Perfect Stranger

Chasity has been having dreams of a faceless boy for as long as she can remember, and has always felt an invisible pull with him. But when he actually shows up at Chasity's school, she can't believe it. And with him he brings a dark secret and his best friend Nate, who not only shares the same secret, but who also wants Charity for...


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The Frost Life

She was trained at a young age. She fell in love at a young age. Then she was sent away from her mother and stepfather for a while. Then they need her back for an important mission. Her sister was BLANK at a young age

A Year Of Rain

Noah Fernandez gave up feelings a long time ago. He is living a simple life, sure of what his future holds. However, Rain Lambert dances in his life and turns the tables of his future, his present and his emotions.

The Ways We Fall Behind

In the summer of 1998, two local high school students go missing in the dead of night. There's a flash, a bang, then nothing. Two decades later, the unlikely pair of Dot Flood and Malcolm Powell find themselves untouched by time in a world like nothing they could have predicted. On a journey to find their way home, the two teenagers...