mind that I would - and never will - come with her on her foolish adventure to get her game."Fine. You have my permission to leave." She waved me off with her hand. "But you must know that you owe me a drink from Starbucks after this."

I patted her on the back. "Sorry, Jen." I looked back at the crowd of girls. After this, remind me to give Jen a real boyfriend next time.

"Yeah yeah get out. Just say hello to Stella for me." I nodded at her as I went out of the shoppe. I tried to be as casual as I could until I was pretty sure that I was far from the shoppe as possible. Once I was a good distance away, I check my right then my left.

"FUH - REEEEEDOM BABY!!" I whoop and yelled, causing a lot of people to stare at me. I starred back at them. How dare they stare at me. Haven't they seen a happy person before?

In any case, I can finally go home and watch some movies, preferably scifi movies. I don't know why but for some reason I have become addicted to it. I have this whole bunch of collection in my room that I kept hidden from Jen. Knowing her, she'd throw them in the trash and replace them with a bunch of romance chick flicks. Brrr!!!

I looked around the mall, trying to find something to eat. Maybe I could just buy some popcorn or something. Better yet, cake or ice cream. Stella would definitely love ice cream. Now would be the perfect time since mom and dad wouldn't be home until 12. Seriously, after I reached the age of 17, they always have their weekly dates like teenagers.

And yet they wouldn't allow me to even date! Not that I really care. Honest!

I paused when I saw a woman tripping on her grocery bags. Judging from her silver hair and wrinkled fingers she was definitely old. A bunch of fruits and other stuff rolled out of her shopping bag and she struggled to pick them up. I couldn't help but notice that none of the people seemed to notice this or even cared.

What the fudge?

They could at least have helped her out. What is wrong with this world? Don't they feel pity for the woman? I mean, she's right in front of them and yet they acted as if they didn't see her.

What is she? Invisible?

Heaving a sigh, I changed my direction and grabbed one of the fallen pieces of apple which happen to roll in front of me. I made a make shift basket using my arm as I went to gather as much of her fallen groceries as I could. Seeing as I couldn't carry no more, I made my way and handed the fruits to her.

She grabbed them from me with wrinkled hands and gave me a kind smile. "Oh thank you child" she said.

"No problem." I smiled and eyed her grocery bag. No wonder she tripped. "Geez that's a lot of grocery bags for you to carry, are you sure you're alright with that?" She only smiled at me.

"Yes I am. By the way, child. I saw you coming out of that game shoppe over there. Were you interested in that game?" She asked.

I looked behind me to the shoppe, which was currently crowded with sure. I'm pretty sure that one of them is Jen. Although I couldn't really see her right now. She must be dead - What? A girl can hope, can she? - Just kidding.

I cringed at the sight of the shop. "No freakin' way."

The old woman chuckled. Her silver hair falling from her bun. "Oh? And why so?"

I shrugged "It's just a stupid dating game. At least for me that is. I mean, sure it's kind of interesting, but what happens when you finish the game? Game over. That's it."

She nodded as if she were digesting my words. "Indeed it will." She said in wonder. "But wouldn't it all be worth it once you have played? Who knows? Things might get interesting."

I raised an eyebrow at her in confusion. "What do you mean by interesting, granny?"

"The game. Aren't you the least bit curious of what's in it?" Okay, is it me or is this old woman here the old version of Jen? Anyone? "Sure. But right now the only thing I'm curious about is how much that game will cost me my lunch." I said and glanced at my watch. It was already 1 in the afternoon. Once again, I looked at the wold woman and offered her a smile. "As much as I love to chatting with you(Not!). I believe that I should be heading home to my sister." Well at least that part was true.

She chuckled "Well as a token of my gratitude, please take this." She handed me some sort of CD. I read the title 'Choose you Prince'?!?

Say whaaaat?!?

Even granny is playing this game?!?


"Ow!" I rubbed my head at the spot where granny had hit me. She hit me!! Oh she's so lucky that she's old. Otherwise I might judo flip her - if I know how.

"I do not play a dating stimulation game!" She said. Defensive much? I chuckled then paused when suddenly, a thought came to my mind. I looked at granny again and saw her starring back at me.

Ohhh...granny can read my mind?? I thought to myself


She hit me again!! That was twice in a row! This time, I scowled at her.

What is her problem? Is it Rose-hitting day today? Cause I have not been informed. How dare she hit Rose Amber Stan! Only my mother can hit me!! Not that she ever does. But still!

"No, I can't read minds. It's already obvious on your face" she said and rolled her eyes. Is she really a granny?

"Anyways, child. Take it." she pushed the game to my hand but I declined.

"N-no...really. I don't play those kinds of game" I said while waving a hand. But if it was food then I would gladly take it and run the heck away from here - more specifically her. Or she could just offer me some money - not that I really want it.

She laughed. "Oh nonsense!! Girls like your age play this game!! Hurry up and take it!" She insisted.

Can't she take no for an answer?

"Um.....seriously ma'am, I can't" I said politely.

"Take it."


"Come on child. I know you want to" She bribed. WTH!?

"Um, no. I don't want to..."



"TAKE IT!" She shouted angrily.

I quickly took it. Damn can Granny shout!

She smiled victoriously. "Good. Now if you won't play that game, then just imagine that it has some sort of magic that can make your wish come true, dearie. Oh and don't give it away." She winked before walking off.


In a haste, I kept the cd hidden in my bag and hurried home. Not because I wanted to play the game, but because I don't want to encounter a crazy old lady again. Really!

Could it be that the reason why no one had helped her was because they know that she was a lunatic?

I shook my head and made a promise to myself that the next time, before I help anyone, I should observe them for a moment.


"Honey, I'm home!!" I screamed and burst into the front door. It's kind of a habbit that I usually do when my parents aren't around.

"Amy!!" A little voice squeaked and ran to me. I bent over and messed up her hair. She giggled.

"Hey, squirt. What have you been up to?" Stella pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. She was a little like mom with a rich white blonde hair that I am so envious about and cerulean blue eyes, which I am sure is yet to change when she grows old. I,on the other hand, have ash-blonde hair that I got from both my mom and my dad and my silver-blue eyes.

Among the both of us, you could say that she's more girly than I am. Just looking at her skirts and pretty blouses versus my shirts, shorts, and jeans. Mom probably regretted having me wear jeans since I was a kid, because now I wouldn't even wear skirts or dresses. Now, I think she's trying to make up for it through Stella. Her little barbie girl, Stella Antoinette Stan.

But just between you and me; I'm having some hidden conversation with Stella regarding the evilness of skirts and the awesomeness of jeans. I think I'm winning seeing as Stella is now wearing shorts underneath her skirts.

"Stop calling me squirt!" She glared at me. "When I grow older, I'll be taller than you."

I chuckled. "Yeah, sure you are. But for the mean time, your a squirt to me." I walked pass her and hop down on the couch and facing the television. A moment later and Stella sat and joined me. "What are you going to watch?" She looked up at me with her pretty blue eyes.

"I dunno. I think I'm going to watch 'Walking Dead'. Care to join me?" I gave her a teasing grin knowing fully well how she hated that series and claiming to have nightmares about it. Sure enough, she gave me a glare and threatened me with her eyes.

"I'm going to tell mommy if you do."

I couldn't help but to laugh at how predictable she could be. Of course, what to you expect of a 7 years old?

"Fine. But can we at least watch 'Warm Bodies'? The zombies aren't that scary there. In fact, they're friendly." I said. Stella pouted a little, but then nodded.

"Okay, but can I pick a movie after we watch it? Please?" She begged and made her eyes grow bigger. Her own version of the puppy dog eyes that is hard to resist.

I groaned. Not believing that she's actually using it on my when I taught her how to do it. "Fine." I grumbled and she let out a whoop in return. "But only if you'll stay quiet and stop asking me question during the movie, deal?"

"Deal." She grinned.


Sure enough, after we had watch 'Warn Bodies', I handed her the remote as she chose one of her favorite Disney movies. Starting form Peter Pan, to Beauty and the Beast, and finally, The Little Mermaid. I should probably be bothered since she had picked three consecutive movies while I only have one, but for some strange reason, I seem to be fine with it. It was actually nice that I was able to reminiscence my childhood movies. I kind of forgot how great Disney movies are.

But scifi movies are still the best!

After watching her Disney movies, we had a little break and ate dinner - which we just order since I was too lazy to cook for us. We then resumed to watch. This time, I had picked Twilight: New Moon.

"Are vampires and werewolves real?" Stella asked as soon as I turned the tv off. It was already 10 PM. Mother would freak if she learned that Stella was way pass her bedtime.

"Nope." I answered. "They're just a work of fiction."

"But if they are a work of fiction, then the writer must have picked it up somewhere, right? All stories come from a certain origin. Meaning, the writer must have either saw a real vampire or werewolf or must have read something about them."

I stood there frozen. Despite how little Stella was, she was actually smart - Hey! Don't look at me like that! I'm smart too!! In fact, I was the one who thought her that! It's true!!

I saw Stella rubbing her eyes and yawning. "Well it really doesn't matter if they're real or not, right? What matters now is that it's time for you to go to bed. It's way pass your bed time." Stella let me lead her to her room. I made sure to have her brush her teeth and to make her change her clothes before tucking her in for bed.

"Now go to sleep, you little squirt."

"Stop calling me squirt." She yawned yet again. "Like I said, I'll out grow you one day, Amy. And then you'll be the squirt." She grinned sleepily.

I rolled my eyes. "Like that's gonna happen." I snickered. "If you really want to out grow me then you should sleep."

She nodded her head once before closing her eyes. "You know what, Amy? I really wish that I was in a different world. Somewhere where I could find adventure." I looked at her sleeping form as I took in her words. She let out a yawn. "Good night, Amy." With that, Stella had finally drifted off to sleep.

"Me too, Stella. Me too." I whispered. "Good night, squirt."

In a daze, I went back to my room and changed out of my clothes and got ready for bed. Once I lay down on my bed, I felt my bag behind my back. I grunted as I pick it up. The cd that the old woman had gave me protruded from my small bag. I got it out and took a good look at it.

Good. Now if you won't play that game, then just imagine that it has some sort of magic that can make your wish come true, dearie.

I smirked. "A wish huh?" I sat up on my bed and twirled the cd in my hand. I don't really believe in wishes and luck. I only believe in handwork and perseverance. Dramatic much? I know but it's the truth. Wishes don't exist. It's just something that keeps our hopes up. Whoever invented that wish must have been desperate.

But still.

"If you can really grant me a wish then I would really like it if I could be given a chance to do something adventurous. Somewhere where I could do something that I really haven't done." I whispered. A moment later and the silence was really thickening.

I mentally slapped myself and groaned in frustration. "Argh! Who am I kidding? Why did I even say that!! Ew!! Forget everything!! I'm losing my mind. How embarrassing. Lucky for me that no one was here to hear it. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to live with myself." In my frustration - and my embarrassment - I threw the cd across the room. I might as well give it to Jen in the morning despite the old woman's words not to give it away. "Screw it!! What was I even expecting? Some fairy godmother like Cinderella to appear in front of me? I knew I had too much Disney movie today. I knew it!!"

"You mean those lame cartoon movies that children watch? Ha! That was funny. They only fill your heads with falls information!! They should be banned!!"

"I know!!"

"But you have to admit, wouldn't it be nice to live in a magical castle?"

"Yeah." I nodded. "That would be great. Living in luxury sounds so.......dreamy."

"Exactly!! Now what would you do if you would actually live in a real version of those castle? Just imagine the freedom you'll have if you live in a castle. Servants at your disposal, breakfast in bed, a closet full of dresses!!"

"Hmm....that does sound cool. Except for the dresses. No homework, no chores, no school, everyday is a holiday!!" I grinned at the thought.

"See? So why not come with me and I'll take you there?"

I laughed out loud. I'm definitely going crazy. I'm actually talking to myself as if there was a person beside me who's talking to me. "I think I'm going crazy. I need some sleep."

"Oh do you now? For all I know your actually crazy even if you don't sleep, dearie."

This time, I pause. The hairs on the back of my neck stood. For the very first time, I was able to think and asses the situation and figured out that I was indeed talking to someone and not just myself. I gulped.

Slowly, I look behind me. There, I saw a woman with pretty blonde hair and blue eyes starring back at me. She was lying on my bed, flat on her stomach with her head perched on her open palms. She was probably on her thirties for all I know. She grinned at me. "So what shall it be, little one?"

I looked at her in disbelief. "T-there's a woman in my room.."

The woman only rolled her eyes. "Yes yes I know. So what will it be?" She asked again, which I have no clue on what she was asking.

"There's a woman in my room." I repeated.

"You already sa-"

"THERE'S A WOMAN IN MY ROOM!!!" I screamed. She only covered her ears at my scream.

"Sheesh! Girls in this world do love to scream!" she said and changed into a sitting position. I immediately got up and ran to the far end of my room. She hid a smirk at my shaking form. Who wouldn't after you realized that there's a stranger in your room, right?

"Since you wouldn't answer my question, I guess I'll have to make the decision for you." She finally got up and made her way to me.

"Stay back! Don't get closer to me!" That didn't stop her because she was still reaching out to me. That did it. I started to run away from her and jump on my bed, but my foot got caught on the sheets and I suddenly fell.

"Wh-wha- ah!!" I yelled as she carried me onto her shoulder. Worse of all? I let out a girly scream that was too much for my liking.

Help! A kidnap!!!................. Or a teenagenap?

I watched in horror as she held out her hand to my wall and made a twirling motion. Nothing happened at first, which made me confirm that the lady is a psychopath. When she stopped, it now made me wonder if I was the one who was crazy since there was a sort of swirling bluish mist on the wall.

"Holly sh*t!!" I bit my tongue when I realized that I had just said a foul word. "What the heck is that!?"

"A portal. Duh!" She chuckled. "It'll take us to a world where your dreams could be a reality."

"Dreams? What dreams!? I don't have any!! - Well except for marrying Alex Pettyfer!" I struggled out of her grip. What is she anyway? The female version of superman? "What what do you know about my dreams? Your not my mother! Unhand me at once!!"

She laughed at my outburst."Now you just sounded like a princess.That's good."

"What do you mean good? I'll punch you in the face when I get the chance!!"

"Sure. But for now, hold your breath. We're going in."

Going in where? I thought.

Just as I was about to voice out my question. She jump to the portal with me still on her shoulder. Once we hit the portal, my head started to spin and making me lose consciousness.

The only thing I heard was the woman muttering, "Sh*t. I should have warned her about the side effects for a first timer. Oh well."

************End of Chapter***************

So end of chap 1!!

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Chapter 2 Meeting the Princes

Chapter 2

Dizzy....so dizzy.....

My head is throbbing for some unknown reason. Why does it hurt?!

Suddenly I felt the wind brushing pass my skin. It was cool and relaxing. I took a deep breath and was welcomed by the scent of lavenders and roses. I moved my fingers and was surprise when I touch something spiky......feels like grass.

HOLLY Bleep! It is grass!!!

"Who is this girl?" I can hear a voice somewhere above me. From its tone I can tell that it's a male.

"I have no idea. Maybe that's the girl that the queen was talking about?" Another male said.

"Awe, how cute. But the way she dress is pretty weird." Another said. Gosh, I'm surrounded by 3 strangers.

I'm guessing that they still think I'm unconscious. Well though luck scumbags. I'm awake!!!

Although I didn't open my eyes yet. Who knows what they'll do if I woke up?! Would they leave me if they think that I'm dead? 

As if voicing it out, another male said "Is she dead?"

4 males....

Whatever, as long as they think that I'm dead maybe they'll leave me alone. I held my breathe to make it look like my heart stopped beating. I've never been good at acting, but I guess this'll have to do.

"Sh*t! She stopped breathing!"

"What do we do?!"

"Let her die, obviously." A new voice said. This one has a hard edge onto it. 5 strangers huh? Oh joy!

"Cut it out, Ace. If you continue that kind of attitude, you're not gonna find a wife" Argued the other.

"Stop it. Both of you. This isn't the time to argue! This girl is in trouble and you guys would rather kill each other than to help her?" Yeah! I'm gonna die here and you two would rather argue? Shame on you! Oh wait! They're suppose to think that I'm dead so.........shhhh!! Let's saty quiet.

"Sorry, Fred" said the other. I felt something soft brush my nose. I fought the urge to scratch where it once had been.

"Ren, what are you doing to the poor girl?....or are you Dan?"

"It's Dan you idiot. Get your facts straight. Oh, and I'm just tickling her nose with this feather, trying to get a reaction from her." The man somewhere at my side said.

"You really are stupid"

My nose is itching...

"Hey, did you just call my brother stupid?" A new voice said. And he didn't seem happy about the way that the other boy had called his brother stupid.

I wrinkled my nose since it began to tingle. I was frustrated that I couldn't even reach up and grab it. Not when I'm still surrounded by strangers. Let's just hope that the worse thing that they'll do is tickle my nose with a feather.

"Whatever, Ren" the same man who called the boy named Dan said.

"Actually, I'm Dan" said the man who I assume by now is Dan's brother. But wait.....his name is also Dan? What???!!!!!

I actually want to sneeze now.....

"What?! But I thought that he said he was Dan!"

Yes, I thought of that too...

"Fooled ya!" The man beside me said.

"So your Dan and your Ren?"

"Nope, dunno?? Why don't you take a guess?" both the boys said at the same time. I heard the other men laughing.

Uhhh....I really want to sneeze now....

"Argh! I hate twins!!!"

Ahhh.....that's why. Twins....

My nose began to tingle more and I fought the urge to sneeze. Just keep it in, Rose. Come on.

"Don't worry, Nate. We hate you too" said the twins at the same time.

"Aaaachoooooooo!!!!" I couldn't stop the sneeze that was coming.

Uh oh.

Whipping my nose after I sneezed, I opened my eyes and was met by 5 gorgeous strangers. Two of them had he same face. I assume that they're Dan and Ren. Both have chocolate brown hair which is style upward but going to the side, their eyes are also a pretty shade of brown, only slightly lighter, like chestnut. Their skin was fair, which made me jealous.

One prince gave me a warm smile that comforted me from all the stares. He has blonde hair which was styled neatly to his left side and his bangs were comb forward and slightly covering his icy blue eye that lures you in. As for his skin, well all of them have fair skin....which was really not fair.

Then my eyes darted to one with a cold stare, but despite that, he was good looking. His hair was black and messy, his eyes are the color of midnight blue, which is currently giving me goose bumps. 

The last one...well, I could't describe him. He was looking at me without any emotion at all. Just a blank stare. But I can tell that he was curious. His hair was a nice crimson red that I was pretty sure wasn't dyed like the other boys at my school. It was neatly comb and some of his hair is covering his eyes. His eyes are the colors of the forest, a rare shade of green. A moment later, he gave me a flirty smile.

All of them then were wearing..errr....lets just say, what a prince should wear. Did they came from a costume party??

"You know, starring is not an attractive trait." My eyes landed to the black haired guy. His mouth pulled into a small amused smile as he saw my embarrassed reaction. I scowled at him. He just made a bad impression on me.

"Well excuse me, Mr. Whoever you are, but I am not starring at you, but at what you are wearing. Yeah sure, you look good in a princes costume, but white doesn't suit you at all." I rubbed my chin as if thinking "Maybe black will do. Yeah that's right. Do you watch Sleeping Beauty? You could be the male version of Maleficent. You know, the evil witch." To top it of, I stuck my tongue out at him.

The boy was caught off guard. Probably not expecting me to talk back at him.

Beside him, the twins were laughing, followed by red while blondie covered his mouth with his fist.

"I have no idea what half of the things she said was, but it was damn funny and insulting. Did she just call you and evil witch?" One of the twins teased.

"Shut up" was all Ace said before giving me a cold glare that made me shiver.

"Now, Ace. That is not what a proper gentleman would do. Here" the blonde one offered me his hand. I took it and let him pull me up. He's so nice. And I will shamefully admit that he is totally my type.

"Uh thanks" I muttered. In response, he made a small curtsy. He's really prince-like. I hope that Ace guy will learn from him. "M-my name is Rosalie Amber Stan, but you can call me Rose or Am, whichever you prefer."

Did I just stutter? Well, I'm probably nervous since this is the first time that I'm talking to a guy. A hot one at that.

The blonde boy smiled, which made me smile too. "What a lovely name. I'm Prince Frederick Star from the kingdom of Hazel. It's a pleasure to meet you lady Rose." With that he brought my hand to his lips. I wasn't surprise by this gesture. I actually expected it from the books that I have read and the movies that I had watched. 

But did he just say kingdom? Is this a role play or something?

"Allow me to introduce to you my fellow prince, Lady Rose-"

"Please just call me Rose" I said. I'm not comfortable with the 'lady' part since I hardly resemble a lady at all. And why with all the formalities?

"As you wish, Rose." He said, then he gestured at the red head, who took a step forward. "He is Prince Nathaniel Denver, from the kingdom of Vertez." Prince Nathaniel bowed. "Please call me Nate if you wish."

"Nice to meet you" I nodded my head once.

"And the-" he gestured to the twins but was stopped by them.

"Oh no you don't, Fred" said one of the twins. "We want to be introduced last" continued the other.

"Very well," prince Frederick nodded and gestured to the prince who I already started to dislike. "This here is Prince Ace Feraden from the Kingdon of Tordis. Please forgive him from his rudeness earlier." Instead of bowing, prince Ace nodded his head once. "By the way, that's PRINCE Ace for YOU"

"Of course, your highness" I forced a smile and couldn't help but add. "Royal pain in the butt."



"And finally," Prince Frederick continued and gestured to the twins. "The twin princes. Um....gentlemen, will you please introduce yourselves since I couldn't distinguish you from one another." Prince Frederick gave an apologetic smile to them.

"It's fine, Fred"

"Yes, we're used to it"

The twins faced me and offered me a smile. "My name is Renevier Rutledge, this here-" he gestured to his twin "-is my brother Daniel Rutledge." His brother, Daniel, continued for him "We are from the Kingdon of Sanver"

"Nice to meet you."

After I said that, we heard a galloping sound of a horse. A back stallion appeared and it's rider was surprisingly a female. Her eyes had immediately found mine and she grinned brightly. She got off of the horse and hugged me.

I was slightly taken a back. When she stopped hugging me, that's when I saw it. Blonde hair, blue eyes....SHE'S THE GIRL WHO BROUGHT ME HERE!!!


She covered my mouth with her palm. "No need for that dear. Okay?"

"Your highness." From behind her, the five princes was on one of their knees. Showing respect.

"Rise" she commanded. As she had ordered, the princes had risen to their feet. "I see you've met my niece. Princess Rose."

"Who are you calling your--umf!!!!" Before I could finish my sentence, her foot collided with mine. Since she was wearing heels, it made the pain twice as painful.

I gritted my teeth together to prevent from screaming and jump on one foot while clutching my injured one. "What the fudg-!!"

She stomp on my foot again.What is her problem anyway?

"Oh, what was that, my DEAR niece??" The girl faced me again, but this time with an annoyed face that meant 'just-play-along-or-you'll-suffer-something-worse'

"Nothing, aunt-"

"Elizabeth" she whispered to me

"-Elizabeth" I mumbled.

"Good." She once again faced the princes, who were standing there patiently. "Gentlemen, my niece here will be staying with us and I want you boys to be kind to her. Teach her how to act like a proper lady-"


"-and teach her some manners. If you impress her, she might pick you to be the next king of my kingdom. She will be one of the judges."

"What do you mean?" I asked. I was really confused. They were in a conversation where I wasn't in.

"You see, my dear niece. Since it had been 20 years and my husband and I still haven't conceived a child-"

"Wait, your an old hag? But you don't look like one."

The corner of her mouth twitch "I'm going the pretend that I didn't hear that comment about an old hag but thank you. You see, I'm a Fae. As in a fairy. Two human years mean 1 year for us. I'm 60 yrs old in human years. In other words, I'm only 30."

A fairy?!?!? 0_O

"Y-your a....."

"Fairy? Yep"

"Oh my GOSH!!!!"

"Yes, yes. So I'm a fairy. Big deal"

I shook my head "Impossible"

"Nothing is impossible in this world, my dear"

"Fudge!" I mumbled. Did she just say in this world? Does that mean that I'm in some sort of different...world? I looked around me. Everything was covered in green. We were on a vacant lanscape. Tall trees stood behind us. Judging from it's height, I can tell that I'm not in my city anymore. But how could this happen? Does it have anything to do with the portal? 

She let out a sigh. "Look. I can tell that you are...a bit confused so I will explain everything later,okay?" She turned to the boys who were laughing, but stopped when they saw her highness glaring at them. "Well.....she's on my husbands side of the family so she doesnt know about Fae's. I also want you boys to remove those foul languages of her. Got it?"

"Yes, your highness." they said in unison.

"Good," she turned her attention back to me "As I was saying. Since we don't have a heir to our Kingdom, my husband and I decided to pick one of the princess from other kingdom. As for the candidates, we have chosen the youngest sons of each kingdom and would give them a test to see who is fit to be king."

"And where do I fit in?" I crossed my arm over my chest.

"You, my dear, will be going to help us to decide that."


"I'm not going to repeat it since I know that you have heard me."

"Fine! You want me to decide?! Nate!" I pointed to prince Nathaniel. He was slightly taken aback and a confused expression was replaced. "Do you want to be a king?"

"I...uh.....Yes?" He said. Unsure of his answer. It made me wonder if the expression on my face had forced him to say yes.

"Good. Then you'll be the king."

"What!? But that's not how you decide it!" PRINCE Ace said.

"Fine! Then your the king too" I said.

"What!? You can't have more than 1 king!"

"Gentlemen please. Lets just talk about it. Let us refrain from shouting." Prince Frederick tried to calm us down.

"Oh, prince Fred, you can be a king too." I stated.


"Hey no fair! We wanna be king too!" The twins said.

"Fine! You're all kings! In fact, we ALL can be kings!!"



"This is ridiculous!"

"That can happen"

"She's got a point...the more the merrier."

"Hold it!!!" The queen shouted. She probably didn't agree with my decision. Her head snapped in my direction and I winced under her gaze. "You must take this seriously!"

"But why me?" I whinned. She could have chosen other girls right?

"Well, your the only girl who wasn't drooling at their photos during the release of the game." She lowered her voice so that only I could hear. I'm guessing that the princes doesn't know this yet.

"How did you-"

"I was the old woman who gave you the CD" makes sense.....

"Listen," I held my hand up to her. " I know that you needed my help, but I'm very busy and my parents are probably worried about me. Besides, I have no interest or whatsoever about choosing a prince. I want to spend this summer sleeping and shopping."

"You can do that here. You'll have tons of fun" insisted the queen.

"No. My parents might be worried about me right now. I must be going"


"What do you mean no?"

"It means that you are staying."

"Did you just heard what I said?"

"Yep, parents worried, sleeping, shopping, all those crap. Don't worry! Just trust me." With that, she turned on her heels and turned to the boys to talk to them about my 'behavior issues'.

I guess I have no choice but to stay......AS IF ID DO THAT!

I'll make sure to find a way to get back. For some reason, I know that I am not in my world now and only the queen can send me back. Maybe if I annoy her, she'll send me back? I don't have a problem with that.

Wait, what about that CD that I made a wish from? Maybe it's the key? Maybe if I can find it, then I will be free from here? Yes, maybe that's it! All I have to do is to look for it. But where? If my hunch is right, maybe it's with the queen? After all, she was the one who gave me the CD.

Feeling something hard on my short pocket, I pulled it out only to find that it was was iPod.

Seeing that the queen and the princes were still busy with their 'chat', I opened my iPod and started to play 'tilt to live' I have yet to beat my friend's score of 8,000,000 in code rode. How she got that score I will never know. It was kind of annoying that she beat me in this game in my own iPod. Then and there, I swore that I'll beat her score in my iPod.

A shadow loomed over me. I didn't look who it was since I was busy with the game. Four million more and I will surpass her score!!

"Whoa, what kind of.....thing is that?"

"Uh, it's called an iPod" I said. Judging from his voice and the way he speaks, I'm guessing its either Ren or Dan.

"Why is the glass...moving? Is something inside of it?"

Ugh! Technology is kind of hard to explain especially to ones who are ignorant.

"It's magic" was all I said. Well, since their world had magic, then might as well use it.

"What magic is that for?" Said the other twin. Urgh! I must really be able to tell this twins apart!

"The magic is called 'technology'. It's a magic for entertaining people."

"Fascinating" Prince Fred said beside me.

Soon, all of the prince had gathered around me. All curious about the magic called 'technology'.

Elizabeth seemed amused by the princes ignorance. Well, I'm guessing that she knows about technology.....

Damn, it's hard to concentrate on the game especially when you are surrounded by people.

1,000,000 more....

"Gentlemen" the queen called but they were too busy starring at my game. Even PRINCE Ace was watching.

500,000. I'm gonna make it!

"Whoa, the numbers are increasing!!"

"Watch it! You'll get caught!"

"Turn right! No left!"


"How is that called entertainment? It's a waste of time"

"PRINCE Ace, if you don't find this entertaining then why are you watching?" I snapped at him. Annoyed by his attitude.

"I'm just saying" he shrugged.

"Gentlemen" the queen called them again.

1,000 to go....


Yes! Yes! I'm gonna beat her score! 

Then the battery died before I even had the chance to blink.



"Noooooo!!!!!" I cried.

"What happened?" Asked prince Frederick.

I grumbled "It ran out of 'magic'"

"Can't you get another one?"

"It's complicated."

"Gentlemen!" We finally turned towards the queen who seemed to be shouting. When she saw us turning our attention to her she let out a sigh if relief. "I want you boys to take the carriage here and prepare the horses. It's time to go back."

Without any hesitation, they went down the grassy path to prepare the carriage that I haven't noticed.

The queen approached me.

"So I guess that I'm really going to be stuck here for a while?" I asked.


"But you do understand my situation, right?"

"Yep, you did wish for this, right?" She let out a grin.

"That was a joke! Sheesh! I didn't even know that it was really magical!" Because of my frustration, I yelled.

"Even if you knew it was magical your still coming here"

"But I thought that you said that the CD will grant me any wish that I desire, right? How can you be sure that I would wish this? Have you read my mind?" I protectively covered my head I case she'll read them.

"No" she placed a hand on her hip.

"Then how?"

"Well, the item I gave you is magical for the Faes, humans can't go to this world unless they use that item and wish for it. But even if you didnt exactly wish to be here, you'll still be coming here"

"You lost me there" what does she mean by that?

"Wishes can be altered, morphed. If you wish to have lots of money, then I will bring you here and you'll have tons of gold money. If you wish for more clothes, then I'll still bring you here and give you plenty of dresses. If you wish for a certain person so love you, then I'll give you something better from here, a prince."

"Why you....." It finally started to make sense. She's was really planning in taking me here in the first place. That's why she was so eager for me to take the CD.

"But turns out you wished for something better! Wishing that you'll end up here! It made my task easier. Ohohohoho!!"

Just like what people would say, 'be careful what you wish for'.

"But I don't understand. What was the purpose of that dating game that was just released?"

"It was an illusion that I made."

"What do you mean?"

"It will be my basis in looking for the perfect girl who would be helping me chose for the future king. You see, if I will pick one of those girls who's crazy with that games, then the princes can just use their looks to their advantage. It will be disastrous"

"I don't even think that I'm the only one who isn't interested in that stupid game."

"True, but you were the only one who passed the second test."

I raised an eyebrow at her "What do you mean a second test?"

"Lets just say, helping an old woman in need had proven your qualification." Then she winked.

"Your highness! The carriage is ready!" One of the twins approached us.

"Thank you" she nodded her head at the twin and hurried off. The twin faced me and offered me his arm. I took it and let him guide me. "I don't want to be rude but which twin are you?"

Instead of becoming irritated like I thought he would be, he smile but it didn't reached his eyes. "I'm Ren."

"Sorry. It must be hard for you two to be mistaken for each other" I turned my gaze to the ground. Embarrassed.

"Oh, no need to be worry. My brother and I have gotten used to that. It's just......it would have been nice if someone can tell us apart." When he said that, his gaze was turned to the clouds above. It must really be lonely if only the both of them can tell each other who is who. Maybe even their parents can't tell them apart. What would have happened if they have gotten married? Would their wife's mistaken them as the other person? That's complicated.

"Prince Ren, don't worry. I'm sure that one way or another, someone might be able to distinguish you from one another.." I promised. It might be hard since they act and look like one another though.

He was a bit surprised at what I said. A second later he laughed and shook his head. "Thanks, but I don't think anyone could do that."

"And why not? Your both individuals even though your twins." I said. "But not that I'm saying that were close for me to know that. I'm just probably assuming things...." He didn't answer but he did offer me a smile and a not since were now with the others.

He led me to the carriage and helped me up before closing it. The carriage was spacey. The outside was white with some gold details on it. Two white horses are leading. Inside, I was met by the smell of daisies. The chairs were a rich velvet color. It was soft. Red curtains were also hung in case you want some privacy or to protect yourselves from the rays of the sun.

From the window. I can see that the twins were driving the carriage while the rest of the prince are riding their own horses. Even the queen is riding her own.

I opened the window near the twins. "Um...... The queen isn't riding with me?" I ask.

They just laughed. "The queen is a free willed woman. She loves adventures and wouldn't sit around and be pampered." From the way that the other twin was behaving I'm guessing that the one who was talking right now is Dan. Ren must probably be thinking about what I said earlier. So it wasn't really hard for me to ditinguish them from one another. For now.

"Thank you, Dan...." I said. I smiled to myself when I saw the surprised look on their faces. I'm guessing that I got the name right. Dan faced his brother with a confused look. Ren only shrugged his shoulders and looked at me. I gave him a smiled before closing the window.

Even though I said the carriage was spacey, I still have to squeeze my way to the seat since there are some baskets piled in here. I'm guessing that they did some shopping.

The carriage started to move. It was rocky at first but after a while, it began to steady. I peeked out of the curtain to see that we had just arrived in a village. People were milling every store. When they saw us, they bowed their heads in respect. Some would wave at us.

They seemed to be loved by the people, I thought.

The carriage came to a stop and I almost bump my head onto the wall. Aren't their any seatbelt's in here?!

The door swung open and the twins appeared. "The queen wishes for you to come out." Ren said. See? I've gotten quite use to who is who, only if they talk since there was some sort of edge in his voice. It's quite faint but still there.

"Why?" I asked.

Dan grinned "Well, we have a new luggage here. Well, all of them are the dressed that the queen had bought for you."

Then I realized what he meant. If we add more stuffs in here them I might as well be squished. "How many are they?" If its only 2 then I can handle it. Besides, where will I ride?

"About 20"

"20?!" I gasped.

"Yes, the queen seemed pretty excited."

I rolled my eyes at this."Where will I seat?" I asked.

"Well......that's for the queen to decide."

Reluctantly, I got out while groaning. I can't believe this. This is the only carriage, meaning I have to ride a horse. Don't get me wrong, I love horses. The problem is that we don't have a spare one, meaning I might ride at the top of the carriage. What a bummer! But at least I'll have a nice view from there, right?

"Rose" the queen called me. I lifted my head to hers and raised one of my eyebrows. "Yeah?"

"To whom would you like to ride?" She gestured her hands to the princes. What does she mean by that? Doesit mean that I have ride with some total strangers?.....Well it's too late since all of them are strangers. I'm surprise that I haven't panicked yet. I said yet.

I shook my head "Can't I ride with you?"

She smirked. "Sorry, dear. It's too dangerous if you ride with me. And besides, I like to ride alone. So, go on. Pick!"

My eyes darted to the 3 princes who are on their horses. I don't want to ride with strangers, not when the space between us will be limited. It's seems too cliche. And I would probably just do something perverted. Not that I'm a pervert or anything. It's true!! I have a conscience you know!!

Pick the hot one! Pick the hot one. Oh 'em geeee!!! Isn't this exciting!? Oh dear me. My conscience is the one who's perverted.

Prince Fred noticed my distress and got off his horse. "Princess Rose, you can take my horse. I can walk on my own." He offered me the horse. "I'll just lead it for you." He nodded his head and brought out that smile of his. The girls from this village squeeled. I couldn't blame them, it was so Prince Charming like.

The queen huffed. "I guess that could work...." Something tells me she planned this. "Oh well. I'm going on ahead. Please watch over her. I'm going to arrange the dinner and tell the servants to prepare her room. Tooda loo" with that, she was off. Riding her horse so fast that I was the one who shivered.

What a weird queen she is.


I let Prince Fred help me on the horse. He grabbed my waist and hauled me up and gave me the railing. "Are you comfortable enough?" He asked.

NO! Sit with me!! SIT.WITH.ME!! And I'll grab on to your waist!! Do something, Rose! PUH-LEASE!!!

Shut up conscience!!!

"Yes, thank you" I nodded my head once to let him know my appreciation. I couldn't help but give him a smile.

Seeing that I am all secured on the horse, we started to ride again. Prince Fred guiding my horse.

People started to stare at me......well, at my clothes that is. I forgot that I was still wearing shorts and a tank top, while the girls in this village are wearing dresses. Well what's wrong with my attire? They jealous or something? Ha! They must think that I'm seducing their princes or something. Sooo whaaat? If they are so jealous then take off your damn clothes!!

Tsssss. >,<

I started to fidget as the people started to whisper to each other while looking at me. And now with the gossiping. It seems that wherever I go, the gossip never stops.

I heared a horse snorting beside me. It was Prince Nate and his horse. He started to untie his cape. Once it was undone, he offered it to me.

"Here," he said. "It would give you some cover."

"Uh....thanks." Not looking away from his face, I took it and wrapped it around me. "Why didn't you tell me that I was dressed inappropriately?" I questioned him. It's true, they could have said something in the first place so I wouldn't have to walk around in my supposedly underwear. If something bad was said about me I'll blame it to them. 

He scratched his head as if he was embarrassed. "We figured that it was rude to say something about what other people would wear. Sorry, next time we'll give you a warning"

"Fine" I said and focused on my surroundings.

"And besides," he added, which made me turn my attention to him once again. "It looks good on you. It should be a crime to cover it up" he finished with a wink. There it is. His true nature was revealed.

When I scowled at his comment he laughed. I huffed and pushed him. He faltered a little but immediately regained his balance before laughing again. Stupid jerk. And I thought what he did a while ago was sweet.

"Princess Rose, look I'm sorry." Prince Nate while while laughing. I didn't respond. I hope you choke on your spit, pretty boy!!

Yes!! Then I'll give you a CPR!!


"That's what you get for disrespecting a lady, Prince Nate" Prince Fred said. His face told me that he had witnessed the exchanged a while ago and was amused by it.

"I was just trying to lighten the mood." He pouted.

"A simple conversation would have been okay." I muttered.

"Okay, okay. I'm really sorry. Forgive me?" He made his eyes grow bigger, he pouted and showed his lower lip. In other words, puppy dog eyes. My weakness.

I groaned "Fine."

"Hey, you guys seemed to have fun over there, let us join too!" Dan called from the carriage.

"Keep your voice down guys. Remember, we're still in the village so we must be in our proper behavior" PRINCE Ace cut in. He sat on his horse with his back straight. He rode beside Nate.

"Sheesh! Live your youth once in a while, Ace! Your too stiff!" Ren shouted back.

"Join us in our conversation, Prince Ace" inserted Prince Fred.

"I'm just saying that good image is important. It will help you to gain respect from the people." PRINCE Ace's attention turned to me. "You seemed like the person who doesn't care about it. Look at the way you dress, it's humiliating to the people around you. And to think that she's a princess. Teaching her to act like a lady will be a pain. It's not worth our time."

I couldn't deny it, but his words stung. It's not like I know their dress code here. And I'm not even a princess!! I'm not even gonna cry about it, but he's now on my naughty list. 

 "Hey, Ace. Now that has gone too far" Prince Nate warned.

"Princess Rose, don't mind him. He'd had a rough day." Prince Fred tried to comfort me.

"He's right princess. Don't mind him. He's the one that's not worth your time." Said Dan.

"What's your problem anyways Ace? She didn't do anything to deserve that kind of attitude!" Ren couldn't help but yell.

"Talk to her all you want, but don't drag me in it." PRINCE Ace said. "Disgusting woman. I bet your having a good time with all the attention the the they are giving you."

Disgusting? Me? If he thinks that he can just step on me then he is so wrong. Nobody can call me disgusting just because of what I wear. Sure, for them I may look like I'm in my underwear but that doesn't mean that he can judge my personality because of it. I'm a clean and pure person who doesn't pick a fight unless they started it. And to top it all....THIS IS FASHION!!!

Pulling the reigns up, I lead my horse to where prince Ace was. Prince Fred barely manage to get away. I stopped in front of his horse and gave him a good slap on the cheek. The sound was loud enough to be heard. His head faced his right side. And although my hand was throbbing from slapping his hard face, I endured it.

"Who are you to even judge me? You don't even know me. Did you think that just because you met me a while ago that you already know who I am?" By now people had stopped what they were doing and glanced at the girl who slapped the prince.

"You think so highly of respect." I said "Respect is earned not bought. I don't care if you are a prince or not, but if you don't respect me then you don't deserve my respect either. And by the way; THIS IS CALLED FASHION, you blockhead!!"

He didn't say anything anymore, but he did touch the part of his face where a red hand hand already forming. I couldn't read his face so I don't know if he regretted what he said.

Prince Fred once again guided my horse to the same path we took earlier while Prince Nate shook his head at PRINCE Ace.

I clutched my hand which was still throbbing. Damn! That prince has a hard face!!

"Does it hurt?" Prince Fred ask.

"A little. Who knew he had a hard face?" I admitted. "But I don't mind" I added quickly. The last thing I need is for them to think that I'm weak. "Besides! That bastard deserves it."

He chuckled "He sure does."

"Congrats, Princess. It was probably the first slap he have received in public." Dan gave me a thumbs up.

"It was?! Oh no!! He's gonna kill me!!" I panicked. Thinking if possible way on how he'll kill me. Wait, why am I thinking of this? I'm the brave and fearless, Rose. I can't be frightened.

"Don't worry. We're on your side in this. He did deserve a slap or two." Ren assured me.

"And we'll protect you if he attempts to kill you. I'll be your knight in shinning armor, Princess" Prince Nate appeared beside me. He grabbed my hand which had slapped Ace and placed a kiss on it. "There, now it's all better."

Ewww!!! That was too cheezy. Blech!

"Hey, Nate! That was totally not fair!!"

"And what are you blabbering about being her knight in shinning armor, eh?"

"I'm just trying to ease her pain. And as for the knight in shinning armor role, it's fits me well since I did offer her my cape and saved her from those corrupted eyes of our people." Nate stated matter of factly.

"Well if your the knight, then I'm her Prince Charming" Prince Fred winked. I couldn't agree more. What? It's not like I wanted him to be my Prince Charming or anything. Really! So stop giving me looks people!!

"Hey! Now what does that leave the two of us!" The twins yelled.

"Her servants, of course" Nate was still grinning.

I didn't noticed it but I started to laugh. Somehow, my worries had faded into thin air.

"Hey look. She's laughing!" Dan said, relieved.

"No, I'm crying" I said sarcastically and smiled.

"Glad to see her smiling now." Nate said.

We just talk and joked all throughout the ride. Prince Ace was ridding behind us. Not talking which I was grateful for.

"Oh look. We're here." Ren announced and I suddenly realize that we had stopped.

I focused my attention to the castle in front of us. It was a huge castle. Stones lead the way to the castle. In front of it was a fountain. Two stairs lead to one door. All around us is a garden. To the left is a large pavilion. To the right is another path way to the stables. The castle stood high and mighty.

At the entrance of the castle stood the queen and the servants, probably waiting for our arrival. I saw a man, maybe on his 40's, standing beside the queen. I'm guessing its the king.

"Like it?" Prince Nate asked beside me.

"Uh hu" I just nodded my head. "Where gonna stay here?" I asked.

Dan got off the carriage. "Yep. Welcome to the Kingdom of Thalia." Just as he said that, Ren added. "The kingdom of magic."

"Woah" was all I said. I'm in love with this world, but I know that I can't stay...

"Here, let me help you down." Prince Fred said and helped me down on my feet. They guided me through the stone floor and up to the door.

"So, how do you find your NEW home?" The queen asked. A smile tugging on her lips when I didn't answer and instead, surveyed the surrounding with my eyes.

"I-" I started but the queen cut me off.

"Never mind. Dinner is almost ready. We have to dress you up. Ladies," the queen snapped her finger to the servants. "Bring her to her room and dress her up for dinner."

"Yes, my queen." The servants said at the same time.

When she said dress, that's when the spell of the castle broke. "Wait," I took a step back and almost fell off the stairs if Ren hadn't caught me. He help me set my footing again. "What do you mean by get DRESS?!?!?"

The Queen and the servants had evil looks on their faces. I gulped. I don't mind wearing shorts, but dresses are a different story.

"When you said dress, you didn't mean....." I trailed off, knowing that the queen fully understood what I was about to say.

"Oh yes." With a single motion of the queens hand, the servants tried to grab me, but I was fast.

I hid behind Ren since he was near me and used him as a wall betweene and the servants. Since there were at least 5 of them, they got pass Ren easily. A servant grabbed my cape and pulled it. I almost chocked, but I untie it and the servant fell.


I ran to Nate next and hid behind him. "Nate, you said that you were my knight in shinning armor, right? Then do something and save me!!"

Nate had an amused look on his face. "As you wish, princess." He caught me off guard when he carried me bridal style. "I'll save you from the eyes of these men by giving you to these ladies to be dressed PROPERLY."


Instead of answering, he just winked and approached the servants.

"Oh Prince Nathaniel, thank you!" The girls sighed dreamily.

I flailed wildly "Traitor!!" I accused.

He pretended to be hurt by putting a hand to his heart. "My love, how you broke my heart."

"Look! A pretty lady!" I pointed behind him.

"Where?!----- Umf!" When he looked behind him, I took the change to get away but not before stomping on his foot. Serves him right.

I ran to Prince Fred next. "Prince Fred! You said that your my Prince Charming, right? Help me!"

Prince Fred smiled. "Yes, Princess. I am your Prince Charming"

I sighed in relief.

"And Prince Charming would like to see his Princess in a dress." With that, he grabbed my arm.

I squeeked and elbowed him. "Umf!" He released his hold.

I grabbed Dan and Ren next. "As my servants, I order you to protect me!"

"What do you think Ren?" Dan asked his brother.

"I don't know. But I do want to see her in a dress." Ren said.

"You know? Your right. It might be interesting." With that said. The two took hold of my arm and pushed me to the servants. "Traitors!" I yelled as the servants took me away. When I looked behind me, I saw them waving at me with a smile on their faces.

Bastards, I'll get you guys for this.

If you were wondering where Prince Ace had gone, I don't know. Maybe he went inside while we were arguing. Either ways, I don't care.

The servants lead me to a room on the second floor. They brought me to a rather large room with a twin size bed with curtains falling from it. The floor was made of red carpet. There was also a door that leads to a terrace. There was a large closet on the far side of the wall facing my bed. A vanity table was beside it.

The servants locked the door and pushed me in the bathroom and cleaned me until the dirt and the smell of horses are gone.

Once I was done, I was wrapped in a bath robe and was ask to sit on the bed while they shuffled the bag full of dresses, probably the one that the queen bought earlier. While they were busy shuffling for dresses, I grabbed my fallen shorts and tank and folded them neatly and his them under my pillow. In case of emergency.

They finally brought out a floor length gown. Ugh!

It was sky blue with ruffles on the neck. It was long sleeved which made me hate it even more since I know that it'll be hot.

"No" I said.

"Princess you have to wear this" said the servant who was holding the dress.

"Make me!" I challenge.

She sighed. "Girls, you know what to do." The servants approached me and suddenly I was cornered on my bed.



They had managed to make me wear the dress. But I swear if they didn't gang up on me, I could have taken them. They also made me wear heels, but I don't mind though. The heels were only an inch or two tall.

"Time for your hair and make up!"

"What?! Look, I agreed-" I started but was cut off.

"-forced" corrected the servant.

"-to wear this dress and this shoes, but don't make me wear those make up!"

"Princess, you have to. Every princess should be presentable every time!"

"I said no!"

The door swung open and the queen came in and closed the door behind her. "What's going in in here?"

"My Lady, she-"

"I'm not wearing it!" I pointed to the table where the make up was set.

The queen sighed. "It's just make up dear." The approached the table and grabbed the face powder and brush. "Come here."

"Get. Away. From. Me" I warned. Either she didn't hear it or she was stubborn.

"It'll be quick" she promised and took another step closer. I grab one of my shoe and raised it in the air like a sword. "You have to get trough me first."

"Fine." She pointed her finger at a chair and a ribbon. They began to float in the air and tied me to the chair. "Hey! No fair. You used magic!!!"

"You didn't say that I couldn't, right? Now lets get started."

5 minutes later, there was make up on my face. They were kind enough to make it light. Now, there was a rosy blush on my cheek, brown eyeshadow was applied, and a nude pink lip stick. My hair was in a neat bun with lose curls to the side.

"There, now don't you look CIVILIZE now?" The queen teased.

I glared at her and stuck my tongue out.

"Don't do that. You'll eat your lip stick." She grabbed my arm and hauled me up. "Enough, we have wasted a good 5 minutes. We should go. Now"

"It was your fault for wasting those five minutes. If only you didn't busied yourself with applying make up on me then we could have gotten there earlier." I grumbled.

"Well, if only you'd cooperate then we could have gotten there earlier, no?"

"Whatever" I let it slide since I was hungry. Seriously, princesses need to look like this everyday? What a pain.

As we were going down the stairs. I saw that the princes were also dressed nicely. The twins were wearing blue long sleeved shirts and pants. There are some kind of gold patch on their shoulder.

Nate was well suited with his maroon colored tuxedo with a white shirt underneath. At the back, his red tux formed a 'W'.

Ace was dressed in black, which made me wonder if he took my advice. It was button down with gold lines going down vertically.

Fred was dressed opposite of Ace. He looked good with white. It made his hair even lighter. There were also gold lines that designed his long sleeved button down attire. He looks good.

Their eyes were focused on us once we were half way down the stairs. The four of them smiled while Ace just stared at me with a blank expression.

Once we reached the end of the stairs, Nate approached us and kissed my hand and nodded at the queen. "Aiyah!" He exclaimed while looking at me. "This is not good for my heart."

"Eh? Why?" I wondered. A little worried that he may have heart problems.

"You have once again captured my heart in your hands" he winked at me. I burst out laughing.

The twins got in between us and glared at Nate. "That's kiss number two." Dan said. 

"You've been taking advantage of our princess now, Nate."

Ren on the other hand face me. A soft smile on his lips. "You look beautiful today, Princess. I was glad that we handed you over to the servants." He winked just like Nate. Are they all a flirt?

I snapped my fingers. "Which reminds me." I said and pulled Ren's ear. "This is your punishment for handing me to the enemy earlier!"

"Ow! Ow! Why am I the only one punished?!" Ren whinned.

"Cause your the one who reminded me."

"Sorry. Remind me to never remind you again. Okay?"

I laughed and let his ear go. Prince Fred approach me next. "You look more beautiful than this morning. The dress suits you well." He complimented me.

I blushed. I don't know, but being complimented with a person like him made me blush.

"Aw, come on, Fred. Stop using your charms on her. Give us some chance!" Dan pouted.

"Enough with the chitchat. Lets eat." The queen walked to the table and sat on the seat beside the King. Prince Ren pulled my seat for me which was really sweet.

I sat between Ren and Dan while the beast(Ace) sat in front of me. So it was a glaring contest between us. Nate sat beside Ren while Fred sat beside Ace. I'm not calling him PRINCE anymore. ;P

The food was served. It seemed that our menu for today is mash potato and chicken with tons of gravy and ribs. Yummy.

After saying a silent prayer I was about to dig in when I have a tinsy wincy little problem. A pile of spoon of all sizes where lined up beside me. Great, which utensil should I use now?

I peeked at Prince Fred and saw him using the fork in the middle of the set of eating utensils.

Just as I was about to reach it. Ren stopped me and took a table napkin that I didn't noticed right beside my plate and placed it on my lap.

"You should always place it there in case you'll drop something and ruin your dress." He said politely.

"Thank you" I said and started to cut the meat but it was too hard. When I tried to forced it to tear, a piece of meat went flying and onto Ace's plate. He was surprised by the magical meat and search for the culprit.


I gently placed the knife and fork down and pretended to be interested in my surroundings.

Beside me, I heard Prince Dan chuckle softly. Glad to see him amused.

"Here, let me help." He grabbed my knife and fork and he cut the meat into smaller pieces.

I feel like a baby when I'm with them :">

After finishing to cut the meat, he proceeded to eat his dinner. "Thanks" I whispered to him.

Ren though, decided to tease me by getting my spoon and feeding me a spoon full of mashed potato. "Here baby, say ahhh"

"Knock it off." Even though I was offended by that gesture, I chuckled. "I'm not a baby and you know it."

"She's right, Ren." Nate added. "She's not a baby, she's a BABE" he added with a wink.

I swear they don't do anything but flirt.

"Rose dear," the queen called. I snap my attention to her. She was beaming when she gestured to the King. "This here is your 'uncle' Luke."

The king smiled at me. "Well, it's so nice to finally meet you my dear." He said and dab the napkin through his stubble.

"You too 'uncle'" Was all I said. So the King is also a part of this....

"My, you need a lot of work Rose." The queen tsked while eyed my messy plate. I blushed.

"Dan could help you with the proper table etiquette, but I prefer Nate to help you with that." She looked at Nate for his approval.

Nate nodded his head. "I'll be happy to."

"As for your dance lessons, I would like to ask this favor of you, Prince Fred."

"Of course, your Grace."

"Say what?!" I exclaimed. "Why do I need dance lessons for?!"

"Every princess must know how to dance" she said.

"No way! Nu uh!" I said stubbornly.

She tsked again "Oh we better do something about that language of yours. Ren, Dan, I would like you to teach her how to behave like one, okay?"

"Yes, your highness" the twins said at the same time. I was uncertain by the queens choice. I mean, the twins? Teaching me about behavior??

If I know better, were like the happy three friends.

The queen must have notice my uneasiness. "Don't worry, Rose. Even though they don't behave well in front of us, they are well mannered when it comes to guess." She assured me.

"Um, okay..." Was the only thing I said.

"As for the history and the background of this kingdom, I would like to ask this of you, Ace."

What?! The beast will teach me?! Uh oh! I'm sensing world war 3 everyone!!!!

"Yes, you grace." From the way he said it! He wasn't as happy about it as me.

"Well, now that it's settled," the queen grabbed her fork and knife. "Let eat!!"


After dinner we all went in our separate ways. The servants guided me to my room. The princes could have escorted me, but the queen told(ehem! ORDERED) them to rest.

I didn't have the chance to wipe the make up on my face, because when my head hit the softness of the pillow, sleep over powered me.

*****End of Chap***** :)))))

NOT EDITED, I'll get back on this later ;D

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